Obfuscation-index: % of counter-narrative facts hidden from media readers

Does a newscast transmit the desired, politically correct, PC narrative? Does it effectively implant a false impression in the reader’s mind? Does it successfully cover-up or distort factually correct but “undesirable” facts?

Reprinted with permission from SINCERITY.net

Our obfuscation index measures the success of one single article or one news-cast in maintaining the PC narrative and obfuscating all counter-narrative facts.

Our Brainwashing index measures the long term result in terms of politically correct but objectively, scientifically false beliefs

We propose1 the [PC] obfuscation index2  to measure the extent to which media reporting covers up counter-narrative “racist” facts3 related to issue in discussion and thus distracts the reader’s mind from un-PC “racist” or “sexist” facts4.

This quantitative measure5 of disinformation is value-free:

  • science minded free speech advocates find the obfuscation attempt disturbing: the omission of relevant true information with intent(?6) to deceive readers
  • the PC media rejoice about obfuscation result, measurable beliefs induced by successfully implanting misinformation in the reader’s mind,



  • A news article successfully distracts from all important facts that contradict the PC (politically correct) narrative? 100% Obfuscation!
  • The obfuscation index is usually well above zero, because obfuscating race of minority criminals and other “minority” failures is mandatory, by media ethics code7 and by virtue of the PC Gag Order .

    Our sample BBC article below successfully prevents the reader from knowing the following relevant, clearly uncontestable, facts

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  • Falsifiability–required by science, abhorred by PC

    Honest scientists must indicate tests that could prove their pet theory false. Unfalsifiable theories cannot be taken seriously. Except by post-modernist junk science1.

    Reprinted with permission from SINCERITY.net

    One of the tenets behind the scientific method is that any scientific hypothesis and resultant experimental design must be inherently falsifiable. Although falsifiability is not universally accepted, it is still the foundation of the majority of scientific experiments. Most scientists accept and work with this tenet, but it has its roots in philosophy and the deeper questions of truth and our access to it. [Source]

    PC (political correctness) singlehandedly made all leftist absurdities unfalsifiable, because attempts to falsify the wisdom of quotas or immigration would be racist, Islamophobic, bigotted, sexist

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    “Diversity is strength” is UNFALSIFIABLE #2 –due to PC speech taboos

    The creed of politically correct egalitarianism is recursively self perpetuating1 and can never be falsified2. Falsifiability–required by science, abhorred by PC 3

    Reprinted with permission from SINCERITY.net

    Not permitted to point out failures of diversity

    “Diversity is strength” is unfalsifiable because of PC speech restrictions.

    • It is totally taboo and verboten to even think:
      “it could be detrimental to import more Somalis into Finland, Sweden, Holland, Minneapolis.  Somalis might have lower IQ, higher criminality and a dangerous Islamic Ideology bent on submission of non-Muslims”
    • Note: it is not allowed to discuss any statement that alleges “minorities’” failures. For our discussion, at this point it is irrelevant if the statements about diversity failures are true or false.
      • It is not allowed to state, think, argue, consider that women in fire fighting jobs cannot lift the ladders, kick in doors, and carry 220 pound man.
      • It is not allowed to analyze if minority quota admissions with vastly lower SAT scores underperform or fail in college.
      • Because of PC thought crime regulations, these are not a permissible scientific hypotheses to be tested and possibly refuted.
      • A famous blooper video, showing failures of female fire fighter trainees, was scrubbed off the internet as extremely sexist. If you can locate it, please tell me in the comment section.

    Mr Buchanan’s site CAMPAIGN FOR MERIT IN BUSINESS gets repressed.  Instead, scientific theories that Mr Buchanan debunks4, continue getting promoted.

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    Relentless truth telling to fight the destruction of schools

    Denial of inborn Within Race differences, and false social determinism dogma destroyed the school system1 even in racially homogeneous white cities.

    Reprinted with permission from TruthRevolution.net

    Denial of between race differences does further damage: Equality dogma: all races are equal.

    False theory leads to disastrous false policy decisions, which are not falsifiable2

    We must oppose such false decisions by fearlessly pointing out scientific truths and #RacistFacts.

    Progressives Declare War on Asians, Meritocracy and STEM // [Amren]

    We MUST, always, oppose misleading terminology like the manipulative abuse of the term “progressive” for regressive policies by the regressive illiberal Left! “Progressive” suggests that anti-scientific leftist policies are “progress”.

    One bitter first-generation Asian-American parent vindictively stated, “On a brighter note, I know China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore will completely destroy American companies when my children are my age because of these stupid policies. That gives me comfort. These idiotic Democrats will guarantee Asians will win—just not Asian-Americans….maybe we should go work for Asian-owned companies instead of giving our minds to Apple or Intel.” […]

    Asians tended to be race realist. The American version of Asians probably got too much brainwashed by PC white Leftists.
    PC is close to its final victory of total destruction.

    The cause:

    mandatory dishonesty as described in Sincerity.net. Resulting false beliefs in Leftists and the general population

    The cure:

    relentless demands to total honesty, refusal to even argue with people who use “you are racist” as an argument.


    Ruthlessly spreading the “racist” race realist message in very plain English: Blacks are too dumb, genetically and in attitude, to enter elite schools in more than minute numbers.
    It does not help to be polite, because the polite message is not acceptable either, as James Watson found out the hard way. “Blacks have a lower IQ, on average, but of course there are a few intelligent Blacks”

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    #Biblical: Is it a sin of omission to cover up instances of Black crime, to hide its pervasiveness?

    Does the Bible allow to misinform the population in order to avoid “prejudice”1? Does the Bible consider humans too immature to be told the truth? What if omitting the truth causes homicides2, death, hate, and rape? Who is the sinner, if naïve3 uninformed people get in harm’s way, because of media cover-ups; if students are enrolled in dangerous schools and terrorized by bullies4 because teachers don’t tell the public how dangerous “minority” schools are?

    Reprinted with permission from SINCERITY.net

    The world wide #BlackLivesMatter #BLM riots were moot, if Christians told the truth, ceased to cover up the true extent of Black criminality, proven to be much higher than Black victimization by whites.

    James 4:17

    So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.

    [What Does the Bible Say About Sins Of Omission?]

    Is it a Christian virtue to cover up Muslim rape gangs5, under-report black riots, to intentionally delete embarrassing black crime statistics6, repress research about black IQ7 *8?

    Omission of crime details, and of racial information, to avoid stirring up prejudice is mandatory9 for media, police, teachers and everyone.

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    We know that media are wrong in our field of expertise; yet on other topics we trust them [Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect]

    Experts forget how badly their own subject is treated in media and believe that subjects they don’t know much about are treated more competently by the same media. [Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect.]

    “You turn the page, and forget what you know.”

    Lies by media, police, politicians are treated as “isolated incidents” of misinformation, not of wholesale dishonesty and systemic bias1.

    Reprinted with permission from SINCERITY.net

    I) A biology expert is fully aware that James Watson of DNA Nobel fame was object of a world wide witch hunt. That James Watson was totally right2 to be “inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa because all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours—whereas all the testing says not really. ” 3. This same biology expert faithfully believes that otherwise MSM are honest and Breitbart, Fox, Vdare spread lies and conspiracy theories. He refuses to entertain the idea that  BLM (Black Lives Matter) is built upon a series of lies, on mostly debunked allegations of police brutality built upon blatantly manipulative media omissions and distortions 4*5. It seems too hard to believe that our ”free” media are unashamedly lying to us whole-sale. Strangely, we don’t apply the popular adage:
    Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me!

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    Postmodernism: Denial of Objective Reality and of Facts is Dishonest

    Postmodernism denies facts and objective reality. The truth is based not on agreed upon facts and evidence, but is contingent on narrative and point of view.

    Reprinted with permission from SINCERITY.net

    Shameless postmodernist lying utterly corrupted Social Sciences123. Postmodernist dogmatism in social sciences and politics causes mayhem4 and death5, even for the “disadvantaged minorities” which BLM6 purports to help.

    The reason for such disastrous failure: PC Marxism it is based on objectively false anti-scientific world view. The false world view is perpetuated by gag orders, taboo of #RacistFacts, and factually wrong dogma7.

    Postmodernism could be a funny philosophical mind game.  Teaching post-modernism as a serious realistic world view is utterly insincere8, or ignorant. A well educated & intelligent person cannot, with honesty and straight face, take post-modern anti-logic, anti-facts, anti-science seriously and base social science and political discourse on such baseless non-facts.

    • >>“alarming postmodern implications, that is, that the truth is based not on agreed upon facts and evidence, but is contingent on narrative and point of view” [… and] denial of facts and objective reality.[NR]
    • But Moore points out that many Italians are fighting this injustice, somehow both primitive, in its witch hunt aspect, and postmodern, in its denial of facts and objective reality.” [NR]

    We cannot deal with our real world problems with an ideology that denies reality, trashes our logic and the scientific method.

    Postmodernism belongs with mysticism and  superstition. Post-modernism cannot create technology and science. Post-modernism could be a nice theoretical philosophical joke and mind game. Taking postmodernism seriously is a root cause world wide PC disasters.  Postmodernism is embodied in both

    • media gag orders: inconvenient true facts must not be told
    • egalitarian dogma or anti-racist dogma: irrespective of proof to the contrary, races are equal and individuals are born with equal potential
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    Lies, long debunked, perpetuated by Black Lives Matter, Joe Biden

    Lies about Trayvon Martin1 or Michael Brown2 live forever.  The Left is dishonest, truth is of no interest. No debunking, no evidence can change the false narrative. Media, politicians, Black Lives Matter lie incessantly. On Ferguson, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris Told a Terrible Lie3

    Reprinted with permission from SINCERITY.net



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