White men and lack of diversity ruined Google & Apple

#1 Google and #2 Apple, the world’s most valuable, profitable, successful companies have rapidly grown while deprived of the benefits of racial and gender diversity.

Imagine how much more profitable these companies could have been if white men had not made irrelevant products and bad decisions. Diversity is strength!

Having a diversity of perspectives leads to better decision-making, more relevant products, Google diversity report 

  1. Had Google and Apple embraced diversity,  hired lots of women and Blacks, had they been led by minorities, Google and Apple would be much more valuable then they already are. They would not merely be the two most valuable companies in the world.
  2. White men created the two most successful enterprises in the world. White men are especially capable and successful.

Please chose (1) or (2)

Economic success is racist! Economic success favors White men!

(2) must not be true because it is racist and sexist.  Occam’s razor is racist. The obvious easy explanation must not be true.

the data — which in Silicon Valley usually reigns supreme — shows that diversity on groups benefits research, development, innovation and profit. [New York Times]

The data:

The two companies with the best profit, innovation, development and research are led by white men and lack diversity. This proves that diversity benefits company success.

Had they only hired Blacks with lower IQ (see Bell curve) these companies would not be such failures.

Racist white male patriarchy’s logic needs to be abolished in favor of political correctness own logic


How the Asians Became White 

Asians are around 30% in these companies, according to  Google diversity report. Numbers about Jews are glaringly absent.


Whites are actually underrepresented at Google. Non-Jewish Gentile whites are totally underrepresented.  Jews, are totally overrepresented: Larry Page and Sergey Brin, CEOs of Google, CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.  But in Google’s diversity report, Jews are glaringly absent.

Note: Jewish IQ of around 112, Asian IQ of around 105, White IQ of 100, and African American IQ of 85 [Wikipedia] perfectly explain the racial composition of High Tech companies that hire by merit.Human-Stupidity favors merit and hiring the Best for the job. This is what made these companies great.

"Non-Hispanic whites are 61 percent of the Google work force, slightly below the national average." […]

Google’s disclosures come amid an escalating debate over the lack of diversity in the tech industry. Although tech is a key driver of the economy and makes products that many Americans use everyday, it does not come close to reflecting the demographics of the country–in terms of sex, age or race.

– Google can only accomplish that by firing well over three-quarters of its Asian employees, and replacing them with blacks and Hispanics (and a few whites, to bring white numbers up from 61 percent to 67 percent).

“White” has stopped meaning Caucasian, imprecise as this term has always been, and has started to mean “those racial groups that have made it.” “Minority” has started to mean “those racial groups that have not yet made it.”

To be more precise and politically incorrect: those racial groups that have never made it and will never make it because they have low low IQ and high impulsivity and crime. These traits are unfortunately is heritable. The Minnesota study of twins reared apart "yielded a heritability of 0.70 for IQ". Don’t blame Human-Stupidity for reporting unpopular science results.

Google’s disclosures come amid an escalating debate over the lack of diversity in the tech industry. Although tech is a key driver of the economy and makes products that many Americans use every day, it does not come close to reflecting the demographics of the country — in terms of sex, age or race. The lopsided numbers persist among engineers, founders and boards of directors.  [New York Times]

Similarly, the Olympic 100 m dashes would become much faster, if there were more diversity:

And certainly, snooker, chess, and cooking would have been advanced a lot more, if they were not dominated by white men.

The world’s most valuable company recently added language to a board committee charter vowing to diversify its board. The move follows objections from shareholders Trillium Asset Management LLC and the Sustainability Group, who said they’re disappointed that the iPhone maker has only one woman on its eight-member board, and one incoming female member of the executive team that reports to Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook.

Silicon Valley Firms Are Even Whiter and More Male Than You Thought

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11 thoughts on “White men and lack of diversity ruined Google & Apple”

  1. White Men at It Again–Facebook Not As Diverse As THE ENTIRE WORLD

    That’s an interesting new standard for employment diversity: not your metropolitan commuting area, or state, or country, but all your customers in the world.

    >>>>> in short: white men create new industries, invent new technologies, and then women and other less inventive races complain about it. No gratefulness for the great inventors and creators of technologies that make the world a nicer more comfortable place.

    The lopsided numbers are just the latest from a major Silicon Valley company to paint a stark picture of an industry sector dominated by white men

    Damn white men stealing an entire industry sector from the women of color who started it: Frederica Terman, Wilhelmina Hewlett, Willa Shockley, Roberta Noyce, Gordonette Moore, Stephanie Wozniak, etc. etc.

  2. Classical Music is also in serious need of Diversity and Equality: to start with we need 50% female composers (Clara Wieck, Ethyl Smyth) and given that white people only comprise some 18% of the world’s population we need to have most dead white males replaced with Black and Asians (Coleridge-Taylor, Takemitsu). Jews are probably over-represented (so we need a lot less Mahler) though inexplicably Meyerbeer languishes unloved.

    From the concert promoter point of view what could possibly go wrong.

  3. Apple actually *is* “led by minorities”, quite literally since it has an openly gay CEO. But I get your point.

  4. I am of European ancestry, raised in the US, after retirment I moved to rural Mexico. My wife is a descendant of the Aztec Emperor Moctezuma I, as well as a lot of other people. I do not see other people of European ancestry for months at a time. I don’t mind that at all, and do not consider myself even a bit racist in any way.

    However, I am sick and tired of the White Male, the most successful group of people in the history of the world, being blamed and attacked in every way, including physically. Enough already.

    I have no idea why White Males are so outstanding in every way. But, the truth cannot be denied.

    No, actually I do have a theory, and it is the social nature of Whites.

    I worked in a very high tech factory, and back in the 70’s, was the first person to work on microprocessors, other then the design engineer. Other techs were extremely interested, and every day a number of them would come to my work station and ask me what I learned that day. And, I told them.

    That factory was a technology center world class. One of the reasons for that was the fact that everyone shared their knowledge with everyone else, just as I did. Thus, working together raises everyone up.

    Here in Mexico, no one teaches anyone anything, unless they are paid. And, when they are paid, they teach very slowly to maximize income. Some of them are very intelligent, but there is no community increase in technology.

    That is a personal theory, that it is the social issues that makes White Men so outstanding. It may be wrong.

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