Military Draft & Permanent Alimony are Forced Labor & Slavery?

The International Labour Organization’s report Profits and Poverty: The Economics of Forced Labour [Full report] (Executive Summary) was just published and garners international attention.

Forced labour is any work or services which people are forced to do against their will under the threat of some form punishment.

Sadly, no comment on two types of Slave Labor that 49% of humanity (men) are exposed to or threatened by.

Military Conscription fits the definition of Forced Labour or Slave Labour

Conscription is the term given to any involuntary labour called upon by an authority. Historically, conscription has been used to define people going into the armed forces of a country during wartime. Where it is still practised, it is usually only for a fixed period and euphemistically referred to as something far nicer, like "national service" or the "draft."  [Source]

Life Long mandatory inescapable alimony obligation
fits the definition of Forced Labour or Slave Labour

Family court practice to imprison men into debtor’s prison for not paying mandatory life long support to an ex wife, even if she cohabitates with a new boy friend fits the description of slavery 


Conscription for Military Service = Slavery

Military Service fits that description of slavery so perfectly that Wikipedia makes a special exception for it.

Unfree labour (or Unfree labor in American English) is a generic or collective term for those work relations, especially in modern or early modern history, in which people are employed against their will by the threat of destitution, detention, violence (including death), lawful compulsion,[1] or other extreme hardship to themselves or to members of their families.  [Wikipedia Unfree Labour]

Again, this perfectly describes compulsory military service.

  1. Draft is Slavery
  2. The Military Draft is ‘Slavery Pure and Simple’:  "a direct violation of the Thirteenth Amendment’s prohibition against slavery and involuntary servitude."
  3. Is military conscription a form of slavery?
  4. "American libertarians oppose conscription and call for the abolition of the Selective Service System, believing that impressment of individuals into the armed forces is involuntary servitude." [Wikipedia Conscription]


Unfree labour includes all forms of slavery, and related institutions (e.g. debt slavery, serfdom, corvée and labour camps). Many of these forms of work may be covered by the term forced labour, which is defined by the International Labour Organization (ILO) as all involuntary work or service exacted under the menace of a penalty.[2] [Wikipedia Unfree Labour]

Unlike feminists who exaggerate their victimhood, men make an explicit exception for their inescapable obvious military slavery:

However, under the Forced Labour Convention the term forced or compulsory labour shall not include:

any work or service exacted in virtue of compulsory military service laws for work of a purely military character; [Wikipedia Unfree Labour]

Here we are. Forced military labor, under the threat of imprisonment or death is just re-defined as non-forced labor, not slavery. [Conscription Is Slavery: Counter Arguments] So the forced life endangering slave labor of millions of men is re-defined as not being forced labor.

Lifetime Alimony = Slavery

any work or service which forms part of the normal civic obligations of the citizens of a fully self-governing country; [Wikipedia Unfree Labour] [Wikipedia Forced Labor Convention Exceptions ]

If we re-define mandatory forced life long alimony as a normal civic obligation, we can define away alimony debt slavery of a man condemned to pay life long monthly alimony to his ex wife. Even if alimony payment is enforced by often decade long debtor’s prison 

  1. Slavery vs. Indentured Servitude"Traditionally, alimony has been a man vs. woman thing. Men get ordered to pay, women get alimony and men get bitter. […] Some men there had been paying for decades to women to whom they’d only been married very briefly" Time
  2. Permanent alimony is slavery iFeminist
  3. Vietnam Vet Forced to Leave Country to Avoid Alimony: "In an effort to avoid arrest for contempt for non-payment of the decree, Mr. Cameron has left the U.S. OFFE states that currently there are 153 cases of 5301 abuse in the U.S., and to date 9 members of OFFE have been jailed for refusing to give up their disability payments to their ex-wives."
  4. Alimony=Slavery "So I get sent to jail because that’s the law, I have to pay someone every month or else ( isn’t that a threat). A threat for money, I thought that was called extortion. I thought in America, there are no debt prisons. But I have been going back and forth to court for 11yrs. I have been jailed on 3 separate occasions for failure to pay someone who is already getting paid by the state thru welfare in Ohio."
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Another exception to slavery is Penal Labour

any work or service exacted from any person as a consequence of a conviction in a court of law,

is another exception. OK. Forced labor for murderers, robbers, forcible rapists etc is not slavery. That is fair. But, be aware of the efforts to ban forced labor of prisoners

This post was inspired by the report of the International Labour Organization of Forced Labour. Which sadly omits the two forms of forced labour most men in this world are exposed to.

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8 thoughts on “Military Draft & Permanent Alimony are Forced Labor & Slavery?”

  1. On a more male-biased note, I totally disagree with the military draft. Men should not be required to register for the draft unless they are going to require women to sign up as well. I believe this in spite of the fact that I’m a female. I’m also anti-war and anti-violence and believe that the reason we are constantly at war in this world is because we live in a patriarchal society. It’s in a man’s nature to wage war, divide and conquer. If men would cease to wage war, then there would never be a need for the draft. You’re complaining about laws that YOU as the male gender created. As I recall, not ONE woman was responsible for writing the U.S. Constitution. Men do not consult women in making important decisions, then complain about the results later on.

    1. Women are very good at enticing men to go to war and to fight for them. Google “ white feather campaign” to see how British women shamed every young man still left in Britain by handing over a white feather.

  2. Oh, please! The majority of men paying child support and/or alimony are required to do so because they committed adultery and/or have a significantly higher income than their ex-wives. If this patriarchal society in which we are living did not pay women (on average) 23.5% less than men for doing the same job, then we would not need financial help from our ex’s in raising our children. I honestly don’t understand the need to create a “Men’s Rights Movement” when we are already CLEARLY living in a man’s world. If you really want to get to the heart of the problem, you need to find a method of helping men and women to more effectively COMMUNICATE with one another. Drop by your local Barnes & Noble or surf Amazon online for books written to help people communicate better in a relationship. You’ll quickly notice that the vast majority of these books are written to help women understand the way men think and therefore learn ways to communicate better with the man they love. On the contrary, very few books are available for men to help them navigate the female brain and learn to be better communicators with the women in their lives. Why the discrepancy? I’ll tell you why. It’s the simple law of supply and demand. There’s a high demand for books geared to help a woman understand her man, but very little demand for books geared to help a man understand his woman. That’s because most men refuse to believe that there is value in learning to understand and communicate better with the women in their lives. Either that , or men are simply too lazy or egotistical to get off their asses and admit they are part of the problem and should hence make a conscious effort to become part of the solution. It takes two to tango, and until men are willing to learn to communicate better with women, things like divorce, child support and yes, dreaded alimony will always exist. If marriages lasted until death, we women wouldn’t mind so much that you men make more money than us, but in a country where 50% of all marriages end in divorce, the money to take care of our kids must come from someone’s pocket. If the government is not going to force companies to raise salaries for women, then the courts must rule that the money to help support minor children be paid by the fathers. Besides, shouldn’t any decent man WANT to support his children? Let me give you an example: A divorced mother of three minor children who teaches school and earns a salary of $35,000/year, compared to her ex-husband who is a CPA and earns an annual salary of $250/year. If that mother is spending 90% of her salary to raise her children, then why should her ex complain about having to pay $30,000/year in child support and alimony. He’s still ending up with $155,000 more than she and their children. The mother is keeping up four people (herself and three kids) on $65,000/year, while her ex has an income of $155k to spend only on himself. I realize my calculations aren’t taking into account taxes/assets/liabilities/etc., but I think you get the idea. If the shoe was on the other foot, I would be more than happy to pay child support and palimony to my ex-husband. You guys are missing the important part of the equation, and that is the CHILDREN who are victims of failed marriages. It’s not about supporting your ex-wife whom you loathe and despise. It’s about supporting your children. Bottom line: Go out and buy a book and learn to communicate with your wife better, and ask her to do the same for you. Save your marriage…it’s much cheaper than divorce. If it’s too late to save it, then pay your child support and alimony and shut the fuck up!!! I guarantee you’re living a better and more luxurious life than your ex-wife, so stop whining and pay your dues. If you would’ve been faithful to her, you might not be in such a predicament. Oh, and if you want an even better solution…either use a condom or keep your dick in your pants. Nobody held a gun to your head and forced you to fuck someone and create a child. Men are always complaining about not getting to see their kids often enough, when the truth is, the majority of men don’t care about spending time with their kids. They just want sympathy and are “pretending” to be concerned in an effort to look like “good” fathers. These men wouldn’t be in prison in the first place if they were at home taking care of their kids. End rant.

    1. Though I disagree, I appreciate your taking the time to write long answers.

      Please read up o Warren Farrell about the wage gap. You do have the unique chance to start a company that hires only women to save 30% on salaries and thus annihilate the competition. Well, maybe you find out that women don’t perform exactly equal for lower pay.

      Maybe we can agree that lifetime alimony for childless women is slavery. After all, are women not empowered and independent? Maybe we can also agree that empowered women should not strive to “forget” birth control in order to get pregnant by a rich man in order to by shoes for themselves with his generous child support.

      Finally, the whole issue is that government FORCES men, under threat of prison, to work non-stop and hand over large amounts of money to an empowered strong independent woman. While feminists bemoan as slavery women’s intentional and voluntary decision to work as a rich high class escort.

  3. Alimony is now called child support, most guys gullibly pay this child support, even though they dont even see their kids

    Most guys rarely only get to see their kids once a week, using their kids to turn men into indentured slaves

    If men miss a a payment of child support they get thrown into rape camps

    If theyre lucky they get used as a sex slave by the female prison wardens

    Whats even worse theres no way for these men to leave the prison, as they have to pay the back child support before they can leave …

    Permanent indentured slavery for life

    Most of these fathers never leave the prison

    So many men are raped in these rape camps, just for not paying child support, the hudreds of thousands of men raped in these rape camps, outstrip even women raped outside the camps

  4. The Forced Labor Convention still specifies that Men alone can be still be forced in labor in times of national emergency etc, eg floods, fire etc.

    Article 11

    1. Only adult able-bodied males who are of an apparent age of not less than 18 and not more than 45 years may be called upon for forced or compulsory labour. Except in respect of the kinds of labour provided for in Article 10 of this Convention, the following limitations and conditions shall apply:…..

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