Unproven Rape charges: Famous German Weather Anchorman Joerg Kachelmann released after 4 months instant jail

A high profile rape accusation case in Germany, unknown in the English speaking world. A famous TV weather anchor man spent 4 months in jail due to a simple accusation of his girlfriend of 15 years, that he raped her. During this time the accuser had to change some of her statements, as they turned out to be false.

Very scary: unproven allegations by a potentially vengeful girlfriend get you instant jail for 4 months, ruining your work, your reputation, and your carreer. Women are given power that nobody else has.  Murder attempts, robberies, arson, none of these crimes get you into jail for uncorroborated accusations.  Note that 30 years ago, before feminist brainwashing, one would question why one needs to rape a women you had a 15 year consensual affair with?

TV meteorologist Joerg Kachelmann is free to enjoy the summer sun until he comes on trial in September for allegedly raping his ex-girlfriend. An appeals court said it now comes down to “his word against hers.”

Swiss-born television meteorologist Joerg Kachelmann was released Thursday from police custody while awaiting trial on the charge of aggravated rape.

The regional appeals court in Karlsruhe explained that the prosecution only had one witness and that the case came down to “his word against hers.”

The court believed that Kachelmann was not a flight risk and that the evidence against him did not warrant keeping him in pre-trial custody.  http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,,5848070,00.html

Weatherman Kachelmann released from jail

Published: 29 Jul 10 14:51 CET
Online: http://www.thelocal.de/national/20100729-28829.html

Four months after he was arrested for allegedly raping his girlfriend, weatherman Jörg Kachelmann was released from custody on Thursday.

Birkenstock said he was now preparing for the main trial, which begins on September 6 in Mannheim. Kachelmann is accused of threatening his long-term girlfriend with a knife and raping her. He denies the charges.

Germany’s weather star arrested on rape charges

He is the Teutonic equivalent of Britain’s Michael Fish and a household name in Germany. But Jörg Kachelmann, a hugely popular television weatherman, has shocked millions of his viewers after being arrested on charges of brutally raping his long-standing girlfriend during an argument.

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