Trayvon Martin, racial profiling, political correctness

Racial profiling 1  2 3 is illegal, in spite of clear proof that certain races commit multiple times more violent crime. But gender profiling is written into law (Violence against women act) in spite of proof that women resort to domestic violence just as much as men.

Stereotyping Certain Races as Having a Greater Propensity to Commit Crimes Is Absolutely Prohibited. Some have argued that overall discrepancies in crime rates among racial groups could justify using race as a factor in general traffic enforcement activities and would produce a greater number of arrests for non-traffic offenses (e.g., narcotics trafficking). We emphatically reject this view. It is patently unacceptable and thus prohibited under this guidance for federal law enforcement officers to engage in racial profiling.  4


travonmartin8_thumbOf course, ignoring common sense and inconvertible crime statistics are an impediment to police work. It violates the human rights of law abiding citizens by exposing them to more crime. And violates the human rights of old white ladies that needlessly get searched so police don’t look racially biased when searching young Arab or black men.

On the bright side, a German court recently acknowledged the right of police to search suspects by skin color, when on trains usually used by illegal immigrants.

Statistically, the black man with skittles and hoodie below has a 10-100 time greater chance of being a violent criminal then our two protesters above and aside. 6 

That suspicion, of course, would not warrant shooting a black man for his  skin color. But it might be justified to be more careful and to check him out. Even the politically correct protesters and even honest law abiding blacks would change to the other side of the street, were they to encounter a group of such black people. trayvonmartin11_thumb

Generations of blacks have now been told they are victims, whites are evil and blacks are entitled to free money, housing and everything else when very few blacks alive today have ever faced systematic discrimination. If they have faced discrimination it is because responsible blacks are grouped with the great many blacks in America that cause such tremendous crime and problems.

 If Whites are held responsible for actions committed by members of my race centuries ago [slavery], shouldn’t it be fair for law abiding Blacks to be held responsible for the black thugs and criminals? It’s simple logic but not so easy under the laws of political correctness.

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Trayvon Martin, racial profiling, political correctness
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Trayvon Martin, black rage and political correctness


Trayvon Martin was killed by neighborhood watch activist George Zimmermann. Police accepted Zimmermann’s claim of self defense. Now the political correctness crowd and the Black Rights movement latched on to the case and demand George Zimmermann’s arrest and conviction.  Unopposed and unpunished, the New Black Panther organisation has offered a bounty to hunt down Zimmermann for unnamed purposes. And there is an unspoken assumption that Trayvon would be justified to physically attack Zimmermann had he used any racial slur.

Was it Self Defense or not?

If Trayvon Martin seriously attacked George Zimmermann, then it was self defense. If Zimmermann approached and attacked Trayvon Martin, then it was not self defense.

We can not give the final answer to this question. In a few weeks we hopefully have forensic analysis of the 911 calls, of the Trayvon Martin’s body (to see if he has signs of having hit Zimmermann) and of Zimmermann’s injuries (if this proof has not been lost due to lack of initial police investigation), and of witness statements.

Initially we were quite convinced by Trayvon Martin FAQ that Trayvon did seriously attack Zimmermann. Also note Zimmermann made 40 police reports already, without ever shooting anyone.

But now a police video shows Zimmermann with no blood or visible injury.  Well, we hope (for Zimmermann’s sake) that there is a good explanation, that he got his wounds expertly treated before the video. We could say that if Zimmermann embellished the beating story, that still does not mean that he was not viciously attacked. Like fanatic feminists: "Yes Nafissatou Diallo told dozens of lies about the alleged rape, other rapes, immigration. This does not mean that she wasn’t raped by Dominque Strauss-Kahn"). But it would seriously undermine George Zimmermann’s credibility. If he is an over-zealous racist vigilante,  who shoots an innocent boy, let him get punished.

A few Pro-Trayvon press reports:

Maybe they both were no good? But, once more, we have no investment in either position. We want the TRUTH to be found.

Manipulative press reports due to political correctness?

We see elements of manipulation: seemingly 17 year old Trayvon Martin has only 3 year old photos where he looks like an inoffensive boy, while Zimmermann seems only to have a criminally looking mug shot. And why does no-one clarify Trayvon’s school suspensions (I have never been suspended in school. Have you?).

Justifying black violence

If Zimmermann followed Trayvon, if he, God beware even used the N word, then most people would take it for granted that Trayvon Martin had the right to whoop Zimmermann.

Using the N word is valid reason for serious beating (Video)

It is interesting, the black (?) commentators write that the white guy attacked with a broken bottle. I clearly see him as defensive in the video, trying to keep the black aggressors away from him and only breaking the bottle after being attacked by multiple attackers.

Typically, black violence is seen as justified against the historic white oppressor. (See the Rodney King case). Similarly, women that kill  2 3 4 or mutilate sleeping husbands are excused as acting in self defense, as victims of alleged violence. 

This rage is fed by political correctness ideology. Blacks are told that the reason for all black hardship lies in discrimination by the evil white man. This feeds the rage against the oppressor. If Black poverty and other disadvantages were attributed to their own behavior, their own lower iq and lower impulse control, they would not feel justified to lash back. The same hate is created in women when they believe the pay gap is due to patriarchal oppression and not to female choice, lower work hours, less risk.

Bounty to capture Zimmermann!? To lynch him?

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Trayvon Martin, black rage and political correctness
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Race a social construct? Pretty women weigh in on YouTube

Race a social construct? (Great race realistic documentation)

HeyRuka on Race

Cute girls that talk about important complex topics get lots of visitors at YouTube. Above you see a very intelligent girl that correctly demonstrates racial differences. Most of the votes she gets are negative. She also has lots of interesting texts linked at her YouTube video (click on "show more")

Racial Truth is not pleasant

Human Stupidity gets attacked by some of our friends for the race realistic issues. People think we have an axe to grind, to prove white supremacy. No. First of all, Asians are supremely intelligent. And second, Human-Stupidity stands for truth, no matter how unpopular. Like many race realists, we would love Blacks to as successful, rich, intelligent, and low crime as Asians.

May the US inner cities flourish, may Africa surpass Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. May African immigrants in Europe contribute to the advancement of physics and medicine and win Nobel prizes. The way Jews did.

Unfortunately, in spite of all well intent, this does not happen. See Affirmative Action injustice at Law Schools.

Mistaken arguments of race egalitarians

The next girl is not only pretty, she also has very interesting well founded opinions. But miserably fails on race and IQ issues. She is an example for the fallacy of politically correct thought. If you really know the topics, you can see the fallacies. If not, read my posts and the lengthy discussions about race and iq.

We are not racists, but …….. (Falling prey to fallacies and PC)


She posted lots of interesting links at YouTube

Walter E. Williams: How much can discrimination explain?

To recover from the diatribe, an intelligent Black making intelligent arguments.

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Race a social construct? Pretty women weigh in on YouTube
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Running skills are socially constructed and race is only skin deep?


Greyhounds are racing dogs. Sausage dogs (Dachshund) are labeled bad runners. Of course, this prejudice is socially constructed and has no foundation in rality. Race is only skin deep. From birth on, parents and dog owners are indoctrinated that they can not run well.. Remedial running classes and  sausage quotas in races are needed to right past discriminatory wrongs.


In reality, Sausage dogs are born with the same running capacity as greyhounds. Saying otherwise is racist.


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Running skills are socially constructed and race is only skin deep…
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Rushton Graves discussion about Race & IQ

In video 9, Rushton is extremely convincing and, sorry, Graves and others sound embarrassingly like fools. You could hear the spectators giggling about some of the contorted evasive answers. Race does not exist. Asked if they had 100 Chinese in a shower, 100 Kenyans in a shower, 100 Englishmen. Can they identify which is which? They still could somehow argue how they could not sort this out. EgalitarianJay, thank you very much for these videos. They are very informative. I will watch them all. From what I have seen so far, they make me much more certain in my conviction. If these arguments is all they can come up with, then there is no way to refute Rushton. I have a hard time how serious scientist can fudge and fumble like Rushton’s opponents and still be taken seriously.Asked about exactly our example Koreans or Africans adopted by white middle class parents, Graves had the balls to argue that they live in a different environment, because there is a societal expectation for blacks to underachieve. a) For someone who says "race does not exist" this is quite amazing. If they can not discern the different races, how can they discriminate? b) all these claims without scientific proof. Test your hypotheses scientifically, Dr. Graves. Is this just me who sees a University professor Rushton present clear research against a bunch of embarrassingly unscientific guys defending indefensible hypotheses?

Here is a playlist of the entire Rushton-Graves discussion about Race and IQ. Interesting summary of facing off the ideological opponents to Rushton’s theory. See all the videos in one piece here.

Accidentally, one video got in there from another discussion. I left it in, because it actually contributes to the discussion and is a refreshing variation. Rushton mentioned the temperament differences that make racial peace and acceptance difficult. I focussed too much on IQ. He explained that demands of cold winter required special planning, a new strategy that was not required before leaving Africa. The worst winters were in Africa

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Evolution, Intelligence, Behavior, Race.

This TV series about Race and Intelligence shows the facts pretty well. The authors are fairly open minded. In the end they trying to remain politically correct and find what they want to find: that there is no genetic basis, or that differences are only due to discrimination.


Race and Intelligence 1/7 por NzingahMorena


Race and Intelligence 2/7 por NzingahMorena
It is easily forgotten: Human-Stupidity is not really about the scientific discussion and solution of racial theories. We are most interested in unconsciousness, blindness, dogmatism.

We are watching how clear scientific statements by Jensen, Rushton are met with ire and pseudo-scientific rebuttals. Even Mr. James Watson, who is not a normal Nobel Prize winner, but considered one of the most prestigious of Nobel prize winners was destroyed when he dared to speak unpopular truths. Even he is so wrong, where are the scientific rebuttals instead of the ad hominem attacks?

We wish that the truth would be accepted, so the discussion would be based on the truth, not on wishful thinking. Further discussions are here:

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Evolution, Intelligence, Behavior, Race.
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Alexandra Wallace: "Asians in the Library". Political correctness hysteria

A private rant complaining about "hordes of Asians" chatting on cell phones in the University Library yielded a huge outcry by the political correctness police in press and University politics. The Alexandra Wallace was threatened with disciplinary action, and received death threats. The political correctness hordes are dangerous! Everyone has to step on eggshells and think carefully before uttering a sentence. Free speech be damned.

One lone blog defends the right to think and speak (UCLA Vilifies White Student For Thought Crime | Vdare)

  • In the politically correct outrage, nobody cares about what she said.
    • Do Asians have a tendency to talk in the college library? Why do library officials not interfere? After all, she is not complaining about breach of a formality (like wearing a turban) but rather about noise that objectively disturbs the ability to study. Is the library at fault not to take up disciplinary action for distubance of peace in library? Any sociologist or political scientist up to watching behavior at the library and doing an unbiased test of her contention? And even her observations are wrong, so what?
    • Do Asians tend to have the entire large family visit them on the weekends to cook and wash their laundry? This is an interesting observation. Again, even if she is wrong, why disciplinary threats and threats of violence against her.
  • Hate laws are problemetic restrictions to constitutionally guaranteed free speech. Initially they served a fairly noble cause, they were meant to prevent incitement of violence, lynching mob incitation and Adolf Hitler style rhetoric to beat up and kill Jews.  But being extended to any harmless uttering of a blonde student. failing to carefully select politically correct wording is troubling.
  • She was actually pretty careful to hedge what she said. But still not enough.
  • If she were an official of government, police or the University, maybe there would be a justification for using carefully selected wording. But an average citizen being vilified for some personal opinion which most likely is factually correct?
  • Human Stupidity has examples where political correctness has serious consequences. From not scanning people at airports (body scans are "child porn") to searching old white ladies in equal frequency as young muslim men, to restriction of academic research about child sexuality and racial differences.

U.C.L.A. Student’s Video Rant Against Asians Fuels Firestorm


[…] In the video, Ms. Wallace complains about Asian students in the school library using their cellphones to call family members after the tsunami in Japan. At one point, she mimics people speaking an Asian language.

“The problem is these hordes of Asian people that U.C.L.A. accepts into our school every single year, which is fine,” Ms. Wallace said in the video. “But if you’re going to come to U.C.L.A., then use American manners.” (NY Times)

Alexandra Wallace: Asians in the Library | Youtube movie

On Monday, U.C.L.A.’s chancellor, Gene Block, released a statement that deemed the video “thoughtless and hurtful” and called for a more civil discourse. Officials said the university was looking into possible disciplinary action against Ms. Wallace.
(NY Times)


Ms. Alexandra Wallace withdraws from University after being ostracised and threatened


Alexandra Wallace apologizes, announces she will no longer attend UCLA | Daily Bruin

The letter comes the day UCLA announced that it will not take action against Wallace for the video.

Below is Wallace’s full letter:

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Alexandra Wallace: "Asians in the Library". Political co…
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Walter E. Williams: How much can discrimination explain?

  • Does the American basketball league discriminate against whites? 70% of the players in the US basketball league are black!
  • How come, Jews, a discriminated group, earn 30% of US Nobel Prizes even though they are only 3% of the population?
  • If you see a tiger approaching you, do you stereotype the tiger and run? Or do you first try to find out about the individual tiger before you make a discriminatory decision?

A black professor can ask such questions. I wonder what would happen if a white professor asks such politically incorrect questions, Highly recommended, though long 53 minute speech.

NOTE for those interested in feminism and men’s rights:
similar arguments apply to feminist claims re. sex discrimination against females.

Walter E. Williams, (born 1936 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American economist, commentator, and academic. He is the John M Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University, as well as a syndicated columnist and author known for his libertarian views.

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Walter E. Williams: How much can discrimination explain?
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