Token "ghost" candidates fill women’s 30% quotas in Brazil’s municipal elections

In Brazil, political campaigns are in full swing for the upcoming municipal elections. Stupid laws, inspired by political correctness and feminism require parties to have at least 30 % female candidates. 1 2 3 4

‘Brazilians typical knack for circumventing laws found a brilliant solution to the dearth of females with qualifications and desire to run for office , They convince token women to pose as fake ghost-candidates. These fake female candidates pave the way so that male candidates that actually want to run for office are allowed to do so.

women-in-politics2"O Globo" newspaper reports:

These are the first elections where the mandatory 30% quota for women has been reached, with 30.74% of the candidates being women, compared to 21.37% in 2008.

Miraculously, women got more interested in becoming candidates. Or the patriarchy has stopped repressing women’s ambition towards political positions and thus women become liberated

But the numbers, that on one side are showing a change in the political climate of the country, might, in reality, be a strategy to bypass the law: "the use of fake women candidates: women who become candidates simply to fulfill the quotas.

The judge Murilo Kieling, responsible for the registration of candidates in Rio de Janeiro, confirms that the use of "fakes" might be a crime only if the person does not know that she is a candidate.

Frequently these women become candidates in reply to a political party’s request. They don’t even campaign. But a party that indicates a ‘ghost" candidate, a party member that is not even aware of her being a candidate, that party would be committing a crime.

Source: Na busca de votos, O Globo, Sept. 21, 2012

Human-Stupidity Analysis

In order to fulfill the 30% quota requirement, parties find "ghost" candidates, women that even don’t know they are candidates. Or at least women who know they are candidates but do not campaign.

Among the 18 candidates that got less then 40 votes in the 2010 state elections,17 were women.  3

These candidates don’t care about political posts, and nobody votes for them.

The article does not elaborate. Could it be that these women are eagerly burning to campaign and to win the election, But the patriarchy prevents them from campaigning.. But according to Occam’s razor, we should consider the simplest theory: there simply are not enough women interested in political dog fighting and campaigning. Political correctness, allied with feminism parts from false premises, that men and women are born equal and behave equally.

In order to allow the men who want to be candidates, token women (who don’t want to be candidates) have to be found, to fill the vacancies.

Isn’t it nice how Brazilians always find a "jeitinho", a trick how to get around stupid laws?

In the US, colleges, misplaced Title IX laws close down male intramural sports, wrestling, even football, because they cannot find enough women who want to be athletes. Would it not be great to have "token" couch potato female athletes, assured they would not be required to train. Just to allow men to do what they want, which is practice athletics.

Males are over-represented at the top, and at the bottom of almost everything

Read Warren Farrell on the wage gap. Study women’s lower performance in tennis, chess, snooker and, yes cooking.  The fact that women-led Michelin nominates only a minute number of women to one, two, or three star-dom is profoundly disturbing, considering that almost every woman cooks and much less men are ever active in the kitchen.

To right this wrong, should Michelin "voluntarily" give out stars to mediocre female cooks, just because they have a vagina?

Reaching justice and equality would require giving all 106  one and two star female cooks three stars. And finding 2500 unstarred women chefs and reward them with 1 or 2 Michelin stars, no matter how bad they cook.

One woman among the finest 106 three star restaurant chefs. Anne Sophie Pic was groomed by both a 3 star father and grandfather. Only 10 women overall earned stars, among approximately 2500 Michelin starred restaurants

Most woman in the world, but not many men, learn how to cook. So it can not be for lack of female practitioners. It is alleged, but in no way proven, that dearth of female practitioners is the cause of lack of female success in chess, snooker, darts. In tennis the reason is probably the lack of athletic prowess in women, which does not prevent women from earing more in Wimbledon tennis, and for getting promoted as firemen (ahem firefighters) with equal pay in spite of lowered standards in physical fitness which hampers woman’s capacity to lug victims out of harm’s way.

Anyone who can name a field where women out-do men in the very top echelon, please speak up in the comment
Source: cooking

We will see if women will out-perform men as chefs in the remote future.

720px-Normal_Distribution_PDF.svg_thMale variance is greater (genetically and behaviorally)

Evolution equipped men with larger variance on almost all traits like intelligence and math ability 2 3 4.

Roy Baumeister describes how  in the EEA almost all women, but only the top men procreated and had offspring. Adolescent males are thus pre-programmed to be daredevils, take high risks to make it to the top.

Men are also over-represented in prison and on death row, but feminists have not yet demanded equal rights and quotes on death row

Men (red curve in graph) are genetically programmed to take greater risks and are thus over-represented on the top (CEO, Nobel prize, world champions, and top cooks) and on the bottom (homeless, retarded, criminal). Compared to women (blue curve) that cluster towards the middle.

Quotas: inherently unjust

This is why quotas on the top are inherently unjust, in spite of the world’s politicians having been brain washed by feminist ideology. Interestingly, even in Norway, where women have mandatory 40% quotas on company boards, these board elect CEOs that are mostly male.

How come that no country has yet passed laws for quotas on death row, in prisons, among the homeless and work deaths?

Note that the president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff is a woman.

Making quotas work. an article defending quotas.

More political correctness in Brazil

Google exec detained in Brazil over YouTube case. Court orders Google to remove anti-Islam YouTube video

"Freedom of expression must not be confused with giving disproportionate and irresponsible offence, which can provoke serious consequences for society," al Bukai said.

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