14 year old murdered 8, will kill 3 more when freed in 45 days. Liberal child protection law run amok in Brazil.

Brazil‘s ECA (Statute of children and adolescents law is an example for well meant liberal political correctness run amok. No matter how many horrendous crimes an under 18 year old commits, s/he will only be sent for educational measures of maximum 3 years, and will receive a clean police record after age 18.

JOVENS QUE PARTICIPARAM DE TIROTEIO NO VEL”RIO DE MOISES MARTINS, ASSASSINADO ONTEM, 07PL1110, 07/05/2012, POLICIA, ADRIANA PIMENTEL,Children can make career in organized crime, as executioners and murderers. The liberal law guarantees them virtual impunity. Here is an especially extreme case:

The teenager accused of double murder in Marazion, was arrested provisionally and will be held for 45 days. After that date, if the process is not judged in a timely manner, he will be released.  Teen killer 

It is absolutely impossible to get a verdict in 45 days. The police inquiry alone takes longer. He already has accusations for other murders that still are in the phase of police inquiry. 

Now if he were judged and convicted, the most he could get is: 3 years of educational measures and his criminal past wiped clean after age 18 (or 2?).

Liberal political correctness is a crime against honest law abiding people. Imagine you contract a 21 year old after getting a clean police background check. But in reality he has killed half a dozen people, but his record has been wiped clean, as required by law!

There is no prison for minors. Only educational measures. From what I remember, career criminals will be mixed with truants, orphans and other harmless children, under the pretense that this will be good for the criminals. In reality, of course, it seriously damages the good children.

The minor was sent to the Educational Center of passare, remaining until  passage of the stated time [of 45 days]. The internation was ordered by District Judge Maranguape. Teen killer 


"The ECA (Statute of the Child and Adolescent) came to protect and ultimately benefit juvenile delinquents. The statute is turning teenagers into proxies of crime," states the judge of the Fifth Child and Youth Court in Fortaleza, Manuel Clístenes de Façanha e Gonçalves.
According to the magistrate recidivism is very high, and the crimes tend to be more severe, every time the boys re-offend.

No wonder. A criminal gets caught, is treated with velvet gloves, and then released. As most prisons, the detention centers in Brazil are rough on petty criminals and heaven for hardened, tough strong and well connected career criminals.

So once he got the official confirmation that even when caught, he will not be punished. That is the best reinforcement he can have. Yes, the petty criminal who stole a chocolate can benefit from such measures. But not the paid executioner of a drug gang who gets 300 dollars for one murder.

He points out that minors do not take seriously the measures imposed by the Child and Adolescent Statute.

Of course. 40 days of humane internation, mixed with harmless non-criminal children and free food and shelter. For murder. And only when caught. A summer camp! And, of course, the criminal’s name and identity is kept secret.

"The ‘safe passage’ that exists in the minds of minors was installed by the ECA, which is not being able to resolve the situation. It is a law that imposes no fear, no sense of responsibility," the judge regrets Cleisthenes.

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In Greater Fortaleza, summary executions committed by minors are determined by the ‘heads’ of trafficking

"I know I’ll spend a little time in prison, and when I leave, I will kill three more, up there at the Cemetery  …"
The cold and determined account is given by a boy of just 14 years, seized by the police on the morning of last Wednesday (May 2nd) in the Municipality of Marazion, in the Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza. Anderson (real name) is in his early teens, but it carries on his back charges of at least eight murders and two attempted murders and assaults. The last two crimes of death attributed to Anderson occurred on the morning prior to his arrest in that city.


The double murder took place inside a grocery store, the district of Marazion/ There were killed, shot, merchant Celson Paulo Miranda, 42, owner of the small establishment, and retired third sergeant Keple Miranda de Oliveira, 73. Teen killer 


Seized along with others accused of involvement in two murders, Anderson showed all his coolness. He confessed involvement in the crime and revealed the police that he had received in exchange for the executions, the murder weapon and the amount of R $ 500 reais [US$ 280]. He showed no regret. The mastermind who ordered the crime was also arrested in the police operation.
Cases like the ‘boy’ Anderson are not rare in the scenario of rising crime in the country involving teenagers and even children.
At just 14 years, the boy has killed several people, did not play dumb before police, .He promised to kill more,and  sure will be free of all criminal records when he reaches the legal age (18 years).


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6 thoughts on “14 year old murdered 8, will kill 3 more when freed in 45 days. Liberal child protection law run amok in Brazil.”

  1. Sadly the same thing happens in Argentina too. But nothing short of sending any kid who can hold a gun and pull the trigger to jail is going to solve this issue. If you send a 13-year-old kid to jail, then the mafias will use 8-year-old kids.

  2. The so-called “death squads” in Brazil who liquidated underage street criminals in the old days often had legitimate reasons to do so. However, of late Brazil has grown into such a shit of a country I don’t think I’ll set foot there ever again.

  3. Then, if this is the case, then the person who took his revenge could also be a child and then the youth of Brazil would have developed its own mini justice system, Criminal youth get murdered by avenging youth so it all balances itself out, I have no doubt that some enterprising youngster has already figured that one out. Thanks Liberals, couldnt have done it without you.

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