George Zimmermann – Trayvon Martin re-visited: Black youth DeAndre Felton was killed in clear self defense

DeAndre Felton was killed by a white man in clear self defense. No arrest was made. All people present, including DeAndre’s friends confirmed that he had attacked his killer with the intent to create trouble.

In spite of such clear evidence, we can see the typical black posturing about the "poor kid" that was killed, without mentioning the child’s criminal intent and attitude.

The evidence favoring George Zimmermann  is not quite as strong, though his story proved consistent and non-contradictory.

Of course, we must not defend racial profiling nor mention a long list of black criminality which is a multiple of white violent criminality

Police Report: Witnesses gave consistent accounts as to what happened prior to. during, and after the
incident. They alleged that DeAndre Felton and the 13-year-old male had been with
them, as a group, at the Westfield Shopping Town Plaza (Meriden Square) on Lewis
Avenue prior to the incident. When the mall closed, the group gathered in the parking lot
of the mall, where DeAndre and the 13 year old, whom the witnesses claimed were both
"high," made statements to the effect that they wanted to "look for trouble" and "beat
someone up."

According to the witnesses, the group walked across Lewis Avenue and entered the north
parking lot of Midstate Medical Center. As they began to exit through the pedestrian
access gate leading to Kensington Avenue, Felton and the 13 year old suddenly broke
away from the group and began running east along Kensington Avenue, where they
jumped a male from behind and began assaulting him. The witnesses disclaimed any
prior knowledge that this attack was going to take place. Moments later, Felton and the
13 year old ran back to the group, where they collapsed from stab wounds. The other
male involved in the incident ran away in the opposite direction.


Black mob picks on ‘The Wrong Guy’: ‘Knockout Game’ results backfire when ‘victim’ is armed  2 

"The plan was I was going to go to his house and get picked up there to meet his parents," she told Eyewitness News. Standish said her cousins were with Felton and Jones when they were stabbed.

"They said they (Felton and Jones) were looking for trouble," Standish said.    3


Striking similarities with George Zimmermann case

Sounds very much like George Zimmermann. The killer was very cooperative, says police. Police was convinced that it was self defense. Witnesses consistently testify the "youth" were looking for trouble and attacked.

And no, black activist don’t bemoan the criminal attitude of the black youth. Rather the usual blabbering that the poor little child is innocent, even though his own friends implicated him as a drugged violent aggressor.

Blacks are always victims. Even if everyone can testify that they were the attacker. No sense of justice. Fellow Blacks get defended unconditionally, no matter how heinously criminal they are.  Very rare the attitude of reverend Manning, the rare Black who blames Blacks for their own misfortune they bring about themselves.


Connecticut does not have a stand your ground law, like in Florida

Most states have long allowed the use of reasonable force, sometimes including deadly force, to protect oneself inside one’s home — the so-called Castle Doctrine. Outside the home, people generally still have a "duty to retreat" from an attacker, if possible, to avoid confrontation. In other words, if you can get away and you shoot anyway, you can be prosecuted. In Florida, there is no duty to retreat. You can "stand your ground" outside your home, too. 3

So actually, police could bother DeAndre Felton’s killer, analyze if he could have run away from the 2 teens that suddenly jumped him. Analyze if he could have defended himself with less deadly force. 

In states without "stand your ground" laws, obvious victims of criminal assault get convicted of homicide, for defending themselves.

In Florida, a homicide case can be thrown out by a judge before trial because the defendant successfully invokes self-defense. The burden is on the prosecution to disprove the claim in order to bring charges, rather than do so in the trial. The Florida state attorney leading the prosecution told ABC news that the self-defense law means it is "more difficult than a normal criminal case" to bring charges. 3

In other words, a citizen can focus on his self defense, instead of constantly being concerned with the safety and well being of an assailant.

Florida state Rep. Dennis Baxley, who co-sponsored the original bill, says the jump in justifiable homicides simply proves that the law is working. "The perpetrator suffered instead of the person they were victimizing," said Baxley. "That’s what those numbers mean. 2

‘Stand Your Ground’ task force offers no big changes to Florida law

"The task force concurs with the core belief that all persons, regardless of citizenship status, have a right to feel safe and secure in our state. To that end, all persons have a fundamental right to stand their ground and defend themselves from attack with proportionate force in every place they have a lawful right to be and are conducting themselves in a lawful manner," the draft recommendation stated. […]

Other task force members said they were concerned that self-defense shooters might have to pay for legal representation.

Rep. Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala and a sponsor of the original law, said he believes the Sanford case proved that law officers can detain and interrogate a self-defense shooter when investigators have questions about the circumstances of the shooting.

But Baxley said law-abiding shooters shouldn’t have to fear a jury trial.

"Every law-abiding citizen shouldn’t have to lawyer up," he said.

If George Zimmermann had not garnered hundreds of thousands of donations, he would be history. With a public defender against the Black civil rights movement and President Obama’s sympathy for Trayvon Martin, he would be chanceless.

The task force also recommended that the Legislature review standards for neighborhood watch groups to define the role of neighborhood watch participants "as limited to observing, watching, and reporting potential criminal activity to law enforcement."

The task force said a neighborhood watcher’s purpose is not "to pursue, confront, or provoke potential suspects."

This would not change much in the Zimmermann – Martin case.

There is no evidence at all that Zimmermann pursued, confronted or provoked Trayvon Martin. From maps it is quite clear that Trayvon could have simply gone home in a third of the time that has elapsed since the 911 call. Instead the fight happened close to where Zimmermann had called from.

See an opposing view here: ‘Stand your ground’ law needs a real review

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  1. I bet the man who killed the Black aggressors in self defense was BLACK. If he were a white, or white Hispanic, the case would not have been dismissed. We would have another Trayvon Martin case.

  2. That was a complete miscarriage of justice what happened to Trayvon, Clarence Thomas, Don Vito, Amodou Diallo, they all have one thing in common they were all victims of circumstance, others prejudice. Prejudice against men who are strangers giving compliments about breasts and cleavage just because they are not friends and lovers thats wrong to make such an issue out of this. Why cant we live in peace no matter how we say our compliments, the words we use, tone of voice should be a non-issue, what we look like should make no difference, we would have a utopia if we would dissolve these distinctions and stop telling lies about each other. I would love to see the day complimenting breasts and cleavage is no longer a crime.

  3. We should end political correctness. All women throughout the world owe men apologies for their own inappropriate overreactions to their compliments about their appearances, bosoms,cleavage and rearends. They should all say in England,France,America,etc. I’m sorry I should not have sent you to jail for complimenting my body,breasts,cleavage,etc. For millions of women plenty of apologies are in order. Baruch Obama don’t be a golem, hear our cries, end this blind,pitiless indifference for a demonic law, selfish people who have no remorse call sexual so-called harassement.

  4. The satanic sexual harassment law is insidiously dangerous keeping it in effect is a very serious mistake, we should rid ourselves of this law and learn forgiveness instead. People should not be called “offenders” just because they had sexual intercourse with someone is absurd just because they were grumpy at the time and moody.

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