Lower age of consent to 13: Barbara Hewson faces outrage

Lower age of consent! Such a daring proposal by prominent barrister Barbara Hewson exposes her to death and rape threats by the vicious political correctness and sexual panic crowd of today and subjects her to fierce criticism.  In today’s lunacy of ever expanding sex crimes, ever rising age of consent3, a rare voice of reason gets drowned out quickly by the ruling powerful moral panic mongers, led by feminists.

Human-Stupidity wonders where she got the courage to voice such taboo opinions. We encourage all to read Barbara Hewson’s original article and to promote and encourage her views. One such rare positive blog is the antifeminist.

Outrage at barrister who called Stuart Hall’s crimes ‘low level’

  • Barbara Hewson also said aged of consent should be lowered to 13
  • She described Operation Yewtree arrests as a ‘grotesque spectacle’
  • Claimed disgraced Stuart Hall’s crimes were ‘low level misdemeanors’
  • NSPCC said her ‘outdated and simply ill-informed’ views ‘beggars belief’
  • Dr Brooke Magnanti, formerly know as prostitute  Belle de Jour is also fairly negative, in spite of her positive experience with older men she titles her article Making sex legal at 13 is pure lunacy

    Ironically I became very aware of this reality as a second-year student at university, dating someone twice my age. In our case, the problem was not that he took advantage of me – far from it – but rather that the age difference meant our expectations and hopes for dating were very different. To me, he was a cool, smart guy with his own flat and car. Score! What it took me much longer to see is that he was losing out by getting involved with someone who expected casual dating, not a potential long term partner. Not too long after we split, he married…someone his own age. (We’re still friends by the way. At least he saved me from having to ever date any 18-year-old boys.)



The Hardwicke chambers, where Ms Hewson works in London, said it dissociated itself from her comments.

In a statement, Hardwicke said: "We are shocked by the views expressed in Barbara Hewson’s article in Spiked.

"We did not see or approve the article pre-publication and we completely dissociate ourselves from its content and any related views she may have expressed via social media or any other media outlets." BBC

The world is going the opposite direction: Spain raises marrying age from 14 to 16 and age of consent from 13 to an age yet to be determined. Human-Stupidity fears it could be 18.



Chilling letter that reveals how Hall plied young teenager with drink and lured her into bed

Mrs Harrison was just 15 when Hall was hired for her school prize-giving. As in the case of the letter-writer, he used the encounter to groom and eventually sexually assault her after encouraging her, against her will, to drink alcohol. […]

  • We see that the alcohol is a bit of a problem, But, in the 1970’s, women were still held responsible for what they voluntarily ingested (like today’s motorists still are). One might also consider it parent’s duty to teach kids not to accept alcohol from strangers.
  • We also wonder why, after sobering up, she had sex two more times with Mr. Hall.
  • In the sexually liberated 1970’s, age of consent laws were considered remnants from old Victorian ages. Underage sex was considered a little misdemeanor, all pop stars had scores of young groupies, nude 15 year olds were on page 3 of British tabloids, nude 5 year old photos were on sale on German newsstands, and nobody would have imagined sex hysteria to take hold in future decades.
  • Furthermore, there seems to be no proof that consensual sex harms adolescents, as there is not even proof it harms young children (child sex trauma myth (disclaimer)).
  • Finally, there probably is no proof as to the truth of Mrs. Harrison’s statements, except that there is no due process in *rape charges and thus no corroboration is needed.

Why haven’t I written about this before? For several reasons — the first of which is shame. A girl who is groomed and then sexually exploited does not consider herself raped.

Stuart made me complicit in my own abuse. He seemed kind and interested in me, while sexually exploiting a girl more than 25 years younger than he.

It’s a story as old as the hills; girls go back and then feel themselves to be as guilty as the man.

As I became older, I was able to consider the position more carefully, particularly after years of therapy. 6


Rarely do we see moderate voices


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    1. Good comment. Agree.

      At the risk of weakening my own argument and alienating a few people, let me add the race and iq issue

      Japanese have higher IQ, lower criminality, slower development, lower rate of sexual activity.

      But actually, this does not detract from the argument, it only completes the picture.

      And those interested in sexual liberation but opposed to “racism” or race realism, please just ignore this comment

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