Jörg Kachelmann rape case in Germany: useless court excursion to Switzerland

The entire Jörg Kachelmann rape case court went on an excursion to Zurich, Switzerland.  The prosecutor wanted to hear testimony of Swiss photographer Linda T. who had met the weather TV Anchor (Kachelmann) for a photo shoot in 2010. She was often called Kachelmann’s "Lover #10", and rumors were that she was so traumatized from sexual harrassment by Kachelmann that she took a sick leave from work. Linda T’s testimony proved all these allegations wrong.

Linda T. had refused to come to Germany to testify. So two judges, two prosecutors, and the lawyers travelled to Switzerland. They presented their questions to a Swiss prosecutor who questioned the woman in the presence of the German legal team."

Source: News Magazine "Der Spiegel" about Kachelmann

Human-Stupidity is the lone English speaking publication reporting about the Jörg Kachelmann rape case, the court case of the year in Germany. Jörg Kachelmann was a famous TV anchor or the main German TV channel. A woman he had a 15 year love affair with accused him of rape. Exactly on the day when they broke up, after she found out he had another women lover (Details here:


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"Rape on breakup day"

"Hell has no fury like a woman scorned" revenge false rape accusation?

A famous, very good looking single man, seen daily by millions of German women on TV,  after a 15 year long affair with a woman (whose sexual attractiveness wanes faster then a man’s) will rape her exactly when they decide to break up the relationship. Or the woman was hurt and wanted to get even. Which one is more likely?

With no corroborating proof whatsoever, according to the legal principle "Men accused by women or children are guilty until proven innocent" he was arrested for 4 months, obviously lost his job as a TV weather man, and must have spent hundreds of thousands of legal cost.


Thank God Kachelmann was finally freed on bail. Several inconsistencies and contradictions have been found in the rape accuser’s testimony. Still, the case has been dragging on for months. Now the accusation wasted a trip to Switzerland in the hope of finding another woman who would accuse Kachelmann of sexual misconduct.  In vain. Only expenses.

And the english speaking press still ignores the "German court case of the year". Please start reporting!

The lone good article about this case (All the right facts, with all the wrong feminist conclusions):

Guest post: Major rape case in Germany (feministphilosophers.wordpress.com)

Reading through the comments lefts by readers on the websites of all big newspapers, I was simply shocked. It felt as though nearly 95% of people were certain that the ex-girlfriend falsely accused him to get revenge, probably because he wanted to leave her. But that’s not all. Comments ranged from “This is just how women are, they’d do anything to get back at a man” (garnished with the occasional “and I’m saying this as a woman” — as if women can’t be sexist) to “They were in a relationship, you can’t rape someone who you’re in a relationship with” or alternatively “He doesn’t need to rape a woman, he can have any woman he likes, it’s just implausible” and further “Laws against rape in a relationship should be abolished, it’s made too easy for a woman to destroy a man”. And I’m not only talking about the tabloid-like attention-grabbing “Bild-Zeitung”, you’ll find comments like these in the “Zeit”, a newspaper aimed mainly at well-educated people. (BILD now hides the comments, but you can still read such things on ZEIT, here (in German) or here. )

A member of my close famility insisted that the woman must have lied, since a fifty year old man would never be in the mood for sex after a fight with his partner (they did have a fight about him cheating). It made me wonder whether he’d insist on his theory even if a similar thing had happened to someone of his family. Maybe he would go with his dangerous reasoning and have serious doubts about this person telling the truth – worrisome.

After some time it became public that Kachelmann didn’t only have this one girlfriend – no, he had at least four and none of them knew about the others.

All the right facts, with all the wrong feminist conclusions.

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