Help! My 18 year old girl friend has raped me 298 times

"Please stop", he begged her. "I already came, I am tired, I need to sleep". To no avail. 19 year old Maria (name has been changed) will not take no for an answer. She straddles his face, pushes her pussy onto his mouth, taking his breath away: " Make me come!"  she demands of the groggy, sleepy, half drunk Paul (name has been changed). After one screaming orgasm, she puts a condom on his member and rides herself, cowgirl style, to another orgasm, over Paul’s protests.

During the first 290 rapes (or "sexual assaults" , in some jurisdictions) Paul did not know he was a victim of rape, or felony sexual assault. That the constant barrage of sexual assaults by a gorgeous 19 year old blonde was deeply traumatizing for him. and would scar him for life. He was unaware that he was a date rape or marital rape survivor.

He already knew that feminists had re-defined rape.  That consent could be withdrawn at any moment. That "No means No". That a man got convicted for 5 second *rape because he stopped only 5 seconds after the hitherto consenting girl said "stop".

Still Paul was unaware that he was a rape victim. He thought that rape hysteria was a feminist ruse.

Then he started reading avoiceformen and r/mensrights. The leading men’s rights web sites. There he found out that MRA actually agree with most of the feminist rape hysteria,  as long as pretty 25 year old female cheer leaders also get punished [4] for having sex with  220 pound 17 year old adolescent football player hunk victims.  

He read how boys and men are frequent rape victims:  Boys raped more often than girls. Eivind Berge The Antifeminist

Paul is still getting raped almost daily, but now he is aware that he is a victim of a terrible crime. Paul is asking for your advice:

  1. Is he actually getting raped or sexually assaulted?
  2. Is he traumatized for life
  3. Should he go to police and press charges against his abuser?
  4. Will he be believed? You know, women never lie about rape. But will they think men lie about rape (sexual assault).
  5. Should he record the sex act and his protests, to have PROOF of the vile crime he suffers from?
  6. Should he just enjoy the sex and then, a few years later, file charges of rape, like many women do nowadays? Or 40 years later, like in the Saville case
  7. He actually likes the sex in the morning. It is rape only in the evening. If she goes to prison for many years, he will miss it.  (this is not a joke; there was a case where a woman pressed rape charges. Among 30 sex acts, only #25 and #18 were rapes, the others, she confided, were consensual)

Please answer the questions  in the comments below


Further comments and questions

  1. Be aware, if the "victim" was a woman, the male "rapist" would be convicted, no doubt.
  2. Should MRA (men’s rights activists) be only concerned to make sure that a woman "rapist" would be treated with equal rigor. Or should MRA actually be concerned to keep men out of prison for travesties like 32-year-old man’s sex with 17-year-old was legal… but pictures of it cost him 8 years in prison. Note too that feminists are seriously concerned with keeping female husband assassins out of prison and successfully do so: How to Kill your Husband! A Tutorial. (Susan Falls’ Licence to Kill) .
  3. According to Human-Stupidity’s research, most sexually active heterosexual men suffered "rape" episodes like the above. Remember: once you say now, even in the slightest way, consensual sex becomes RAPE: Consensual sex becomes rape as soon as woman says "I need to go home", says California Supreme Court..
  4. Please report if you were victim or perpetrator of such rape, or if this never happened in your life.

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11 thoughts on “Help! My 18 year old girl friend has raped me 298 times”

  1. “For instance her belief is that the vast majority of rapists were victims of prior abuse themselves,sometimes by a man , sometimes by a woman, sometimes by both.
    Turns out there is lots of truth to that.”

    A bit like werewolves and vampires?

    A lot of men and women (especially women) convicted of sex crime, or any crime, will claim that they were sexually abused as children or raped as adults.

    In any case, if TyphonBlue is right, and at least 1 in 4 boys and men have been raped, then it’s hardly surprising if it turns out that a lot of rapists have been raped themselves.

  2. As far as Typhonblue, while I find her very dogmatic and idiotic about a few issues, she’s also right on the money about some things.
    For instance her belief is that the vast majority of rapists were victims of prior abuse themselves,sometimes by a man , sometimes by a woman, sometimes by both.

    Turns out there is lots of truth to that.

    The comments are a mine of gold. I don’t think a single one picks up on the fact that the rapist in this piece claims to have been abused himself when a child.
    They also exclusively worry about rapes and sexual assaults of women.
    One could have written this piece in Victorian Britain.

    Clearly the “MHRM” don’t have enough influence to bother worrying about.

  3. Eric:
    Your lack of intelligence and many trolling accounts is quite obvious.
    Wnen you learn to be serious, I might bother to actually reply to you.

    No, means no. If you can’t understand that, then I do hope YOU end up behind bars with quite a few unwanted sexual encounters of your own.

  4. Clarence:
    “I never once had a woman continue sex with me over my protests.”

    Yes, but HS wasn’t talking about lesbian sex. LOL

    “Maria needs to learn what consent means or she will hopefully rightfully end up with her ass behind bars one day.”

    Aren’t you sure this isn’t Typhon Blue talking? A better idea might be to decriminalize sex.

    But that wouldn’t be ‘equal injustice for all.’

  5. I have never once had a woman continue sex with me over my protests.
    And I would never continue to have sex with a woman who was literally begging (and you did not say this guy was playing “hard to get” or giving off “mixed signals”)me not to have sex with her.

    No means no. A ‘no’ can be changed be changed to a ‘yes’, but if someone says no and means it (by never changing it to a yes) then continuing with the sex act constitutes rape.

    Neither men nor women are sex dolls, we don’t exist for our partners use and abuse.

    So yes, Paul was raped, and even if he decides (which I think is a perfectly legitimate choice for a man or woman to make) not to report it and continue the relationship, Maria needs to learn what consent means or she will hopefully rightfully end up with her ass behind bars one day.

    One reason I’m against most of the statuatory rape laws as applied to sexually developed people is that they take away personal choice and make victims of willing participants. I’m not willing to turn around and make sex mandatory for men when they are with women simply because a bitch is ‘hot’.

  6. Stop talking about rape altogether – unless you are making fun of the hysteria behind it.

    All the feminists ever talk about is rape too.

    It seems that various sects of the MRM are also as obsessed with it as the feminists.

    Strange bedfellows?

    1. I thought that this would point out the absurdity of the rape enterprise with feminist rape definitions.

      But, maybe some people take it seriously? Most men were raped, so most women need to be imprisoned.

      I think some research would show that by these standards applied here, women far outnumber men as rapists (sexual assault assailants).

      This is because nobody teaches women not to rape, nobody ever made a drama and legal problems out of it. So women, and men, think it is normal that women continue sex over the protest of the male.
      Or, as serious in the sense that by feminist standards, most men were rape

  7. Dejour:
    “If women aren’t subjected to the negative consequences of overly broad rape laws, they will just continue for the laws to become more broad and more punitive.”

    Wrong: subjecting women to the same laws is simply reinforcing the cultural sex-negativity and neo-puritanism that is the real factor driving the creation of these draconian laws. When a natural drive like sex is demonized, it becomes subliminated, hence expanding these laws will only make even worse witch-hunting and even more draconian laws inevitable. IOW, it will have the OPPOSITE effect of what these MHRM yo-hos think it will.

    What we need instead is something more like a ‘sexual decriminalization’ movement.

  8. I think it’s important that men and women be treated the same by rape laws.

    OK, fine, Paul is not badly damaged.

    But if women aren’t subject to the negative consequences of overly broad rape laws, then they will just continue to push for the laws to become more broad and more punitive.

    If women have to stop and consider that they may end up going to jail for 10 years for having sex with a drunken man, then they might start to consider the rights of the accused as well as the rights of the victim.

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