British judge frees child-rapist because he “didn’t know it was wrong”


18 year old Muslim immigrant Adil Rashid was convicted of statutory rape of a 13 year old girl he met on the internet.

When he went to be sentenced, he told Judge Michael Stokes that he didn’t know it was illegal. He said he attended private Muslim school in Britain and that they had not educated him on British law.

Stokes said that was good enough for him and freed the Rashid with no punishment. TopConservativeNews

Judge Stokes sentenced Rashid to nine months youth custody, suspended for two years, along with a two-year probation supervision order, instead of a more normal 5 year prison term. 2

Back in January, there was a profoundly disturbing case at Nottingham Crown Court. Adil Rashid, who had “raped” an underage girl, was spared a prison term after the judge heard that the naïve 18-year-old attended an Islamic faith school where he was taught that women are worthless. Rashid told psychologists he had no idea that having sex with a willing 13-year-old was against the law;

Even for a normal well informed citizen, being up to date on all underage sex laws is quite difficult.

Would you know the legal ramification of a 6 year old an and 8 year old playing doctor in your state and the nearest 2 adjacent states or countries? Or of two 25 year olds kissing in Abu Dhabi?  Would you know You can have sex with your legal 17 year old wife. But just don’t photograph her! Or else risk 15 years in jail!.

Feminist language abuse has caused such utter confusion like

besides, his education had taught him to believe that “women are no more worthy than a lollipop that has been dropped on the ground”.

This is a very different issue, though feminists might want to confound it.  We have great respect of women, so much that we think a 13 year old knows what *consent is, knows to say yes and no. Even more so 17 year old "children" know to say yes or no.

If the fresh-faced Rashid had picked up that view in a madrassa in Karachi it would be profoundly depressing, though not surprising. But the school he attended was in Birmingham, for heaven’s sake! Although it cannot be named for “legal reasons”, the school is voluntary-aided – mainly funded by the taxpayer. At this hugely popular Islamic school, where a majority of pupils are from a Pakistani background, boys and girls are taught in separate classes; a segregation policy no normal comprehensive could get away with.

Again, another issue. Muslim "culture" that does not integrate at all with British culture but remain a parallel culture.

This leads to more serious problems, if Muslim boys that despise inferior women use real non-consensual *rape-rape on young British girls.

Oxford grooming gang: We will regret ignoring Asian thugs who target white girls

What a god-awful mess this country has got itself into over multiculturalism, and once again our fear of racism will lead to the betrayal of hundreds of young girls

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Pedophilia apology 33 years ago: withdrawal of candidacy to German Parliament.

Pedophilia apology, 33 years ago, prompts Dagmar Döring to withdraw her candidacy to the German parliament for the Liberal FDP party.


The texts were discovered by researcher Franz Walter, hired by the German Green Party to research their own party’s involvement in efforts to decriminalize child sexuality.

40 years ago, the child sex trauma myth and Voodoo theory had not yet become the religious dogma (Disclaimer). The Rind study had not yet been unanimously condemned by the US Congress and Senate. A decent percentage of Germans practiced nudism at most beaches, rivers. So nudes of all ages could be readily seen during summer. Legal Dutch hardcore porn employed 15 and 16 year old actresses engaging in sex acts. British newspapers had topless 15 and 16 year old page 3 girls.

Dagmar Döhring went beyond Daniel Cohn Bendit. He described how he behaved passively when anti-authoritarian children opened his fly and played with him.

Dagmar Döring stated how she could be only satisfied by a long relation with a girl. Her boy friend had a relation with  13 year old boy that was cruelly ended after it was discovered. Dagmar Döring wrote how she would fight all these unjust cruel laws that criminalized such behavior.

If she were in Britain or the US, she probably would go to prison, once the victims come forward to sue for millions. No real victims are needed. Anyone claiming to have been abused will be automatically believed as there is no due process for those accused of sex crimes.

Human-Stupidity will not take a position towards liberating child sex (disclaimer) But we want to stress the following facts:

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4000 bomb deaths in Iraq, worth less then 3 killed in Boston Marathon Bombing?

A little  side note in the International Press:

a few dozen people bombed to death in Iraq, 2 days ago, for a total of 4000 in January to August 2013. Compare that the press reports about the 3 killed in the Boston Marathon bombing.

Also unmentioned:

  • the homicide rates in Iraq as a whole are lower then Detroit, Chicago, and even Washington DC homicide rates.
  • And the pacified half of Iraq, including Kurdistan, have homicide rates as low as Canada.

Similarly, thousands of black on black murders cause less headline then the single George Zimmerman case.

We will not comment. Make up your own mind about biased press and perceived dangers.


Iraq unrest: Eid al-Fitr bomb attacks kill dozens

More than 60 people have been killed and nearly 300 others wounded in a series of bomb attacks in Iraq.

Over 60 killed in one day

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Teenagers who aggressively seek sex are always rape victims

No matter how actively a minor desires a sexual relationship, s/he is always a victim of *statutory *rape".  This feminist language abuse must never be challenged, or else.


A legal professional who uses any common sense faces serious problems. We are surprised that these cases have even happened and are worried about the backlash.

Barrister criticized for calling child abuse victim ‘predatory’

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has criticized a barrister acting on its behalf for describing a 13-year-old sex abuse victim in court as "predatory".

Robert Colover also called the girl "sexually experienced". The CPS said his language had been "inappropriate".


Speaking about Mr Colover’s remarks, a CPS spokesman said: "The language used by prosecution counsel was inappropriate.

"The transgressor in this case was the defendant and he bears responsibility for his criminal acts."

Alan Wardle, from the NSPCC, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: "The age of consent in this country is 16, before that a child cannot consent. As a society we have drawn a line in the sand on that.

"In this case, the child was 13 and the man was 41 – it’s pretty clear who the predator was."

Of course. A sexually mature post-pubertal minor who shows sexual interest is always a victim. The older person is always a predator. A consequence of this grotesque logic 

Yes means No! Forcibly raping a 17 year old is the same rape as consensual love making

"Yes" means "No" You have a girl friend under the local age of consent, and you (unwisely) want to have sex with her. Don’t bother to ask for her consent to sex.  Just ravish her violently, no matter how much she resists. It makes no difference if she consents or not. Her "yes" means "no", her consent is invalid.…


The Blame Game: Lawyers say 14-year-old consented to rape; shares blame

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