Forced marriages: death threats victimize thousands of Muslim girls – German Government Study

439-forced-marriage-poster1Thousands of women, mostly underage, are forced into marriage in Germany every year. The German family minister Kristina Schröder (CDU) and the Integration official Maria Böhmer (CDU) announced they will present a study today, Nov. 9th.

The numbers derive from counting women that actively sought help at government counseling centers. We expect that there would not be many false complaints, but a large percentage of unreported cases.

In the year 2008, 3443 women sought help at counseling centers, because they were under the threat of forced marriage or actually forced to marry.

The casualty figures are much higher than previous estimates: The NGO Terre des Femmes was previously assumed, turn that in Germany every year more than a thousand women and girls from immigrant families go to counseling because of forced marriages.

For the new comprehensive study 1445 counseling centers were contacted. 830 of them reported back. The results also shed light on origin, age and history of the victims. Thus, every third person concerned in connection with the forced marriage is threatened with death. The vast majority of victims of forced marriages are from Muslim parents’ homes – 83.4 percent. According to the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" nearly two-thirds of the recorded cases are from families characterized as very religious.

Many have experienced extreme brutalityislam-vs-women_64

Almost all concerned come from immigrant families, but a third of girls and women who were forced into a marriage were born in Germany [probably to immigrant families (human-stupidity]) according to the survey. 23 percent were born in Turkey.  Turkey was the most frequent country of origin, followed by Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Iraq.
Thousands of migrants are forced into marriage every year (Google translation)

  • forced marriageWe recognize that this is a very serious issue of civil liberty that warrants attention.
    • Young women and girls being forced by their own family and their entire support network is an extreme threat. Please read the quotations and original articles below and on the picture links.
    • Human-Stupidity’s subsequent focus on unpopular and ignored side issues does not mean that we don’t recognize the seriousness of violently forced marriages.
  • we suspect for every reported case, there probably are huge numbers of cases where marriages happen just by mild parental pressure and nobody ever complaints.
    • Of course, this is very problematic, we do not support such action.
    • But in our traditional position as Devil’s advocate who wants to instigate out-of-the-box thinking, we could question if such marriages could not  be happy. Maybe parents’ mate choices are more mature then 17 year old girls’ choices?
    • Of course, we absolutely do not support death threats and severe physical violence. And we are aware that knowledge of this violence might scare many girls into voluntary compliance.
    • No, Human-Stupidity does NOT support forced marriages

  • we do miss any mention  of male victims of "shotgun marriages". We hope the final report will at least mention such cases. Otherwise this is likely to be another case where only women victims will be considered and men’s rights being ignored men-are-victims-of-forced-marriage-too
  • we are very afraid that, in the future, false accusations of forced marriages, without due process, might become rampant.
    • we fear that a woman can, 50 years after the wedding, accuse her husband of forced marriage, just to get out of an unhappy relationship. The victimized man would be jailed, without due process, due to the pervasive doctrine "women don’t lie".  While we believe that women nowadays don’t lie (well, rarely lie) about forced marriage, we expect such numbers to increase, once women get guaranteed benefits from false accusations (see the false rape society).
  • we expect opponents of large scale immigration to see this as a further failure of multi-culturalism 
  • forced-marriages

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    2 thoughts on “Forced marriages: death threats victimize thousands of Muslim girls – German Government Study”

    1. Another interesting postmodern feminism topic to explore on this subject is forced divorce or separation.

      While it will not appear in statistics (yet), many women of marriagable age today are the children of women from the bra-burning 1970s.

      These mothers, who got married young, then realized they were straying from their feminist roots, divorced husbands at an alarming rate in the 1980s and early 1990s, then remarried feminist-friendly patsy men leaving behind the largest generation of children as a product from divorced families that history has ever known.

      Now that their daughters are of marriageable age, they are exerting as much pressure as possible on these young daughters NOT to marry and NOT to have children, in many was living vicariously through their daughters and encouraging the promiscuity, freedom from marriage and obligation, independence, and travel that they themselves were unable to undertake as they themselves “accidentally made the mistake” of having children, something that even divorce from their first husbands did not give them freedom from. This is far more pronounced in white middle class university educated women in the western world of Christian roots.

      These women (along with their sisters and friends) exert tremendous pressure on these young women NOT to marry, cohabit or have children, even though these women are entirely of the proper age to responsibly make their own choices on these issues (age 23-28) and are quite capable of making responsible choices.

      In my own case, an ex fiancee who was overwhelmed to get married at age 26, whos parents had always very much liked me and got along, upon learning of the engagement, whisked the girl halfway across the world (From BC, Canada to Capetown, SA), encouraged her to party and engage in promiscuous behavior, offered her $10,000 CAD to “not get married”, and exerted tremendous almost daily pressure on her to undertake activities which were incompatible with being engaged to someone. These things were travelling alone to complete the final four years of her degree on another continent, going on an exchange program for 6-12 months, again on another continent, and while in the same city as I, to do her best to try to live in residence at local university where we could no longer cohabit together. Seeing as we had lived together for 5 years already, such a withdrawal on any level would have caused the relationship to stumble. These women in their 50s certainly were aware that these actions were incompatible with having a fiancee.

      This enormous pressure drove the girl to emotional ruin and depression. In the end the engagement did not survive as she gave in to the pressure from the female “brain trust” of her mother and aunts due to both the cash ($10,000 is a lot of money) and also in a need to feel accepted. She had to undertake at least two years of counselling afterwards and now lives a confused life filled with remorse and undertakes in a variety of very risky behaviors she never exhibited before such as one night stands with men she met in bars and recreational street drugs.

      Living through this situation encouraged me to do a lot of research on the post-feminist era and the effects of hard-nosed former feminist activists on their children, and the generational differences of those who were in university in the 70s vis a vis the 00’s. I found that my scenario was actually far more common than I had originally thought.

      Whether it is the subtle (giving books like “Eat, Love, Pray” as a gift) or the more overt (such as offering a trip worth thousands of dollars to embark upon alone, or the emotional (exerting pressure in every contact in order to live vicariously through their duaghter) this is happening at feverous pitch and is leaving todays marriageable age women truly confused, depressed, and ashamed of what they know they want but “think” they shouldnt be wanting.

      Most women want to be wives and mothers in some arrangement with a man that makes them happy. Not all women are genetically or socially predisposed to a life of travelling like a wanderer, having a long series of meaningless relationships for mere sexual “experience”, and to avoid “nest building” like the plague. If this was the case the human race would have been extinct thousands of years ago.

      It is much easier for women to be promiscuous than it is for men. The reason that this is, of course, is that women have traditionally “filtered out” the men who merely want them for their bodies and have persued courtship with men who want much more, this is required for successful child rearing and women are geneticaly programmed to know this.

      This forced “anti-marriage”, “anti-child rearing” feminist mantra superimposed over women clashes violently in the minds of young women who know what they want yet are made to feel bad for wanting the same.

      Ever wonder why female depression in women aged 22-35 has reached unprecedented levels? Simply sit as a fly on the wall when these women talk to their mothers about what they want out of life and you will find their answer.

      This would be very much like as men, having our fathers tell us that we are wrong to look for attractive looking females to copulate with and to try to succeed in our fields and to be confident and proud of our accomplishments.

      Confusion, indeed.

    2. “We suspect for every reported case, there probably are huge numbers of cases where marriages happen just by mild parental pressure and nobody ever complaints.”

      There is also mild(?) parental pressure to go to schools, for example. Nobody ever complains about that. If the pressure takes the form of serious threats or violence, then that’s a problem. But I suspect very few parents will ever want to see their offsprings unhappy .

      I dislike forced anything. However, I must point out how little of the “arranged marriages” in countries like India end up in divorces(compare it to >50% in USA). The partners in these arranged marriages also report greater happiness after years. Although these arranged marriages are not really “forced” since usually the candidates have the right to say the final yes or no.

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