Some "rapes" are less serious then others. Of course, Mr. Kenneth Clarke is right!

Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke has been heavily criticized for talking about "serious rape" as compared with other types of rape. But can some rapes be viewed as more serious than others?

The  word "rape" needs to be differentiated, into "serious rape", "forcible rape", "rape rape" because the word "rape" nowadays means everything.

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  7. Hofstra false rape case: any law abiding man can be jailed at a woman’s whim!


Mr. Kenneth Clarke saying the truth (video) (which later on he has to retract)

Speaking to Victoria Derbyshire, the Justice Secretary said some cases of date rape or sex with under-age children might not qualify as rape “in the ordinary conversational sense”.  Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, called for Mr. Clarke’s resignation during Prime Minister’s Questions over the comments. Listen to full interview on BBC Radio 5 Live     Source: Telegraph

The justice secretary’s remarks suggesting some rapes were worse than others has led to a storm of protest and demands for his resignation from Labour.  BBC

Tyrannical political correctness speech code taboos prohibit sensible discussions

Political correctness is a speech code to silence discussion. It erects taboos: don’t talk, don’t question. Making a comment on a taboo topic yields to  ad hominem attacks, demands of resignation! Like a medieval church. The topic is taboo, critics are silenced, no discussion is allowed.

In the rape issue, there are stupid anecdotal one sided arguments.

"If we listen to what the victims of rape tell us about its impact, there is no difference between those who have suffered date rape and those who have been attacked by strangers. BBC

What a stupid comment! The "victim-feminists" who claim that a drunk-party-girl-who-next-day-is-sorry-she-consented-rape is the same as the mauled-in-the-forest-at-knife-point-rape are an offense to true forcible rape victims. These are the same people that say: consensual sex with an adolescent minor is rape, the same as violently raping the adolescent minor against her or his will. And such insanity pervades world wide press and politics.

Nation-wide and world wide politics are based on such drivel. Where is the peer reviewed research that supports such statements?

"If we listen to what the victims of rape tell us about its impact, there is no difference between those who have suffered date rape and those who have been attacked by strangers. BBC If we listen to what paralyzed victims of car accidents tell us about its impact, there is no difference between those that were accidentally run over due to a blown tire, a driver’s mistake or those that were  run over by a maniac assassin driver. 
  In either case, the victims are equally paralyzed.. The punishment for the perpetrator, though, is very different.


Unlike the car accident example with subsequent paralysis, as shown in the articles linked above, the modern revised definition of "rape" encompasses total different things

  • violent forcible rape,
  • consensual sex where consent is considered invalid later on, if the "victim" convinces a judge that she was too drunk, if she was underage, if she presented a fake ID and the perpetrator could not know he did commit "rape"
  • consensual sex where consent is withdrawn in the middle of the act and he continued for 5 more seconds (yes, google "5 second rape" if you don’t believe it.
  • consensual sex when the woman only felt raped 2 days later when he did not call her
  • consensual sex with an adolescent minor
  • When is a rape not a rape? | Police Inspector Blog mentions the pervasiveness of false rape accusations but fails to mention that lots of these lead to false rape convictions:  because of the dogma "women don’t lie", and the perverted suspension of due process, the "presumption of guilt of the accused in rape cases", it is very easy to be unjustly harassed and tried for years (Kachelmann, Strauss-Kahn) and possibly convicted of rape that has never happened 

Most men have already been raped by a woman, but are unaware of it

I have asked many men: "Have you ever said no to a woman and she continued with sexual activities like oral sex or sex?".  Almost all of them said they told a woman "Stop, I am tired" and she just continued.This happens when a man had enough sex but an insatiable woman wants more. It could happen early in the morning when the man wants to sleep.

I believe Britain has a sexist rape law where women can not rape. But by gender neutral rape laws this clearly constitutes rape. By the feminist rape definition that a simple "no" or "stop" in a consensual sexual relationship means "rape". And this is the same as dragging a screaming woman into the forest? Or 5 guys in prison holding down a man to rape him? David Cameron, thank you for your honest truth. Too bad you weaseled out and retracted, though half-heartedly

Kenneth Clark retraction (Video)

"Often the victims of stranger rape will generate more sympathy, which seems to me absurd. We mustn’t ever give out the message that your rape isn’t as bad as someone else’s rape."  BBC

One guys says that someone else says. Totally anecdotal. The typical feminist victim attitude where an objectifying gaze hampers women’s intelligence and a consensual-sex-while-drunk or yielding-to-insistent-male-pressure is as bad as forcible rape.

For legal purposes, intent is important

Now let us suppose, this is true. Being dragged into the woods by an armed stranger is the same trauma as changing one’s mind in the middle of consensual sex and the guy does not stop immediately. 

Different ways to get run over by a car

A person gets run over by a car and is left paralyzed. In all the following cases, the effect on the victim is the same. Legally, they are very different.

  • the driver ran him/her over on purpose, with intent to kill
  • the driver swerved in order not to hit a kitty, and inadvertently ran him over
  • the driver was drunk and drove badly and ran him over
  • the driver was going too fast to take his dying father to the hospital and hit you inadvertently
  • a baby disengaged the parking brake and the car rolled downhill injuring him
  • the offending car was standing and rear-ended by another car and thus hit him
  • the car’s wheel came off due to material failure and thus the car crashed, with nobody to blame for 

    All these have different intent and very different punishment (for attempted murder to to involuntary manslaughter to deadly accident.

    Of course, there are dozens of date rapes

  • violent forcible rape of a date who clearly resists and is overpowered.
  • putting Rohypnol into her drink and then having sex with an unconscious girl, almost like a corpse
  • partying, both are drunk, have clearly consensual sex, and the girl feels sorry the next day and complains of rape


    Are car theft, carjacking, returning borrowed car past the due hour all equally serious?

    Unlike rape, where feminists made sure that everything is called rape, our language already differentiates between the above transgressions.  If it were for feminist language abuse, all these very different crimes would be called "car robbery".

    Intent and attitude of the perpetrator are very important
  • Premeditated carjacking with a gun, or
  • stealing a car by intentionally breaking a car lock clearly stem from a criminal mind.
  • If you were habitually borrowing your friend’s car twice a week, and you did not understand that he rescinded that permission,  this is not the same crime as car burglary 
  • If your friend, in drunk stupor, tells you to take his car and drive home with it, and then is sorry the next day, what are the consequences? 4 years in jail for invalid consent?
  • If your friend lets you drive his car, and in the middle of a desert tells you to stop and get out of the car, if you insist on driving till you reach the nearest city, are you a car robber?
    • Imagine, furthermore, that nine years later, your friend could just accuse you of this crime, and you had to prove that 9 years ago she did not withdraw her consent to use the car
    • Or maybe she withdrew consent, but so meekly you did not understand it.
    • Or you thought she was joking when she told you to stop driving while in the middle of the desert (equivalent to telling a guy to stop in the middle of consensual sex)
      • There is a "battered woman syndrome" that allows women to get away we planned premeditated murder as if it were self-defense, even though they could have simply left and moved out. 
      • Nobody clarified the "horny young man syndrome": when a woman tells says "stop" out of the blue, to a testosterone driven 19 year old to stop in the middle of a sex act, that might take some repetition to be believed, to sink in and to be heeded

    Interestingly, the main argument is not being made: for a crime, the attitude of the criminal is of prime importance. There are all kind of killing offenses, from premeditated cruel murder to accidentally running over a person in a moment of reduced attention on the street. Nobody gets demands to resign for saying these are not different.

    Now from the point of view of the "perpetrator" there are very different levels of guilt: criminal intent with planned violence, criminal intent with no violence against people, misunderstanding of speech, unproven possibly false accusations.

    Now all this language abuse serves a purpose: when everything becomes rape, then

    Any man can be a rapist?

    "There is a real mythology about rape – that it’s extremely rare and the perpetrators are crazed strangers who strike on a dark night. People don’t want to accept that ordinary men can rape."

    Calder agrees: "People separate rape from reality, think of it as a horrendous crime that happens to someone else. If they think of it in this way it takes away the fact that any man can be a rapist."  BBC

    This is the problem. Ordinary men, in ordinary circumstances, don’t rape.

    So they fiddled so long with rape definitions that finally every ordinary man risks getting charged with rape. Maybe he failed to check the ID, maybe he failed to do a blood alcohol test and mistakenly thought "yes means yes". Or he just gets a false rape accusation and goes to jail for 20 years because "women do not lie" and "ordinary men can rape" or even "every man is a rapist".

    Rape the new feminist obsession. Rape the new frontier in Gender War

    In the last half century, rape has been re-defined.

    • First rape is re-defined, so that dozens of crimes that had a different name before, or that did not even exist before, become rape. 
      • Almost everything is "rape" see (1) (2) (3) above
      • Pretty soon, having sex with a 20 year old is rape (when the age of consent will reach 21).
      • Harassment and Objectifying gaze might become rape at some time. After all, if a woman feels raped, then it is rape.
    • Then the dogma "All (these different) types of rape are the same"
    • Then change due process and make sure every man is "guilty until proven innocent" when accused of rape
    • Finally the feminist dream becomes reality. Every man is a rapist. And if he is not, he can always be accused, tried, and be convicted of rape.

    What other purpose can this have, then to scare men away from sexual activities, like the antifeminist incessantly preaches?

  • Tyrannical political correctness speech code taboos prohibit sensible discussions

    Political correctness is a speech code to silence discussion. It erects taboos: don’t talk, don’t question. Making a comment on a taboo topic yields to  ad hominem attacks, demands of resignation! Like a medieval church. The topic is taboo, critics are silenced, no discussion is allowed.

    Other dogmatic speech restrictions

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    2. Helmer described a “classic stranger rape” scenario, where a “masked individual emerges from the bushes, hits his victim over the head with a blunt instrument, drags her into the undergrowth and rapes her, and then leaves her unconscious, careless whether she lives or dies”.

      He then described “date rape” as being when a woman “voluntarily goes to her boyfriend’s apartment, voluntarily goes into the bedroom, voluntarily undresses and gets into bed, perhaps anticipating sex, or naively expecting merely a cuddle.

      “But at the last minute she gets cold feet and says ‘Stop!’ The young man, in the heat of the moment, is unable to restrain himself and carries on.

      “In both cases an offence has been committed, and the perpetrators deserve to be convicted and punished.

      “But whereas in the first case, I’d again be quite happy to hang the guy, I think that most right-thinking people would expect a much lighter sentence in the second case. Rape is always wrong, but not always equally culpable.”

      The East Midlands MEP admitted he would be vilified for adding: “While in the first case, the blame is squarely on the perpetrator and does not attach to the victim; in the second case, the victim surely shares a part of the responsibility, if only for establishing reasonable expectations in her boyfriend’s mind.”
      Tory MEP reignites row over Kenneth Clarke rape remarks

      Roger Helmer condemned by other Conservatives for suggesting some victims ‘share a part of the responsibility’

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