Make fatherhood a man’s choice! Like a sperm donor, not forced to pay

(A) Financial abortion, reproductive rights for men have been discussed by MRA’s, but usually rejected by feminists.

We will see that some feminists actually propose that men should have reproductive rights other then be forced to pay up for unintended consequences for sex.

(B) Further down we will also discuss the strange logic: If the father kills the fetus, it is murder. If the mother kills the fetus, it is reproductive rights.  See here, here, here, here and hereWhen is it illegal to make reproductive choices for others? When you’re a man


Make fatherhood a man’s choice!

The burden of pregnancy will never be fair. Child support can be — but men need to have a chance to opt out

Over the past fifteen years, some feminists have argued that ending the current child support system is an important social issue. In the October 19, 2000 issue of Salon,Cathy Young argued that women’s freedom to choose parenthood is a reproductive right men do not have but should. Her article, “A Man’s Right to Choose,” identifies abortion rights and adoption as options that allow women greater sexual freedom than men when a sexual encounter results in conception.  While there are alternatives to parental responsibility for women, for men, “in the eyes of the law, it seems that virtually no circumstances, however bizarre or outrageous, can mitigate the biological father’s liability for child support.”

Amen!   Even if mother cheated, lied, or raped: father always pays child support.

Kerrie Thornhill’s article “A Feminist Argument Against Child Support” in the July 18, 2011 issue of Partisans picks up this point, arguing that where birth control and safe abortion are legally available, choosing a sexual encounter should be a different choice than choosing to be a parent. She offers a three-step replacement for the current child support system. First, Thornhill writes that “when informed of a partner’s pregnancy, a man should get a single, time-sensitive opportunity to choose fatherhood.” Second, by accepting, a man would assume all the responsibilities of fatherhood, but by declining he would legally be no different than a sperm donor.

Great suggestion. If a man wants no financial responsibility, he gets treated like a sperm donor. This is a great way to put it.Though it still begs the question if it was not best, in the interested of the well being of the child, if the man could contribute, visit, as he wishes.


Finally, she suggests that for low-income families, state-funded child support should exist. In her article “Is Forced Fatherhood Fair?” for the June 12, 2013 edition of the New York Times, Laurie Shrage echoes Kerrie Thornhill’s sentiment when she opines, “In consenting to sex, neither a man nor a woman gives consent to become a parent.” She argues that if one believes that women shouldn’t be penalized for sexual activity by limiting options such as birth control, abortion, adoption, and safe haven laws (laws that provide a safe space for parents to give up babies), then men’s options shouldn’t be limited either. These writers all point out that motherhood should be a voluntary condition. Shrage and Thornhill agree that the construct that fatherhood after birth is mandatory needs to change.

Extremely rare and laudable: feminists suggesting women should give up a privilege in favor of equality for men.

You might want to read the rest of the article Make fatherhood a man’s choice!



Thanks to judgybitch’s article that called my attention to the topic:

When is it illegal to make reproductive choices for others? When you’re a man


Over the past few months, this same story has played out over and over again in the media:  men confronting an unwanted pregnancy slip their partners abortion drugs and end the pregnancy.  You can read it here, here, here, here and here.

These cases all have some interesting things in common:  none of the men were married to the women carrying their children and in all the US cases, the men were originally charged with either murder or attempted murder.

A woman aborting her child: her choice. A man aborting his child: murder! No wonder feminists are against Equal Rights Amendment.

Hmmm.  So when a man kills an unborn baby it’s murder, but when women kill unborn babies it’s just “a reproductive right”.  It’s not a baby anyways, right?  Just a clump of annoying cells.  A “fetus”.

Except when it’s not.

  Abortion:  it’s only a baby when she says it is.

My intention today is not to discuss abortion, but rather to look at the idea of “reproductive rights” more carefully.  Two high profile media sources have recently featured stories that question whether men actually have any rights when it comes to reproduction.  Back in June, Laurie Shrage, a professor of philosophy and women’s studies (!) posed the hypothetical question Is Forced Fatherhood Fair in the New York Times, and Anna March followed that up with an article at Salon demanding that we Make Fatherhood A Man’s Choice!.

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5 thoughts on “Make fatherhood a man’s choice! Like a sperm donor, not forced to pay”

  1. mhm. That’s why women will undergo a procedure in a back-alley clinic that can kill them. Just for kicks? Bored, need something to do? Hey, I think I’ll have an abortion today!
    You clearly aren’t female, and haven’t had a lot of contact with them as family members. If she has the physical strength to force a guy out and off, that argument has a little more traction, but that’s not the way things work.

    1. @Waldo: in most countries, women can go to a modern clinic to get an abortion with less risk then giving birth.

      Men don’t have any abortion option. Men’s options are: pay child support, or go to jail.

      Or if the woman, at her whim, decides to abort, then the man has only one option: accept the killing of the fetus, even if he is the husband and willing to support the baby.

      And if it is a country where the woman can not shirk her responsibility towards her own flesh and blood: men can not shirk their responsibility either, nowhere. They are always taken to the cleaners to pay the child’s mother, who can do whatever she pleases with the money.

  2. They absolutely have the choice to become or not become fathers. If they don’t want to be fathers they shouldn’t ejaculate inside of a vagina. It’s pretty simple.

    1. Women don’t need abortion. If they don’t want to be mothers, don’t allow a man to ejaculate inside her vagina. It’s pretty simple.

      Sorry for repeating your own words. You probably don’t want them to be applied equally to men and women

      Funny how feminists always have one set of rules for men, and total liberty for women. That unequal treatment is feminist equality.

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