Voluntary Castration of Sex Offenders violates Human Rights?

Council of Europe urges Germany to abolish castration

The Council of Europe’s anti-torture committee on Wednesday urged Germany to abolish the surgical castration of sex offenders, warning that the operation could amount to "degrading treatment".

Germany offers sex offenders aged over 25 the option of surgical castration or orchiectomy

Scalpel-007Human Rights is worried about Germany allowing the voluntary castration of 5 sex offenders per year?!

But it is not degrading to imprison men for possession of movies of nude or even fully dressed 15 year olds (Knox vs. USA),  or for consensual sex with a 17 year old girl friend. Where they are falsely labeled child sex offenders or worse, child  *rapists. Such offenders disgust common violent criminals who tend to single them out for punishment by frequent anal rape

"Surgical castration is a mutilating, irreversible intervention and cannot be considered as a medical necessity in the context of the treatment of sexual offenders.

According to the report, authorities in Germany cited the low reoffending rate for those who have opted for physical castration in their defence of the practice.

Of 104 people who were operated on between 1970 and 80, only 3% have reoffended, compared to 46% of the 53 others who refused castration or who did not secure expert approval for the operation. […] The Czech Republic is the only other of the 47 Council of Europe member states which gives sex offenders the option of physical castration. Council of Europe urges Germany to abolish castration

Only 104 people getting surgical castration in a decade? In spite of very low re-offending rate? Which is not only good for his victims, but for the offender himself who can live a normal life out of jail and without guilt.

DALLAS (AP) – Frightened victims-rights advocates tried desperately last year to find a way to fulfill convicted child molester Larry Don McQuay’s request to be castrated.

McQuay swore he’d molested more than 200 children. He declared he was "doomed to eventually rape then murder my poor little victims to keep them from telling on me."

And he contended that castration would be the only way to ensure he wouldn’t molest another child.

Texas officials refused to pay for the surgery because it is considered elective.

Today, a bill awaiting Gov. George W. Bush’s signature would make voluntary surgical castration an option for child molesters, even though some medical and legal experts say it’s ill-advised.

Medical, legal experts debate merits of castration bill

Human-Stupidity is infinite. We have money, $1 Million, $ 50,000 per year to lock up a dangerous sex offender for 20 years. We even have money to imprison a harmless guy who downloaded a few pictures. But not $ 1000 for an operation to save the man and save children?  Maybe popular vigilantes know better:

If castration allows violent offenders to be rehabilitated and to successfully integrate into communities across the country (and not, you know, have to live in makeshift camps under a highway in Florida), then I guess I’m all for it. Louisiana Child Molester Surgically Castrated in Plea Deal

Above, a rare more reasonable voice.

In the Czech Republic, the intervention of physically removing the testes has been introduced in 1966 and continues to the present day. In the period between 1998 and 2008, 94 sex offenders have been castrated. This shows that although the procedure is not a frequent measure, its practice can not be considered rare. Legal framework in the Czech Republic stipulates that surgical castration may be performed solely on voluntary basis, with an approval of a ‘specialist’ committee and after an informed consent of the offender. The report of the CPT following its visit to the Czech Republic stated that this was not the reality in a number of cases. This raises the question whether the treatment can be considered legally permissible. It is also questionable if the procedure can pass the constitutionality test with regard to the prohibition of cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment, the fundamental rights to marry and found a family as well as to human dignity and integrity.

 Surgical Castration of Sex Offenders and its Legality: The Case of the Czech Republic

Is it really that important that the worst offenders can pass on their criminal genes to posterity? So important that it is worth risking the life of innocent children to make sure he can marry and found a family? And, if the un-castrated criminal keeps re-offending, his chances of rearing offspring are minute, anyway. Chemical castration looks like a bonanza for the pharmaceutical industry:

Human-Stupidity.com is all in favor of protecting children from dangerous predators. We are against repression of harmless *consensual *teenage sexuality and victimless child porn with hunts. We are against blind, emotional unscientific rage. We are in favor of science that determined that liberation of child pornography reduces violent sexual offenses against children (Dr. Milton Diamond)

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