“The Obedient Wives Club – Malaysia” ‘ Says, Good Sex Is A Wife’s Duty

An alternative to feminism.  Women who agree to continue the old fashioned way. Not only to obey the husband, but to actively make efforts to make him happy, to be their husband’s sex object and whore, to make him satisfied and thus bring peace and happiness to the home. Also to accept additional wives if they are not able to fully satisfy him.

Maybe an alternative to divorce and single families. Remember, this has worked successfully over tens of thousands of years, while 100 years of feminism seems to have destroyed the nuclear family and might cause Western civilization to die, due to lack of children.

Just food for thought. Not necessarily the official definite opinion of Human-Stupidity. But a refreshing alternative to militant feminism and marital quarrel.

Note that one could allow contractual freedom for marriage: The obedience issue can be settled in a kind of a pre-nup. If a feminist does not want to sign this, it is ok, as long as she finds a husband (like Prince Williams) who does not demand obedience as a condition for marriage.


“The Obedient Wives Club – Malaysia”


Club to coach wives to be ‘whores in bed’

‘Obedient Wives Club’ Says, Good Sex Is A Wife’s Duty

4 thoughts on ““The Obedient Wives Club – Malaysia” ‘ Says, Good Sex Is A Wife’s Duty”

  1. My master trained me to obey. I’m great full for his teachings. We believe a wife is to please the man in every way she can submitting her body for his control. In a marriage like ours discipline, restrictions, my total submission, and master putting permanent scars of love on me to show the world I am owned.,

  2. I couldn’t help but notice how fat and unattractive the woman who opposes them is.

    On another note, the only way each man can have 4 wives is through some sort of program whereby more girls would be born than boys. Otherwise, a few wealthy, powerful, men will take all eligible women while the poor men will have none.

  3. The only possible thing that can save Anglo-American civilzation at this point are more foreign women. Embargo the Anglobitch and things will improve vastly.

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