Canada’s Universities repress discussion of Men’s Rights issues


The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) is the largest student organization in Canada, and the national coordinating body that oversees most of the Canadian student unions. There is no U.S. equivalent. In 2013, the CFS passed a resolution that prohibited either men’s issues or men’s rights groups or clubs on their affiliated Canadian campuses.  

Discussing false rape [2] accusations, academic research about female domestic violence, suicide, shorter male life span, family court injustice, all that is illegal on Canadian Campuses

University campuses are in the service of feminist indoctrination. There are un- and antiscientific women studies courses, with absolutely nothing about men’s problems.

The real-life consequences? First, this Fall, your son or daughter is unlikely to even discover the option of these clubs—and therefore their ideas–because they will not be able to recruit students by setting up a recruiting table on campus. (Such clubs exist in only one major U.S. university—Montana State at Bozeman.) Second, if he or she does find one, it is likely to be ineffective because it cannot receive student activities fees to help fund its activities; and third, their club would receive no support in the promotion of its activities (e.g., creating posters). The cumulative effect? Your son would experience the group’s lack of legitimacy. Especially in your son or daughter’s first year, lack of legitimacy can be a potent force. [Universities’ Love-Hate Relationship with Men]

Lack of legitimacy, and total lack of funding and support are a serious problem.  Much worse is the legal terror of fines and imprisonment for non-violent speech of truth.

Hate speech laws have become instruments of terror to silence legitimate non-violent discussion. We are back to the medieval times of Galileo Galilee: doubting political correctness or opposing feminist drivel is a punishable offense.

While men must not even speak, women, and feminists can aggress with impunity.

Even extreme violence, like Lorena Bobbitt is usually excused with battered woman syndrome.

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"The Problems of the Black Race" by Black Reverend Dr. James David Manning

"South Africa has become the world’s biggest ghetto, because wherever Black people are in charge, they turn it into a Ghetto.". "Covering up the truth does not cure the problem: Black people are the problem". […] Wherever they are the mayor, in Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, in Washington, they turn them into Ghettoes" bemoans Reverend Dr. James David Manning at 38 min.

If a white man said such things there would be black riots

Reverend Dr.James David Manning tells the  naked truth. He says what no white man could ever say. He speaks the truth,  with profound sadness. He is a well meaning black man who wants the best for his fellow Blacks, He bemoans Black attitudes of crime, lack of industriousness, abandonment of wives and children, and attitudes of blaming whites and slavery, instead of blaming themselves. He wants to fix Blacks, he wants them to thrive, to be productive and successful.


Reverend Dr. James David Manning uses tough love. He wishes the Best. But he thinks truth is the way.

This is so refreshingly different from political correctness that creates speech codes (like the press hiding the race of criminals) and hides or outright falsifies data and prevents academic researchers from telling the truth and silence even eminent Nobel Prize Laureate geneticist James Watson.

He wants them to take care of family, raising healthy moral kids with a full family, improve the lot of Blacks. He wants them to do more then request government handouts and blame slavery for Black poverty, Black crime, and failure.

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