“Belle de Jour”: Cancer Scientist financed Doctorate with Prostitution Work

Today a positive example, against human stupidity:  An independent professional women comes out of the closet and admits she enjoyed her work as a prostitute to finance her doctorate studies.

Last month John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, said on his Web site that “fiction” like “Belle de Jour” created a “myth” that sex workers were “independent women, empowered by the hold they have over men.”
Source: http://edition.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/europe/11/16/sex.blogger.identity/index.html

Well, Mr. Archbishop, the myth is true. And independent empowered women made money with the power she had over men! Not a poor victim of male violence, as feminist myth and religious zealots want to insist.  Maybe the true victims are lonely men that paid prices as high as 300 pounds per hour.

The 34-year-old said she became a call girl in 2003 to support herself in London while completing her doctoral thesis after realizing she had no qualms about being paid for sex.

She contacted an agency, working as a prostitute until late 2004, describing it as “so much more enjoyable” than an earlier job as a computer programmer.

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Race differences in intelligence: how research changed my mind to overcome the “all races are equal” dogma.

I grew up indoctrinated by political correctness. Like a large part of citizens in Western countries I was brainwashed: Races do not exist, all are equal. Saying anything different, saying that there are racial differences, is racism, a crime.

Read this, everything you need to know about scientific research about racial differences: RACE, EVOLUTION, and BEHAVIOR: A Life History Perspective, by J.P. Rushton

In school I heard disparaging remarks about Artur Jensen and other “unscientific” “dishonest” “cheating” scientists doing faulty research about race differences.

The Bell Curve by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray actually looked fairly convincing to me, but if even President Bill Clinton denounced it, there must be something wrong about it.

There always was some complex theory to explain away the IQ differences:

  • different culture
  • parental expectation
  • mother’s malnourishment
  • IQ measurements are racially and culturally biased

Adopted Children's IQ by Race

My opinion changed when I read about trans-racial adoption studies. That was the last drop that really disproved all these desperate attempts to explain away racial differences in intelligence.

“The best evidence for the genetic basis of race-IQ differences comes from trans-racial adoption studies of Oriental children, Black children, and Mixed-Race children. All these children have been adopted by White parents at an early age and have grown up in middle-class White homes.”

Chart 9 summarizes the results for Oriental children adopted into White middle-class homes.
Korean and Vietnamese babies from poor backgrounds, many of whom were malnourished, were adopted by White American and Belgian families. When they grew up, they excelled in school. The IQs of the adopted Oriental children were 10 or more points higher than the national average for the country they grew up in. Trans-racial adoption does not increase or decrease IQ. The three-way pattern of race differences in IQ remains.”

In plain English: adopted Asian babies grew up to be very bright, adopted black babies grew up to have low intelligence.
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Race differences in intelligence: how research changed my mind to …
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Safe Cheap Natural Birth Control Methods

There are fairly safe methods like the pill, monthly injections, etc. There are some health risks to them, additionally they make people neglect safe sex

The following is an example of human stupidity, because natural, cheap, and fairly safe methods of birth control are not taught and fairly unknown.

Now there is a NATURAL method that is very safe. Even more, if you use only 1) 2) and 3), even the catholic church allows it and if you do it right it is pretty safe.

  1. the calendar method gives you a basic idea of your cycle. Pretty bad method if you do it alone, unless if your cycle is extremely regular. Need to study it to do it right, most people do it wrong.
  2. the cervical mucus method is extemely safe when practiced well (but requires some intelligence)
  3. the basal temperature method as additional third method further increases the safety of these methods
  4. By these methods, at least 1) and 2), or maybe all 1) and 2) and 3) you can know quite precisely
    1. on which days you are very fertile (actually this method is used by doctors to get women pregnant on purpose),
    2. when you might be fertile
    3. when you can be pretty sure to be infertile
  5. for the paranoid, the safety can be increased greatly by using another method, like condom and withdrawal, the following way:
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      Safe Cheap Natural Birth Control Methods
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Pedophilia witch hunt discussed by academia and press

  1. First a story about a toddler that had to die because a man was afraid to help, due to the pedophilia hysteria.

    An extreme defense of pedophilia
  2. Then Professor Harris Mirkin’s thesis that criminalization of “pedophilia” is like gay criminalization and psychiatrization of homosexuality 50 years ago and that childrens’ right to sexuality should eventually win.
  3. Judith Levine’s book, Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex
  4. Alfred Kinsey a pedophile? He observed orgasms of children and adolescents during his University Research.
  5. More unbiased academic discussions about pedophilia
  6. And of course there is our prior article about persecution of academic research in the case of the Rind Study

There was one small detail that jumped out at me in the tragic story of Abigail Rae, the two-year-old who wandered off from her village playgroup and ended up dying in a garden pond. Tucked away at the end of yesterday’s inquest report was a line about how Clive Peachey, a bricklayer, drove past a child on her own, whom he later concluded had been Abby.

She was not walking straight, she was tottering, said Mr Peachey. “I kept thinking should I go back? One of the reasons I did not go back is because I thought someone would see me and think I was trying to abduct her.”

The hysteria over paedophilia hangs like some dark cloud over almost every interaction nowadays between a man and a child that isn’t his.

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/3352895/Day-of-the-dad-paedophilia-hysteria-leaves-men-afraid-to-help.html

Professor Mirkin got himself into deep trouble defending that consensual sex with an adolescent is not the same as raping the same adolescent. Similar to a Dutch law, Professor Mirkin contends that the age of consent should be 12 years, as long as the adolescent’s consent can be proven.

Click on MORE to read the rest of the story.

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Pedophilia witch hunt discussed by academia and press
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Family pictures of nude baby bath: ruinous child porn prosecution

Innocent bath photo got parents on sex offender listChildren were taken from their parents into protective custody for over a month, because of pictures taken at bath time. Parents lost their jobs, spent US$ 75,000 and got registered as sex offenders. This is an example of how the child porn hysteria goes totally overboard.

(This is not an isolated case, here a story about a snapshot of a mother breast-feeding her child got parents indicted by a grand jury as kiddie porn producers and child abusers ). But back from “breast feeding porn” to the “bathing photos kiddie porn” persecution.

For A.J. and Lisa Demaree, the photos they snapped of their young daughters were innocent and sweet.

But after a photo developer at Walmart thought otherwise, the Demarees found themselves in a yearlong battle to prove they were not child pornographers.

Coppertone ad: cute in the 1970ies, now child porn and bestiality?
Coppertone ad: cute in 1970ies, nowadays potentially child porn and even bestiality?

“I don’t’ understand it at all,” A.J. Demaree told “Good Morning America” Monday. “Ninety-nine percent of the families in America have these exact same photos.”


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Girl 13, charged as sex offender and victim at the same time

Due to age of consent laws, children need legal counsel before engaging in sexual behavior or photographing themselves. And of course, they have to check their partner’s ID to make sure they don’t lie about her age, and verify the local law while vacationing in other countries.

Here is another absurd example:

Chief Justice Christine Durham wondered if the state Legislature had intended the “peculiar consequence” that a child would have the simultaneous status of a protected person and an alleged perpetrator under the law.

The comments came in oral arguments on a motion asking the high court to overturn the finding of delinquency – the legal term in juvenile court for a conviction – against Z.C., who became pregnant after she and her boyfriend engaged in sex in October 2003.

State authorities filed delinquency petitions in July 2004, alleging that each had committed sexual abuse of a child, a second-degree felony if committed by an adult.

The girl appealed the petition, saying her constitutional right to be treated equally under the law had been violated.

Her motion noted that for juveniles who are 16 and 17, having sex with others in their own age group does not qualify as a crime.

Juveniles who are 14 or 15 and have sex with peers can be charged with unlawful conduct with a minor, but the law provides for mitigation when the age difference is less than four years, making the offense a misdemeanor.

For adolescents under 14, though, there are no exceptions or mitigation and they are never considered capable of consenting to sex.

Source: http://www.denverpost.com/ci_4783650

Surprisingly, the Utah Supreme Court showed some signs of sanity. In this narrowly defined case, the girl escaped serious punishment. Still, legal cost and years of court wrangling are pretty strong punishment already. And underage sex still remains a mine field that even a seasoned lawyer has a hard time to traverse. For example, I remember the case of a boy in Brazil that was arrested on his 18th birthday, for having sex with his long term 17 year old girlfriend. While he was underage, it was legal.

No amount of judicial lenity to compensate for the absurd application of the law changes the fact that the application of the law was absurd to begin with. Moreover, labeling Z.C. with the moniker of “child abuser,” even within the juvenile court system, can have serious consequences that were not intended by the legislature.

A delinquency adjudication for sexual abuse of a child can lead to sentencing enhancements for any offenses Z.C. might commit while she is a juvenile or even as an adult if her juvenile record is not expunged. Such an adjudication also has the potential to affect any civil proceedings related to the custody of her child or any future attempts to seek child support from the father.

We therefore vacate Z.C.’s adjudication. We stress, however, that our holding is narrowly confined to the application of [State] Code section 76-5-404.1 in situations where no true victim or perpetrator can be identified.

Source: http://www.ipce.info/library_3/files/utah_sc.htm

In my opinion these laws should be abolished completely, as science indicates there is no need to protect adolescents from consenual sex even with adults, much less protect them of sex with their peers.

Unless, of course, one is worried about Teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. But there are no mandatory 5-10 year prison sentences for teenage pregnancy, so this does not seem to be the main concern of these laws.

History of child pornography production and laws, told by an insider

Found a ong, very interesting article by an insider in child porn. He makes a lot of interesting points

  1. from antiquity until a few decades ago, children’s nudity was object of arts, of photographers, painters, sculptures. Today’s witch hunt that jails children for photographing themselves in the nude and passing their own photograph to their boyfriends (sexting) is new.
  2. mainstream movies and magazines showed nude adolescents in scenes whose production or even viewing nowadays would be punished by decades of jail terms.
  3. actual child abuse was fairly rare, lots of models actually enjoyed the shootings (we are talking about posing and not acts that are totally unnatural for their age)
  4. Internet censorship and blocking programs don’t work because the child porn industry nowadays is so tech savvy that these measures only catch the amateurs.

Source of the long article: http://wikileaks.org/wiki/My_life_in_child_porn Original german version of the source

In the past, child and adolescent sex was considered normal.  Even exaggerated examples from religious books did not shock people

Mohammed married Aisha at age 6 or 9 (http://www.missionislam.com/knowledge/aishamarriage.pdf http://www.muslim.org/islam/aisha-age.htm )

Many biblical commentators believe that Rebekah was still a child when she married Isaac, while Isaac was forty years of age ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abraham )

Brooke Shields 15 years in PeopleMagazine
Brooke Shields 15 years in People Magazine

Since antique times, artists could show children and adolescents nude. Mainstream movies and magazines printed nude photos of 14 year old girls up to the 1980ies or later, which nowadays would be a crime punishable by many years in jail not only for the producers but also for the spectators and buyers. Actually, artists nowadays frequently get prosecuted for depicting children.( http://users.rcn.com/kyp/witchprc.html )

Shields’ first major film role was her 1978 appearance in Louis Malle’s Pretty Baby, a movie in which she played a child who lived in a brothel (and in which there were numerous nude scenes).[1] Because she was only 12 when the film was released, and possibly 11 when it was filmed, questions were raised about child pornography.[7][8][9] This was followed by a slightly less controversial and less notable film, Wanda Nevada (1979).

After two decades of movies, her best known films are still arguably The Blue Lagoon (1980), which included a number of nude scenes between teenage lovers on a tropical island (Shields later testified before a U.S. Congressional inquiry that older body doubles were used in some of them) and Endless Love (1981). She won the People’s Choice Award in the category of Favorite Young Performer in four consecutive years from 1981 to 1984.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brooke_Shields

Nowadays, parents get prosecuted for taking nude photos of their babies in the bath tub, and teenagers arrested for taking nude photos of themselves.

History of child sex and child porn

Very interesting article by an insider from the child porn scene.

Source: http://wikileaks.org/wiki/My_life_in_child_porn Original german version of the source

In the Middle Ages, when the life expectancy was still significantly lower, the puberty began later than today and adolescents in the age range 12-18 years were set up for marriage. This changed increasingly. Naked, erotically depicted boys and girls have always been in the center of the art. As photography became popular at the end of the 18th Century, also erotic act descriptions with children and young people were made. At the end of the 60s there was a magazine called Lolita, produced by the Danish company “Color Climax”, that had sex between children and between children and adults as the subject. </ p>

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History of child pornography production and laws, told by an insid…
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Victim: Courts did more harm than Polanski

The events of a single afternoon when she was 13 years old have haunted Samantha Geimer her entire life. A famous movie director allegedly gave her champagne and had sex with her.
She is 45 now, and wishes the whole matter would just go away. The arrest of Roman Polanski in Switzerland over the weekend makes that highly unlikely. Geimer is back in the news in connection with the infamous 1977 California sex case, whether she likes it or not.
Source: http://edition.cnn.com/2009/CRIME/09/29/polanski.victim.profile/index.html

Of course, if the worst allegations were true, that Polanski drugged the girl without her knowledge, and raped her while she told him to stop, everyone agrees this is a serious crime. But, where is the proof? It is strange that with sexual crimes against minors, the alleged perpetrator is “guilty until proven innocent”. Many times a minor gets caught by the parents, and instead of admitting she did it willingly, she decides to cry rape. So in normal cases, the legal rule is “innocent until proven guilty”. That is the rule that should be valid for all legal cases, even if a few guilty people were to be set free unjustly.

Quaeludes were a recreational drug, not a date rape drug, so if the girl were conscious of the fact and not underage, there would not be a maior problem. Note also that there is no proof for all the allegations that he gave her quaeludes
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methaqualone

So Polanski did a plea bargain, admitted to unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. Yes the girl was fairly young, but millions of men would go to jail if this would be enforced regularly. I think it is worse to get a minor pregnant, when she is not ready for a child physiologically, psychologically, and financially.  As shown in other posts here, it seems that the hysteria about underage sex is not supported by scientific facts. Worse, scientific research about underage sexuality is actively suppressed and shunned. The link before shows how prestigious scientific research (not a fringe publication but the American Psychological Association) showed that most underage sexuality causes no problems. This research was rejected by unanimous vote in the US senate. Where else would the US senate repress research? Well, Clinton repudiated the Bell Curve, racial differences are another no-no.

Also notice that in the 70ies, times were different. Holland legally published porn movies with 16 year old actors. The blue lagoon with nude scenes of very young actresses has not even been out yet. In most parts of the world, all these things became criminalized later 

And finally, most crimes would have prescribed after 35 years.

So is there a problem: yes. But I don’t see it as a huge problem that is being made out of it. And, often forgotten, there is a problem when adult women (or men) take recreational drugs and drink alcohol, and maybe they end up doing things they would not have done otherwise.  Independent of being underage or not. Aclohol-related loss of self control is a huge problem.

Enough playing devils’ advocate today. This is not the complete discussion of the issue, just some points that are often omitted.