Singapore fails to recognize human rights of rioters. Fantastic!

When will Paris and London follow Singapore’s example? So ordinary citizens in London and Paris are not exposed to three day long riots that burn down entire city blocks. We believe it is criminal omission, when armed police don’t interfere and instead watch rioters setting family businesses ablaze.

The riot on December 8, Singapore’s worst outbreak of violence in four decades, saw hundreds of South Asian workers go on a rampage that left 39 people, including police officers, injured and 25 vehicles damaged or burnt.

It was triggered after an Indian construction worker was hit by a bus and killed at a district known as Little India, where tens of thousands of South Asian labourers converge on weekends.  source

This is the problem. In civilized society we don’t riot because of a traffic accident. We civilized people don’t riot at all.

But any mishap that happens to Blacks justifies mayhem

Human-Rights, nowadays are always for criminals. Human Rights are concerned with the right of criminals and thugs like Rodney King, Trayvon Martin


Activists say the swift punishments being handed out contravene basic human rights.

Here is the problem. Human Rights encourage riots and violence.

Political correctness tells people that their misfortune, their unskilled job is never due to low intelligence, low effort, bad parents, or lack of impulse control (which leads to violent crime and rioting).

Rather we tell these menial workers that they could have become engineers, or bank managers, were it not for heinous discrimination.  Thus Political correctness dogma incites "justified" anger in people, against their repressors.


"Singapore’s shock at the deplorable violence that took place is understandable," Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch, said.

"Ensuring the rights of defendants will strengthen, rather than weaken, the support of the international community for Singapore’s handling of this situation," he said.

The international community is inviting trouble, inciting riots, in London, Paris, Stockholm.  In these cities immigrants use their human rights to riot, for days on end, creating mayhem and havoc, setting cities ablaze.  After all, they are victims and being abused and underpaid. Or maybe they are under-qualified?

"In this vein, a question worth asking is why were so many migrant workers deported without a judicial proceeding?"

Isn’t it great? Migrant workers should not really have a human right to stay in foreign countries.

So we don’t need to spend $50 000 on court proceedings to prove their guilt.

US Colleges can, no, MUST convict male students as rapist, based on hear-say and innuendo of any woman, and based on preponderance of evidence. Why would Singapore not have the right to rescind foreign worker’s right to stay upon simple declaration of 1-2 police (men or women)?

Isabelle Arradon, deputy Asia Pacific director for the London-based Amnesty International said Singapore authorities were "moving too quickly" in dealing with the alleged rioters.

"These men shouldn’t be arbitrarily deported as they have a right to due process," Ms Arradon said.

In Germany such due process takes years, especially if the burden of proof is on the government. But, these are not criminal convictions but simple administrative "right to stay" proceedings and thus can be based on a lesser evidence

She also called for the government to review its migrant labour policies in the aftermath of the riot, noting that many of the nearly one million foreign workers in the city-state "face various forms of discrimination" and "work in very poor conditions".

Charges laid

Officials on Tuesday said the 53 men being deported were being held at an immigration depot, and would be sent home as soon as travel and administrative arrangements are settled.

Those being deported were deemed to have threatened public order for not dispersing despite police orders,

This is right! If you partake in a rioting crowd, if you disobey police orders, you forfeit your right to stay. Even if you have not bee seen committing direct violence. 

Civil disobedience, perpetrated by "underprivileged minorities" seems to be the normal, accepted state of affair in our modern, liberal Western countries. As a result, the British citizen does not have the right to have a business in London

while the 28 Indian nationals currently remanded in police custody and facing rioting charges were assessed to be active participants in the riot.

Active rioters suffer more  serious consequences. Remember, Singapore has the famous Rattan cane.

About 200 others will be handed "police advisories" after investigations showed they were at the scene of the riot but were "relatively passive".

With such legal precedent, people think twice even to hang around riots in passive ways.

Singapore, the land with future.

On the other hand, Germany, like many other European countries, is annihilating itself (Thilo Sarrazin),

Many Hamburg elementary schools have a majority of Muslim students who don’t speak decent German


Source: Human rights activists accuse Singapore of failing to recognize the rights of rioters


Expressing solidarity with the workers who rioted in Singapore’s "Little India"


Singapore soul searching follows migrant riot

There have been other recent signs of guest worker disaffection. The riot followed a November 2012 wildcat strike by bus drivers from mainland China demanding better wages and living conditions – it was the first industrial strike in Singapore since 1986. The official response was swift: Singapore declared the strike illegal and jailed five of the drivers, while 29 others were deported without trial.

Meanwhile, a highly unpopular government white paper projects an increased reliance on foreign labour needed to continue building Singapore’s infrastructure, a prospect that was widely criticized by Singaporean citizens already concerned about the large foreign presence.

Currently there are some 1.3 million foreign workers in Singapore, making up some 20 percent of the country’s 5.3 million population and over a third of the total labour force. The government projects the overall population will increase to 6.9 million by 2030, with up to 36 percent of that total, or 2.5 million, to be made up of foreign workers.

‘Our foreign friends’

The vast majority – around 80 per cent – of guest workers hold low-skilled jobs that are considered undesirable by Singapore standards. Construction workers, for example, a field dominated by male workers from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, earn a basic monthly salary of between S$460 and S$700 (US$366 and US$560), according to TWC2. The average Singaporean monthly wage is about S$4,433 (US$3,532

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