Brazil’s World Cup repression of legal prostitution caused more violent crimes against prostitutes

Dilma Rousseff’s leftist feminist Brazilian Government  is ashamed of Brazil‘s world famous hot blooded prostitutes. Even though " prostitute"  constitute a legal profession, registered with the department of Labor, crackdowns have happened for almost a century, before every major international event in Brazil.

20140316_104503 The initiative causes crime and suffering, even towards the " victims" they purport to protect.  The closure of a well known short time hotel caused prostitutes to seek out other venues, like their own homes, where they became victims of robbery and other violence.

Almost all repressive sex laws inspired by feminists and religious zealots cause crime, sexual abuse, and suffering: repression of porn and child porn, age of consent laws, repression of teenage sexuality and prostitution

Nobody, not even men’s rights activists care about lonely and depressed men, for whom sex could bring a ray of happiness in their life. Very few care about prostitutes who are deprived of income to pay their rent, pay their school, or feed their babies.  Month long closure of a beach beer bar in front of Copacabana’s Fifa Fan Fest caused immense ruinous damage to the innocent businessman who can not prevent prostitutes from frequenting his venue. To no avail, prostitutes and their customers stood on the side walk and bought their beer from street vendors.



The World Cup of Prostitution: How the Soccer Tourney Is Affecting Brazil’s Sex Workers

Despite the higher rates, prostitution has allegedly decreased during the 2014 World Cup. The Observatory of Prostitution, an academic team affiliated with the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, conducted over 2,000 hours of ethnographic research in the principal zones of prostitution in the Rio area (Copacabana Beach, Ipanema Beach, Centro Lapa, and Villa Mimosa), and host cities Fortaleza, Recife, São Paulo, and Brasilia, in order to “monitor the impact World Cup has in areas of prostitution in certain regions of these cities for the presence of foreigners.”

The study reached some interesting conclusions, including that the closures of Balcony Bar and nearby Hotel Lido led to “reported increases in violence and robbery” against prostitutes, since now prostitutes were being forced to bring clients back to their apartments. […]

Sex repressive zealots don’t care about causing crime and damage. They even invent lies and junk statistics to claim their actions are doing good.

The Observatory of Prostitution also claimed that the “sex tourism” decried by President Rousseff and Co. was responsible for a small percentage of cases of “sexual exploitation of children or adolescents.”  

“In a report published by the Secretary of Human Rights in 2008, of 6,817 calls reporting the sexual exploitation of children or adolescents reported to Disque 100 from 2003-2007, only 47 (0.7 percent) involved ‘sex tourism,’ denouncing the involvement of foreign tourists,” said the report.

The Brazilian government makes huge propaganda efforts against sex tourism, starting with plenty of posters at the international air ports, denouncing sex tourism. Every bar, every restaurant, every elevator has a sign inviting to call in to denounce "sexual exploitation of children and adolescents" .

It is embarrassing, if taking an elevator or having lunch at a restaurant obliges you have to explain your child what "sexual exploitation of children and adolescents" means.

“Considering that Disque 100 registered 67,104 cases of violence against children and adolescents during this same period—of which some 16,500 were cases of sexual violence—the available evidence indicates that Brazilians conduct the large majority of acts of sexual aggression against Brazilian children and adolescents.”

And, while the numbers of sex workers in Rio’s South Zone (including Copacabana and Ipanema Beaches) doubled during the World Cup, prostitution overall has declined, according to the study.

“Among 279 sex venue addresses mapped in the city of Rio de Janeiro before World Cup, only 16 have demonstrated an increase in sex workers and tourists. All of the other points in the city are practically empty, with women complaining about the loss of clients and income during World Cup.”

…   The World Cup of Prostitution: How the Soccer Tourney Is Affecting Brazil’s Sex Workers

Brazil’s Ugly Pre-World Cup Sex-Worker Crackdown

While concerns about sex tourists dominate the headlines, the bigger threat for Rio’s sex workers may be the local police force.

Another example how sex laws are detrimental to all. Brazilian’s much praised legal prostitution is marred by the fact that everything around it is illegal or borderline illegal. Laws against promoting prostitution have been used to harass taxi drivers, hotels, advertisers. When houses of prostitutions are illegal, should prostitutes walk on the street? And of course, illegal brothels can always be shaken down for bribes, or harassed in all ways.

RIO DE JANEIRO – Sex workers in the Brazilian city of Niterói, just across Guanabara Bay from Rio de Janeiro, say that 100 of their colleagues were illegally arrested, robbed, and some of them even raped by police in late May.

It’s an acceleration of violence against sex workers by police with orders to tidy up Rio’s massive sex industry before the 2014 World Cup kicks off June 12.

Again, the above described Brazilian obsession to look "respectable" to foreigners by repressing prostitution and sexuality in general.

The current wave of police action against Rio’s sex workers first began at the UN Rio+20 conference back in 2012, when they raided a dozen luxury brothels popular with foreign tourists, including the one Justin Bieber famously visited last year. Both prostitutes and brothel managers were arrested in the sting, and police seized cash and condoms.

Prosecutors brought charges of pimping, arms trafficking and sex trafficking against the raided brothels, but dropped them shortly after the conference concluded. A judge presiding over the case against Monte Carlo, one of the raided brothels, openly accused the prosecution of an anti-prostitution crusade to clean up the city’s image. […]
Brazil’s Ugly Pre-World Cup Sex-Worker Crackdown

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