Age of Consent and the Demonization of Normal Male Sexuality

Which brings me to a larger issue. What the fuck is up with statutory rape? It’s a joke law made up by joke legislators without a scintilla of real world experience with women. Am I supposed to request age identification from every full-bodied young woman who comes onto me? There are 13 year olds out there who look like grown women. At the borderline of 16 to 18 years old, many women could easily pass for mid to late 20s. It is well known by neuroscientists and psychologists studying these things that women mature faster than men. Women’s brains gel into adult-shaped contours sooner. A full breasted and wide-hipped 17 year old hottie who flirts with me knows exactly what she is doing and what she wants. She is no child to be coddled. And yet, I could be thrown in jail if I slept with her assuming she was an older girl, even if it was something we both consensually desired.

This is abject bullshit. The law makes it a necessity to demand age identification with every young woman a man might want to fuck who could conceivably pass for a teenager. This means background checks on women in their 20s. And what about women who lie? They exist, lots of them. Is a statutory rape charge for the man the just response — the *fair* response — to a lying woman who wanted the sex as much as he?

It’s time to end the charade of statutory rape. If the “underage” woman is physically developed, and she consents to the sex, there is no rape charge, period. For chrissakes, there are 14 year olds in parts of the world getting married off and pumping out children of their own.

– Roissy,

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Age of Consent and the Demonization of Normal Male Sexuality
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French presidential election was decided by Nafissatou Diallo. And by feminist rape and harassment laws

hollande-strauss-kahnSocialist Hollande triumphs in French presidential poll, thanks to Nafissatou Diallo and feminist rape and harassment laws. Hollande had already declared he would run against Strauss-Kahn in the Socialist primary race last year when Strauss-Kahn’s political career was cut short by allegations he had assaulted and attempted to rape the New York hotel worker Nafissatou Diallo. Charges against Strauss-Kahn were eventually dropped, with prosecutors citing "substantial credibility issues" with the alleged victim. 1

Nafissatou Diallo had accused Dominique Strauss-Kahn of rape. Feminist pressure ahs dismantled due process specifically in rape accusations. So Dominique Strauss-Kahn was imprisoned upon a mere unproven and uncorroborated accusation. Were he a mere mortal without a million dollar dream team of lawyers, investigators, and bail payments, he probably would not have escaped and spend decades in prison. But still, his career was over. Thanks to this unproven accusation by Nafissatou Diallo, a proven liar and embezzler. Add to this some other accusations of improper and somewhat aggressive pursuit of women. Such harassment laws, also espoused by feminists, protect women from the terrible trauma of being pursued with too much zeal by men.

Nafissatou-Diallo-menteuseHuman-Stupidity keeps wondering why feminism is not about female empowerment, about finding the inner strength so they could deal with verbal behavior without needing protection of a police state.

Were it not for Nafissatou Diallo, and feminist rape and harassment legislation, Strauss Kahn would have remained his party’s favorite and is likely to have been in the race and might have become French president. Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s arrest paved the way for a goal that had long eluded the political career of 57-year-old French Socialist François Hollande: to square off against President Nicolas Sarkozy in next month’s election. The international monetary fund got a different chief with different policy regarding the Euro. A hedge fund manager could have made Billions had he foreseen Strauss-Kahn‘s arrest and the subsequent fluctuations of the exchange rate.  Many powerful men have been marred and destroyed by women’s allegations.

"Objectifying gaze" makes helpless women lose math ability. Feminist researchers want to persecute men, not empower women

"Objectifying gaze" (ogling women’s breasts) causes women to helplessly lose their math abilities and get significantly lower math test results. Women who suffer through an objectifying gaze perform worse on math tasks right afterwards. But, interestingly, they are also more willing to accept an invitation by the "perpetrator" of the gaze.

Such findings yielded Feminist research psychologist Professor Dr. Sarah J. Gervais from the University of Nebraska a coveted feminist prize: the Georgia Babladelis Best Paper Award, Psychology of Women (division 35 of the American Psychological   Association), 2010-2011. 

Women Can’t Think When You’re Looking At Our Tits

A blogger’s refreshingly short summary of Dr. Gervais’ research.

Maybe women’s psyche needs to be empowered, so their intelligence does not get derailed by a simple short ogling stare. Empowering women, of course, is not the goal of feminist study. Rather, new laws are needed to further punish and curtail male behavior. Harassment laws already severely restrict free speech at the work place (Freedom of Speech and Appellate Review in Workplace Harassment Cases)

Video showing Objectifying Gaze Research and an interview

Compare  a very insightful Sexual Harassment spoof on YouTube.

Original Research paper

Gervais, S. J. Vescio, T. K., & Allen, J. (in press).  When what you see is what you get:  The consequences of the objectifying gaze for men and women.  Psychology of Women Quarterly. (abstract, entire pdf)

Winner: Georgia Babladelis Best Paper Award, Psychology of Women (division 35 of the American Psychological   Association), 2010-2011.

Human-Stupidity Analysis

Professor Sarah Gervais’ Subtle Prejudice Lab analyzes subtle prejudice against women while engaging in serious prejudice against men (who need control and punishment) and women (who need protective laws instead of empowerment)

Download objectifying gaze research video with Dr. Gervais

Why women who are ogled at work do not perform as well in the office

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"Objectifying gaze" makes helpless women lose math abili…
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Sexual harassment is in the eye of the beholder. No fright, no distress.

"Harassment" perceived as non-threatening isn’t distressing

 For women, sexual harassment was distressing when they saw it as frightening, but not when they saw it as bothersome. "We were surprised by this finding," Settles said. "We thought women would be negatively impacted if they saw their harassment as frightening or bothersome."[…]
Study Finds Surprising Gender Differences Related to Sexual Harassment |Science Daily

The same come-on perceived as non-threatening and thus non-threatening and non-traumaticSurprise. Open-minded researcher Isis H. Settles from Michigan State University and colleagues get unexpected results that don’t fit the feminist mold.

All depends on how the victim perceives the harassment. The enclosed two cartoons depicts how the same harassing behavior can elicit either shock and terror, or, in the second  picture, below, mild amusement.

This of course makes us wonder if the feminist hysteria is not self-fulfilling. Women in "macho" cultures, who were never indoctrinated in feminist hysteria and never knew that cat calls or invitation to sex were something frightening, don’t get distressed by such action.  So the solution to the harassment problem would be to empower women, not to get frightened easily.

Of course, undue influence using violence or strong coercion is something different.  Feminists tend to confound clearly violent illegal criminal rape and harassment with normal or slightly disturbing but non-violent and non-abusive behavior.

Definition of Harassment

Sexual harassment is defined as unwanted gender-based comments or behaviors (Fitzgerald, 1996) with three subtypes. Gender harassment refers to behaviors that disparage an individual on the basis of her or his gender (e.g., comments that insult women s intelligence; comments regarding behaviors a real man would do). Unwanted sexual attention refers to unwanted touching or attempts to establish a sexual relationship (e.g., repeated requests for dates). Finally, sexual coercion refers to attempts to coerce a sexual relationship in exchange for job-related threats or benefits (e.g., promising a promotion if the target engages in sexual activities). Frightened or Bothered: Two Types of Sexual Harassment Appraisals

Maybe we are ill informed. It seems that mere looks (See Gervais’ "objectifying gaze"), compliments, innuendo, bantering is enough to qualify as sexual harassment.

Great unexpected results! Teasing and "harassing" in non-threatening environment is not frightening. Probably because Dr. Isis Settles’ subjects were not distraught feminist-indoctrinated damsels in college freshmen experiments but empowered women in the armed forces.

In other words: a creepy guy in a deserted forest coming on strong, that is frightening. Or your boss threatening to immediately fire you if you don’t yield to his/her advances. Workplace bantering mostly is not frightening but just bothersome. Like so many things in life. If a person gets frightened by workplace innuendo, then Human-Stupidity suggests to that  the problem is in the mind of the perceiver who feels frightened by harmless non-dangerous situations. 

Our feminist laws repress men and protect women like defenseless victims

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Sexual harassment is in the eye of the beholder. No fright, no dis…
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