American Family Courts’ wholesale destruction of constitutional rights

"Family Court" tramples due process, puts men into life long indentured slavery, confiscates property worth Millions and Billions, confiscates future income and pension, re-instated debtor’s prison where men are imprisoned for a decade for non-payment of spousal support to the slave owner. "Family Court" accepts hearsay as proof enough to kick a man out of his home (SAID: Sexual Allegations in Divorce). Ex parte (one party accusation) orders are based on the flimsiest of evidence or upon mere accusations, "temporary" orders allow unconstitutional orders to be extended for years on end. "Protection from Abuse" (restraining) orders, like all other abominations of family court, abuse mostly men and confer special rights upon women.  Human Rights are enforced for criminals, but not for law abiding family men.

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American Family Courts, the First Amendment, and Violations of Free Speech

Family Court.  What a friendly sounding name. A court for families, so open and inviting.

A place where families are welcome and invited, a place for families to bring their troubles and disagreements, where there are people specially trained to help them with their problems, and where issues can be resolved in a fair compromise, so that everyone can be happy. […]

How true. What a promising nice name

And yet, nothing could be better Orwellianly named than this institution; there is nothing friendly about it. It is a snakepit of anguish and despair, impacting millions of people each year.

By re-casting all familial issues into a mutated type of civil court action variously termed  “special proceedings”, and by radically recasting the concepts of just what a judicial court is, e.g., its procedures, discretions and evidentiary standards, the state had effectively done away with all the inconvenient and expensive due process and constitutional protections required in every other American court.

While retaining the traditional powers of a judicial court – enforcement, fines and imprisonment – none of the checks and balances against those powers were concomitantly retained. Expedience of process and the legitimization of raw state power was the goal.

In creating these special “People’s Courts”  – not-quite-criminal, not-quite-civil – dozens of  due process protections were sloughed away leaving a raw, grinning changeling in its place.

Domestic violence abuse is based on falsified science and enforced by unconstitutional family court. SAID: Sexual Allegations in Divorce is a potent weapon thanks to complicity of family courts. Debtor’s prison longer then a decade has been reinstated under the guise of "contempt of court".

Constitutional procedural protections against self-incrimination, right to an attorney, presumptions of innocence, right to jury were done away with.

Inviolable substantive rights to federal parenting guarantees, property and liberty, became optional concerns and subordinate to statutory directives. Legal financial obligations to others persons were created out of whole cloth and determined from the flimsiest allegations.

The rights to financial and medical privacy were extorted away, as was the Constitutional right to free travel.

Astonishing. Men can get deprived of their passports to prevent them from fleeing their indentured wage slavery. Fugitive slave laws are still in effect world wide: Robert Sand: ‘Most wanted deadbeat dad’ arrested in Thailand for owing millions to his slave owner wife.

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How feminists corrupt Domestic Violence research & warp world politics and legislation

The truth does not prevail. Not even in scientific research. What are the reasons, that the entire world, United Nations. the US government, European Union and many other nations often sincerely believe patently wrong fact? Then, in profound self deception, believing in politically correct falsehoods, patently unjust, wrong and detrimental laws get enacted.

Human-Stupidity is NOT an anti-feminist site per se. It just happens that feminism is based on systematic logical falsehoods. Human-Stupidity postulates that the evolutionary arms race gifted women with special verbal manipulation skills to offset male superiority in physical strength and economic power in the EEA.  We hesitate to mention other such falsehoods, because the anti-feminist men’s rights movement will disagree and hate us for our commitment to the truth in other fields tainted by political correctnessRace and iq, world economics, faulty or correct science, evolution, Creationism, irrational drug policy, child porn, teenage sexuality  are other topics where self deception, politically correct dogmatism causes rampant scientific dishonesty.

Our posts about Robert Kurzban‘s theory of hypocrisy, about, evolutionary psychology, faulty science, unhealthy lifestyle tend to get ignored. Interestingly, humor often tells the naked truth, like a court jester.

True to our motto: Human Stupidity: Irrationality, Self Deception we quote this excellent article:

How feminists corrupt Domestic Violence research

ostrichPlease read the original paper by distinguished academic researcher Dr. Murray Straus. We will cite only a few points:

Processes Explaining the Concealment and Distortion of Evidence on Gender Symmetry in Partner Violence

[…]Graham-Kevan’s paper raises the question of how an explanatory theory and treatment modality could have persisted for 30 years and still persists, despite hundreds of studies which provide evidence that PV has many causes, not just male-dominance. The answer is that it emerged from a convergence of a number of different historical and social factors. One of these is that gender symmetry in perpetration of partner violence is inconsistent with male predominance in almost all other crimes, especially violent crimes. Another is the greater injury rate suffered by female victims of PV brings female victimization to public attention much more often.

Cartoon_of_a_Woman_Slapping_a_Man_on_the_Cheek_clipart_imageDr. Murray Strauss omits the evolutionary based male chivalry and female victimhood as an instrument of power.

Methods Used to Conceal and Distort Evidence on Symmetry in Partner Violence

Method 1. Suppress Evidence

Among researchers not committed to that ideology, many (including me and some of my colleagues) have withheld results showing gender symmetry to avoid becoming victims of vitriolic denunciations and ostracism (see Method 7 below). Thus, many researchers have published only the data on male perpetrators or female victims, deliberately omitting data on female perpetrators and male victims

Method 2.  Avoid Obtaining Data Inconsistent with the Patriarchal Dominance Theory

In survey research, this method of concealment asks female participants about attacks by their male partners and avoids asking them if they had hit their male partner.

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Men ruined and destroyed by feminist legal system, driven to self immolation and murder

The modern legal system is set to transfer financial resources from men to women. It is stacked against men, in that most accusations of rape, sexual abuse, sexual harassment can instantly ruin a man who, by law, is presumed guilty unless proven innocent. We interview an "Extremist" who says feminist laws have perverted the legal and political system to an extent, that only a serious revolution can undo the damage.

A man, ruined beyond repair, by ex-wife and family court

Wayne Tippett has just two things of any real value left in his life: a 10-year-old car and a granite tombstone.

At 51, Tippett is broken, bankrupt and bunking in the guest room of his parents’ Burlington home after a divorce settlement that’s left him $75,000 in debt and racking up $1,000 more each month.

Today, he’ll appear in court at a default hearing to try to explain why he can’t afford to pay his ex-wife (the couple had no children) $3,300 a month, $16,000 in retroactive alimony and $42,000 of her court costs out of a complex case he himself still doesn’t understand. […]

Facing massive legal bills of his own, Tippett filed for bankruptcy and it was only later, he says, he discovered he’s still on the hook, under bankruptcy laws, for any payments related to the divorce case.
That’s left Tippett in arrears that are growing monthly, on the default list of Ontario’s controversial Family Responsibility Office and facing seizure of his driver’s licence, his passport and, in time, a possible jail sentence.  
Devastated by divorce court

Extremist: A good man, totally destroyed with absolutely no way out. In normal law, there is bankruptcy as a savior, and certainly debtor’s prison has been abolished long ago.
If you cornered a rat
Feminists manipulative control of the legal and family court system created a monster that subjugates men.  And this exists world wide. In Brazil, soccer players get arrested if they are behind paying US$ 30 000 per month to their ex-wives. No matter if the short-lived soccer career took a hit and his income tanked.

Men are a bunch of lambs that obediently go to slaughter. Like the Jews went to the gas chamber. But it is worse then the Jews in WW II. There is no country persecuted men can flee to and get asylum. Oppressed exploited wage enslaved men are not recognized as persecuted refugees.

800px-Boston_Tea_Party_Currier_coloredSuch men can either suffer the rest of their lives in poverty, in the Gulag jail of feminist dictatorship. Or they can act like men and fight back.

Such kind of dictatorship is why the US constitution guarantees the right to bear arms. If you are violated by the government, you have to stand up against the government. Feminist injustice is so deeply entrenched, a violent revolution might be the only solution. The Boston Tea party was for some small taxation issue, not total ruinous exploitation.

Women did their revolution, with female trickery. Manipulative language, whining complaints, male benevolent chivalry, and pure male manipulability removed due process, justice, constitutional rights and freedom. Men were no match for concerted manipulations perpetrated by feminists.

Mr. Tippet above is a prime example how the Land of the Free has become a medieval terror regime.

Men are repressed cradle to grave. In kindergarten and primary school, boys fall behind because female-only teaching staff gears school towards girl’s preferences and punishes boys for being boys. Female indoctrination continues through University, where a terror regime of sexual harassment laws stifles academic freedom and research. . 

Human-Stupidity: We do stress that we do not advocate violence. Men should use legal ways to fight for their freedom and human rights. 

But most men (or honest women) can understand the enormous hurt or rage that must be boiling in a man whose life got systematically destroyed, with absolutely no way out, by unjust cruel inhumane laws. The proper government, its courts and police are to blame for the unfair persecution  ( compare Mr. Emerson).

The problem is that there is no public consciousness about the problem of men’s rights. Radical feminists strongly influence governments world wide and basically own the United Nations. Feminists with their manipulative language and outright statistical lies have convinced governments, law makers, and the courts to make more and more exceptions to constitutionally guaranteed rights like due process. The book Heterophobia: Sexual Harassment and the Future of Feminism give quite a shocking impression.

What are the human rights of a person threatened by the unconstitutional dictatorship of the majority?  This is similar to the problem of a man condemned to death by stoning for apostasy from a legally constituted governmental court in Afghanistan. But there are governments opposing stoning for apostasy, but is not a single government in the world publicly opposing egregious human rights violations like debtor’s prison for fathers unable to pay child support, or supporting the freedom of an underage boy forced to pay child support to his female rapist. For a man whose life has been utterly destroyed, maybe the only "non-violent" protest is self-immolation as chosen by a man described below.


A man kills his kids, out of despair and anger for being ruined  by government powers, with absolutely no way out to get back a dignified life 
Feminists unhinge constitutional guarantees because women are "devastated" because of innuendo or compliments

In the week when one father murdered his four children, and another was jailed for life, Lorna Martin investigates the motives and twisted minds of the men Americans call ‘family annihilators’. Are they driven by hatred, revenge or mad, possessive love? […]

Jack was three and Nina four. He strangled them with a pyjama cord and wrapped their bodies in duvets, before placing them in a cellar. […] His body was found hours later at the foot of a block of flats

Fathers Who Kill their children | Angry Harry  //  Fathers Who Kill their children | The Guardian

Extremist: The Guardian does not understand the immense hurt, and rage, in a man whose entire life is totally destroyed by a selfish vengeful ex-wife. Lose your home, your money, your children, and be indentured slave for life to pay for the convenience of your ex wife. With absolutely no way out.  NO bankruptcy, he can not even flee to start a new life in Brazil, because they take away his passport and he will have a criminal and civil record.

None of this, of course, justifies killing the children. Even a terrorist should respect children. That is too low. Even killing his wife, while understandable, misses the real culprit. The legal family court system gives a woman all the power, and suggests to use and abuse that power.  A woman needs to have excellent character to resist the temptation to get free money and long time support, as the law offers her.

The real enemy is the law, the feminists who inspired these laws, the legal system, parliament. The lawyers and judges who make a livelihood torturing and robbing men. And the stupid men who let this happen.

So if he had to go on a shooting rampage, the lawyers, judges, and feminist authors that inspired this, would be more deserving targets then his immoral wife who just takes advantage of her legal, though unjust, rights to demand support or to unjustly accuse of sexual violence.


Again, we can not advocate killing and violence. Violence is not the way.

But some serious action is needed to galvanize the resistance, or shake men out of their stupor.

Interestingly, feminists have even devised psychological diagnoses (battered-women-syndrome) to justify premeditated murder of women who always had the option to simply walk away from the allegedly abusive relationship.

Compare this to the men in our examples, that have absolutely no way out to flee decade-long financial exploitation and ruin. Some have life sentences with payment obligations until death!

Men are tough. Mrs. Clinton stated that women are the main victims of war, because the lose brothers, husbands and sons. The maimed or killed men themselves seem to suffer much less then their women.

It is important to compare men’s life threatening troubles to women’s "sensitivities" about tiny inconveniences that elicit pity and support in chivalrous men and a huge legal apparatus to remedy:

  • Men getting their life destroyed, decades slave labor to pay monthly ransom to ex-wives is considered a trivial. coincidence.
  • Women getting a clumsy compliment or sexual innuendo, or objectifying gaze, get "devastated", "constantly traumatized, according to the Sexual Harassment Industry, which portrays a social scene where women who experience sexual harassment are "devastated," go through it process of "grieving," and if they are lucky, emerge as "survivors." For obvious reasons, SHI rhetoric maximizes the damage supposedly inflicted on them: Sympathy will be garnered, counseling provided, male wickedness confirmed, and women’s victimhood"  (Heterophobia)

    Self Immolation as extreme protest and as way out

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    Men ruined and destroyed by feminist legal system, driven to self …
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