Race a social construct? Pretty women weigh in on YouTube

Race a social construct? (Great race realistic documentation)

HeyRuka on Race

Cute girls that talk about important complex topics get lots of visitors at YouTube. Above you see a very intelligent girl that correctly demonstrates racial differences. Most of the votes she gets are negative. She also has lots of interesting texts linked at her YouTube video (click on "show more")

Racial Truth is not pleasant

Human Stupidity gets attacked by some of our friends for the race realistic issues. People think we have an axe to grind, to prove white supremacy. No. First of all, Asians are supremely intelligent. And second, Human-Stupidity stands for truth, no matter how unpopular. Like many race realists, we would love Blacks to as successful, rich, intelligent, and low crime as Asians.

May the US inner cities flourish, may Africa surpass Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. May African immigrants in Europe contribute to the advancement of physics and medicine and win Nobel prizes. The way Jews did.

Unfortunately, in spite of all well intent, this does not happen. See Affirmative Action injustice at Law Schools.

Mistaken arguments of race egalitarians

The next girl is not only pretty, she also has very interesting well founded opinions. But miserably fails on race and IQ issues. She is an example for the fallacy of politically correct thought. If you really know the topics, you can see the fallacies. If not, read my posts and the lengthy discussions about race and iq.

We are not racists, but …….. (Falling prey to fallacies and PC)


She posted lots of interesting links at YouTube

Walter E. Williams: How much can discrimination explain?

To recover from the diatribe, an intelligent Black making intelligent arguments.

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Race a social construct? Pretty women weigh in on YouTube
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Running skills are socially constructed and race is only skin deep?


Greyhounds are racing dogs. Sausage dogs (Dachshund) are labeled bad runners. Of course, this prejudice is socially constructed and has no foundation in rality. Race is only skin deep. From birth on, parents and dog owners are indoctrinated that they can not run well.. Remedial running classes and  sausage quotas in races are needed to right past discriminatory wrongs.


In reality, Sausage dogs are born with the same running capacity as greyhounds. Saying otherwise is racist.


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Running skills are socially constructed and race is only skin deep…
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Rushton Graves discussion about Race & IQ

In video 9, Rushton is extremely convincing and, sorry, Graves and others sound embarrassingly like fools. You could hear the spectators giggling about some of the contorted evasive answers. Race does not exist. Asked if they had 100 Chinese in a shower, 100 Kenyans in a shower, 100 Englishmen. Can they identify which is which? They still could somehow argue how they could not sort this out. EgalitarianJay, thank you very much for these videos. They are very informative. I will watch them all. From what I have seen so far, they make me much more certain in my conviction. If these arguments is all they can come up with, then there is no way to refute Rushton. I have a hard time how serious scientist can fudge and fumble like Rushton’s opponents and still be taken seriously.Asked about exactly our example Koreans or Africans adopted by white middle class parents, Graves had the balls to argue that they live in a different environment, because there is a societal expectation for blacks to underachieve. a) For someone who says "race does not exist" this is quite amazing. If they can not discern the different races, how can they discriminate? b) all these claims without scientific proof. Test your hypotheses scientifically, Dr. Graves. Is this just me who sees a University professor Rushton present clear research against a bunch of embarrassingly unscientific guys defending indefensible hypotheses?

Here is a playlist of the entire Rushton-Graves discussion about Race and IQ. Interesting summary of facing off the ideological opponents to Rushton’s theory. See all the videos in one piece here.http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=DC0F78B62A560851

Accidentally, one video got in there from another discussion. I left it in, because it actually contributes to the discussion and is a refreshing variation. Rushton mentioned the temperament differences that make racial peace and acceptance difficult. I focussed too much on IQ. He explained that demands of cold winter required special planning, a new strategy that was not required before leaving Africa. The worst winters were in Africa

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Evolution, Intelligence, Behavior, Race.

This TV series about Race and Intelligence shows the facts pretty well. The authors are fairly open minded. In the end they trying to remain politically correct and find what they want to find: that there is no genetic basis, or that differences are only due to discrimination.


Race and Intelligence 1/7 por NzingahMorena


Race and Intelligence 2/7 por NzingahMorena
It is easily forgotten: Human-Stupidity is not really about the scientific discussion and solution of racial theories. We are most interested in unconsciousness, blindness, dogmatism.

We are watching how clear scientific statements by Jensen, Rushton are met with ire and pseudo-scientific rebuttals. Even Mr. James Watson, who is not a normal Nobel Prize winner, but considered one of the most prestigious of Nobel prize winners was destroyed when he dared to speak unpopular truths. Even he is so wrong, where are the scientific rebuttals instead of the ad hominem attacks?

We wish that the truth would be accepted, so the discussion would be based on the truth, not on wishful thinking. Further discussions are here:

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Evolution, Intelligence, Behavior, Race.
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Walter E. Williams: How much can discrimination explain?

  • Does the American basketball league discriminate against whites? 70% of the players in the US basketball league are black!
  • How come, Jews, a discriminated group, earn 30% of US Nobel Prizes even though they are only 3% of the population?
  • If you see a tiger approaching you, do you stereotype the tiger and run? Or do you first try to find out about the individual tiger before you make a discriminatory decision?

A black professor can ask such questions. I wonder what would happen if a white professor asks such politically incorrect questions, Highly recommended, though long 53 minute speech.

NOTE for those interested in feminism and men’s rights:
similar arguments apply to feminist claims re. sex discrimination against females.

Walter E. Williams, (born 1936 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American economist, commentator, and academic. He is the John M Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University, as well as a syndicated columnist and author known for his libertarian views.

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Walter E. Williams: How much can discrimination explain?
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Medical research and treament for Blacks hampered by "race does not exist" dogma

Political correctness backfires and vicitmizes Blacks: research about how to improve black health care gets attacked and repressed. If optimal medical treatment differs by race, then researchers gets attacked. After all, race does not exist and is only a construct. And it is only skin deep.

Our comments about such nonsense are at race and intelligence  and political correctness. Any forensic specialist can tell the race of a person from a few bones. (Is Race A Valid Taxonomic Construct?)

The "race does not exist dogma" and "all races are equal dogma" is an impediment to medical research and victimizes black people who are denied optimal medical treatment.

Why Racial Profiling Persists in Medical Research

Experts within the research community say a small but stubborn streak of racial profiling has long persisted in the medical literature, borne out in studies that attribute health disparities between blacks and whites not to socioeconomics or access to health care alone but also to genetic differences between the races — a concept that implies that a biological category of race exists. […]

Researchers said also that even after adjusting for patients’ socioeconomic status, the survival gap between black and white patients remained for three of the cancers studied: breast, ovarian and prostate. […]

That conclusion, critics quickly responded, was flawed. "Race is a sociological concept, not a biological category," says Otis Brawley, the chief medical officer for the American Cancer Society, who wrote an editorial accompanying the study. "But this study brings race into medicine as a biological categorization." […]

But even while Albain’s and other similar studies don’t do much to shift the prevailing medical opinion — that disparities in health are fueled mainly by socioeconomics and access to care — they remind us that antiquated and unscientific ideas about race are alive and well in medical research in America.

Source: time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1916755,00.html

Now the author is a little concerned about being seen as attacking academic research.

To be sure, no one is accusing authors like Albain of racism,

oh, really?

and people on both sides of the debate want to save lives.

as long as saving lives would not violate the racial equality dogma, of course

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Medical research and treament for Blacks hampered by "race do…
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Richard Lynn: The Global Bell Curve. GDP (national wealth) related to skin color, intelligence of Nations

Richer Nations have higher intelligence, colder winters & lighter skin color.

GDP (income) of Nations correlates with National IQ

GDP (national wealth) correlates strongly with Intelligence of a nation. GDP also correlates negatively with average high winter temperature & skin color.

Correlation between IQ (Intelligence) and GDP of a nation
In a reanalysis of the Lynn and Vanhanen’s […] IQ explaining approximately 70% of the variation in GDP.[20] Dickerson concludes that as a rough approximation “an increase of 10 points in mean IQ results in a doubling of the per capita GDP.”
iq-gdp-correlation2 Source:  Wikpiedia:IQ_and_the_Wealth_of_Nations
Barber (2005) found that national IQ was associated with rates of secondary education enrollment, illiteracy, and agricultural employment. The effect on illiteracy and agricultural employment remained with national wealth, infant mortality, and geographic continent controlled.

Both Lynn and Rushton have suggested that high IQ is associated with colder climates. To test this hypothesis, Templer and Arikawa (2006) compare the national IQ data from Lynn and Vanhanen with data sets that describe national average skin color and average winter and summer temperatures. They find that the strongest correlations to national IQ were −0.92 for skin color and −0.76 for average high winter temperature. They interpret this finding as strong support for IQ-climate association. Other studies using different data sets find no correlation
Source:   Wikpiedia:IQ_and_the_Wealth_of_Nations

Race and Intelligence research by Richard Lynn shows a vast support for theses similar to Rushton’s, that led to my writing this prior blog article Race differences in intelligence: how research changed my mind to overcome the “all races are equal” dogma. and other blog articles in the category racial-differences-intelligence.  Richard Lynn extends conclusions from the individual sphere to National Wealth.

Human Stupidity Analysis

Lynn might not be the last word or the total truth. His ideas are extremely important and very relevant.  But his research is so extremely politically incorrect, that others don’t dare to follow his line, to really analyze his research, to prove or disprove it.  The race and intelligence relation is  clearly established but is taboo.

Discussion about racial discrimination and quotas would be very different if racial differences were taken into consideration. Richard Lynn correlating the fate of entire nations and continents to IQ, that is even more astounding.

In US, average IQ for African Americans (85), Hispanic (89), White (103), East Asian (106), and Jewish Americans (113).

As the title implies, Richard Lynn’s new book builds on Herrnstein and Murray’s (1994) The Bell Curve. The theme of the book is an examination of whether the same type of racial hierarchy in IQ and socio-economic status that Herrnstein and Murray documented in the US is present in other parts of the world. Herrnstein and Murray found that the average IQ for African Americans (85) is lower than for Hispanic (89), White (103), East Asian (106), and Jewish Americans (113). Lynn shows in detail that similar racial IQ/socio-economic hierarchies are present within Africa, Australia, Brazil, Britain, Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, the Netherlands, and New Zealand.

Throughout the world, Europeans and East Asians (Chinese, Japanese and Koreans) average the highest IQs and socio-economic positions, while the lowest averages are found among the Aborigines in Australia and in Africans and their descendants. Intermediate positions are occupied by the Amerindians, the South Asians from the Indian subcontinent, the Maori in New Zealand, and the mixed race peoples in South Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. The same pattern is found on multifarious social and life history indicators such as educational levels, earnings, health, accidents, crime, marriage, fertility, and mortality.

Book review by J.P.Rushton:   Personality and Individual Differences    45 (2008) 113-114

The Global Bell Curve: Race, IQ, and Inequality Worldwide by Richard Lynn $49.95 1593680309

Intelligence as one factor in accounting for disparities between rich and poor countries

IQ and the Wealth of Nations by Richard Lynn $102.95 027597510X


“Lynn and Vanhanen have made a major contribution to highlighting the importance of intellegence as one factor in accounting for disparities between rich and poor countries.”–Development Policy Review

“Lynn and Vanhanen have launched a powerful challenge to economic historians and development economists …”–Heredity
“[A] brilliant integration of economics and psychology that illuminates the nexus between mental ability on the one hand, and national wealth, industrial productivity, and well being, on the other. This is a book that social scientists, policy experts, and global investment analysts cannot afford to ignore….Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen’s thesis is stunningly engineered to allow for no error of inference and no possible outcome than the correct one, strangely overlooked until now…IQ and the Wealth of Nations does for the study of human diversity and achievement among nations what The Bell Curve did for IQ and achievement in the USA.”–J. Phillippe Rushton Fellow, John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Professor of Psychology, University of Western Ontario

Product Description

Lynn and Vanhanen argue that a significant part of the gap between rich and poor countries is due to differences in national intelligence (national IQs). Based on an extensive survey of national IQ tests, the results of their study challenge the previous theories of economic development and provide a new basis to evaluate the prospects of economic development throughout the world. Source: Amazon.com IQ and the Wealth of Nations by Richard Lynn $102.95 027597510X

Race differences in IQ

Most of my work has been on intelligence. My major discoveries are that the Oriental peoples of East Asia have higher average intelligence by about 5 IQs points than Europeans and peoples of European origin in the United States and elsewhere; and that men have a higher average IQ than women by about 5 IQs points. I first published the high IQ of the Oriental peoples in 1977 in a paper on the intelligence of the Japanese. In subsequent years the high Oriental IQ has been confirmed in numerous studies of Oriental peoples in Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Singapore and the United States.  Richard Lynn, Professor Emeritus, University of Ulster

Free download of Richard Lynn’s Articles

For instant gratification get some articles via free download:

PFS 2010 – Richard Lynn, On Human Diversity: The Global Bell Curve. Updates and Critical Replies from Sean Gabb on Vimeo.

PFS 2010 – Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Richard Spencer, Marco Bassani, Paul Gottfried, Richard Lynn, Discussion, Q & A from Sean Gabb on Vimeo.

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71 fastest runners on earth: 1 white Christophe Lemaitre & 70 blacks. Are races equal?

Christophe Lemaitre 9.98 First White Man To Run Sub 10 Seconds

The lone white man running 100 meters in under 10 seconds. 70 blacks and one white are in the select group of Athletes that run 100 meters in under 10 seconds.  Even on the European Championship, he is the only white guy!

Maybe he could be the first white man in decades to qualify for the 100 meter finals? Maybe the races are not equal? Or are whites and Asians just disadvantaged and discriminated in running? See some politically correct attempts to explain away the obvious:

Nearly all the sprinters who have beaten the 10-second barrier are of West African descent (with the exceptions of Australian runner Patrick Johnson, French sprinter Christophe Lemaitre and Namibian Frankie Fredericks).[4][5][6] No sprinter of predominantly Asian or East African descent had officially achieved this feat[7][8][9][10], though unofficially the Polish Marian Woronin surpassed the barrier with a time of 9.992 seconds[11], until French athlete Christophe Lemaitre ran in 9.98 on July 9, 2010[12]. Colin Jackson (a mixed race athlete and former world record holder in the 110 metre hurdles)[13] noted that both his parents were talented athletes and suggested that biological inheritance was the greatest influence, rather than any perceived racial factor. Furthermore, successful black role models in track events may reinforce the racial disparity.[8]  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/10-second_barrier

A misunderstanding: some people argue that the fact that there is one guy among 70 blacks is proof that the races are equal. Nobody argues that the races are totally different, it is the famous bell curve: there is a small difference in the mean, and a large difference at the extreme ends at the Bell curve.  Just as there are no white top 10 world championship 100 meter runners, there are no black Math or Physics Nobel Prize winners.

Also very funny: those black racists, who gleefully defend black superiority in 100 meter running, are not aware that by the same logic and theory (see Rushton, below) Blacks are less intelligent and more prone to crime.

More articles on Race on Human-Stupidity.com.  Rushton asserts that research shows blacks to have more testosterone and more fast twitch muscles.  According to Rushton’s racial theories, r-selected populations excel in short time mating strategies, where fighting and running skills are advantagous while k-selection favors more social organisation and long term planning.

[Rushton] asserts that Negroids use a strategy more toward an r-selected strategy (produce more offspring, but provide less care for them) while Mongoloids use the K strategy most (produce fewer offspring but provide more care for them), with Caucasoids exhibiting intermediate tendencies in this area.

He further asserts that Caucasoids evolved more toward a K-selected breeding strategy than Negroids because of the harsher and colder weather encountered in Europe, while the same held true to a greater extent for Mongoloids. Rushton argues that the survival challenges of making warm clothes, building durable shelter, preserving food, and strategically hunting large animals all selected genes for greater intelligence and social organization among the populations that migrated to cold climates. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Race,_Evolution,_and_Behavior

The complete top 71 list of under-10-second-runners follows below

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