Teacher(41) Leaves Wife, Kids, Quits School, to Live With High School Student (18)

Teacher Leaves Wife, Kids for High School Student |Yahoo

James Hooker — the 41-year-old married father who left his wife and kids for his 18-year-old-student — might be the worst teacher ever. Last week, he resigned from his job at Enochs High School in Modesto, California over the scandal that’s shaken up a community and pit one mom on a crusade to save her daughter from a man she calls a "master manipulator."  […]

teacher-moves-in-with-studentWe understand concerns about teacher-student sex. But didn’t he do everything right here?

Jordan met her teacher as a freshman, but both maintain nothing physical happened until she turned 18 this past September. Hooker claims he saw Powers as "just a student" and had no romantic feelings toward her at first, but when her most recent birthday came around, things changed.

Waited until she was 18? Isn’t that what he is supposed to do?

Or is the antifeminist right that the 18 year age of consent limit serves to instill terror in men, to prevent sex with women even older then that limit?

They changed so much, in fact, that Hooker, left his wife and three kids (one of them a 17-year-old Enochs high school student as well) so that he could move in with Jordan.

James Hooker is the target of a vindictive vendeetta. Not by Hooker’s wife, but by the girl’s mother. 

Tammie Powers said her daughter, Jordan, has known Hooker since her freshman year at James Enochs High School.  She said the two exchanged a flood of text messages and phone calls the day after Jordan’s 18th birthday on Sept. 5.

Tammie Powers said she had also obtained evidence that the two were corresponding regularly before Jordan began her senior year and she believes Hooker has committed a crime.

"That’s pursuit, in my opinion, with some type of intent," she said.

Watch Video: Mom blasts Modesto teacher’s affair with her daughter

Again, avoiding sex with under 18 year olds is not enough. One should not even text or phone with her. Mr. Antifeminist you are so right! The law is not just concerned with "protecting" 17 year olds from having sex.

Still, Hooker claims he has no regrets. In an interview with Good Morning America, he shut down Tammie’s accusations as a "pack of lies" and said of his new love, "we really do want to have a future together."

Human-Stupidity believes that teenage sexuality laws create lots of suffering and prevent true love from  happening. Read our 60 posts on the issue of teenage sexuality and its legal problems.

I hope Mr. Hooker is also fully aware that he is totally in the hands of his young lover. If, during the next 4 years (statute of limitations) she claims she was coerced to lie and in reality they had sex while she was under 18 and/or his student, his life is over. There is no due process in such accusations, so there is almost no defense in case she accuses him. It does not matter if the accusation is true or a malicious lie.

The morality of leaving one’s wife for a younger lover

Of course, the morality of leaving his family is an issue to be discussed. Of course, he will pay dearly for that, in child support and alimony. He can be forced to find new work or else go to jail. And the new couple will not have much money after he pays off his old family’s support.

Polygyny instead of divorce

In countries with polygyny, the husband would stay with his old family and just acquire a new additional wife. Shocking thought, I know. But this was normal for millennia, and still is normal in many countries. In some other countries, he would just put up his lover in a second apartment, but stay with his wife. Less harm for family life, and for the children. Polygyny is actually good for women: they have more choice among men. It is bad for low ranking men who will have no chance to find a wife (and who thus might cause serious social unrest).

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4 thoughts on “Teacher(41) Leaves Wife, Kids, Quits School, to Live With High School Student (18)”

  1. Teacher James Hooker Arrested For Sexually Abusing Student

    I wonder what PROOF they had other then the mere word of a girl saying that 10 years ago she had oral sex with him.

    High school teacher James Hooker, who made news after moving in with 18-year-old student Jordan Powers, was arrested on Friday for allegedly sexually abusing a different student more than a decade ago.

    On Saturday, Powers told ABC News that when Hooker, 41, called her from jail she told him: “We’re done. I lost my senior year. I gave up all my friends at high school because they didn’t agree with me.”.


    Her mom is happy now. Now I still wonder if the 14 year old, if it really is true, was seriously traumatized. And why she kept it secret for 10 years.

    State legislation now allows prosecutors to file charges against a defendant accused of committing a sex crime against a minor, even 14 years later. The filing must be within a year of the crime being first reported and there must be independent evidence to corroborate the victim’s allegation.

    Read more here: http://www.modbee.com/2012/04/09/2150687/ex-enochs-teacher-james-hooker.html#storylink=cpy


  2. This is not done. How could he dare to do that with his family? Sick…. He should be banned from everything. And what about this girl? Student, eh? Fuck her at your best. She is completly responsible for the blast.

  3. I agree this guy made poor choices. But, no crime occurred. Really, the relationship with his former student is not the primary issue for me. It’s the fact that he left his family. His relationship with this girl has so little chance of working out. He will likely be astranged from his children b/c of this relationship. And, I don’t mean he will be asstranged b/c of anything his ex-wife does to him.. This is a public story. His children know all the details, i’m sure. In fact, his oldest daughter went to the same school. Knowing that her father’s relationship with girl has destroyed her family will likely cause her and the other kids to be angry with their father and they probably won’t want anything to do with this Jordan girl. All this in the end will put further strain on this new relationship. To add to it he has no job in a bad economy and will likely be unable to find a teaching job in light of the fact that he screwed around with a student. This will likely end badly for this guy. He has destroyed his family.

  4. I think this is one of those cases where very bad judgment was used, where the man disregarded his responsibilities toward the family he had already built, and where he should have restrained himself – but no crime was committed. Of course, if his wife was making his life miserable, then it’s hard to blame him… I’m thinking more of his children; they’re still his children, and he has a moral obligation to remain their father, if his ex-wife, and the law, allow him to do so.

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