No Sex Please, we’re Japanese: virtual girlfriends and the closing of maternity wards and elementary schools

Japan is closing maternity wards and elementary schools. Not many children get born. Society is aging quickly.


  • @14 minutes: fewer Japanese marry. Only 2% of children born out of wedlock. Only 27% of couples have sex every week.
  • @15 minutes: Don’t miss the men with the virtual girl friends. One of them is married and hides the girl friend from his wife. He is not sure which of the two he would choose: wife or computer program.


In the video, Japanese men keep repeating that a virtual girl friend is much nicer. The virtual girl friends are usually are teenage age, and the man plays the role of a teenager, too. Virtual girl friends are not messy, no trouble. Why bother with a real woman.

Though, there is a certain desire for a real woman.

  • @32 minutes: Amazing Japanese Pompom dancers, minimum age requirement: 55 years, oldest is 81. They dance nicely enough to look like teenage cheer leaders, when seen from a distance.
  • @40: 20% of Japanese prisoners are over 65 years old. 50% of them reoffend.
  • @45: 70% of Japanese women drop out of the work force after they get children. With a lack of work force, this is considered a calamity.
  • @40 minutes: immigration as the solution?



Human-Stupidity Analysis

The BBC analysis mentions a mature economy with no growths.  The kids have no expectation to earn more then their parents. They don’t envision progress, growth, excitement like in China or Vietnam. Instead they are bored and apathetic.

The BBC does not mention MGTOW (men going their own way), in Japan called grass eaters. Men that see no sense in getting a family, or even making effort to have earnings big enough to impress a woman and  Feminist laws make traditional marriage and child rearing a dangerous enterprise for men, world wide, a bit lesser in Japan. Modern *rape laws, date and marital rape, family court, domestic violence laws, alimony, child support, debtor’s prison, lack of due process are all stacked against men.

Sadly, many women want children and can not find a man who would dare to get involved in such a financially ruinous undertaking.

Human-Stupidity wonders about the necessity of the virtual girl friend needing to be above the age of consent. Otherwise we are talking underage teenage sex, child porn. Draconic laws need to lock up men, in order to protect the virtual girlfriend from being traumatized and victimized (voodoo theory).


Trigger warning: if you are just interested in men’s rights, stop reading here, to avoid racist and xenophobic content.

So far, Japan is not making the mistake Germany makes. Under the guise of importing workers, Germany imports uneducated welfare recipients and asylum seekers, who have many uneducated unintelligent welfare recipient children. Thilo Sarrazin elaborates on this.

The USA is doing a little better: most immigrants are working, but they tend to be the underclass of Mexico, with a low IQ and a high birth rate. Over the next decades, this will down the average IQ and productiveness to the level of Mexico. This is not sufficiently offset by the Asian brain drain, the elite scientists and Engineers with high IQ, that also come to the US. Equally some elite intelligencia from Southern and Eastern Europe come to work in Germany.

Author: Human-Stupidy (Admin)

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11 thoughts on “No Sex Please, we’re Japanese: virtual girlfriends and the closing of maternity wards and elementary schools”

    1. I appreciate you informing where the video “No sex please, we are Japanese” can be found. It probably was not pulled by PC police, but by copyright holders. I wish there was a just solution, like leaving it on with mandatory commercials, or alternatively, a paid membership, thus giving some profit to the copyright holders.

      It is a pity if such a video disappears, because of copyright concerns. In the end, the copyright holders will not earn more money, rather the movie will disappear into oblivion.

  1. John Derbyshire’s conservative readers will agree on some of our anti-PC (anti political correctness) attitudes, regarding quotas, immigration, censorship of crime statistics and racial IQ research.

    Unfortunately, they probably would be shocked about our opposition to censorship of the Rind Study, about our attitude regarding sexual liberties and age of consent.

    I have to agree that the conservative sex agenda worked successfully for centuries. Functioning families with strict moral codes preserved our countries, while our actual policy will lead to certain population disaster within a few generations.

    We may remind conservatives that, 140 years ago in the US, and still in many countries, conservative family values and a liberal prostitution culture go hand in hand.

    Furthermore, the advent of the pill would allow to re-think some of our old sexual morality rules.

    I was surprised: If you take conservative moral sex rules, be it the Bible, or even the Koran, if one replaces the word “sex” with “making babies”, then I agree with most of the rules. Minors and unmarried women should not “make babies” is a good general rule. Married women should not “make babies” with the neighbor’s husband, and one should not “make babies” with the neighbor’s wife. Makes sense to me, as a moral code.

  2. Excellent video and commentary. Except for the trigger warning: “stop reading here, to avoid racist and xenophobic content.” I found the comments about uneducated welfare recipients and asylum seekers to be absolutely correct. We need to stop trying to be politically correct and start telling the honest truth.

  3. HS:
    On the virtual girl being ‘above the AOC’—wouldn’t that logically mean that they couldn’t be used for 16-18 years after they were manufactured?

    The stupidity and hypocrisy of these femihag laws is truly unbelievable.

    Maybe a better idea would be to start repealing the laws that caused this situation and there’d be no need for virtual girls.

    1. Vibrators would have to age for 18 years before they could be used for sexual massage.

      Otherwise, immature “child” vibrators could only be used for tense shoulders. Of course, that still would be child labor (?).

      If one applies logic to sex laws, things get disconcerting

  4. Do they mention that per capita GDP, the relevant economic measure, has grown faster in Japan than in the USA and other countries welcoming the dregs of the 3rd world? Somehow India remains poor. I guess hordes of uneducated, unskilled people somehow doesn’t magically translate to wealth (not that I’d expect the BBC to accept this).

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