Should black passengers be allowed to sit next to unaccompanied children? (Virgin Airlines ordered Fireman Johnny McGirr to sit away from unaccompanied minor)

An Australian airline’s policy prohibiting black passengers from sitting next to kids traveling alone has fueled a social media firestorm and caused the company to review the rule..


Which raises more questions such as:

Should black men be allowed to sit next to white women?

Blacks are a protected class and must not be discriminated against. So you know that these headline is just a "joke" to get your attention.

But "males" are not a protected class. One can discriminate at will against men. So watch how the following headline looks much more acceptable. In our headline we just changed the word "male" for "black"

This identical question is from reputable and politically correct

Should male passengers be allowed to sit next to unaccompanied children?

An Australian airline’s policy prohibiting male passengers from sitting next to kids traveling alone has fueled a social media firestorm and caused the company to review the rule.

It is unusual that this is causing a firestorm. Because such policies have been in force everywhere. Including rules that fathers get accosted for photographing their own daughters or for shopping in little girls’ lingerie departments.

Responding to the Virgin Airlines misandry

We need to get across to anyone willing to listen that under the guise of protecting children, policies like this do terrible damage to them. When we institutionalize the notion that men aren’t fit to be around children, we do nothing but solidify eons-old gender stereotypes that keep men from assuming their proper roles as co-parents and that confine them to the workplace. And since someone has to take care of the children, that task will continue to fall to women, as it always has. No one benefits from this wrong-headed policy, least of all our kids.

Virgin Airlines ordered Fireman Johnny McGirr to sit away from unaccompanied minor and change seats with a woman

An Australian airline is reviewing its policy prohibiting men from sitting next to a child flying alone after a Sydney fireman complained about being removed from his seat on a flight earlier this year.

It is well-known that while flying home on Virgin Australia from Brisbane in April, a 33-year-old man was forced to move his seat because he was sitting next to two boys he estimated to be aged between eight and ten, and it is against the airline’s policy for men to sit next to unaccompanied children. USA Today

Fireman Johnny McGirr said he was embarrassed and angry when a Virgin Australia flight attendant on a flight from Sydney to Brisbane told him to move from his aisle seat — situated next to two unaccompanied boys in middle and window seats — to another seat two rows away.USA Today


Gender profiling of men is legal,  racial profiling of Blacks is not legal

viewing sexual abuse as solely a tool of the patriarchy may prevent some victims from getting help. Stereotyping women as nurturing and men as dangerous isn’t just bad for men (every dad on the playground becomes a potential rapist) and women (every mom is expected to be an angel), but for children too. We need to be able to recognize when they are at risk from the women in their lives, and protect them from abuse even when it comes from unexpected places. Sexual Abuse By Women: The Crime No One Wants To Investigate

Let us suppose there are valid statistics that men molest little children a lot more then women do.

Well, racial profiling is illegal in spite of clear evidence from the US department of Justice that Blacks commit multiple times more violent crime then non-Hispanic Whites and Asians. 4 And UK: Police stop and search innocent old white ladies to balance race figures, terror watchdog says.

Men and Whites are not protected classes

By the same standards, this still would be illegal gender profiling. Even  if the statistics on male child abuse were 100% true and not feminist inventions, nor the result of distortion by biased laws or prosecutions.

If it were not for the fact that males are not a protected class.

Note that it also remains doubtful how many men would fiddle with an unaccompanied minor while seated on an airplane full of witnesses, and cameras, and with no way to escape arrest.

So political correctness allows for profiling and discrimination solely against whites and males. So much that the press actively censors information about race when crime is perpetrated by Blacks 5 6 . Blacks attacking whites is almost never prosecuted as hate crime.  Similarly, crimes perpetrated by women are  excused  (Lorena Bobbitt, false rape society)

Though shalt not talk about Blacks except in praise 7

Issues related to Blacks are so sensitive that one can not make any jokes about them, even if they are not at all derogatory.

But really this is not about discrimination. it is about the fact that blacks are sacred objects, and you do not make jokes about sacred objects. But this truth, that in liberal society blacks are sacred objects, cannot be stated aloud because it would reveal too much about the liberal order, so instead it is said that we must “never discriminate between human beings and races.” 3

Similarly, women need protection and pampering via harassment laws, government quotas, life long spousal support after divorce, and more.

Should we scrap political correctness and discrimination rules altogether?

Libertarians might reasonably argue that airlines should have the liberty to disallow men next to unaccompanied minors. But then it also should be legal to

  • have men only clubs (as we have women only gyms)
  • to have white race celebrations on campus (as we have black caucuses, black news magazines, etc.)
  • to hire only men for certain positions
  • select only women, and only pretty women as stewardesses and as attendants
  • especially to hire people only and exclusively for their merits?
  • Not to lower physical standards to allow women into the fire department (who then do not have the strength to carry injured victims or break jammed doors) and
  • not to lower the IQ requirements (to get more Blacks into the fire department. Blacks who can not reason simple logic and who then can in life and death situations can not reason correctly to save themselves and their comrades. Federal Judge Fines FDNY $129 Million for Black and Hispanic Stupidity

Note: to avoid being attacked for racism, I make it clear that

  • I totally approve of Blacks being hired as firemen, as long as they fulfill the same criteria that everyone had to satisfy.
  • Equally, women who in an emergency can move a 180 lbs. man may perfectly serve in a fire department.

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3 thoughts on “Should black passengers be allowed to sit next to unaccompanied children? (Virgin Airlines ordered Fireman Johnny McGirr to sit away from unaccompanied minor)”

  1. Children traveling alone should have to sit with the stewardesses who are also responsible for their care.
    This is how it was done in the past.; I wouldboard the plane with my much younger brother and hand him over to the stewardess and he would sit up front with her. When the plane landed someone else would go onboard and take him.
    Perhaps if the airlines would hire young energetic and alert females this would not be some big job for them to do.

  2. Black, presumed dangerous

    As a young man eager to get into a boom industry with a robust future, Craig d’Arcy spent several years as the only Black studying childcare alongside more than 100 Whites at TAFE and university in Newcastle.

    Early in his career, his childcare centre boss told him parents had highlighted in yellow on their child’s enrolment form they wanted no Black worker to go near their offspring. Two decades on, as founder of the national Males in Early Childhood Network Group, d’Arcy has heard about centres that ban Blacks from changing nappies and is used to people thinking those who want to work with the young are either gay or have evil intent.

    To get the original text, change “black” to “male” and “white” to woman

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