Age of Consent and the Demonization of Normal Male Sexuality

Which brings me to a larger issue. What the fuck is up with statutory rape? It’s a joke law made up by joke legislators without a scintilla of real world experience with women. Am I supposed to request age identification from every full-bodied young woman who comes onto me? There are 13 year olds out there who look like grown women. At the borderline of 16 to 18 years old, many women could easily pass for mid to late 20s. It is well known by neuroscientists and psychologists studying these things that women mature faster than men. Women’s brains gel into adult-shaped contours sooner. A full breasted and wide-hipped 17 year old hottie who flirts with me knows exactly what she is doing and what she wants. She is no child to be coddled. And yet, I could be thrown in jail if I slept with her assuming she was an older girl, even if it was something we both consensually desired.

This is abject bullshit. The law makes it a necessity to demand age identification with every young woman a man might want to fuck who could conceivably pass for a teenager. This means background checks on women in their 20s. And what about women who lie? They exist, lots of them. Is a statutory rape charge for the man the just response — the *fair* response — to a lying woman who wanted the sex as much as he?

It’s time to end the charade of statutory rape. If the “underage” woman is physically developed, and she consents to the sex, there is no rape charge, period. For chrissakes, there are 14 year olds in parts of the world getting married off and pumping out children of their own.

– Roissy,

This is the first in a series of link lists by Ultra-Conservative-MRA.  Human-Stupidity does not always fully agree with the often provocative content, but considers it food for thought, to shake up conventional thinking. See our 80 posts on Teenage Sexuality 

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Age of Consent and the Demonization of Normal Male Sexuality
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Prominent Victim of False Rape Accusations and Biased Court System Becomes Activist, Writes Book (Jörg Kachelmann in Germany)

A famous and highly popular TV weather anchor man languished in jail for months, suffered over year in court, spent a fortune in legal cost, lost his TV job and reputation. Because of a rape accusation that was unfounded. And now Jörg Kachelmann becomes an activist to fight unjust convictions due to false accusations.

Slander is a popular weapon, these days

"Verleumdungen sind heute eine beliebte Waffe"

– Joerg Kachelmann and Miriam are getting even – with "ill-trained" police officers, prosecutors, judges and expert witnesses, and a "habitual men sentencing justice". At the same time, they expect to establish "an informal network". Their goal: "That in the future is less innocent people are convicted because of false accusations." This they announce  in an interview with SPIEGEL.

"In the area of ​​abuse and rape false accusations have become a mass phenomenon," said Kachelmann ("tile man") who was acquitted about a year ago after a spectacular marathon process  charged with raping a former girlfriend.

Human-Stupidity covered the scandalous Jörg Kachelmann rape case . It was the German court case of 2011. The prominent TV weatherman, had been accused by his ex girl friend to have raped her, exactly on the day they split up because of her discovering his infidelity. A famous man, not only TV weather anchor but owner of the company that produced the weather reports. Attractive, well off, with several lovers and millions of women swooning after him.

Video: Lupine the cat comes into the weather forecast


Kachelmann would "really want every rapist behind bars". But for women, slander has become a popular and effective weapon." Kachelmann’s wife Miriam added: with abuse allegations women today can "very easily take revenge on bosses and life partners" and "easily obtain custody of children." There  a "victim industry, which in this sick form must definitely go," said the 26-year-old psychology student.

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Prominent Victim of False Rape Accusations and Biased Court System…
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Trophies of feminism: 10 powerful men marred and destroyed by women’s allegations.

Unproven, or even false accusations of a single woman can destroy the world’s most powerful men and change the course of world  history. Feminism has given enormous power to any woman to derail the most powerful men in the world.

  • Al Gore, Nobel prize winner (peace) and ex-Vice-President of the USA, falsely accused of rape
  • Julian Assange, (of Wikileaks fame) accused by feminists of broken condom "rape". The entire might of the USA could not derail him, but 2 women could get him imprisoned.
  • Dominique Strauss-Kahn, IMF chief and French Presidential Candidate lost the leadership of the International Monetary Fund and likely the presidency of France. His arrest caused an instant decline of the Euro. Hedge funds could have made billions overnight. His successor at the IMF has a very different policy regarding the Euro bailout which potentially involves more then a Trillion (one million million) Euros. The future of the Euro, the currencies of entire nations probably were changed by the accusation of a habitual liar who already had lied about prior rapes
  • Oscar Pistorius, paralympic world record holder in 100, 200 and 400-metre events: "South Africa’s legless Blade Runner has been charged with assault after a woman claimed he bruised her leg at a party. Double amputee Oscar Pistorius spent Saturday night in jail after being accused of assaulting the 19-year-old woman". The charges were soon dropped..
  • Franco Porzio, Olympic champion in Water Polo, was accused by his second wife. His first wife came to his defense.
  • Jörg Kachelmann, Germany’s prominent famous TV weatherman spent months in jail upon the mere unproven accusation of an ex-girlfriend. He remained in jail even after she had been caught with various lies.
  • Theo Theophanous,an Australian Labor minister, lost his high government job, his reputation and much of his savings. His accuser had waited for 10 years and was shown to be notoriously unreliable. But the character assassination had already taken its toll.
  • Moshe Katsav, ex president of Israel, got a 7 plus 2 year prison sentence, because "The judges said they found the rape victim’s testimony “completely credible” and Mr. Katsav’s “false.” [NYT] Time [H]. As usual, accusations were not leveled immediately after the alleged crime, when it was still possible to find proof.
    • We can not affirm that Katzav is innocent. But like Strauss-Kahn, it looks that he is a powerful womanizer but not necessarily a rapist
    • If he really forcibly raped the woman, he deserves the jail time. Even more so because then he was incredibly stupid.
      • a) Rich powerful men have so many options to get sex with admirers (groupies) or affordable prostitutes.
      • b) And if he was really guilty , why would he be so incredibly stupid to renege on a plea bargain that would have saved him prison time?
  • Mel Gibson,Hollywood actor,  accused by his girl friend and defended by his ex-wife
  • Brazilian President with panty-less woman 1994Bill Clinton, US  president.  whose presidency was marred by the Paula Jones harassment accusations.
    • So what if he really made some indecent proposal to Paula Jones?  Weakness as a weapon: The Sexual Harassment Industry makes a point that maybe women should be empowered to withstand innuendo, cat calls, objectifying gaze.
    • The Paula Jones case led to the inquiries into Clinton’s private sex live, which led to the Lewinsky scandal. It was unfortunate that he lied, but most men and women lie about love affairs, and it should not have been anyone’s business who he has sex (or blow jobs) with
    • Monica Lewinsky rarely gets credited for having stood by her man and tried her best to protect Bill Clinton.
    • Sexually more liberated Brazilians could not understand why Clinton suffered so much harassment.
    • Brazilians also could not understand why the most powerful man on earth could not score a more attractive girl friend then Monica Lewinsky.
    • Long gone were the times, where the most powerful man on earth (John F. Kennedy) could have a secret tryst  with the most desired woman on earth (Marilyn Monroe) 1 2 3 ABC
    • In Brazil there was a minor scandal when the country’s president was photographed with a carnival princess and Playboy Cover who had no panties on. "An adorable girl," the President dreamily mused to reporters a couple of days later.  … Later "the Globo television network broadcast a recording of the President cooing, "I am in love with you," to Miss Ramos over the telephone"itamar_lilia_calcinha
  • Christian von Boetticher, 40, designated leader of the conservative Christian Democratic Union in Schleswig-Holstein,  who was set to lead Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party in its fight to retain power the north German state next May, has resigned after intense internal party pressure over his consensual and perfectly legal love affair with a 16-year-old girl. The girl did not even accuse him.
  • The 20 Most Scandalous Sexual-Harassment Cases of All Time


Parts of this article were translated from the Italian I trofei di caccia del femminismo: le teste dei maschi infangati o distrutti da accuse di Donne.

One in two rape accusations are false! Strauss-Kahn, presumed guilty, jailed, slandered without due process, escaped. Others are not so lucky!

One in two rape accusations (over 50%) are false: Dominique Strauss-Kahn escaped the inquisition. Others are not so lucky. They get convicted, falsely. We wish we could say Dominique Strauss-Kahn escaped unscathed. But he suffered tremendously. He lost his job. Speculator could have made Billions, because the value of the Euro dropped due to his arrest, and other unexpected stock market irregularities occurred. 

Let us remember the thousands of men that are less lucky then Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

For every Strauss-Kahn, there are dozens of men that don’t escape unjust persecution

After: strauss-kahn-innocentOne in two rape accusations are false. Like Strauss-Kahn, thousands of men are presumed guilty, jailed and smeared without due process. They can not afford to spend millions of dollars for bail, a dream team of lawyers, detectives, and their own guards for domestic prison as Dominique Strauss-Kahn did. We only hear of the few lucky ones that escape. The Jörg Kachelmann rape case in Germany similarly ruined a successful public man’s career, had a man spend months in jail, because of unproven uncorroborated accusations by a woman, who also was caught red-handed lying about important facts.

"Of course, if she is a liar, that still does not mean she was raped. " Yes, but in that case, she’d better bring a long a tape recording proving the act of rape against her clear resistance. In our legal system, where men accused of sexual offenses are presumed guilty until proven innocent, they have to provide proof of their innocence. In the famous Hofstra false rape case the male victims of false rape accusations were only freed after providing video recording that showed that the sex act was totally consensual and very different then described in the false accusations.

For every acquitted man, there are dozens of unjustly imprisoned victims of false rape accusations.

Before: Guilty until proven innocentNow consider this, how many men take video recordings of their sex acts so that they can later prove the consensual nature of their sex acts? Can you imagine: for every man that can prove his innocence, how many men stay in jail and go to prison, upon unproven, wrong allegations of sexual misconduct? Remember: One in two rape accusations are false.

No wonder, that with such medieval legal practice

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One in two rape accusations are false! Strauss-Kahn, presumed guil…
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Way over 50% of rape accusations are false. 7.4% blatantly enough to prosecute (Bavarian Police research report)

1894 complaints of rape and sexual assault were filed to police of the state of Bavaria in 2000.  The consensus estimate of all responsible officials is that way over 50% of accusations are false.  Even when accusations are very dubious, police still file rape/sexual assault proceedings with prosecutors. Only in 7.4% of the complaints (1 in 13, N= 140) they propose legal action against the accuser for evidently false accusations, when there is clear proof or confession. The results of this meticulous 320 page research about rape and sexual assault in Bavaria replicate a less rigorous study in Schleswig Holstein state in 1994/1995, where 7.6% of complaints led to filing of false police report.


The following 320 page study analyses police inquiries of rape and sexual assault, and how police forwards these cases to prosecutors. It is based on all 1894 such complaints in the state of Bavaria/Germany in the year 2000. It  deserves to be translated into English in its entirety.

  • Police officials agree that way over 50% of accusations are false

  • Even highly dubious and unlikely accusations will be forwarded to prosecutors for rape/ sexual assault prosecution, and not for prosecution for false accusations. This is why statistics show such low numbers for false rape accusations.

  • Only 7.4% of accusers are recommended for prosecution as false accusations (due to clear evidence or confessions)

  • 64% of rape/sexual assault cases dropped by prosecution for lack of evidence are considered false accusations by the police official in charge of the initial complaint

  • Thus 1/5 to 1/3 of all cases were identified as patently false accusations, by  the responsible police officials.

  • Human-Stupidity concludes that false rape is under-reported at least 7-fold

Rape and sexual assault in Bavaria | PDF

Joseph, falsely accused of rape by Potiphar's wife (Genesis 39,1 bis 39,21)Munich 2005

ISBN 3-924400-16-4

6) Faking of or false suspicion of rape or sexual assault

In 2000, among all events, that initially appeared to police to be a cases of rape or sexual assault, only 7.4% were were registered as faking of a crime or false suspicion.  In almost all of these cases there is strong evidence of these crimes [of falsehood]. Cases that remain doubtful and unclear after police inquiry will be handed to prosecutors as accusations of rape or sexual assault. (p. 176)

Police rarely send prosecutors accusations for false rape or sexual assault. This seems in stark contradiction to the [high] frequency estimates (by officials and police responsible for sexual crimes) of such false accusations . These [officials] estimate that such crimes have a very high occurrence, but don’t have statistical research data collections to back up such estimates. One department chief maintains:

"All officials dealing with sexual crimes are in agreement, that way over half the sex crimes reported to police are fake. Many such accusations cause an assumption of a sham or false accusation. But proof is not strong enough to prosecute [the accuser]. (p. 177)

The authors explain, that even in cases where there are very strong doubts about the truthfulness of the accusations, police will only file an accusation of rape or sexual assault, and not one of false accusations. This is why the statistics seem to contradict the above "over half" false accusation statement.

Let this sink in. There are clearly more false accusations then there are true accusations. Police authorities from the Christian conservative state of Bavaria/Germany agree that most rape/sexual assault accusations are false!

The report makes clear that proof of false accusations is very difficult, absent a confession of the alleged victim. In all these cases,  there will be prosecution for rape/sexual assault and not for false accusations, even if there is significant doubt as to the veracity of the accusations.

While the serious psychological and social consequences of rape and sexual assault have been the subject of various investigations, knowledge about the impact on the falsely accused is lacking. The data for our project do not permit us to arrive at definite empirical conclusions. […]

When accusations are dropped due to lack of corroborative evidence and  witnesses, then,  in spite of very significant doubts about the crime description by the alleged victim […] there always remains a residual suspicion because the accused can not totally disprove the accusation. (p. 180)

[…] adding 1754 cases recorded as rape or sexual assault for the year 2000, and 140 false accusations, yields 1894 transactions which the police initially considered rape or sexual assault.  Only 7.4% resulted in charges of false accusations of rape or sexual assault. [… results in the state of Bavaria] correspond exactly to the results of a survey (without scientific rigor) in the state of Schleswig Holstein. For the years 1994/1995 it showed a 7.6% rate of shams and false accusations demonstrated "beyond reasonable doubt". (p. 182)

There is a 1 in 13 rate of obvious false accusations. (7/4%)

The authors speculate that under the assumption of a 3 to 10 fold under-reporting of rape, that would result in a 1 in 38 (3 fold under-reporting) or one in 125 (10 fold under-reporting).  On the other hand, some of the cases passed to courts as rape or sexual assault end with a conviction for false accusations.

Human-Stupidity comment:
False accusations of rape/sexual assault are under-reported 7-fold

The above conclusions are false.

  1. First there is no scientific basis to assume 3 to 10 fold under-reporting of rape
  2. don’t forget, that police experts only report 7.4% false rapes in spite of strongly suspecting false accusations in way over 50%  of the accusations. As mentioned, if in doubt, police file only for rape/sexual assault, even if they are  convinced the complaint is false.

So there is an over 7 fold under-reporting of false rape accusations by police! (7 * 7.4% = 51.8%, which is less then "way over 50%"). Police do  file rape accusations with prosecutors, even if they clearly believe the rape has not happened. And police do not file a false rape accusation, even when they are convinced that such a crime has happened. Probably they should file BOTH rape and false rape accusations at the same time!?

Clearly false rape is an under-reported crime. We need to encourage the victims of false rape accusations to come forward and counter-sue. As quoted in the report, it is the consensus that there are more false accusations then true accusations. Men’s Right activists can learn from feminists. They can demand the same treatment for alleged victims of false rape accusations as feminists have demanded and gotten for alleged rape victims.


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Way over 50% of rape accusations are false. 7.4% blatantly enough …
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4 out of 5 sexual abuse accusations are false (Austrian head of vice police)

4 out of 5 sexual abuse accusations are false, reports the chief of the vice department of North Austria. This region had become infamous for sex maniac child imprisoner Fritzl who had  imprisoned and raped his own daughter for 24 years The following report is translated from a major authoritative (Google page rank 7) regional newspaper NIEDERÖSTERREICHISCHE NACHRICHTEN (Lower Austrian News).

True or fake [accusations]?

Sexual abuse / The vice department has set the goal, to bring each sexual abuser behind bars. But not all accusations turn out to be real abuse.

nordoesterreich_imagemap"We carefully pursue every single accusation, so absolutely no case will get left out", stresses Leo Lehrbaum, chief of the group "vice" of the state criminal police in lower Austria.

Every day he is confronted with varying tragical forms of sexual abuse and knows, how much the victims  suffer from the consequences, even decades later. Many only dare to file complaints to the executive branch years after it happened. "We try, of course, to clear up everything, but many cases already prescribed, so that the perpetrator can no more be charged in court" Lehrbaum knows.

This is why he advises: "Always file a complaint immediately. The less time has passed, the better the chances to catch the perpetrator, due to traces of DNA.". Women and children should not be afraid, because everyone has the right to be interviewed by a female police officer.

Nevertheless, independent of all real abuse cases, he has noted a disconcerting development, during his investigations.
"On average, four out of five complaints to police turn out to be pure invention".

Psychological problems or fear of pregnancy

The youngest one that faked such a crime, was only 12 years old. During puberty and adolescence such fabrications are especially frequent. Motives vary. Lehrbaum: "In some cases there are profound psychological problems, that need to be analyzed by an expert".  Often it is simply a "cry" to call attention, because there are problems in school, with parents or at work. Here he appeals to the parents, to take more time to talk with their children and not to abandon them, saying "I have no time right now, let’s talk tomorrow".

He is even more concerned about cases where young women pretend to have been raped, to get even with an acquaintance, because they were rejected or because a relationship did not proceed the way she wished it would.

"Often such accusations are a white lies, because after a party or disco visit – and usually under heavy influence of alcohol – unplanned and unprotected intercourse has occurred,  and now they are concerned about a possible pregnancy or other personal consequences", said the detective officer.

He is particular saddened when in divorce or custody disputes, the fake abuse accusation is used as a means to an end. "In the course of the inquiry, if we speak in detail about the incident, it turns out very soon that the accuser gets entangled in contradictory statements, and they admit that the whole has yet taken place or not in this form . They often come to their senses and realize that the entire story was very improper, "says Lehrbaum.

The accusers frequently are unaware, that their "fantasy" is a serious crime.  "A complaint against an unknown perpetrator is a simulation of a crime, punishable with up to 6 months in jail, and a complaint against a particular person is libel,  punishable with up to 5 years in jail", admonishes Lehrbaum to be more responsible with both accusations and sexuality.

Not guilty verdict in Jörg Kachelmann (false?) rape accusation trial

The Mannheim District Court acquitted Jörg Kachelmann from the rape charge due to lack of evidence – but there is no peace in sight: Kachelmann’s defending lawyer, Schwenn, harshly criticized the court, women’s rights activists also criticize the trial and Alice Schwarzer demands respect for the moderator’s ex-girlfriend.

The verdict is not yet final, the criminal investigation department will decide whether to appeal the verdict within the week (Der Spiegel)

Die Zeit speaks of a second-class acquittal, saying the 5th criminal division of Mannheim’s District Court […]

‘spared no efforts in trying to support the accusation of rape made by the (moderator’s) ex-girlfriend. However, it failed to do so, on the contrary, the further into the case hearing, the suspicious facts dissipated. And finally, after hearing all witnesses and questioning all experts, the judge only had one option: an acquittal.’

The verdict is "Not guilty" for Jörg Kachelmann

If in doubt, decide for the accused. Jörg Kachelmann was acquitted of the charges of having raped his ex-girl friend. According to the Mannheim court, there was not enough evidence to convict. It was not proven that the 52 year old Kachelmann had threatened the woman with a knife and raped her, in February 2010, after a relationship argument.

Presiding judge Michael Seidling said, the judgment is not based on the court being convinced of Kachelmann’s innocence, nor convinced of a false rape accusation by the accuser. A man could not be convicted by mere suspicion. That suspicion was diminished during the trial, but not totally disproved.

Kachelmann will be indemnified for his time in jail, and the court cost will be paid by the government.

Finally, the international press starts reporting. But no major details

The German press report in great detail. Even rainbow press has valuable information

Kachelmann ACQUITTED of rape charge

Kachelmann pensive, his lawyer smiling
Court: in dubio pro reo – star lawyer criticized

The Mannheim District Court has acquitted Jörg Kachelmann of the rape charges placed against him by his ex-girlfriend. It was, however an acquittal due to want of evidence, and this was clearly reflected in the verdict summary: “Today’s acquittal is not based on the fact that the court is convinced of Mr Kachelmann’s innocence and, conversely, of the joint plaintiff having made a false accusation. However, after recording the evidence there is reasonable doubt about Mr Kachelmann’s guilt. He is hence to be acquitted in accordance with the ‘in dubio pro reo’ principle.“ […]

The court also said that the suspicious facts had lost in strength, but not disappeared” during the trial. […]

Kachelmann is to be indemnified for the time he was held in remand. The legal cost will be borne by the state. The 52-eyar old seemed petrified before the verdict was announced. […]

The victims‘ support organisation Weißer Ring now fear that victims will chose not to report a rape, said its spokesman.

Depite the acquittal, Kachelmann will not return to the ARD. “As long as the case has not been closed and verdict is not final, we see no reason to decide on this” an ARD spokesperson said.

The joint plaintiff is considering appealing against the verdict. […]

Chief Judge Michael Seidling said: “We are convinced of having made the correct decision from a judicial point of view. But we are not satisfied by it. We are releasing the accused and the joint plaintiff with a potentially permanent suspicion; him of being a potential rapist, and her of being a potentially vengeful liar. (…)” […]

[Feminist} Alice Schwarzer: One must continue respecting the potential victim. Maybe she said the truth, maybe she did not. One can not know.

Justice  has NOT been done yet

Justice has not been done yet.  A strange accusation ruined the life of a successful prominent man. In typical fashion, as it exists only in rape accusations, he was jailed for 4 months, on the mere accusation of a single woman, with not a shred of proof.  His girl friend of over 10 years was allegedly raped exactly on the day she allegedly found out he was unfaithful and they split, after an argument. 

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Not guilty verdict in Jörg Kachelmann (false?) rape accusatio…
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Kachelmann trial: Jörg Kachelmann’s court verdict May 31. Not guilty?

The verdict in the Jörg Kachelmann rape trial in Germany will be out on May 31. Human Stupidity plans to report as soon as possible.

132 days in jail, 43 days in court, starting September 6, 10 expert witnesses, several ex-girlfriends as witnesses. Only vague circumstantial evidence. No proof. Jörg Kachelmann rape trial without evidence but with clear prosecutor misconduct, victim’s lies.  Unfortumately, the public was excluded from major parts of the trial, thus nobody really knows all the relevant details of the case.

The world press reported the beginning of the trial and then just shut up and ignored it. Certainly they will report on the verdict.The German press reports in detail about Kachelmann.

The prosecution demands 4 years and 3 months, the defense wants an acquittal.

Human-Stupidity Analysis

All this messy court case, career destruction, jail time, ruinous cost for defense and expert witnesses is due only to

  1. removal of due process from our court system in rape and child abuse accusations.
  2. the lie that "all men are rapists". If it were not for the feminine myth that all men are rapists, the burden of proof would be really high to think that such a man would, out of a sudden, violently rape a woman at knife point:  A famous, well known, civilized and non-violent man that has a dozen girl friends and millions of female fans he could pick sex partners from.

German press reports about the Kachelmann rape case.

  1. Joerg Kachelmann | Die Zeit

  2. Topic Kachelmann | Der Spiegel

  3., about Kachelmann: the rainbow press paper hired arch-feminist Alice Schwarzer and tends to be anti-Kachelmann.