Brazilian government intervention stops USA sales of Adidas world cup T shirt!

  Adidas’ "Looking to score" T shirt objectifies Brazilian women and encourages sex tourism. The T shirt was spotted in San Francisco, reported by Brazilian’s powerful "O Globo" news conglomerate. The sale of a T-Shirt inside the USA was stopped by meddling Brazilian government intervention. Frantic action by the Brazilian president, the ministry for politics for women, and the ministry for Human Rights (all women) and Embratur, the Brazilian made sure that US citizens can not buy terrible T shirts that allegedly objectify Brazilian women and encourage sexual tourism.  Adidas apoligized for their mistake and immediately pulled the T-shirts from all stores (Source: O Globo)

The tentacles of feminist poltical correctness’ have global reach and originate from the highest echelons of governments.


Adidas Sexualized T-Shirts Are Just Plain Wrong fumes the Huffington Post:

The head of the Brazilian tourism board is slamming Adidas for marketing a pair of tee shirts that play off stereotypes of oversexed Brazilians.

In advance of the World Cup, Adidas has released a pair of tee shirts inspired by Brazil’s reputation for sexiness. One shirt features an image of heart that appears to double as a woman’s behind with a thong, while another depicts a thin-waisted woman with a giant rear against a Rio de Janeiro backdrop and the words “Looking to Score.”

The “Looking to Score” message presumably refers to both soccer goals and having sex with Brazilian women.

How terrible. Men wanting to have sex with Brazilian women. Interestingly, men desiring sex with Brazilian men is politically correct:

Rio de Janeiro aims to become world capital of gay tourism

The head of the Brazilian Tourism Board Flávio Dino blasted the shirts in comments to the local press, saying they would encourage illegal activity.

What illegal activity? Sex with Brazilian women is legal, and prostitution is legal too. The age of consent in Brazil is 14, though ever expanding laws about "corruption of minors" effectively turned it 18 for practical purposes.


“We don’t accept that the World Cup be used for illegal practices, like so-called sexual tourism,” Dino told Brazilian news agency O Globo. “We ask that Adidas put a stop to the sale of these products… Brazil has harsh laws to deal with sexual abuse and the police will act on these cases in the national territory.”   Huff Post

In typical feminist manipulative language, Brazil defines sexual tourism as men seeking sex with MINORS, while the rest of the world defines it as men, well, seeking SEX.  


Adidas agreed on Tuesday to stop selling two raunchy T-shirts months ahead of the World Cup in Brazil after the government complained that they associated the country with sexual tourism.

One shirt shows a bikini-clad woman with open arms on a sunny Rio de Janeiro beach under the word-play "Looking to Score." The other has an "I love Brazil" heart resembling the upside-down buttocks of a woman wearing a thong bikini bottom.

Adidas, the world’s second-largest sportswear maker, said the shirts would not be sold anymore, adding in a statement that they were from a limited edition that was only on sale in the United States.

The shirt designs touched a nerve in Brazil, where people often complain about foreign stereotypes of Brazilian sensuality. Brazil’s government is campaigning aggressively to shed the country’s reputation as a destination for sex tourism.

"Embratur strongly repudiates the sale of products that link  Reuters

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