Postmodernism: Denial of Objective Reality and of Facts is Dishonest

Postmodernism denies facts and objective reality. The truth is based not on agreed upon facts and evidence, but is contingent on narrative and point of view.

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Shameless postmodernist lying utterly corrupted Social Sciences123. Postmodernist dogmatism in social sciences and politics causes mayhem4 and death5, even for the “disadvantaged minorities” which BLM6 purports to help.

The reason for such disastrous failure: PC Marxism it is based on objectively false anti-scientific world view. The false world view is perpetuated by gag orders, taboo of #RacistFacts, and factually wrong dogma7.

Postmodernism could be a funny philosophical mind game.  Teaching post-modernism as a serious realistic world view is utterly insincere8, or ignorant. A well educated & intelligent person cannot, with honesty and straight face, take post-modern anti-logic, anti-facts, anti-science seriously and base social science and political discourse on such baseless non-facts.

  • >>“alarming postmodern implications, that is, that the truth is based not on agreed upon facts and evidence, but is contingent on narrative and point of view” [… and] denial of facts and objective reality.[NR]
  • But Moore points out that many Italians are fighting this injustice, somehow both primitive, in its witch hunt aspect, and postmodern, in its denial of facts and objective reality.” [NR]

We cannot deal with our real world problems with an ideology that denies reality, trashes our logic and the scientific method.

Postmodernism belongs with mysticism and  superstition. Post-modernism cannot create technology and science. Post-modernism could be a nice theoretical philosophical joke and mind game. Taking postmodernism seriously is a root cause world wide PC disasters.  Postmodernism is embodied in both

  • media gag orders: inconvenient true facts must not be told
  • egalitarian dogma or anti-racist dogma: irrespective of proof to the contrary, races are equal and individuals are born with equal potential
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Lies, long debunked, perpetuated by Black Lives Matter, Joe Biden

Lies about Trayvon Martin1 or Michael Brown2 live forever.  The Left is dishonest, truth is of no interest. No debunking, no evidence can change the false narrative. Media, politicians, Black Lives Matter lie incessantly. On Ferguson, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris Told a Terrible Lie3

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Rodney King 1992 LA Riot hoax, George Floyd deception have in common: Prior video hidden!

Blatant media dishonesty caused the LA Riots with its 63 deaths, 2383 injured1. The first 13 seconds were quietly omitted from the viral video, in addition to the usual silence about Rodney King’s prior criminal records, drug use, the high speed chase. Resistance to arrest and Rodney King’s attack on police were visible in the “accidentally” omitted 13 seconds of the video (where King violently attacked police). Even today, the full video is hard to find, only on VK and, surprisingly, on YouTube.  Similarly, in 2020, while hundreds of cities in the US and the world burn, police body cam and other videos about the deadly George Floyd arrest are simply withheld for months on end. Quite likeley these videos are also exculpatory and would show that all rioting is actually pointless.

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Rodney King Beating Full Video – including censored first 13 seconds | VK

To maintain the lying media narrative of senseless police brutality, the first 13 seconds of the video had to be edited away: Rodney King getting up and violently attacking police. This would show that beating the joints is the most humane method to subdue a potentially armed felon and to avoid shooting him. 25 years later, the lying media narrative still is pervasive.

Standard MSM videos of Rodney King beating and LA riots

Of course, none of the Main Stream Media (MSM) videos shows the ignored first 13 seconds where King gets up and violently attacks police.

None of them mentions that the beating always stopped when King did not try to get up. The beating was the last resort, before shooting King, because 4 police with tasers could not subue him.

It remains a secret that King’s car had 2 black passengers that obeyed police orders, surrendered and were unharmed.

Some commenters say that King was “unarmed”. This is dishonest, he was potentially armed. It is dishonest to forget to clarify that police were unable to pat down and handcuff an uncontrollably violent Rodney King. They could not be sure that Rodney King was unarmed and thus had to treat him like an armed felon.

On this day: Camera rolls as Rodney King beaten by LAPD


The Beating of Rodney King, and the 1992 L.A. Riots

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”I can’t breathe” is NOT proof he can’t breathe! Videos!

George Floyd repeated “I can’t breathe”. Soon thereafter he died. Hence he was killed by police!!!? Everyone is sure that George Floyd always spoke the truth. We must never cast a doubt on habitual serial felon George Floyd.

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“I can’t breathe” excuses! LOL

  • Dishonesty #1: flawed logic, omission of alternative explanations:
    It is unscientific, illogical and dishonest to affirm with certainty, that George really could not breathe, and asphyxiation caused Floyd’s death. This is just a possibility, a hypothesis.
  • Dishonesty #2: basic anatomical knowledge:
    it is known and very likely that someone who is being asphyxiated cannot speak and cannot say “I can’t breathe”
  • Dishonesty #3 failure to inform:
    a career criminal with years of prison experience might have learned to weaponize “I can’t breathe”. Thus s/he can intimidate police and continue resisting arrest. We see a few examples here.
  • We thank Tommy Robinson news on Telegram for the videos below, now also on vk.

The media’s egregious dishonesty, distortions, deceptions, and outright lies misinformed the public, like in the Rodney King case in 1992 1. The media stir up unjustified hate and anger. Thus the media’s fake news are the cause for riots, deaths, loss of job, loss of property value, destruction of businesses.

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BBC’s dishonest, misleading reporting on Darren Wilson/ Michael Brown. An analysis.

Misleading readers 16 times in one single article!

Michael Brown: Ferguson officer won’t be charged for 2014 killing |BBC

<follows a cute adolescent photo of Michael Brown.>

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Dishonesty #1: A sweet childhood photo of heavy set strong-arm robber and police assailants is not an innocent mix-up. We can assume that the main stream media journalists are no stupid amateurs and act with conscious intent. So we can clearly see deceptive intent to suggest the killed police assailants is an innocent sweet child.1.

Recent photos from the strong-arm robbery right before his death would give too bad an impression,  Media’s childhood photos of Trayvon Martin were and still are even more blatantly misleading

Michael Brown was due to start college two days before he was killed

Dishonesty #2: He was due to start college 2 days earlier? Strange that he did he not start? Darren Wilson prevented him from starting college 2 days earlier? 6 days after graduation, starting college2?

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