Child support judgments traumatize famous athletes, hamper NBA teams

 A $50,000, or mere $ 8,000 monthly child support judgment is the greatest career move for an uneducated young woman..Successful male athletes and singers get easily ruined by female predators empowered by feminist child support laws. Getting pregnant by such a man is like winning the jackpot.

Highly paid basketball and football stars, boxers, rap singers are easy prey. They are high testosterone, impulsive, quick acting successful males, usually with more brawns then brains.

We will point out numerous legal traps devised by the feminist sexual trade union in collaboration with religious zealots.

Fathering out-of-wedlock kids has become commonplace among athletes, many of whom seem oblivious to the legal, financial and emotional consequences

This shocking 5 part article is from 1998’s Sport Illustrated. Today, nothing has changed for the better. Probably athletes are probably a little less naïve by now.

Paternity can be an expensive proposition. In several states the baseline amount for a man who is proved to have fathered a child is roughly 20% of his income as support until the child turns 18. Considerations such as time spent with the child and the income of the mother are factored into a complex equation and can slightly reduce or increase the award.

A high earning athlete who has to pay to 7 children women 7 times 20% of his gross income certainly faces a dilemma.

there are women who hunt pro athletes in the hope of becoming pregnant and filing paternity suits to make an income," says Pat Richie, the chaplain for the San Francisco Giants and 49ers. "I’d say that teams probably have two or three women per year who are purposely looking for this."

Certainly there have been false charges made against athletes 4


End of career, end of big income

Add to that the short term nature of his dwindling income, and we understand how fading fame also brings about arrests for now un-payable child support judgments that exceed the poor ex-athlete’s waning gross income.

High-wage earners such as athletes present courts with a dilemma: Should judges follow the 20% guideline, which would mean a windfall to mothers and children? Or should support payments cover only the basic needs of the children, depriving the youngsters of their dads’ standard of living? Many judges have compromised by limiting support—sometimes at $10,000 per month per child—regardless of the father’s income, a decision that has sparked debate among family-law attorneys.  2

Even US$ 10.000 is un-payable for a simple man whose sports career is over. It is also cruel and unusual punishment to demand he depredate his savings until poverty, to pay such support.

In some cases, however, even a player earning millions can fail to meet his obligations. In 1995 slugger Kevin Mitchell, now with the Oakland Athletics, was making $4.5 million a year. The next year he declared bankruptcy, in part because he was supporting four children by four women.

Athletes’ out-of-wedlock kids can end up in poverty if their fathers are cut or retire before the children turn 18. "Often, you need to tell these women to bank as much money as they can because it’s going to be a very short payday," says Schwartz, the California paternity lawyer. "I’m handling a case involving an NBA player who had been making more than $2 million a year and this year wasn’t picked up. The mother was getting more than $5,000 a month, and suddenly we’re talking about $1,000 to $1,500. That’s only because, through good management, he still has some money. Some of these guys will be pumping gas, if they’re lucky." 6


Does baby consume $10,000 per month?

Nobody questions the sanity and necessity of awarding a child of an often poor mom US$ 50,000.- or even 3,000.- per month.  If that same woman had an honest, simple, working husband, $ 500 after tax income would feed an entire family, not just one child.

Child support to support mom’s new lover and their children
  • Child support should cover the basic needs of a child, not luxury, much less a luxurious life for mom and her new lover. If mom wants lots of money, have her make the effort to treat a man so he voluntarily parts with his money. Not just lie about birth control.
Pay child support, never see the child
  • It gets worse. In our modern matriarchy, even men who pay US$ 10.000 monthly in child support have no practically enforceable rights to actually meet and see their children.

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Tiger Woods, hypocrisy, moral condemnation of promiscuity

an evolutionary perspective […] helps us understand why sexual transgressions by successful males, as well as the seemingly irrational levels of moral outrage at those transgressions, are both "natural," regardless of whether you personally feel that either is intrinsically good or bad.

Finally an intelligent comment about the moral condemnation hysteria of Tiger Woods.  Evolutionary Theory by Kurzban and deScioli

Men fantasize about novel women. Rich powerful man can actually get them

Tiger is a man with immense wealth and social status. Throughout history, men with wealth and status have tended to trade it for access to multiple mates. Evolutionary historian Laura Betzig has documented this pattern in modern societies and throughout history, as in the abundant cases of Roman emperors, Indian maharajahs, Arabian sheiks, and Chinese mandarins. Bhupinder Singh, the wealthy and powerful Seventh Maharajah of the state of Patiala, for example, had 350 wives, and he by no means held the record. European and North American states tend to be officially monogamous, but of course they are unofficially polygamous as well. Rock stars, famous athletes, politicians and even television evangelists are reliable sources of public outrage, which fires up every time we learn about their frequently overactive private lives.[…]

Kinsey found that the typical male masturbated with some frequency, during such activities men often fantasize about novel women. What if the man was sufficiently attractive that those fantasy women were actually ready, willing, and eager to turn desire into reality? The average heterosexual man would, under those circumstances, perhaps act like the average homosexual man (who is unconstrained by a more selective target audience), or like the average rock superstar: he would take hundreds of partners.

Psychology Today. December, 2009. Kenrick, D. T. “In "Defense" of Tiger Woods, AND of his critics." [link]


Moral outrage keeps others in check. So powerful men don’t monopolize too many women

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Tiger Woods, hypocrisy, moral condemnation of promiscuity
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Tiger Woods: Breach of (Unfair) Contract? Hypocrisy & (Self)-Deception


Tiger Woods: a free man?

The Tiger Woods scandal has many facets. I wrote that Tiger Woods is a free man entitled to have fun and Tiger Woods sex addiction treatment is an absurdity.

Tiger sold his freedom to have fun & right to privacy for US$ 100 Million

People countered: Tiger sold his freedom for 100 Million dollars, He made advertising contracts as being a “good boy” athlete: Hey, Tiger, Lack of Privacy Is Part of the DealTiger Woods has destroyed $12 Billion in Stock value So maybe, after having charged huge amounts of money for his “clean boy” image, it is his moral and legal obligation to keep up to moral standard he himself agreed to. Like a catholic priest who signed a celibacy vow and now has to keep it. 

Why Is Tiger Woods in Trouble? It’s Not His Steamy Sex Life; It’s His Family Values Hypocrisy: Woods made most of his fortune through his “squeaky-clean model athlete” reputation. Last year, of the $117 million Woods made, $7.7 million was on the golf course; the rest came from endorsement deals. And that endorsement empire is built on the image of a hardworking, clean-living family man with wife, kids, dogs, and “values”.

Tiger Woods And Global Media Hypocrisy
Tiger Woods, Linford Christie and the stars who are sworn to the Hypocrisy Oath
Bob Schieffer To Tiger Woods: Stop Whining (VIDEO)

Breach of contract. But is the contract fair?

Of course, he also signed a marriage “contract” with fidelity vows. He broke the contract. I think it is unfair that the terms of a marriage are non-negotiable. Consumer and tenant law has invalidated many such one-sided contracts, but “feminist” law-makers make sure that men cannot easily negotiate freedom in marriage contracts.

So men who want to retain their freedom have only the choice not to marry, or do what men (and apes before them) did for millions of years: cheat and lie to cover up. Promise what women want to hear, and then secretly do what the man himself wants to do.


Deception is huge part of human social life.  Our education and social norms demand honesty, and in contradiction to that they also demand politeness, courtesy, ….  From “I am fine” when I feel bad, to “your dress looks great” when I think it is awful, to “I have eyes only for you and love you forever”.  In spite of us lying constantly, we feel we are honest. We deceive ourselves that we are honest.

Self-Deception & Self-Deception

You deceive better if you yourself believe in it.

So Tiger probably believed in his wedding vows. He also believes he is an honest person. Which usually he is. Except for white lies. And lying to spouses. Well and to sponsors and the rest of the world.

And before you throw the first stone: think of your own secrets. What if the press published your photo nose-picking? or about some secret sexual urge you once followed?

And now all these hypocrites condemn poor Tiger Woods. Of course, if you are a public relations manager for Nike, your job is to worry about Nike’s sales and corporate image. Not about hypocrisy, or if the same people who condemn Tiger (and Nike for promoting him) are hypocrites. Try YouTube to see some Tiger Woods commercials: they all manipulate your unconscious: they don’t really sell you superior merchandise, they associate Tiger’s image with the product, thus making you buy the product.

  • Maybe the problem is that we demand unrealistic role models, who are supposed confirm unrealistic moral norms?
  • Maybe the problem is that society demands that we lie about romantic “transgressions”.
  • Most healthy adolescent boys or adult men would probably admire Woods for his sexual conquests. When talking to their peers. But, of course, would not admit this to their wives.

Should male promiscuity be repressed or sexual freedom be tolerated?

  • There are of course philosophical questions: is monogamy better? there will be less fights, less diseases? or better family life?
  • Is male promiscuity something that should be eliminated by therapy, drugs etc because it causes problems?
  • Or do repressive laws, false morality cause the problems?  People should just be honest, open and be allowed to have fun without any need to hide. Why can’t everyone have their sexual freedom, and we devote out resources to avoiding unwanted pregnancies and diseases, instead of spying after celebrities’ private life.

Hypocritical double standards about domestic violence

Tiger Woods’ wife Elin should be under investigation for domestic violence:  The first news stories sounded suspicious: How can an intelligent man total his car and get face injuries when backing out his car from the garage? And require a women with a golf club to break the windshield to free him? 

If the suspected victim were a women, police would investigate, even if the victim denied violence having happened. But Elin is a woman, and police and law are biased in favor of women. If she were innocent, they should have demanded an investigation to dispel any doubt.

I think Tiger lied when he swore in public that no domestic violence has happened. If this could be proven to be a lie, then Woods would be proven to make false public statements . An explicit public lie, almost an oath, that could haunt him (like Bill Clinton).

But as now Tiger’s and Elin’s interest in cover-up coincide, nobody will ever admit the truth. Of course, this can cost him dearly. A domestic violence conviction would greatly favor Tiger in any potential divorce settlement. If he was intelligent, he made her sign something in exchange for his covering up the domestic violence.

Tiger Woods: why can’t he have open marriage and have fun?

A domesticated Tiger Woods asks for forgiveness for being a man. Woods who could have thousands of women had a mere 14 women over a period of many years. Tiger’s mistake was to agree on a non-open marriage and to project the good boy image.  Like most men, Woods got into the typical vicious cycle of false promises and deceit, instead of being honest and standing up for his rights as a powerful and highly desirable alpha male.  And to add insult to injury, he now does “sexual addiction therapy” to rid him of normal male feelings and impulses. Maybe he ought to get castrated

What good is it for a man to earn US$ 100 Million if he cannot have fun? Here is Tiger’s truth:

I felt that I had worked hard my entire life and deserved to enjoy all the temptations around me. I felt I was entitled. Thanks to money and fame, I didn’t […] have to go far to find them.

But then he went on asking for forgiveness. He disappointed his wife, his fans, his business partners.

I am also aware of the pain my behavior has caused to those of you in this room. I have let you down. I have let down my fans. For many of you, especially my friends, my behavior has been a personal disappointment. To those of you who work for me, I have let you down, personally and professionally. My behavior has caused considerable worry to my business partners.

He has not caused any pain to me. Actually, I found his behavior endearing. Of course, his business partners who profit from Tiger Woods’ squeaky clean image, they have reason to worry.  Maybe Woods should settle for earning a mere 50 million a year and having fun, instead of making 100 Million.

Woods’mother put things into perspective:

Afterward, Woods’ mother, Kultida Woods, spoke to reporters, saying how proud she is of him.

“Golf is just like life, when you make a mistake, you learn from your mistake and move on stronger. That’s the way he is,” she said.

“I am upset the way media treated him like he’s a criminal. … He didn’t kill anybody, he didn’t do anything illegal,” she said.

“They’ve being carrying on from Thanksgiving until now. That’s not right.”

Sure, Tiger Woods did not keep his agreement, his vow of faithfulness.  Maybe he should not have agreed to these condicions in the first place.  Why does a rich powerful man abdicate his freedom and vow to be “faithful”, to never look at another woman again?

I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I have done. My failures have made me look at myself in a way I never wanted to before. It is now up to me to make amends. And that starts by never repeating the mistakes I have made. It is up to me to start living a life of integrity.

Don’t make vows of faithfulness, and you can live a life with fun and enjoy integrity. Did he not take good care of his family? Fed them well. Earned a lot of money for them? Just he was foolish enough to get trapped in a vow of “fidelity”.

Now here is a rare positive example of another famous “pervert” husband’s wife supporting a husband’s freedom:

The wife of Portsmouth manager Avram Grant has hit back at allegations her husband was caught in a ‘Thai’ brothel by claiming: ‘He can do whatever he likes with his body.’

Tiger should have gotten himself such a wife. I envy Avram Grant, he got himself a great open minded liberal wife.

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Tiger Woods: why can’t he have open marriage and have fun?
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