Balkanized Men’s Rights Movement vehemently supports feminist sex hysteria. MRA easily defeated by feminist unity (#5)

Men, even men’s rights activists (MRA), have definitely and permanently yielded to many feminist issues. Feminists have won the war on many fronts. Men are disunited, no match for unified women’s front. Frequently men, including MRA, even activelysupport feminist issues.


MRA against men. MRA (men’s rights activist) support draconian prison sentences for men #4

Old style anti-feminists like Ernest Belfort Bax still opposed sex hysteria and the relentless increase of age of consent. Similarly Angry Harry, universally acclaimed father of the men’s rights movement speaks up against sex hysteria.

This psychologist, Angry Harry is admired by Paul Elam at AVoiceForMen in unison with r/mensrights and most men’s rights activists. So much that the header of Avoiceformen is permanently adorned with Angry Harry‘s banner.avoiceformen-angryharry_thumb4_thumb.

But these modern father’s rights activists are in full support of feminist inspired  teenage sexuality and child porn hysteria. Worse, these modern MRA actively oppose sex positive men’s rights activist. See our article


(The Child Sex Trauma Myth #5)

This is the 5TH in a series of articles about the Child Sex Trauma Myth (#1 disclaimer, #2, #3, #4)


Anyone opposing 5++ year prison sentences for consensual sex with 15 year olds (teenage sexuality), or opposing draconian punishment for mere possession of nude "child porn" photos of 15 year olds (i.e. 0’1 and 1’s in a computer file)  will be unceremoniously kicked out.

Not only out of feminist sites but men’s rights sites.   Human-Stupidity was evicted recently for this comment. And these men’s rights activist then bemoan the lack of unity of the men’s rights movement.

Angry Harry, though universally admired as the father of MRA (men’s rights activism), would not be allowed to comment in most modern father’s rights MRA sites, like avoiceformen or r/mensrights. It reminds me of the joke where the bishop calls police to arrest Jesus who dared to show up in a church.

We expect it will be only a matter of time, until A Voice For Men disavows any links and relations to Angry Harry. We also would not be surprised if they support increasing the age of consent to 21 and then ban anyone who would support impunity for sex with 20 year old women.

Human-Stupidity certainly fully agrees with AngryHarry on these issues. We bemoan the fact that modern men’s rights has sold out many of men’s rights issues to feminists. Especially the child sex trauma myth has been totally accepted and assimilated by most MRA, has become the unassailable bedrock foundation of all feminist sex hysteria.


Angry Harry states the inconvenient truth not only on sex hysteria,

but also on issues as

  • Is the Training of Women Doctors A Waste of Money?  (Same issue is relevant in Australia where rural veterinarians are scarce. Women get most University spaces for veterinary medicine, because they have better grades. Once graduated, women mostly don’t have the physical strength to give birth to calves or sheep, don’t  want to work in rural areas, want to take care of pet dogs and cats in cities with normal office hours,  don’t want to work overtime, and retire early. Similarly, rural physicians are scarce in Germany, partly because of large number of female graduates that don’t accept to work in rural areas 2).

    Note that no modern MRA would dare to attack egalitarianism like this. As Angry Harry‘s article shows, feminist egalitarianism is expensive for society.  Women’s equality comes at a high cost to society. To be on equal footing with men, women would need quotas even in cooking, chess, snooker and tennis

  • Equality Between Men And Women Is Not Achievable
  • A Permanent Gender War?
  • Fathers Groups Miss The Big Picture
  • Tea Abuse


But today’s MRA are narrow minded.


Feminists united rally in support of even the most whacko and violent sisters

One of the reasons that feminism has totally overwhelmed men’s right is the total Disunity and Balkanization of the men’s rights movement:

Men could have different opinions, tolerate different factions, but could stay united on the uncontested main issues. Like women do.


Men don’t defend fellow men, like Simon-Timmermann who was arrested for having bought a DVD with legal Little Lupe. Much less do MRA defend men who actually violated new feminist inspired Child porn, age of consent, or harassment laws. Feminism already has won on these fronts. Nobody fights for men to have the right to free speech, to tell sexist and sordid jokes, to pin up photos they enjoy.

Women and feminists are sexist, they stick to their sisters unconditionally. Feminists do not disown dick slicers like Lorena Bobbitt, or gendercide scum author Andy Warhol shooter Valerie Solanas. Feminists invent battered woman syndrome to protect women who shoot sleeping husbands in the back. Feminists actively falsify academic research on domestic violence, and data about trafficking prostitution and violently threaten apostates like Erin Pizzey.

With active male support feminists and religious conservatives repress the Rind Study (disclaimer) in order to maintain sex hysteria. Family court condemns men into indentured slavery to support women for the rest of their lives, and put men into debtor’s prison for non-payment.


Hillary Clinton has the courage to say that women are the main victims of war because the men in their life get killed and maimed. Due process for men in rape accusation got slaughtered, so much that the most powerful men marred and destroyed by women’s allegations. of false rape. Men are guilty until proven innocent whenever women level charges of rape, sexual abuse, child abuse, or sexual harassment. Feminists successfully falsify academic research , invent manipulative language that change the meaning of 1000 year old words like *rape, *child, *consent. They re-instate medieval debtor’s prison for men, dominate discourse in the United Nations and European Union. Feminists enforce quotas for less qualified women and equal wage for unequal work.



But Human-Stupidity’s CHILD sex and CHILD porn apology goes too far!?

These MRA’s are, of course, aghast about Human-Stupidity’s child porn and child sex "apology" (disclaimer). Their attitude is damaging to children, boys, and men.


The sex hysterical rage actually harms children and adolescents in multiple ways

1) repression of child porn leads to more child abuse

Respected peer reviewed research by Milton Diamond and others has clearly shown that availability of porn and child porn reduce crimes against real women and children. But, the anti sex lobby of feminists and men’s rights activists accept children as collateral damage in their war against sexuality. (Disclaimer, / Child porn laws victimize children and adults.,/ Judge Weinstein,/ Is the Forced Labeling of Consenting 17 Year Old Boys as ‘Victims’ a Form of Child Abuse? )


2) It seems that the child sex hysteria itself is the CAUSE of sex trauma in children

We hinted at this in #2, #3, but will stress this issue further in later articles of the series on "The child sex trauma myth"


3) The Child Sex Trauma Myth is the dogmatic foundation for all feminist sex repressive legislation

These MRA’s don’t notice that the Child Sex Trauma Myth, backed by academic dishonesty and falsification is the dogmatic root cause of all sex repressive feminist legislation.

If *consensual adult-child sex is relatively harmless (#2, disclaimer) then all theories about horrible traumatic damages of objectifying gaze, harassment, teenage sexuality and adolescent erotica (mislabeled as child porn) simply evaporate

4) Age of consent laws and child pornography laws imprison scores of men

and also traumatize the underage women, whose boy friends get imprisoned, or whose chosen men reject them because they are jail bait.

These men get special attention by common criminals who want to rape "child rapists".

See also



Disunity and Balkanization of the men’s rights movement

I see this same argument raging a couple of dozen places around the net right now. It appears that men are Balkanizing into half a dozen “tribes” of mutually hostile social, cultural, and political values.

It is that phenomenon alone which accounts for the fact that no coherent Men’s Rights Movement has ever gelled. Terms get flung around with no agreed-upon definition behind them. If MRAs were a political party, we have spent the last 40 years arguing over what our platform should be.

For someone who understands politics, that should not be surprising. The favored method of the human race throughout history for resolving such conflicts over what people believe is to reach for the guns – and before guns were invented, spears, knives, swords, and clubs.

In the US, slavery existed for 300 years before it got ended by the bloodiest war in US history. It took a lot of Abolitionist Activists dying to even reach the point where the war broke out.

Pointing out that MRAs have not made much progress because they have not already solved the problem politically without having to resort to the ultimate form of activism – war – is silly.

There have been tons of good MRAs over the years doing what they could to make a difference – without guns. Every last one of them got taken down by the very men whose rights those MRAs thought that were fighting for.

A guy like Paul Elam stands up, tries to do something, and “men” from all over the place attack him because 1) he is not doing things exactly like they would do them, if they had done anything, which they never do, and 2) he hasn’t already solved the problem so they wouldn’t have to be bothered with it.

I quit being any sort of MRA because I got so sick to death of having to argue with men over how to split a hair 10,000 different ways. I got so sick of listening to armchair quarterbacks bitching that the free beer wasn’t cold enough, that I quit serving it at all.

With a handful of people and a little spare change, Paul Elam has launched the most successful Men’s Rights initiative to date. Do “men” appreciate that? Hell no!

Instead of pitching in and adding their own “activism” to his effort, men just pick at him and piss him off enough that he feels the need to come over here and defend what he is doing to the very group he is doing it for.

If “men” were a football team, the opposing team would not even have to put anyone on the field because they spend all their time and energy tripping their own ball carriers instead of blocking for him.

What I don’t get about “men” is why – if they are so certain that their way is the right way – they don’t just go do it and leave everyone else alone. Instead of spending their time doing what they claim they believe in, they spend it attacking every man who is not a clone of them.

see Human-Stupidity’s comment



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