I renounce my Female Legal Privileges

I renounce all my female legal and societal privilege, in in an irrevocable, legally binding notarized declaration.  As a strong, empowered woman, I am deeply offended by unequal treatment on the basis of gender on issues, like lifetime alimony, child support, DNA testing and paternity fraud, "domestic violence only against women act", rape shield and harassment laws. I can not change feminist anti-male laws. But I can renounce my female privilege [12] [13] [14] and I suggest every honest egalitarian woman to do the same. 

I hereby irrevocably renounce any privileges I enjoy by virtue of my female gender [6]
and I refuse to engage in discrimination against men [7].  Especially


  1. I am capable of saying a clear "NO" when I do not want to have sex. I waive any rights to complain or sue under California’s Senate Bill 967 [18]for not having given unambiguous, "enthusiastic" and ongoing consent to sexual activity. [17]  A man that keeps asking if my enthusiastic consent is still ongoing is a total turn-off.  My "Yes means Yes".
  2. I am responsible for my alcohol consumption and its consequences. I irrevocably declare I will not file rape charges when I regret *consensual enthusiastic sex after alcohol consumption.  Like men, who don’t cry rape after sex under the influence of alcohol. My "Yes means Yes".
  3. I waive my right to file a late rape complaint decades, years, months or weeks after the rape. I will report real forcible rape-rape to police as soon as possible, within hours. I will very clearly express my "No" and will put up physical resistance, when I am not willing.
  4. I waive my rights derived from rape shield laws and I accept due process [19]. I am strong and empowered to respond to cross examination exactly as any male victim of robbery, assault, or false rape * accusations.  I waive any right to file a rape complaint to unqualified non-law-enforcement such as college authorities. I will never file a complaint against my partner for "withholding sex and affection" [20] [21]
  5. I renounce the right to claim marital rape, except in the most egregious case of obvious violence. I am mature enough to choose a non-violent partner, and to leave the relationship if I found my choice to be wrong.
  6. I irrevocably renounce my right to claim" battered women syndrome" as excuse for murder. I am as responsible for my actions as any man. I declare to be capable of simply leaving a violent relationship.  
  7. I will never call police when I was the aggressor, when I started the fight. "Violence against women act" [3], Duluth Model [4] [12], and primary aggressor law are gendered privileges for women, I reject.  
  8. I declare I am taking birth control and take full responsibility if ooops, "I ‘forget’ to take the pill", I irrevocably waive any right to sue for child support,  If the man wants no responsibility I will either undergo abortion or, as an empowered woman, I will earn my own money to support my child without resorting to welfare or to ensnaring an unwilling man.  On the other hand, we will make a declaration in writing, if a pregnancy is a conscious wish and decision of both the father and me.
  9. I hereby authorize any putative father of my child to perform DNA testing on the child. I irrevocably sign away my right to refuse such DNA testing.
  10. I refuse to request or accept life time alimony [5]. I am an empowered woman, can earn my own money. I will honor any prenuptial agreement I sign and will not claim duress or other female immaturity to to invalidate a prenup.
  11. I support the right to hire the most capable and will not demand gender quotas [10]. I oppose special lowered bars in aptitude testing [9], and will not sue for gender discrimination.
  12. I waive any right to sue under sexual harassment laws: I am an empowered woman. I am as strong as any man to endure innuendos, jokes, boy talk and cat calls: "sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me"!
  13. I will openly oppose feminist junk science indoctrination classes, pseudo-scientific wage gap, domestic violence lies.   

I am aware that I am signing away legal rights and have thought of the consequences.

I am aware that some of these rights can not be signed away, legally. Nevertheless, I will do anything to make my declaration valid and legally binding. I do expressly allow this declaration to be used as evidence against me in a court of law.

I accept the same rights and duties men have and make a notarized declaration not take advantage of unfair pro-female laws.

I will publicly post this declaration, will give a copy to every man that gets in closer contact with me.

#womenagainstfeminism #womenrenouncingprivilege  #renouncingfemaleprivilege #womenagainstfemaleprivilege #womenforequalrights

I would love a lawyer to elaborate nicer legal draft of this declaration.

Author: Human-Stupidy (Admin)

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4 thoughts on “I renounce my Female Legal Privileges”

  1. Thanks, that is nicely put. While it is biologically impossible to sign away all your female privilege your list is thorough and speaks of your great maturity.

    I don’t think you should try too hard to go for “egalitarian”, because female privilege is subtle: you get the sympathy, the guy does not, because everyone (especially feminist men) secretly wants to get a piece of you and want to knock out the man as a competitor. There are many biological facts you cannot waive, nor should you, I don’t even want you to.

    But really I appreciate your being cognizant and without making it look like you are atoning for anything just boldly assert your autonomy.

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