Canada’s Universities repress discussion of Men’s Rights issues


The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) is the largest student organization in Canada, and the national coordinating body that oversees most of the Canadian student unions. There is no U.S. equivalent. In 2013, the CFS passed a resolution that prohibited either men’s issues or men’s rights groups or clubs on their affiliated Canadian campuses.  

Discussing false rape [2] accusations, academic research about female domestic violence, suicide, shorter male life span, family court injustice, all that is illegal on Canadian Campuses

University campuses are in the service of feminist indoctrination. There are un- and antiscientific women studies courses, with absolutely nothing about men’s problems.

The real-life consequences? First, this Fall, your son or daughter is unlikely to even discover the option of these clubs—and therefore their ideas–because they will not be able to recruit students by setting up a recruiting table on campus. (Such clubs exist in only one major U.S. university—Montana State at Bozeman.) Second, if he or she does find one, it is likely to be ineffective because it cannot receive student activities fees to help fund its activities; and third, their club would receive no support in the promotion of its activities (e.g., creating posters). The cumulative effect? Your son would experience the group’s lack of legitimacy. Especially in your son or daughter’s first year, lack of legitimacy can be a potent force. [Universities’ Love-Hate Relationship with Men]

Lack of legitimacy, and total lack of funding and support are a serious problem.  Much worse is the legal terror of fines and imprisonment for non-violent speech of truth.

Hate speech laws have become instruments of terror to silence legitimate non-violent discussion. We are back to the medieval times of Galileo Galilee: doubting political correctness or opposing feminist drivel is a punishable offense.

While men must not even speak, women, and feminists can aggress with impunity.

Even extreme violence, like Lorena Bobbitt is usually excused with battered woman syndrome.

Suppose, though, you have a daughter who is a maverick and she wishes to start a club that incorporates a compassion for men. Sarah Santhosh and a womanfriend, Anjana Rao, appear to fit that bill: they applied to start a student group–the Ryerson Association for Equality–at Ryerson University, a large career-oriented university in Toronto. In their application, they mentioned their group would reflect sensitivity to men’s — as well as women’s — issues.

Response? The Ryerson Student Union’s Board of Directors immediately convened and passed a pre-emptive resolution that any group examining gender that was inclusive of “the concept of misandry” would be considered “negating the need to centre women’s voices in the struggle for gender equity”…and therefore prohibited from the campus.

Translation? Yes, women’s voices must be heard above all –except for those women’s voices concerned about sexism against men; those women’s voices must be silenced. The point wasn’t missed on Sarah Santhosh: “The ironic thing is my voice is being silenced.” [Universities’ Love-Hate Relationship with Men]

We recommend you read the entire article
[Universities’ Love-Hate Relationship with Men]

There are seven scholarly journals in the field of feminist masculinity studies, and one — a recent one — in the field of men’s studies that is not feminist controlled. That one is New Male Studies. Its editor is Miles Groth, a Wagner College professor who built his reputation on the existential philosophy of Martin Heidegger. The connection between Heidegger and gender studies?: both felt the original truths being sought got lost in the seeking.

Feminists, for decades and centuries resorted to violence ever since the terrorist acts of the suffragettes. And, of course, they manipulate public opinion with manipulative language. No wonder, they intimidate even Presidents of major Universities:

Warren: You could make Northwestern the first university in the world to pioneer a program defining men’s issues.

President: Ha. I’d be annihilated by the feminists before I got to first base.

Warren: Is there any way you could create such a program without being annihilated?

President: (Pause) Hmmm, well, actually yes. If the University were sued as being in violation of Title IX by not balancing women’s studies with men’s studies… then I’d be able to support something in the name of saving the university. I’d be more a hero than a villain.  [Universities’ Love-Hate Relationship with Men]




Issues that could be voiced in Men’s studies are varied







Get a lawyer before courting: 34 precautions before risking sex with a woman.

27 precautions were enough, but we stand corrected.

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