Brazilian congress plans heavy fines to companies whenever a woman gets paid less then a man

Even in countries with Latin machismo like Brazil, feminism is almost unopposedly changing laws to unjustly benefit women at the detriment of men. They even have slut walks in Brazil on 4th of July in São Paulo.

The Brazilian congress is examining the bill 6.393/2009. If passed into law, companies will be fined retroactively every time a woman earning less than a man. The fine is five times the pay difference observed throughout the entire employment period.
The retroactive effect is one of the absurdities that inhabit that bill. Another is the direction of the fine to the affected employee. […]And the men? What will they say this measure? What can they do if your salary is lower than that of a woman? 
Salários: interferência indevida – JOSÉ PASTORE  Wages: improper interference (Translation)

This is the opinion of a reasonable blogger, published in today’s newspaper "O Globo". . He worries that companies lose discretion to reward performance and differentiate pay. Probably, he thinks, the result will be that nobody gets a raise, everyone gets the base salary for his profession. So nobody can feel discriminated against.

feminista-conceicao-sampaioOf course, feminists and politicians think differently.

Mrs. Conceição Sampaio estimates that as a woman qualifies for and enters the job market she wins autonomy and thus can also change the statistics of crimes against women." […] The domestic violence, according to Mrs. Conceição, has always been an important issue and will remain so, but the quest for empowerment and independence of women is also important.

The MP emphasizes the approval of Law project No. 6.393/2009, of congressman Marcal Filho (PMDB / MS), which establishes fines to combat the difference in pay between men and women in Brazil.
"Many advances have been achieved, but we still have inequality in the Brazilian labor market. People need to get paid for what they do. This is important. And the Legislature could not stay out of this discussion, "said the councilor.


According to president of ALEAM State Representative Richard Nicholas (PSD), the public hearing is extremely important, because in addition to recognizing the importance of women in the labor market, since they already occupy  various management positions, it shows that progress is needed. Ricardo Nicholas points out that there are data showing that women in the same work as men still receive a lower salary. "It is necessary to fight this," emphasizes Nicholas.
The President of the Legislative adds that women have distinguished themselves not only the sensitivity but also for their skill, dedication and discipline. And he recalled that the woman has more than one work shift. "She has the business and also works part to take care of family, children, home. Our tribute is for women to be placed increasingly on the labor market, with the certainty of having the same rights, "he said.


  1. Example how to calculate the fine: suppose the man earns $ 3300, the woman earns $ 3000 monthly. For 5 years of work, the difference would be 5 * 12 * $ 300 multiplied by 5 for the fine:  $ 90 000.
  2. Women having more days off, maternity leave, pension subsidized by menWarren Farrell explains the reasons for the so called pay gap.
  3. In divorce and separation, women will inherit government subsidized real estate property, decrees Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff
  4. Brazil has special laws against domestic violence against women and children 2 3 and special police stations for crimes against women.

EU plans tough quotas to put women in the boardroom. Are politicians too stupid to understand the wage gap lie statistics?

EU plans tough quotas to put women in the boardroom

Justice commissioner Viviane Reding says equality will take another 40 years without tough action

But Reding was adamant that there are plenty of women capable of challenging at the highest level. "It’s very interesting that the major business schools of Europe have united forces because they have seen that often the best MBAs are done by women, but the best positions after the MBA are taken by men. So the business schools decided to pool the talent which is available on the market – that means very qualified women who have a lot of management experience – in order to put this pool at the disposal of those who take the decisions on the fulfilling of the vacant positions on the board. Very often we have heard that the women are not available. They are," she said. "They are."

Reding praised the report published in February 2011 by Lord Davies on the same topic in the UK.

Are politicians too stupid to understand Warren Farrell‘s debunking of the wage gap myth? Or are they misleading on purpose? See reddit about the wage gap quotas


The wage gap myth: Harriet Harman and manipulation of statistics

November 8, 2009 in wage gap myth | 7 comments

Harriet Harman, the feminist Minister for Women and Equality in the UK has been recommended by the Office Of National Statistics to present “gender wage gap” statistics differently in this report in order to give the figures in a fairer light. There is more evidence that her use of statistics are causing consternation in Whitehall. Previously to this, Ms. Harman has claimed that ”on average women are paid 22.6% per hour less than men”. However, this figure is based on total hours worked by both sexes – but does take into account the actual amount of hours worked by women.

From the Office Of National Statistics report (emphasis mine) ;-

The measure for all employees showed a pay difference of 22.5 percent in favour of men and the pay difference for full-timers was 12.8 per cent in April 2008. When looking at part-time employees, the difference was -3.5 per cent, meaning that part-time men were paid less on average than part-time women.

However, Ms. Harman’s own Equality and Human Rights Commission continues unabated with their own investigation on how best to provide the figures for public consumption.

Why not read the report and judge for yourself?


Wage gap is due to individual choices of men and women and to laws of supply and demand

Men choose to earn more, women choose to have more time and a better life. Never married women without children make choices like men, and thus earn more then men.

There is more demand for women engineering graduates, therefor they earn 115% of what men earn. The demand for women engineers is artificially greater due to fears of anti-discrimination lawsuits.  Male models make 20% of what female models make, because there is not much demand for male models. Should affirmative action and "fair pay act"  be applied to get equal pay for models and beauty contestants? Trash collectors (mainly male) make more then Wal-Mart sales persons (mainly female). It is not sexism, but supply and demand.  Women tend to opt out of dangerous unpleasant jobs, long work hours, long commuting, moving to Alaska for job advancement, etc..

Warren Farell: Why men earn more

We may need legislation to help men to earn as much as women, when they make the same decisions.

Feminists seek equal (or more) pay for LESS HOURS AT EASIER JOBS.
comment by WhiteStar11111


Human-Stupidity analysis

Shocking. The entire European Union warps the system in favor of women, discriminating against men. What is interesting, Warren Farrell has debunked the wage gap myth in about 2007.

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EU plans tough quotas to put women in the boardroom. Are politicia…
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How women can earn more then men: 25 life choices to get higher pay

Dr. Warren Farrell’s research clearly uncovered the reasons for the pay gap. H found 25 items women can do to in order to earn as much or even more then men.

  1. Men do earn more then women
  2. because women  choose low working hours, more time off,  more safety,  convenience, more freedom. This might be a wise choice, but it is not good for maximizing income
  3. In many fields women can earn more then men. Women who decide to dedicate themselves to high earning careers can earn more then men, effectively inverting the pay gap.
  4. Understanding the reasons for the pay gap empowers women to make life and career decisions that maximize their income


Dr. Warren Farrell, the only man ever elected three times to the Board of the National Organization for Women in NYC, once asked, “If men are paid more for the same work, why would anyone hire a man?”

He may be sorry he asked. But during the years of research that followed, the answer evolved: Men earn more than women, but not for the same work—for 25 different workplace choices. Men’s choices lead to men earning more money; women’s choices lead to women having better lives.

Men’s trade-offs include working more hours (women typically work more at home); taking more-hazardous assignments (cab-driving; construction; trucking); moving overseas or to an undesirable location on-demand (women’s greater family obligations inhibit this); and training for more-technical jobs with less people contact (e.g., engineering).

Women’s choices appear more likely to involve a balance between work and the rest of life. Women are more likely to balance income with a desire for safety, fulfillment, potential for personal growth, flexibility and proximity-to-home. These lifestyle advantages lead to more people competing for these jobs and thus lower pay.

Only when Dr. Farrell’s research journey uncovered these 25 differences, did the “holy grail” become visible: women now earn more money for the same work—that is, women earn more when they work equal hours at the same job with the same size of responsibility for the same length of time with equal productivity, etc. The women’s movement can celebrate its greatest single triumph—exceeding its goal of equal pay for equal work. A triumph that frees women to enter the next level of progress…

Since men still earn more money, Why Men Earn More introduces to women the 25 ways to higher pay, showing which trade-offs lead to how much increase in pay, creating for women an opportunity to decide which trade-offs are worth it given her individual personality and current goals.

read more at summary of Warren Farrell: Why men earn more

25 ways for women to earn more then men

Chapter 2  The Field-with-Higher-Yield Formula: The First Five Ways (p. 18)

• 1. Choose a field in technology or the hard sciences, not the arts or social sciences (pharmacology vs. literature) (p. 27)


Warren Farrell: Why men earn more

• 2. Get hazard pay without the hazards (female administrator in Air Force vs. male combat soldier in Army) (p. 27)

• The Catch-22 of Hazardous Occupations Creates a Female “Glass Cellar” (p. 27)
• How Hazardous Occupations Give Women Equal Pay with Unequal Hazards
(p. 28)

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How women can earn more then men: 25 life choices to get higher pa…
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