Lorena Bobbit forgives her husband (she cut off his manhood 16 years ago)

The woman that mutilated her husband,  cut off her husband’s dick and threw it out of the car window, forgave her husband, after the husband expressed remorse and asked for forgiveness .  And poor Lorena stressed how much her husband had hurt her.  No remorse. Yes. You are reading right! The mutilator did not ask forgiveness, no, she forgave!  Must see the video.

The back story: In June of 1993 after having a fight, Lorena cut off her husband’s manhood with a knife while he was asleep, then fled and threw it out of her car window. Later, Lorena’s trial was carried live, and after the stunning testimony, she was ultimately found not guilty by reason of temporary insanity.

This is how far feminist inequality attitudes and laws got us.  Can you imagine a man that mutilates his wife, cuts off her breasts, gets acquitted.  And then shows no remorse but demands and gets an excuse from his victim? The final proof for gender inequality in our days. Men can be castrated, arrested. And women who cut off her husband’s dick get no punishment and demand excuse for his insensitivity!

“[At] our own wedding reception, he left me alone,” says Lorena. “We didn’t have a honeymoon, so to speak, because you left me at our own wedding to flirt with girls.”

“Basically I learned to be a pick-up artist when I was married,” says John, “and that’s something I shouldn’t have done.”

“I’m really sorry,” adds John in a bombshell apology. “There was a lot of neglect there; I wasn’t there for you. You needed me to be there. I wasn’t emotionally, physically — it was a very confusing hard time you went through.”

“That means a lot to me,” says Lorena. “I forgive you, but I never forget. I’m not angry anymore. I’m free. I remember the things, that past hurt, and obviously it hurts you too.” theinsider.com/news/2098643_John_Lorena_The_Shocking_Bobbitt_Reunion

This is why men get repressed by women. No man says anything. No man’s movement!  If it were the other way around, the entire world press would be up in arms. Headlines all over. Feminists calling news rooms, making demonstration, heads of government making statements. But a man getting mutilated by a women? Serves him right, he deserves it. Womanizer. Hurt her feelings.

Does this need a Human-Stupidity analysis?

Feminists managed to totally pervert laws, and the general human undersanding of law, order and justice.  As I said in other posts, female capacities to subvert press, organisations and public opinion is nothing more then awe inspiring.  Men are stupid victims of the common unconscious manipulation.

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23 thoughts on “Lorena Bobbit forgives her husband (she cut off his manhood 16 years ago)”

  1. Its true the serpent/satan got men through women… When they say women are stupid, it is very true… They are indeed a necessary evil(only good for men’s pleasure) because they contribute nothing else to this world…. And the worst of ingrates to have the guts to fight those who did not only invent their menstruall pads but also pain killers for child bearing and menstrual cramps(so they call it.)

  2. “Can you imagine a man that mutilates his wife, cuts off her breasts, gets acquitted.”

    Remember OJ Simpson? He was accused of cutting off Nicole Brown’s breasts before she was murdered. Surprisingly, there was no noticeable feminists pushing for OJ’s conviction. Perhaps because he was black? Who knows.

  3. Do not worry ladies, just as it took so many years for the so-called “Women’s Rights Movement” to gain momentum and persevere…so shall the sexual mutilation equality movement. See one thing…Although men are revered as the animals, the perverts, the low-lifes in society, somehow women have become the distorted deviant evil. Men typically would never think of the underminded, nasty ways that women think up in order to sexually mutilate their counterparts. But given the recent decade or two…well…life and nature in and of itself has a tendency to balance itself out. There are many who feel reprisal is in need. We hate to bring it down to your feminine demise. If what it takes is a strong and forceful counterstrike, then many men (believe me it is about to burst loose) will soon to take part in the same brutal sexual mutilations that we commonly see. We would prefer not to partake in such actions, but changes are inevitable. Once the campaign commences against female mutilation starts in response, how do you think it’s gonna go? It’ll gain momentum like brush fires in the Santa Anna Winds. There’s alot of us out here already thinking up New Techniques as to how we will torture, mutilate and destruct your private parts, just has not started yet. But when it does…so help us God. And what do you think the courts are going to do once we plead insanity and equality? If so many are taking action against what you have been doing for the last 20 years, we’ll be exonorated for fighting back…

    1. We can not condone violence and very much hope that feminist approval of violence against men can be undone by legal means.

      Unfortunately there are many cases where women excused treacherous female murderers of her husbands, like Rita Graveline, acquitted after she shot her sleeping husband in the back, Susan Falls, 42, of Caloundra, Australia admitted to drugging her husband and shooting him after he fell asleep in May 2006. She testified it was in self-defence after 20 years of abuse and Mary Winkler

      Outside court before the sentencing hearing, jury foreman Bill Berry gave Court TV an unusually blunt assessment of the trial and his fellow jurors.

      He said the jury leaned heavily in favor of Mrs. Winkler due to the “10 ladies” seated on the jury.

      “I don’t think justice was done,” said Berry. “It’s the times we’re living in. People are getting away with murder today.”

      He called the gender makeup of the jury “unbalanced” and “unfair.”

      He said that after the first seven hours of deliberations, nine of the 10 women appeared ready to vote for acquittal. They “wanted her to just walk free,” Berry said.

      He said the verdict of voluntary manslaughter was a compromise.

      “We had to settle on something,” he said.

  4. that is american crazy, if am the man, she would never get my forgiveness, and i will also revenge if i had to apologize to get her near. stupid american laws, protecting women, that has caused them several marriages, and single parents every where in the country. the us law should open their eyes to see some women are evil and better not protected.

  5. The comment by “oh please” is really remarkable and I think people like her is the reason why so many people hate feminists and women who support them.She is defending someone who took away a man’s manhood?That’s far far worse than anything he might have done to her.That’s the equivalent of destroying a woman’s vagina and urinal tubes and taking away her ability to give birth for ever.

    If her husband was really so horrible he would have killed her no doubt.I am amazed that the man did not take any action against her.

  6. If you read a legitimate story on the matter, you will learn that she was raped that night, and had been beaten, raped, and verbally abused throughout her marriage. The husband apologized for his actions against her and his adultery.

    Should she have been prosecuted for her actions? Yes, and most women believe the same. However, the insanity plea has let of just as many men as women. And in this case, she has proved herself a noteworthy and goodly citizen since the act. She helps women who are abused (severely – beaten, raped, some nearly killed) by their domestic partners, has kids, and a husband. Never since has their been another incident, and all accounts given by her new husband are in support of her, though not her actions.

    What she did was wrong, but so is what he had done to her. Both should have been sentenced, but neither were. Where is the justice in that?

    1. was that rape proven in a court of law? or an after the fact excuse for her vigilante justice?

      Of course, any lawyer will advise to allege rape. Was there any proof for it, any support?

      And still, she could have left. Nobody, except women, gets away when the claim self defense once the other party sleeps.

  7. I remember when this happened during the early 1990s, many feminists who were screaming that there was never an excuse for a man to slap a woman were then coming up with excuses for a woman to cut a man’s penis off. It was extremely nauseating.

  8. What a depressing video. It is indeed very difficult to believe that men will ever wake up and put a stop to this.

    I’m beginning to feel like Winston Smith writing 2+2=4 in his diary. I have no other aspiration for my blog anymore other than it keeps me sane.

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