Stop Prison Rape! Legalize Corporal Punishment (Whipping)

Prison rape: unconscious revenge & corporal punishment

It is more honest to legalize corporal punishment in jail (a big taboo) , then furtively,unconsciously introduce corporal punishment in the form of tolerated or even encouraged prison rape.

We are unconscious vigilantes, self deceived "non-violent humanists".

By condoning, ignoring, and not actively combating prison rape, we have indirectly and furtively introduced corporal punishment (rape) and death penalty (HIV through prison rape). Self Deception & Unconsciousness overcome a politically-correct-taboo of non-violence and human rights& dignity for bandits.

My suggestion is to be honest, and to officially and consciously legalize what we have been doing unconsciously.

  1. Flogging and Caning is more humane and just then Prison Rape.
  2. Prison rape is tolerated because people think criminals "deserve" it
  3. So I propose to be honest and give people what they deserve in a more controlled and correct way.
  4. Singapore and Saudi Arabia may teach how to implement corporal punishment


I am Devil’s advocate, and like to be provocative, thought producing, break taboos, shed light on the unconscious. I am aware that this is quite provocative, part serious, part exaggeration, intent on shaking up people.

The topic of prison rape as unconscious punishment fits the title of this site: Taboos, Dogmas, Religion make even the Intelligent blind, irrational, "stupid".


Prison Rape: frequent, traumatic, unjust! "Morally justified" because criminals "deserve it"?

    1. In the US and many other countries, prison rape is pervasive (read more: wikipedia on prison rape+just detention-prison rape, No escape: male rape in U.S. prisons (370 page online book))
    2. Strangely, feminists and other human groups who are very concerned about rape and slightest offense to sensitivities of women, are quiet about this scandal.
    3. There are more men raped in the US then women (because prision rape is very frequent)
    4. Prison rape usually is not a one time event, but often year long sex slavery, multiple hour long gang rape: No escape: male rape in U.S. prisons (370 page online book)  Comparable only to famous sex cases like Fritzl, who locked up their victims for years.
    5. Still, no reaction by feminist who instead worry that consensual sex with a 17 year old is rape and that expensive luxury prostitutes are victims of rape.
    6. The government locks up people, it is responsible for their safety. On top of psychological trauma, victims are at serious danger of getting AIDS and other STD

    Keep in mind that many experts consider county and local jails to be more likely places for rapes than prisons. There is a reason for this. You are more likely to be raped while in prison if:

    1. You are young.
    2. You come from a middle-class background.
    3. You are white.
    4. You are not street smart or have no gang affiliations.
    5. Physically you are of small stature.

         By the time repeat or career criminals get to prison they have normally made the circuit through foster homes, juvenile lockups and reform schools where rape is very common. So by the time they actually make it to the big time they are well schooled in this fact of prison life and quite often they are the attackers not the attackees.
    Source: Articles/RapeInPrison.html

The wrong people get prison-raped


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Stop Prison Rape! Legalize Corporal Punishment (Whipping)
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Self Deception: "False beliefs are helpful" paradox

Life is complicated. There actually are paradoxes that are very hard to solve.

Example: I am convinced religion is wrong. There is no God. But, on the other hand there is lots of research proving “miracles” of religion like

  1. Imagine a poor, uneducated, violent neighborhood. If any church can gain foothold there, crime decreases, the entire community starts improving and working better. It is good, it is an improvement. So even if the church teaches wrong things, even if the church is run by a fraudster who just wants to siphon away part 10% of the faithful’s income (Tenth, Tithe), the church can have a positive effect. It is false, but it does good.
  2. James Randi (“Flim Flam”) is a great guy who relentlessly preaches against false beliefs, astrology, wonder healers, dowsing rods etc.
  3. Flim-Flam! Psychics, ESP, Unicorns, and Other Delusions by James Randi $22.98 0879751983 James Randi has a US$ 1 Million bet that anyone can win who can show any paranormal effect to him. He never had to pay. For example, James Randi debunked a US$ 1000 dowsing rod that was sold to US police departments. These dowsing rods could identify criminals! But James Randi himself admits that the dowsing rods worked. They helped police identify criminals they otherwise would not have identified.
  4. People who are very religious, people who have supersticious beliefs about their breast cancer recover better then average from breast cancer (research by Professor Shelley Taylor). So if you take their beliefs away, you are reducing their chances of recovery. Positive Illusions by Shelley E Taylor $16.95 0465060528

  5. Health Psychology by Shelley E. Taylor $64.50 0071283609
  6. Placebo effect in Medicine: if you believe in healing power, you have a good chance of getting healed. And the more invasive the method is the better it works. A huge european study on acupuncture found that sticking needles into someone has a stronger placebo effect then pills. So let us assume that acupuncture and homeopathy are quackery ( I don’t want to discuss the merit of this here and now). But it has effects when done by a professional doctor who is strongly enough self deceived that he honestly believes in it.

So maybe the truth does harm. Very disturbing idea! Maybe I should start praising the virtues of human stupidity, self deception and unconsciousness.

Why do we eat bowel-cancer-causing bacon sandwiches?

A different take on the age 0ld issue: why do people smoke, eat unhealty. Why don’t they listen to health advice about dangers that happen in the far future.

While the article does not give clear good answers, nevertheless it gives some funny and interesting suggestions.

By David Spiegelhalter
Professor of risk understanding, University of Cambridge


The threat from bacon sandwiches gave the opportunity for The Sun to produce the classic headline “Careless pork costs lives”, while the Daily Telegraph was true to form and frothed on about the nanny-state denying us our bacon birthright.

But all these health warnings tend to have little influence on behaviour, just as scientific derision for homeopathy appears to have no effect on many people’s enthusiasm.

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Why do we eat bowel-cancer-causing bacon sandwiches?
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URMENSCH-DENKEN: Das verfluchte Erbe der Steinzeit

Sehr interessanter Spiegel Artikel!!

Menschliche Dummheit hat sicherlich viel mit unserer evolutionären Programmierung zu tun.  Was wir heute tun und denken ist davon geprägt was sich durch natürliche Selektion vor 100 000 Jahren in unseren Vorfahren entwickelt hat.,1518,621317,00.html
Der Mensch hat im Laufe der Evolution viel gelernt – nicht alles erweist sich heutzutage als nützlich. Freund-Feind-Schemata und Pauschalisieren, das Suchen nach Mustern und monokausalen Zusammenhängen – der Literaturwissenschaftler Karl Eibl warnt vor den Gefahren dieses Steinzeit-Erbes.

Social evolution and social influence: selfishness, deception, self-deception

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Social evolution and social influence: selfishness, deception, self-deception
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Reprinted with permission of the Author
University of California at Los Angeles

Social evolution and social influence: selfishness, deception, self-deception

(download PDF version of the paper)


I. Table of contents 2

II. Rationality, consciousness, sincerity 3

A. Unconsciousness and irrationality: the myth of rationality 3
B. Deception: the myth of sincerity 4
C. Hypotheses of this paper: an overview 5

III. Evolutionary theory 6

A. Ultimate reasons 6
B. The survival of the fittest 7
C. Inclusive fitness and altruism: the selfish gene 7
D. Validity of evolutionary theory for humans 10
E. The influence of group living 11
F. War and intergroup violence: group selection revisited 13
G. Learning and culture 15

IV. Deception and impression management 16
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Social evolution and social influence: selfishness, deception, sel…
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