False Rape charges by trespassing maid against IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn?

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, IMF Managing Director and French presidential candidate accused of rape. As the feminist dominated press is scared to even think that the rape accusations are false, Human-Stupidity has to speak up. The story is very strange, and dominated by clear mistakes committed by accuser.  A five star hotel maid trespasses into a naked client’s room?  Unforgivable. 5 Star hotel ecurity lets a rapist check out? The maid is not trained to instantly report crimes to security staff?

Maid violates professional ethics and walks into a prominent naked guest’s room

The New York Police Department claims that at about 1 p.m. on Saturday, a hotel maid entered a $3,000-a-night suite at the Sofitel near Times Square, believing that it was empty.

 No possibility of false rape charges set up against Dominique Strauss Kahn. Gulty verdict has already been decided by the press. No presumption of innocence.That is a bad start.  She made a mistake. This should not happen in a top class hotel. Were the sex roles inverted, were a male employee walk in on a prominent naked female guest, like Mrs. Hillary Clinton, the male employee would be fired and arrested for sexual harassment.  Usually, hotels have a policy to avoid such embarrassment: cleaners should knock on the door, ring the bell, yell "room service" when walking into rooms.

Strauss-Kahn then emerged naked from the bathroom, and grabbed her, pulled her into the bedroom and threw her on to the bed, before trying to lock the suite’s main door, according to New York Police Dept. Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne, who outlined the charges to reporters. "She fights him off, and then he drags her down the hallway to the bathroom, where he sexually assaults her a second time," he told Reuters.

What a coincidence: she makes a serious professional mistake. A hitherto well behaved, civilized man, suddenly goes crazy? Just because he was naked he wanted to take advantage of her and rape her?

A man on the covers of all magazines, admired by millions of women, who could get women at a snap of his fingers. A man from a country with legalized prostitution who could afford 2 luxury prostitutes per day, in case he is a sex addict.  And this guy, exactly the moment the woman walks in, illegally, incorrectly, grabs her and rapes her?

The maid, 32, finally managed to push Strauss-Kahn away and escape, according to Browne, and her colleagues called 911. Strauss-Kahn had checked out by the time police arrived at the hotel, leaving behind his cell phone.

Very strange. No rapist makes it out of a 5 star hotel, full of security agents, trained to catch thieves, impostors, troublemakers.  Especially people who cause trouble and then want to slip away without getting caught. Top hotels have a very professional security staff. I am sure maids are trained to instantly report crimes to security. So any delay in reporting would be her second professional failure of the day.

New York Police usually does not take longer then 5 minutes to arrive.  And he made it all the way into the plane? Check out of hotel, check into the airport, pass security?

Strauss-Kahn was arrested on charges of attempted rape, conducting a criminal sexual act, and unlawful imprisonment of the woman. 
Arrest of IMF Chief on Attempted Rape Charges Throws French Presidential Race Into Chaos | Time Magazine

A really important man:

In fact DSK, as the French call one of the country’s leading political figures, happens to be on the cover of virtually every French magazine this week as the country’s possible next President, […]

Across Europe, too, Strauss-Kahn’s arrest will have a major impact. It could impact critical negotiations over the E.U.’s deep debt crisis, in which Strauss-Kahn has been a key — if not the key — player. He was due to be at emergency debt meetings in Brussels this week, and perhaps mindful that he could soon be one of the E.U.’s most powerful leaders

False rape charges to cover up own wrong, or for political reasons?

What are the alternative explanations? Don’t forget, she committed a serious professional lapse, almost a crime. So it is quite likely that she did that for a reason, with intent.

  • Many political and economic enemies would pay millions to get him out of the way.  maybe they bribed a lowly hotel maid?

But there is a much easier and parsimonious explanation:

The room maid, in serious violation of her professional duties, walked into a client’s room and surprised him naked. Even if that was a honest mistake, it could have serious consequences for her. 

  • Maybe he reacted with strong irritation, wanted to complain and get her fired (for good reasons). That scared her. There is no talk about her getting fired now.
  • Maybe she walked in with the intent to steal and was caught
  • Maybe she walked in with the intent to seduce a famous man
  • Maybe she planned to seduce him and was rejected. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"
  • Maybe she walked in with the intent to seduce a famous man and then blackmail him by threatening to cry rape.
  • Maybe he made an indecent proposal, even tried to indecently touch her. In revenge, she cried rape.

As we learn in the false rape society, many women have a knee jerk reaction to cry "rape" in order to distract from their own problems.  Did you notice? Nobody talks of firing her for her transgression.

Let us see if there is any hard corroborating evidence, except an accusation by a guilty woman that committed a serious, unforgivable professional mistake.

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Jörg Kachelmann rape trial without evidence

The Jörg Kachelmann rape trial is the sensational trial of the year in Germany. A famous TV anchor whose program once went viral on YouTube, sex, multiple girl friends delight the rainbow press.  Serious press organs like "Der Spiegel" and "Die Zeit" arrived at the sensible conclusion that there is absolutely no evidence to support the accusation (or rather,  it appears to be a painstakingly planned false accusation).  In spite of mounting evidence to the contrary, feminists, led by feminist Icon Alice Schwarzer continue convinced that Kachelmann is guilty and accuse these press organs of partiality.

Rape trial without evidence

The so-called objective evidence in the rape case against Jörg Kachelmann, allegedly held by Mannheim Public Prosecutor’s Office, doesn’t exist. Several expert witnesses have so far testified in the rape trial. None found any supporting evidence that Jörg Kachelmann raped Simone D. On the contrary, the evidence contradicts the alleged victim’s story.  Additionally, the alleged victim, who had accused her ex-boyfriend of raping her at knife point, had to admit to having lied and fabricated some of the evidence herself.

On the other hand, the court painstakingly interviewed various ex-girlfriends of Kachelmann, who had absolutely no knowledge about the  alleged incident, but could only smear Joerg Kachelmann’s reputation. Some girl friends earned major amounts for interviews in the rainbow press, but at the same time insisted on privacy during their court hearings.

The prominent Swiss weather anchor Jörg Kachelmann, working for German television, was held in remand for several months before the rape trial held its first hearing, despite his claims of innocence, and despite the absence of any flight risk. Adding to this the non-existent danger of collusion, this jailing of a suspect, based on nothing but unproven allegations, amounts to breach of due process.

Surprisingly, the English speaking press has absolutely no coverage about the Kachelmann rape trial. Therefore, Human-Stupidity undertook the trouble of improving on Google translations to publish the translated text of an excellent article Two bruises but no other findings by  German News Magazine "Die Zeit

Two bruises but no other findings in alleged rape case

Did Jörg Kachelmann rape his lover Simone D? The experts’ interpretation of the evidence differs from that of the prosecution.

The Mannheim District Court has been hearing Jörg Kachelmann’s case for six months now. That’s how long the 5th criminal division has been searching for evidence to prove that the accused weatherman of the first German television channel raped his occasional mistress, Claudia Simone D. The search has so far been futile. In fact, as the case progresses, incriminating evidence steadily dissipates.

On 9 February 2010, the 37-year old Simone D. made a police statement according to which, after a row in her flat, Jörg Kachelmann raped her at knife point and threatened to kill her. The Mannheim Public Prosecutor’s Office had always made a public pretence of having objective evidence indicating the defendant’s culpability. This assertion, however, has been seriously challenged over recent months.

German courts deal with rape cases on a daily basis. That the Kachelmann proceedings have turned into a mammoth case without an ending in sight is not unrelated to the fact that investigators spent weeks interrogating the victim/witness without questioning her statements. The Kachelmann case proves beyond doubt that, in this day and age, no potential victim of a sexually related crime need fear the authorities. Rape victims humiliated and bullied by the police and judiciary were merely a post war phenomenon, now long gone, though still preferentially exemplified by women’s rights activists. Today, a woman who reports a rape in Germany can expect a maximum of discretion, understanding, solidarity and attention. The extent of this is demonstrated fully on Simone D.

The criminal investigation department accepted the rape story of Kachelmann’s girlfriend without any verification of her statement. In a remark made immediately after the report on 10 February 2010, the female interrogating officer from Schwetzingen wrote: “We feel the woman is making a credible impression”. When questioned by the court six months later on the basis of this evaluation, the police officer was unable to respond.

Credulity and naivety – unexpected qualities in a judge – were also displayed later, in the witness statement before the Mannheim District Court by the custodial judge, who ordered Kachelmann –pleading innocence – to be held in remand on 10 March 2010. The judge stated, as reason for the arrest warrant, that Kachelmann’s version, according to which he first had consensual sexual intercourse with Simone D. but then left after a jealous outburst from her, simply did “not appear plausible” to him. In addition, he held it on assumption that “someone who accuses another of committing a criminal offence would be telling the truth”.

Accusers are always believed. Especially rape accusers. In spite of evidence that false rape accusations have been a weapon of choice since biblical times and nowadays are endemic. Credible experts from police and academia estimate that 20% – 60% of rape accusations are false.  Of course, feminist writers vehemently disagree. (Additionally, most rape accusations are not about forcible rape in the traditional meaning of the word.

The Mannheim Public Prosecutor’s Office has also been supportive of the victim/witness from the beginning, although the woman, whose hopes had been dashed by Kachelmann, would have very understandable motives for a false accusation. The Public Prosecutors continued to support Simone D. even when, in the course of the investigation, she admitted to not only having lied in parts of her statement, but also to fabricating some of the incriminating evidence herself (see ZEIT file “Schuldig auf Verdacht” from 24 June 2010).

When her manipulations were discovered, at the end of April 2010, Kachelmann had already spent a month in custody. In spite of this the Public Prosecutor’s Office dismissed Simone D’s attempt to mislead the court as a “minor issue”. 
Source: Two bruises but no other findings | Die Zeit

The Hofstra rape case is an example where 4 men were jailed and on the verge of getting 20 year verdicts based on the contradictory accusation of one lone girls. Only video evidence cleared the falsely accused.

This clear bias in favor of accusers can be found world wide. The Obama administration ordered US colleges to convict rape suspects in internal administrative proceedings by preponderance of evidence, a far cry from "beyond reasonable doubt".  Add to this panel members totally biased in favor of the accuser, and a conviction is virtually assured, no matter how flimsy or patently wrong the accusation.

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Jörg Kachelmann rape trial of the year (Germany): prosecutor misconduct, victim’s lies

kachelmann-bild.deThe Kachelmann case is in Germany almost like OJ Simpson case: a very famous person is accused of a heinous crime, and the population is split on their guilty-or-not verdict.  In the Kachelmann ("Tile man") case, of course, it is not even assured that a crime has happened. Feminists think he is guilty, of course.  "The criminal case of the year" in Germany is almost unknown in the English speaking Press. Only Human-Stupidity has reported com regularity on the Jörg Kachelmann rape case.

Jörg Kachelmann, handsome, attractive and famous weather anchor man of a main German TV channel, had a dozen girl friends he juggled skillfully so each one thought she was the only one. Even if he did not rape, such immorality makes him almost a criminal. Tens of Millions see him every day on TV. A famous, well known person.

In our world of feminist inspired laws, any man can be arrested at any time. Just one woman making an unproven accusation of rape is all that is needed. The Magna Carta, modern constitution and due process are not valid for males, Jörg Kachelmann spent several months in jail, upon the mere word of one woman, with no corroborating proof. End of career as weather man. No way to broadcast weather reports out of jail. Career destroyed.

It turns out that there was grave misconduct of the prosecutors, from the beginning. Inquired by prosecutors, the alleged victim consistently insisted on a lie. Prosecutors warned her she must not lie, and she insisted. "Der Spiegel" recently reported that the prosecution failed to video or audio-tape the audition of the alleged victim, even when they were trying to dig deeper into her lies. They even failed to completely transcribe the conversation with the victim, with a gap at a crucial point where prosecutors allegedly only drank water or coffee with the accuser, for 20 minutes. After that coffee break she changed her story.

Furthermore, prosecutors stated that the clearly repeated lies, proven wrong by evidence on the accuser’s computer, did not cause any doubt in them regarding the veracity of the accusations, nor made them even consider releasing the accused from prison. (Geliebte belog die Staatsanwälte // Lover lied to the prosecutors)

Cat Lupine managed to get into the transmission room in the midst of Kachelmann’s weather report. The video went viral in YouTube.

What happened? Rape accusations, lies, inconsistencies.

Reader comments at the intellectual News Magazine "Der Spiegel" are fairly outspoken about the fact that this trial should have never happened, and that it is time to try the accuser for perjury and false accusations. Human-Stupidity is not alone thinking this case is a clear farce and an example of "Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned" revenge.

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Jörg Kachelmann rape case in Germany: useless court excursion to Switzerland

The entire Jörg Kachelmann rape case court went on an excursion to Zurich, Switzerland.  The prosecutor wanted to hear testimony of Swiss photographer Linda T. who had met the weather TV Anchor (Kachelmann) for a photo shoot in 2010. She was often called Kachelmann’s "Lover #10", and rumors were that she was so traumatized from sexual harrassment by Kachelmann that she took a sick leave from work. Linda T’s testimony proved all these allegations wrong.

Linda T. had refused to come to Germany to testify. So two judges, two prosecutors, and the lawyers travelled to Switzerland. They presented their questions to a Swiss prosecutor who questioned the woman in the presence of the German legal team."

Source: News Magazine "Der Spiegel" about Kachelmann

Human-Stupidity is the lone English speaking publication reporting about the Jörg Kachelmann rape case, the court case of the year in Germany. Jörg Kachelmann was a famous TV anchor or the main German TV channel. A woman he had a 15 year love affair with accused him of rape. Exactly on the day when they broke up, after she found out he had another women lover (Details here:


Related Human-Stupidity topics: Men’s Rights & Feminism teenage sexuality child porn witch hunt.

"Rape on breakup day"

"Hell has no fury like a woman scorned" revenge false rape accusation?

A famous, very good looking single man, seen daily by millions of German women on TV,  after a 15 year long affair with a woman (whose sexual attractiveness wanes faster then a man’s) will rape her exactly when they decide to break up the relationship. Or the woman was hurt and wanted to get even. Which one is more likely?

With no corroborating proof whatsoever, according to the legal principle "Men accused by women or children are guilty until proven innocent" he was arrested for 4 months, obviously lost his job as a TV weather man, and must have spent hundreds of thousands of legal cost.


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Meteorologist TV weather anchors prone to false rape charges? Heidi Jones and Joerg Kachelmann

WABC’s Heidi Jones, who anchors the station’s weekend evening weather coverage and fills in on “Good Morning America,” was charged Monday with filing a false report, a Class A misdemeanor. If convicted, she could face up to a year in jail or a $1,000 fine.  Meteorologist Heidi Jones Charged With Filing False Rape Report

TV weather anchors and meteorologist. What a coincidence. Unpredictable and falsely predicted thunderstorms and typhoons. And false rape accusations. Heidi Jones and Joerg Kachelmann are both weather anchors, but are on opposite sides. Heidi Jones is a false rape accuser. Joerg Kachelmann is accused of rape, and we believe the accusations are false, out of revenge.

What is it about meteorologist  weather anchor women or weather anchor men to get involved in false rape charges?  We already reported on a famous german TV weather anchor man that is a victim of rape charges that are most likely false

Why we think TV weather anchor meteorologist Joerg Kachelmann’s rape charges are false?

A good looking, famous, TV anchorman (not of a small network but the main German TV station), playboy with 10 girl friends. His official girl friend finds out he has others and they split, after many many years.

What is more likely:

  • The successful playboy with many girl friends rapes her exactly when they part?
  • The woman is angry and revenge-bent because the guy cheated and now split

Add to this a few contradictions in the woman’s testimony, a computer with old photos of self inflicted blue ematomes seem to have been a training for the later rape hematomes.

Unproven Rape charges: Famous German TV Weather Anchorman Joerg Kachelmann released after 4 months instant jail (human-stupidity.com)

Meteorologist false rape accuser Heidi Jones denies prior accusations

Now “poor” rape accuser is back-pedalling. The police understood her wrong, she did not file rape charges!!

Dumb dumb police. Or lying lying meterologist? You form your own opinion.

The following video is just a regular weather report by Heidi Jones. Just to see what a false rape accuser looks like. Unlike Joerg Kachelmann, whose  face was over German speaking TV, after his accusation, I cannot find many images of her AFTER her accusation and recanting.

NY meteorologist says she never claimed rape

NEW YORK — A meteorologist on ABC’s local New York station accused of false reporting says she

never told police she was the victim of a rape or an attempted rape.

Heidi Jones was given a desk appearance ticket for false reporting after police said she made up claims she was sexually assaulted in Central Park and later harassed by the same man. Police say she admitted fabricating the claims after they investigated the incident.

A lawyer for Jones said Friday the meteorologist never said she was the victim of an attempted rape, as was reported in the media. The attorney did not clarify what Jones says she told police.

The lawyer says the characterization of the case as a ‘false rape claim’ is an attempted character assassination. Jones has been suspended from the station pending an internal investigation.

UPDATED: New York TV meteorologist arrested for false rape claim (The false rape society)

Unproven Rape charges: Famous German Weather Anchorman Joerg Kachelmann released after 4 months instant jail

A high profile rape accusation case in Germany, unknown in the English speaking world. A famous TV weather anchor man spent 4 months in jail due to a simple accusation of his girlfriend of 15 years, that he raped her. During this time the accuser had to change some of her statements, as they turned out to be false.

Very scary: unproven allegations by a potentially vengeful girlfriend get you instant jail for 4 months, ruining your work, your reputation, and your carreer. Women are given power that nobody else has.  Murder attempts, robberies, arson, none of these crimes get you into jail for uncorroborated accusations.  Note that 30 years ago, before feminist brainwashing, one would question why one needs to rape a women you had a 15 year consensual affair with?

TV meteorologist Joerg Kachelmann is free to enjoy the summer sun until he comes on trial in September for allegedly raping his ex-girlfriend. An appeals court said it now comes down to “his word against hers.”

Swiss-born television meteorologist Joerg Kachelmann was released Thursday from police custody while awaiting trial on the charge of aggravated rape.

The regional appeals court in Karlsruhe explained that the prosecution only had one witness and that the case came down to “his word against hers.”

The court believed that Kachelmann was not a flight risk and that the evidence against him did not warrant keeping him in pre-trial custody.  http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,,5848070,00.html

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Unproven Rape charges: Famous German Weather Anchorman Joerg Kache…
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