Gorgeous 24 year old Meredith Powell rapes children, age 15-17, who begged to be raped

Children Adolescent boys traumatized by sex laws. Meredith Powell, a drop dead gorgeous, bubbly, friendly, young teacher flirted, kissed, gave blow jobs and maybe even more. Meredith Powell is every boy’s wet dream.

Meredith Powell, child rapist sexual predator

Legal System destroys the lives of boys and Meredith Powell

An anonymous person, deluded by feminist and religious conservative sex laws, or just jealous, turned their secret public. Now the young men’s private lives are under world wide scrutiny. They feel the guilt of being the cause of their teacher’s arrest.

Powell, who has taught in the Tacoma Public Schools district since 2012, was busted after district officials received an anonymous tip. They forwarded the tip to local police.

Police say the trysts began after a drunken Powell responded to a text from a former student one night, reports The News Tribune. The student told Powell he was “turned on thinking about her.”

The student took the initiative to be "raped". Yes, he wanted to be "raped" and be "traumatized"

She replied that “he was hot, too.”

That was unwise. But was it terribly traumatizing for the student? See [sexual predator] Meredith Powell Photos 

Apparently, and not surprisingly, the unnamed student then began making frequent visits to Powell’s classroom—so much so that his girlfriend grew jealous.

Here we probably have the anonymous caller. Jealousy. The only hurt person is his girl friend. And she had the power to take revenge and really hurt the rival. And her boy friend, too.

On Monday, the math teacher wrote a letter to the girlfriend apologizing for “promiscuous” and “unprofessional” text messages.

That, of course, was very dumb. Any admission of guilt. It seems that Meredith Powell just was a naive friendly woman. Unaware that any involvement with an extremely enthusiastic underage boy is RAPE because by some warped logic, he is unable to *consent 

It’s not clear how the other two male teenagers factor in but, according to the Mail, Powell admitted to engaging in oral sex and other sexual activities with the students at various times in the month of January.

Very unwise, indeed. She should have insisted on a lawyer, but probably was unaware of the seriousness of her crime. Her only hope is the "pussy pass", that women generally get much lower punishment then men, for the same sex crime.

The boys’ Trauma

Dan Voelpel, a spokesman for the Tacoma school district, told KIRO that the district will now offer counseling to any male teenagers who had sex with their 24-year-old female math teacher.

“We always reach out to any victims or alleged victims to find out what kinds of services and support they might need,” Voelpel explained. [Daily Caller]

The only counseling these guys need is how to overcome the trauma of

  • losing the teacher
  • being told that they suffered terrible trauma and are scarred for life
  • wanting another friendly flirt and fling
  • being the culprit that caused teacher to be punished
  • being in the center of attention
  • their private life being exposed
  • being OBLIGED to testify against their intimate friend

In short, these boys are traumatized by sex laws.


MRA Men’s Rights Movement conspires to traumatize boys and men

And yes, we believe that 16 year old girls also know what they are doing.

Even more so, because, as we know, women mature faster then men, and in all of world history, the marriage age for women was lower then for men.

And yes, the entire mra men’s rights movement gladly traumatizes the boys, and will demand even more punishment for Meredith Powell.

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  1. http://human-stupidity.com/stupid-dogma/teenage-sexuality/gorgeous-24-year-old-meredith-powell-rapes-children-age-15-17-who-begged-to-be-raped/comment-page-2#comment-583164
    E: “I don’t think you, or I, or Schopenbecq or 30yr old work by Piaget can dispute what MIT, Emory University & others have scientifically concluded.”

    I can: http://google.com/search?q=alysdexia+Giedd. These results were a forgery with IQ bias discarded. Not fully-developed brains are at the advantage of fully-developed brains.

    “Moreover, its not only a matter of physical brain maturity or emotional maturity, but also of life experience. Schopenbecq failed to address the fact that a 13yr old kid has no life experience. A 30yr old teacher has substantial life experience. Most 13yr old kids don’t know how the world works. Most 30yr old adults do. Again, its not age discrimination as it is a maturity and experiential issue.”

    How the world works on what? Peers, friends, media, and even parents can fill in any gaps that should concern them. It is that these are reluctant to teach than the latter is reluctant to learn.

    “In addition, Schopenbecq has failed to address the male-on-male issue. If we are truly for gender equality, then Jerry Sandusky (Penn State) and Catholic Priests would be free to do as they please.”

    Of course they would. But then they also should.

    “Many if not most of these pedophiles didn’t ‘forcibly’ rape adolescents & teenagers; they manipulated them, groomed them, then molested them.”

    These are not “kid-friends” but grownups; moreover friends do not molest. These were lagnephebia or lagnopædia (rapers of teens or kids).

    “This is the issue; why female predators are getting off more leniently than male predators. Nobody here has addressed that issue. Again, what would Schopenbecq do if a 300lb male teacher consensually laid on top of his 13yr old son?”

    Under consent by definition there is no predator, other than the law enforcement.
    laid -> lay

  2. Another cute female teacher getting away with what I consider quite severe and life changing punishment, but admittedly is not even 2% of what a male teacher would get for the same “crime”


    The link stems from http://www.avoiceformen.com/allnews/non-custodial-sentence-for-female-teacher-convicted-of-sex-crime-angers-local-community-double-standards-cited/

    where, in a comment, human-stupidity and the antifeminist are mentioned, of course very negatively.

    Just think about it you idiot. Why would nature give females the capacity to give birth years before they were physically ready for it (or for that matter, emotionally)?

    The best evolutionary explanations are:

    The girls are ready. For total reproductive success it would be better if they waited a little (not till 35, or 18) with getting pregnant, because pregnancy takes it toll at that age.

    If they are in bad life circumstances, then they better get pregnant soon, as they will not have a long life ahead. For example if they live in a Somalian Ghetto

    The mechanism to control this is a good family and strong father, who prevent her from getting pregnant immediately.

    So if dad watches his little daughter, she is not getting pregnant with 11, rather only at 15 when she is more mature.

    If stds are the problem regarding teen sex then we should be encouraging more virtual relationships, instead frightning girls off the internet with online predator hysteria.

    Fantastic point. Virtual sex is very safe sex.

    I know a girl who did that. At age 15 engaged in video cam sex with boys that jerked off to here nudity. She must be scarred for life. And no, I was not the other party, I know better to get proof of age first.

    Homosexuals are at far greater risk of aids and other stds. So surely we should be trying to prevent teenagers from adopting a homosexual lifestyle if not criminalizing homosexuality all together? Presumably, you agree with Putin’s law preventing homosexual propaganda to minors?

    None of us would dare to demand rough punishment for discrete private homosexuality.

    But the antifeminist alerted me to the fact that homosexuality is greatly privileged, compared to male heterosexuality.

    And, in fact, it is stunning that all world governments fight Putin, to force him to allow homosexual propaganda teaching to minors.

    I think “don’t ask, don’t tell” was about the correct point. Let them do in private what they want to do.

    Maybe Putin should counter and fight for the Human Rights of all American citizens imprisoned for sex with willing 17 year olds and willing adult prostitutes. I know, this will not happen.


  3. “@Schopenbeq, I let people like @E talk, because they express the (wrong) majority opinion. It is not just @E, rather entire sociology departments, women’s studies departments, the US congress, senate, presidency do exactly the same antiscientific crap.”

    Fair enough, but people like him are never going to be swayed by argument. He’ll just pull out another link to an e-how article written by some feminist sociology undergraduate as ‘evidence’ that he’s right to force victim label hundreds of thousands of children and teens (as ‘men’s rights’), and in doing so, condemn potentially millions of men as ‘sex offenders’ under feminist laws.

    To be honest, I think me pointing out to him that he’s a child abuser and a feminist probably gets under his skin a little more than linking to scientific studies.

    But I guess the hope is any intelligent, objective bystanders reading will hopefully see the stupidty of the majority position through discussions such as these, although I just wonder what minority of the human race fits into that category, let alone is reading this blog.

  4. @HS

    I’m not sure what you get out of having a feminist false flag MHRA child abuser dominating the comments section here, but it’s your site.

    If it’s a commitment to free speech, why don’t you allow E to write a guest article for you?

  5. @E You’re a joke. You refer to an E-How article as evidence that higher risk of harm for teen mothers is ‘indisputable’>???

    The idea that teen mothers health problems have anything to do with age rather than social circumstances has been widely debunked.

    Just think about it you idiot. Why would nature give females the capacity to give birth years before they were physically ready for it (or for that matter, emotionally)?

    If stds are the problem regarding teen sex then we should be encouraging more virtual relationships, instead frightning girls off the internet with online predator hysteria.

    Homosexuals are at far greater risk of aids and other stds. So surely we should be trying to prevent teenagers from adopting a homosexual lifestyle if not criminalizing homosexuality all together? Presumably, you agree with Putin’s law preventing homosexual propaganda to minors?

    And stop being a victim you pathetic mangina bitch, you are the one who started with rhetorical shaming language (don’t you care about children?’ etc).

    And you still haven’t answered the question. How can you possibly deny that you are a child abuser?

    Oh, and btw, AVoiceForBoys.com is still available. You might want to snap it up before one of the others does.

  6. @ Clarence: This is ‘E’. I just typed up a reply to your comments, and it appears I’ve been blocked by the Admin from posting more comments here. Guess my last post with lots of facts & studies that negated his position was too much(?).

    I gave you kudos for an articulate & well-written reply. Appreciate your thoughts.

    I’m not going to re-type my reply and since this debate is apparently coming to a premature end, thank you for the debate and information.

  7. E:

    The research I’ve seen states that it’s pregnancies at ages younger than 15 that tend to have health issues.

    I also stated that we could use more teen and young adult (prior to age 25) pregnancies -not just teen pregnancies- for the simple fact that the only reason that the US’s population was even remaining stable the past few decades is because of the fertility of illegal immigrants and a very few religious groups -mostly Mormons. The vast majority of the women in our society don’t reproduce at even replacement rates. The reason to want reproduction at the earlier ages is not only healthier babies and more energetic mommies but the fact that many women today honestly believe they can put off child rearing indefinitely, meanwhile female fertility starts to nosedive at roughly 29, and falls off a cliff after 35 even with assisted reproduction. There’s already a bit of grumbling from wannabe moms who suddenly find they can’t have kids, I look for this to become a virtual torrent over the next ten -fifteen years.
    Women aren’t freely ‘choosing’ to delay motherhood as long as they are – they are being lied to (more by omission than commission, NOW went ape-shit when one of the big fertility doc associations in the US started an education campaign) and the economic climate of the day is making it incumbent on them to be economic producers at a young age when I truly believe the majority of them would be happier as mothers.

    Now for your bullet list:

    1: I already said I’m in favor of some laws controlling that. Teacher student sex, for instance, and while it shouldn’t be treated as coercive rape if the evidence doesn’t go there , I’m perfectly fine with such shenanigans resulting in a lost position. The basic idea is that adult sexual partners would be held to ‘standard of care’ and if they violated that by, say, drugging or otherwise coercing their younger partner then they could be prosecuted criminally. But I am NOT of the opinion that age alone constitutes inherit coercion.
    2. Given that the experience of sex is not harmful and the potential consequences of sex are almost trivial these days EVEN IF for the sake of argument (which I don’t, I think you are way oversimplifying)I brought your argument , I’d argue two things. One we should help kids grow up because they ARE developing this cognitive ability and it needs to be guided preferrably by someone who knows what the fuck they are doing. And two, I don’t think it’s that important a consequential decision that teens (esp 15 plus for fucks sake) should be barred from making it.
    I must point out that in America, at least, we do try 12 year olds as adults when it comes to things like rape and esp murder. Let’s be consistent for once.

    3. What Jerry Sundusky did would be illegal under pretty much ANY legal regime even one that wasn’t hostile to not just the biologically normal adult/teen stuff but even the biologically ABNORMAL adult /child stuff. I don’t have to ‘think’ or ‘pause to consider’ that using force and drugs and other coercive methods was wrong, and I also don’t have to worry that the law in the say, 1970’s would have made was JS legal, because it wouldn’t.

    4. Can be dismissed as a concern. And even if was a legit concern one (which it is not) one could resort to things like ‘shot gun marriage’ or even ‘child support’ – hey, wait, I thought they do that already .

    5. I have no reason to believe this is a real concern of any consequence. And some people never outgrow these ‘psychological needs’ but nonetheless live a happy life regardless.

    A. I don’t differentiate based on sex.
    B. The age of consent in Britain was 16 for nearly a hundred years. It’s not MRA’s who’ve messed with this and increasingly imprisoned, punished, and vilified people for sexual behavior that was perfectly normal over the vast space and time of human history. It was 14 for probably a few hundred years before that because they were relying on signs of sexual development. It was feminists and Victorians who originally raised the AOC back in the 1880’s (and the same type of people in the US), they also decided they were going to criminalize being gay. Most MRA’s and people like me would rather scientists write these laws and then moral busybodies and the state can get their damn noses out of everyone’s business. It is fucking ironic that in an age where sex has never been linked less to disease or reproduction- or hell EVEN with the rise of Social Media – social shaming, that penalties for sex within families, within workplaces, and between people whose only crime is of being of different ages should be so harshly criminalized and penalized. And don’t even get me started on the insanity of treating drawings of children or naked pics of children worse than for actually sexually or physically abusing them. Someone has a fucking power fetish, and it sure as hell ain’t skeptics or people in the MRM.
    C. I’m not sure I should even answer that question as in the unlikely event I’m ever accused of child sexual abuse or I’m in a nasty custody battle some lawyer somewhere is already going to hold this conversation against me. But I’ll answer anyway: No, it wouldn’t bother me as much as if there was actual coercion involved. I wouldn’t mind prosecuting the teacher for professional reasons but I wouldn’t want him treated like a rapist and sent away for many years. Now what if he wasn’t a teacher? Then it would bother me even less. My only legitimate concerns would be coercion and disease.

    My position isn’t fully the same as either The Anti-feminists nor Human Stupidity’s and I neither answer for them nor they for me. We all mostly agree on most AOC stuff but even then I can’t support the idea of NO AOC (and I doubt I’ll see any data in my lifetime that will make it a matter of intellectual integrity to change my mind), and there are many other areas where there are some quite active disagreements.

  8. @Admin: You brought up child pornography not I. You indicate its a good alternative to adult-on-minor sex. I thought adult-on-minor sex was healthy, normal & good? Why would you suggest a substitute to something that is healthy, normal & good? You’re contradicting yourself. More inconsistency.

    You didn’t provide any links for Milton Diamond research. Please provide & I’ll be glad to look at it. However, note that Milton Diamond’s other research supports the fact that homosexual men & women are born that way & it has nothing to do with personal choice. Milton Diamond supports homosexuals & their way of life. I only mention this b/c it contradicts your friend Schopenbecq’s homophobic fear & paranoid position. Which again, indicates Schopenbecq may be a closet homosexual. That’s fine with me, I accept him for who he is just as Milton Diamond would. I agree with Milton Diamond on this matter of Schopenbeqc!

    There are dozens of studies, research, literature by Universities, Conservative Groups, Gov’ts, and others that indicate higher sexual violence with higher consumption of pornography:

    (conservative) http://www.strengthenthefamily.net/is_there_proof.php
    (conservative) http://touchstonemag.com/merecomments/2013/09/castro-wages-porn-nordic-hotels/

    In fact, some of your studies you are citing are possibly using skewed statistics (self-fulfilling prophecy):


    “One of the studies frequently cited by pornographers is a Dutch study done by Kutchinsky alleging that the number of reported sex crimes dropped after legalization of pornography. His theory was that the availability of pornography siphons off dangerous sex impulses. But when the data for his “safety valve” theory were further evaluated, it was found that he lumped together voyeurism and homosexuality (which police stopped reporting after legalization) with rapes (which actually increased in number).”

    FBI Statistics clearly show a correlation between child pornography & pedophilic sexual assaults, and serial killer/rapist behavior:


    “Police officers have seen the impact pornography has had on serial murderers. In fact, pornography consumption is one of the most common profile characteristics of serial murderers and rapists.

    In his introduction to a reprint of the Final Report of the Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography, columnist Michael McManus noted that the FBI interviewed two dozen sex murderers in prison who had killed multiple numbers of times. Some eighty-one percent said their biggest sexual interest was in reading pornography. They acted out sex fantasies on real people. For example, Arthur Gary Bishop, convicted of sexually abusing and killing five young boys said, `If pornographic material would have been unavailable to me in my early states, it is most probable that my sexual activities would not have escalated to the degree they did.’ He said pornography’s impact on him was `devastating. . . . I am a homosexual pedophile convicted of murder, and pornography was a determining factor in my downfall.'”

    “Dr. James Dobson interviewed Ted Bundy, one of this nation’s most notorious serial killers, on the day before his execution. Ted Bundy said that the “most damaging kinds of pornography are those that involve violence and sexual violence. Because the wedding of those two forces, as I know only too well, brings about behavior that is just, just too terrible to describe.”

    These are not feminazi, liberal/pc people. These are conservative groups & writers as well and FBI statistics. James Dobson, whatever you think of him, is anti-feminist & very conservative. I’m sorry to have dismantled your argument for child pornography here.

    Getting back to the subject, adult-on-minor sex. I provided links from the United Nations that shows global statistics for 100 countries. This comprehensive information shows the younger a person begins sexual activity, the higher risk/rate of HIV & other STD infection. This is a fact. Please read the study. This in itself should be consideration in refraining from sexual activity at a young age.

    Your supporter Clarence states that there are not enough teen pregnancies. Teen pregnancy carries higher risks such as high blood pressure, premature birth, and low birth weight. This is biological science and indisputable. Yet your supporters want this. Its detrimental to society.


    80% of teen moms are on public assistance of some kind. Is this good for our economy & society? I don’t want to support these young mothers with tax money.



    Okay so I’m showing you multiple links with FBI stats, crime stats, conservative and liberal groups alike.

    I know you want to try to invalidate my opinion like Schopenbecq, using the anti-feminist rhetoric & hostile accusations of homosexuality. Its not working though. I hate feminists. I’ve suffered at their hands. If a feminist happens to agree with me on a particular subject, doesn’t make me a feminist. Feminists are against bank robbers too. Assuming you are against bank robbery (or whatever thing you may be against), that doesn’t make you a feminist. I don’t need to attack you personally, I’m just providing facts to support my view.

    1. milton diamond

      My interest in child sexuality is only to point out that research shows it is not as terrible as it is made out to be. Under today’s witch hunt circumstances, it certainly will turn traumatic for everyone involved.

      I would want to focus on adolescent sexuality, which seems very natural, and of course, can cause problems, like sexuality at any age. So there is no contradiction. Milton Diamond also showed that over 18 porn availability reduces sex crimes in general. Most men can never get as much sex as they want.

    2. In today’s PC terror climate in Universities, no sound academic will present results that get him ostracized and dismissed. So all such research has to be taken with a grain of salt. And frankly, I don’t have the time to try to debunk all such research.

      Pregnancy at too young an age is detrimental, yes. And many moms don’t have the finances and psychological conditions to take care of a child. Maybe you want to make it illegal to become pregnant, or make pregnant anyone who is not able to take good care of a child. At any age.

      Non-reproductive sex can thus be safely enjoyed.

      You know that older women also have complications with pregnancy. Maybe you want to put a upper age of consent to protect these women. Make it a felony to have sex with any woman over 42 years.

  9. @E, would you bother to follow the Milton Diamond links, to my article, to his original research.

    Could data sway you and change your conviction?

    a) @E will read several original Milton Diamond research reports, together with literature on the Rind study, be convinced and join us in our quest

    b) @E will study all this and cite some idiotic PC studies that falsely claim to debunk these studies

    c) @E will study this and come up with serious scientific concerns and doubt of these studies

    e) @E will not need to read any of these studies because he knows that these guys are all pedophiles and their studies are wrong.

  10. @E: You can show that all drug addicts started with Coca Cola (or Pepsi Cola).

    Political correctness justifies such unqualified statements as yours. They totally ignore serious academic research, that uses strict research methods. Milton Diamond watched crime statistics in half a dozen countries at periods when they made child pornography legal, or illegal. He compared the development of crime statistics regarding child sex abuse, and also other crimes.

    This is serious science, profound methodic research.
    PC ideology allows to keep sputtering such nonsense that has been scientifically disproven.

    @Schopenbeq, I let people like @E talk, because they express the (wrong) majority opinion. It is not just @E, rather entire sociology departments, women’s studies departments, the US congress, senate, presidency do exactly the same antiscientific crap.

    Please read my series on Thilo Sarrazin, he was surprised that no-one disproved his book on his data and merit. Rather, they disqualified him as racist, as inhumane, as Nazi, and then could proudly declare that they don’t need to read his books

  11. @Admin: Many studies & interviews with sexual predators of underage children, and also sexual predators of adults, many of them got their start with pornography. Saying that the availability of child pornography helps keep pedophiles hands off children is like saying blood in the water satiates a shark’s hunger and keeps it from biting you. It doesn’t make sense & its not what the predators themselves say.

  12. Since basically none of the commenters here are able to provide some facts or statistics, here are a few:

    Sex before the age of 15 years and among partners where there is a large age difference may increase the risk of HIV transmission.1 2 Governments can, to some extent, reduce the risk of HIV infection among young people by ensuring the age of consent for sex, and also marriage, is not too low.
    1. UNAIDS (2010) ‘UNAIDS Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic’
    2. UNICEF (2011) ‘Opportunity in Crisis: Preventing HIV from early adolescence to young adulthood’

    Yemen the age of consent is 9…and in Saudi Arabia there is no law/min. age. Gee lets be like those countries.

    Schopenbecq, the U.S. does NOT have the highest teen pregnancy rate in the world. Africa has that title. Do your homework. I can’t keep carrying you like this. Japan’s low rate of teen pregnancy is b/c of very strong family bonds, it has nothing to do with age of consent. You really think lower AOC will lower teen pregnancy? More sex will mean less babies? It usually doesn’t work that way. Sweet Jesus you are an idiot of epic proportion. Please, keep writing you’re helping my cause!

  13. Schopenbecq, you’re a goof. Still didn’t answer my question. The more you jibber-jabber, the more you prove my point. Please, keep writing lol. Love it.

  14. @Jack – those are your words, not mine. Cognitive development is the issue. You wouldn’t call a 2yr old baby dumb would you? No, because the baby isn’t developed. So why do you call a 12 or 14yr old dumb for lack of development. Sorry you feel teenagers are dumb.

  15. @E: your opinions are quite valid as to how to watch for your own kid.

    I don’t see, though, how they require enormous heavy handed government intervention, more effort then fighting bank robbers and vicious street gang assaults on innocent people. And more vigor then fighting child obesity crippling millions of children.

    On the other hand, immature 40 year olds still would need legal protection from their own stupid decision.

    I wonder who protects them from their decision to have children they are unable to rear appropriately.

  16. And again, you refuse to answer my question. All respected science strongly suggests that the only real harm involved in ‘adults’ having sex with teenagers is the societal reaction and shaming of the act and subsequent victim labelling. You wish to force the victim label upon thousands of boys for having willing sex, knowing that apart from feminist gender theory and pseudoscience, you are the only one causing harm to those boys through victim labelling.

    So how can you deceive yourself and pretend that you are not a child abuser?

    This point needs to be driven home, constantly.

    Sex hysteria and sex laws cause trauma to children

    Add to this the proven fact that available child porn helps real pedophiles to keep their fingers off real children, and we see the unintended tragic side effects of the entire child and adolescent child sex hysteria

  17. “If a 300lb male teacher stuck his dick up your 13yr old son’s ass, albeit consensually, you’d kill the dude. If a 120lb female teacher stuck her finger up your son’s ass, consensually, you’d congratulate him. You’re the one who takes the woman’s side here. What an idiot.”

    You’re actually directing this question at me you disgusting child abusing moron?

    Actually I’ve made clear many time at my site that females SHOULD recieve the very same punishments as men.

    But it does sound the way you’ve put that question that you seem to be more opposed to ‘discrimination’ against homosexuals rather than misandry against men.

    This is MENS RIGHTS site, not a homosexual mens human rights site or whatever the fuck you’re calling yourselves these days.

    “I can’t believe we are discussing adult sex with minors”.

    Now, that’s odd. Because Avoiceformen and such like regularly discuss rape etc. Why is it o.k to discuss feminist definitions of rape but not feminist definitions of statutory rape.

    And again, you refuse to answer my question. All respected science strongly sugggests that the only real harm involved in ‘adults’ having sex with teenagers is the societal reaction and shaming of the act and subsequent victim labelling. You wish to force the victim label upon thousands of boys for having willing sex, knowing that apart from feminist gender theory and psuedoscience, you are the only one causing harm to those boys through victim labelling.

    So how can you decieve yourself and pretend that you are not a child abuser?

    How do you sleep at night?

  18. ” I don’t know but I don’t know that we can correlate AOC directly to lower teen pregnancies. Let me know what you find on stats would be interested to see.”

    Well I know and I know that the USA is one of a handful of countries in the world where the age of consent in 18, and the USA has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the world, wheras Japan has an age of consent of 13, and has the lowest teen pregnancy rate in the world (also one of the lowest child rape statistics – when a Japanese girl gets raped, it’s usually by an American paedocrite serviceman stationed there).

    BTW, I don’t hate homosexuals, but I do think you’re a homosexual child abuser. That is, I think you’re a homosexual, and I know you’re a child abuser.

  19. @Jack: I don’t know the statistics of unwanted pregnancies in minors in other countries. Clarence has introduced the pregnancy issue into this discussion so I’ll let you guys bring some stats on it.

    However, I think in many other countries children aren’t as spoiled, lazy & coddled as they are here in the U.S. We truly have a unique culture/society, with many pros & cons. I think other countries instill responsibility & work ethic at younger ages than we do. Perhaps its the value system rather an AOC question(?). I don’t know but I don’t know that we can correlate AOC directly to lower teen pregnancies. Let me know what you find on stats would be interested to see.

  20. @Clarence. We don’t have enough teen pregnancy? You’re kidding me. I don’t even need to reply to that one.

    I didn’t know that antibiotics were used as contraception. There is some information out there that antibiotics can INTERFERE with contraception pills. You may want to research a bit more as its beyond the scope of my argument here.

    I do know that hormonal pills are used and yes, barrier devices. There are also thousands of couples who had ‘oops’ and got pregnant anyway. Nothing is 100%. And condoms are the only fairly effective way of preventing STDs. STDs yet another part of the ‘Pandora’s Box’ I refer to.

    I struggle to see how you cannot see the problem with adult-on-minor sex. I’ve mentioned numerous times the problems it can cause, but will rehash again:

    1) Adults in authority positions can easily take advantage of younger people. Teachers, priests, doctors. The kids are captive audiences and subject to obeying these authority figures’ commands. That’s quite an ethical dilemma. Would you mind if your daughter’s gynecologist laid her albeit consensually?

    2) Cognitive Ability. Although there is dispute here between me and Eric, there is a lot of evidence showing that even if sexually mature, most young kids & adolescents are not cognitively mature and do not make good executive decisions. Again, this is why we don’t allow minors to drink, possess firearms, etc. Kids are infamous for being impulsive, not having good life experience or skills, and regretting their decisions later. Us adults are bad enough but kids even worse.

    3) Jerry Sandusky. He was neither a priest nor a teacher. Yet, what he did to dozens or hundreds of minors would be allowed under your scenario. I would think this in itself would cause you to pause.

    4) Unwanted pregnancies. I addressed this in my first paragraph here.

    5) Coercion/Manipulation. Many kids are looking for a father/mother figure and can be easily taken advantage of. Yes, it may be sexually pleasurable, but in the long term, is losing their virginity to someone old enough to be their parent good for them? We enter the ‘psychological’ realm here but its food for thought.

    6) Inconsistency:
    A) There are a few here that relish the sex scenario of young boy with hot older female teacher. But, such as Schopenbecq, when it comes to young boy with not-so-hot male teacher, then its not okay. That’s a feminist position. Protecting female teachers but not male teachers for the same behavior is as feminist as it gets.

    B) Consent age. Eric indicated that info out there kids can make adult decisions by age 10 or 11. Others say 13…others say 15 or 17. So there is a lot of inconsistency about age of consent, whats legal, when its legal, when its not. I guess if there is going to be support for this movement, someone somewhere should figure out these things. Otherwise, its a Pandoras Box, aka Can of Worms.

    C) I’ve yet to get a direct answer from anyone here. If it were your son being sodomized, consensually, by a 40yr old male teacher, would that be okay with you? What if it were a 300lb overweight female teacher? Would you be happy for him that he lost his virginity that way? This is not a shaming question, again, I’m trying to frame this in a personal context. It sure changes things when its your own kid. No one here has answered this yet.

    ‘C’ is not a ‘shaming question’ and it differs from feminist rhetoric “What if it were your daughter/mother/sister?” because I’m asking what if it were your son with a male teacher? If you guys are going to support this, at least be consistent on it and protect the gay male teacher or gay female teacher.

    My position is consistent even though you disagree with it, you know what you’re disagreeing with. I’m not sure what the movement entails b/c there is no consensus on consent age, there is no consensus on homosexual situations, no consensus on figures of authority. Clarence you’re now injecting even more inconsistency saying make it illegal if the minor gets pregnant. Do others in this movement agree? If so, your argument of legality depends on whether that Trojan breaks or not or if that 14yr girl forgets to take her pill, the adult goes to jail. It doesn’t make sense that its a crime if your condom breaks.

  21. Don’t countries with lower ages of consent generally have lower rates of teen pregnancy and sex crimes? Correlation doesn’t always mean causation though in this case it makes sense.

    I imagine countries with lower AOCs have more liberal, open attitudes towards sex that make it easier for adolescents to learn about safe sex and lead to a generally healthier perception of sex. Countries with high AOCs are generally more prudish and sexually repressive. People’s sexual desires are more likely to become perverted and young people will have a harder time learning about safe sex.

  22. E:
    What “Pandora’s Box” are you talking about?
    Have you forgotten about abortion and widespread birth control?
    Have you forgotten about antibiotics and all sorts of barrier methods for contraception on the part of both male and female?
    Heck, if you were worried about ‘teen pregnancy’ (which, 15 to 24 is probably max fertility in women and I rather think we don’t have enough ‘teen’ or younger woman pregnancy)you could simply make it a crime to impregnate a female below the age of marriage, whatever that was in the State in question. Or you could make it a crime to impregnate a woman, not your wife, under the age of 20.

    I do struggle to see what your worry is. People that go after sexually developed people don’t tend to suddenly switch their tastes to prepubescents.

  23. “They are not adults, a 14yr old (usually) just doesn’t get it. They don’t know the adult world and the games & manipulation adults play.”

    Actually, many “sheltered” adults are not “street wise.” They don’t know the Satanic world and the games & manipulation street-wise TEENS play. I was/am one of them.

    Innocent adults also need protection from the savages of this world – regardless of age.

  24. @Clarence. Agree with your first paragraph entirely. I’m 44 and also see the growth of the Police State. As I mentioned earlier, we lock up pot smokers & tax cheats for years, yet let violent criminals out on parole after serving half their sentence.

    That’s because the entire legal system is Big Business (crime, marriage, divorce, child issues, adoption, etc.). Its an adversarial system designed to increase inter & intra familial conflict, thereby increasing job security for those who make money off the misery of society – judges, lawyers, penal officers, police, and so on.

    Part of my problem with some other commenters is, they are supporting a feminist position. They want protection for a female teacher who has sex with underage kids, but, won’t protect a male teacher who has sex with underage kids (heterosexual or homosexual). I find it incredible that self-described MRAs take this inconsistent & hypocritical position.

    Part of my issue too is do we want to condone 13yr olds becoming sexually active and/or promiscuous? Teaching & education are fine, but especially in our market-oriented, self-gratifying & ‘instant pleasure’ society, its a recipe for disaster. By the time the kid turns 20yr they may have had 10 or more sexual partners. Again, in generations past (100 yrs or 1000yrs) adults having sex with minors often entailed a family agreement, a socially binding contract, and a permanent relationship. So even if the minor was sexually mature enough to engage in this, they had ‘backup’ and ‘guarantees’ they wouldn’t just be used as sexual toys and tossed away. This my friend can be potentially damaging to a very young person being used like that. It is hurtful and these adolescents are still developing mentally and cognitively.

    They are not adults, a 14yr old (usually) just doesn’t get it. They don’t know the adult world and the games & manipulation adults play. That’s why Catholic Priests have been so successful for decades. In addition, we want 13, 14, 15yr old kids to respect adults and authority…do what they’re told to do, obey (our hugely conformist society)…which again lends to potential for abuse by adults.

    I do agree there are differences between a true pedophile, and someone who just happened to have sex with an underage person. Big difference. As mentioned earlier, the corrupt legal system doesn’t distinguish important details or facts…they just want convictions & to lock people up b/c its a business that people are making big money on and lots of power to be had.

    Nonetheless, it just doesn’t make sense to open a Pandora’s box and legalize adult-on-minor sex. You know darn well that’s a pedophile’s dream and we would probably also see a rash of underage pregnancies which is the last thing we need.

  25. E:

    Well, that’s the problem, now, isn’t it?
    We don’t help teens grow up. We ignore and leave them to their own devices for 5 years. Where often (esp in US High Schools) they build their own “Lord of the Flies” level society based strictly on popularity. Then, while claiming to ‘protect’ them we let them loose at 18 with no guidance and with the Draconian laws of an ever expanding police state (sorry, but I’m 42 and the US today is far, far less free in terms of laws and social expectations than when I was a boy/teen)ready to fall on their heads.

    I don’t have a problem with holder older lovers to a higher legal standard when it comes to consensual sex with sexually developed teens – preferrably they could teach a teen about good sexual ethics and health practices- so penalize alcohol use, penalize adults who abuse positions of actual authority (teachers etc). But don’t be stupid about it and pretend that consensual sex with teens is impossible.

    As far as Age of Consent in general, I don’t have a problem with applying it to prepubescent children because I have never seen a single indication that sex with them is natural in any way, shape, or form, and though Human Stupidity uses the rather (for political reasons if nothing else) sparse research on sexual activity with them to try to show a lack of harm in fact, for evolutionary reasons, it wouldn’t surprise me if farther research (assuming that ever gets done) does show a harmful effect over and above any violence or social stigma (telling a kid they are ‘ruined for life’ due to any kind of sex is just so wrong) they already encounter from our legal and social systems in that regard.

  26. Thanks Jack. Although I disagree with you, I appreciate your candor & the lack of hostility.

    Nature may have(?) intended sexual activity at younger ages, b/c our general life expectancy was around 45yrs or so. Essentially, they had to ‘hurry up’ and make families b/c by age 30, you were relatively old. As also mentioned, older men mating with younger women entailed a lot of family involvement, a socially binding contract for him to provide for her, and a permanent relationship. These days, older men seek younger boys & girls as purely sexual toys. As a society, do we want to condone this? Is this good for our kids and for our society? I just don’t feel it is, generally speaking.

    People regularly live into their 90s now. So generally as a society, we ‘agree’ (use that term loosely) its better to wait to procreate so one can finish education, gain some life experience, college, begin a career, etc. As our life expectancy has lengthened, our lives have become infinitely more complicated & complex. We are more emotional & sensitive than ever…but yet also more technologically advanced as ever. There are pro’s and con’s to all of this of course.

    I feel unless children are given significant amount of work, responsibility, etc. at early age, they’re just not well trained to make this type of decision either. Most children aren’t allowed to drink alcohol, handle firearms, or drive a car. And I feel kids should be given more responsibility b/c it builds character, and good character usually leads to good decisions in life. So I do agree with the commentators that our kids have been infantilized to a great degree & are lacking in common sense & responsibility. However, I don’t know if legalizing adult-to-child sex is going to really solve any problems especially since these kids are less responsible & more infantilized. I mean, sexual predators are able to manipulate adults. Its all the more easy for them to do so with children IMO.

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