Women’s 100 dash in London 2012 Olympics. Only Black finalists? Discrimination against Whites and Asians?

Blacks are the only participants in Olympic 100 m running finals, be it men’s or women’s final dashes. We dare to say the obvious, though politically incorrect and taboo.


We tried to search Google about the races (Black, White, Asian, Hispanic) of the finalists, but this is hard to find. The runners here look black.  It is not politically correct to mention race, much less to ask why all the finalists are Black.  Wikipedia told us

Ivet Lalova the tenth fastest woman in 100 metres history, the fastest white woman in the world,[1] and finished fourth in the 100 metres and fifth in the 200 metres at the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Talking about race is a politically incorrect no-no, so much that

One may not talk about black race, iq, crime, or racing prowess

We do predict confidently:

Among the top 70 under 10 second runners, the only White man is Christophe Lemaitre.

When Blacks are under-represented in academic pursuits, in elite colleges, in top CEO ranks, then automatically discrimination is the presumed culprit. Race and IQ is a taboo topic. So conventional wisdom would deny any relation between race and running ability. In other words, the only acceptable explanation for lack of Whites and Asians is: Whites and Asians must be discriminated against in 100 meter running.

Whites and Asians should demand protective racial quotas. 50% of Olympic finalists should be White and Asians. Just as police officers, CEO’s, students at elite colleges have black quotas. And women in Norway and Sweden have quotas for CEO’s and politicians.

All 2012 Olympic 100m dash finalist will be black men. Racial Quotas for Whites /Asians needed to offset black privilege.

All 2012 Olympic 100m dash finalist will be black. How can we make such a racist prediction?

The fastest non-black man in the world, European champion  (Christophe Lemaitre) decided to skip the 100 m run. 9 Olympic participants run faster then Lemaitre in 100meters. He has no chance for a medal in 100 m, while he has been #4 this year in 200 meters.

In the last decades, Olympic finals and semifinals in 100 m running dashes consisted (almost?) exclusively of Black men and women.


BEIJING OLYMPIC GAMES | MEN’S 100M ATHLETICS FINAL. Where are the Asian finalists? Discriminated against?

racist-dog271 fastest runners on earth: 1 white Christophe Lemaitre & 70 blacks. Are races equal?

Conventional wisdom teaches us that race is only skin deep. Gender and race are socially constructed. If there are more men then women in top CEO positions, then this is due to discrimination by the evil patriarchy.If Blacks are underrepresented in top Universities, it is due to the never-ending legacy of 19th century slavery.

Equally, the lack of Whites and Asians in the 100 m Olympic finals must be due to discrimination. As everyone knows, all races are equal. Actually, race does not exist. Check this playlist of 25 100m races . I saw one lone white man among all the Blacks. Even Asian games and European championships consist largely of Blacks.

Discrimination everywhere?

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All 2012 Olympic 100m dash finalist will be black men. Racial Quot…
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Olympian Voula Papachristou banned for a joke ‘very bitter and upset’. Dictatorship of political correctness destroys lives and freedom.


Greece Bans Voula Papachristou from 2012 Olympics over African Joke

Voula Papachristou was kicked off Greece’s Olympic team on Wednesday for making a racist, derogatory comment on her Twitter account. She wrote: "With so many Africans in Greece, the West Nile mosquitoes will be getting home food!!!"

Voula-Papachristou-008A harmless joke. Offense to Africans is in the eye of the beholder.

What was the joke? "With so many Africans in Greece, the West Nile mosquitoes will be getting home food!!!" she tweeted. Athletic officialdom was not amused.

What was racist about the comment, given that Papachristou, apparently a strong Greek patriot, did not express any negative opinions about Africans, is a mystery … at least to normal people. She did not traffic in what the left believes are standard racist tropes. She did not say that Africans are more violent or disposed to crime than Greeks. Nor did she claim they are less intelligent than the descendants of Homer, Plato and Aristotle. She told an off-color joke, as it were.

She is also guilty of supporting the Golden Dawn party, which, while admittedly sounding a little extreme, opposes immigration; in other words, they would keep Greece for the Greeks. Perhaps that, as Patrick Cleburne wrote, is the real crime. Vdare

What we at Human-Stupidity say is much more offensive. Prepare for Human-Stupidity being raided and shut down! Freedom of expression has long been abolished by speech codes and political correctness rules.

Voula Papachristou’s other sin is promoting views of a party that is in Greek parliament.  If a party is not outlawed, promoting it should not lead to expulsion from the Olympics! Political correctness destroys our democratic liberties and ideals.

Papachristou’s Twitter account ((at)papaxristoutj) contained several retweets and links to sites and YouTube videos promoting the views of Golden Dawn, a formerly marginal extreme right party that entered the Greek Parliament in two recent elections – in May and June – by polling almost 7 percent of the vote. She has since erased those links and retweets from her account. 2

Carlos-SmithPolitical correctness

Political correctness starts lightly and is ever expanding overcriminalization. Hate speech laws were intended to punish incendiary speech promoting violence and genocide. It was illegal to say "Kill Africans". Then it extended to using derogatory terms like the N -word ("nigger"). If someone uses the N-word, it is understood that the offended have the right to escalate violently "retaliate". I do hope that I don’t get arrested, or attacked by vigilantes, for typing this word once. Now we got as far as to get punished for privately making a joke? 

But it was her attempt at a joke Sunday that got the most attention. Commenting on the widely reported appearance of Nile-virus-carrying mosquitoes in Athens, Papachristou wrote: "With so many Africans in Greece, the West Nile mosquitoes will be getting home food!!!". Her tweet prompted thousands of negative comments that snowballed Wednesday. 2

Vdare assails the fuzziness of hate crime definitions:

One cannot know what is racist and what isn’t. The word has no precise definition. One day, it means burning crosses and terrorizing blacks. The next, it means calling President Obama a socialist. Or skinny. Or opposing his health-care plan. Yet because those who level charge control what it means, or doesn’t mean, and can use it any way they wish, one is defenseless against it. It cannot be falsified. The very charge imposes the conviction of guilt. Vdare

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Olympian Voula Papachristou banned for a joke ‘very bitter a…
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72% of blacks, 31% non-blacks believe George Zimmermann is guilty(Gallup). Why the racial differences?

Blacks are much more likely than nonblacks to have an opinion about Zimmerman’s guilt. Overall, 72% of blacks say Zimmerman is definitely or probably guilty of a crime; 1% say he is not. Nonblacks also say Zimmerman is guilty, by 32% to 7%, but well over half of nonblacks say Zimmerman’s guilt is unclear from the available information.

Blacks are more certain about their opinions than are nonblacks. Blacks who say Zimmerman is guilty of a crime are significantly more likely to say he is definitely guilty than probably guilty, while nonblacks tilt more toward the "probably guilty" choice.

Additionally, 72% of blacks say racial bias was a major factor in the events that led up to the shooting death of Martin, with another 13% saying it was a minor factor. Nonblacks, on the other hand, are significantly less certain, with 31% saying racial bias was a major factor, 26% saying it was a minor factor, and 25% saying it was not a factor at all Gallup

Human-Stupidity Analysis: different attitudes by race (that doesn’t exist)

george-zimmermannAmazing how white and black Americans have totally different perception. The truth can only be one. And the same evidence is known to all. Are racist whites biased and unjustly anti-Black?

Or maybe Blacks (and Liberals) have been taught that Blacks are always victims and never responsible for any negative fate. Not for lower educational and financial attainment of Blacs, their higher criminality. There always is a white repressor to blame. "I am misbehaving and having bad school results because there was slavery in 1860". If it is possible to distort the scientific race and iq discussion, how much easier is it to get a distorted view of a criminal case. As a matter of fact, Whites hide and distort black criminal tendencies. So, if anything, Whites already are biased in favor of Blacks. Add to this the proven lower IQ of Blacks, which makes it more difficult to understand complex issues and see through Al Sharpton’s manipulations.

Of course, media manipulation, like selective editing of the 911 call to make Zimmermann look racist, using 4 year old photos of Trayvon when he was 12 and a mug shot of Zimmermann when he weight 50(?) lbs. more serves to get people up in arms against Zimmermann. To top it off,  spanish speaking and Peruvian Latino race Zimmermann is called a member of the evil white race.

Liberals and the biased manipulative press reports probably account for the 31% of non-blacks that believe Zimmermann is guilty. Gallup should also have reported if these 31% consist largely of people who don’t follow the news and thus are the less informed.

And yes, Human-Stupidity already mentioned valid issues on both sides: the cover-up of criminal thuggery of a son of a Sanford policeman, as well as media neglect of black on white assaults in that same city in the same time period.

We are just mentioning the tip of the iceberg, much more thorough analysis is needed.  Why do the races (which allegedly are socially constructed and don’t exist) have such clearly different opinion in the Trayvon Martin – George Zimmermann case, as in the OJ Simpson and Rodney King case.

In the Rodney King case we can see the tendency to assign human rights protection to a heavily drugged felon who endangered people in a reckless car chase and violently fought of police. In the Trayvon Martin case Human-Stupidity keeps pointing out that it is taken for granted that a black man can punch anyone for slight provocation such as following at a distance.

U.S. public opinion about the Trayvon Martin case in Florida reflects the same type of racial divide found in 1995 surveys asking about the murder trial of O.J. Simpson in Los Angeles. In one Gallup poll conducted Oct. 5-7, 1995, for example, 78% of blacks said the jury that found Simpson not guilty of murder made the right decision, while only 42% of whites agreed.

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72% of blacks, 31% non-blacks believe George Zimmermann is guilty(…
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A US Black is 7 times as likely to kill a White, than a White to kill a Black

At the very beginning of his 911 call, Zimmerman tells the operator that there have been a lot of break-ins recently.  In fact, there were eight burglaries in the previous fifteen months.  Where the intruders were identified, most were young black males, including two who invaded the home of a young mother and tried to break into the bedroom she had locked herself into with her infant son.  This must have been a terrifying experience, but it was not of interest to the MSM.  Zimmerman met with the woman afterward.

Is Twin Lakes in Sanford an anomaly?

Like the 911 calls, Justice Department statistics are a click or two away. 

Between 1976 and 2005, African-Americans, 12.6% of the population in the last census, committed 52.2% of all homicides.

That is, over the 30-year period, African-Americans committed murder at about 7.33 times the white rate.  (Whites here include Hispanics.)

Of homicides committed by strangers, on average, 18.77% involved blacks killing whites, while in 5.08% of the cases, whites killed blacks.  African-Americans were therefore nearly 3.7 times more likely to kill a white than a white to kill a black

US Department of JusticeActually, it is worse if you look at the criminality of the individual person. There are about 5.6 times more Whites 72.4% then Blacks 12.6% . So very few blacks kill 3.7 times more whites then 5 times as many whites kill Blacks. Thus an individual Black is about 20 times as likely to kill a White then an individual White to kill a Black person.  And considering that Hispanic Whites commit a larger percentage of crime then non-Hispanic whites (63.7%) the numbers get even bigger compared to non-Hispanic Whites.

My math might be off. It looks like Blacks are “only” 7 times as likely to kill a White, compared to Whites killing Blacks (homicide tables). It would be interesting to find the table that separates the Hispanic and the non-Hispanic Whites.

So racial profiling is totally justified. Yes, Blacks kill Blacks too, and certainly honest reputable Blacks are afraid of adolescent gang toughs and probably strive to avoid and fear a group of Blacks more then a group of Whites.  In spite of alleged racism that would make Blacks fear Whites.

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A US Black is 7 times as likely to kill a White, than a White to k…
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Evolution, Intelligence, Behavior, Race.

This TV series about Race and Intelligence shows the facts pretty well. The authors are fairly open minded. In the end they trying to remain politically correct and find what they want to find: that there is no genetic basis, or that differences are only due to discrimination.


Race and Intelligence 1/7 por NzingahMorena


Race and Intelligence 2/7 por NzingahMorena
It is easily forgotten: Human-Stupidity is not really about the scientific discussion and solution of racial theories. We are most interested in unconsciousness, blindness, dogmatism.

We are watching how clear scientific statements by Jensen, Rushton are met with ire and pseudo-scientific rebuttals. Even Mr. James Watson, who is not a normal Nobel Prize winner, but considered one of the most prestigious of Nobel prize winners was destroyed when he dared to speak unpopular truths. Even he is so wrong, where are the scientific rebuttals instead of the ad hominem attacks?

We wish that the truth would be accepted, so the discussion would be based on the truth, not on wishful thinking. Further discussions are here:

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Evolution, Intelligence, Behavior, Race.
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Alexandra Wallace: "Asians in the Library". Political correctness hysteria

A private rant complaining about "hordes of Asians" chatting on cell phones in the University Library yielded a huge outcry by the political correctness police in press and University politics. The Alexandra Wallace was threatened with disciplinary action, and received death threats. The political correctness hordes are dangerous! Everyone has to step on eggshells and think carefully before uttering a sentence. Free speech be damned.

One lone blog defends the right to think and speak (UCLA Vilifies White Student For Thought Crime | Vdare)

  • In the politically correct outrage, nobody cares about what she said.
    • Do Asians have a tendency to talk in the college library? Why do library officials not interfere? After all, she is not complaining about breach of a formality (like wearing a turban) but rather about noise that objectively disturbs the ability to study. Is the library at fault not to take up disciplinary action for distubance of peace in library? Any sociologist or political scientist up to watching behavior at the library and doing an unbiased test of her contention? And even her observations are wrong, so what?
    • Do Asians tend to have the entire large family visit them on the weekends to cook and wash their laundry? This is an interesting observation. Again, even if she is wrong, why disciplinary threats and threats of violence against her.
  • Hate laws are problemetic restrictions to constitutionally guaranteed free speech. Initially they served a fairly noble cause, they were meant to prevent incitement of violence, lynching mob incitation and Adolf Hitler style rhetoric to beat up and kill Jews.  But being extended to any harmless uttering of a blonde student. failing to carefully select politically correct wording is troubling.
  • She was actually pretty careful to hedge what she said. But still not enough.
  • If she were an official of government, police or the University, maybe there would be a justification for using carefully selected wording. But an average citizen being vilified for some personal opinion which most likely is factually correct?
  • Human Stupidity has examples where political correctness has serious consequences. From not scanning people at airports (body scans are "child porn") to searching old white ladies in equal frequency as young muslim men, to restriction of academic research about child sexuality and racial differences.

U.C.L.A. Student’s Video Rant Against Asians Fuels Firestorm


[…] In the video, Ms. Wallace complains about Asian students in the school library using their cellphones to call family members after the tsunami in Japan. At one point, she mimics people speaking an Asian language.

“The problem is these hordes of Asian people that U.C.L.A. accepts into our school every single year, which is fine,” Ms. Wallace said in the video. “But if you’re going to come to U.C.L.A., then use American manners.” (NY Times)

Alexandra Wallace: Asians in the Library | Youtube movie

On Monday, U.C.L.A.’s chancellor, Gene Block, released a statement that deemed the video “thoughtless and hurtful” and called for a more civil discourse. Officials said the university was looking into possible disciplinary action against Ms. Wallace.
(NY Times)


Ms. Alexandra Wallace withdraws from University after being ostracised and threatened


Alexandra Wallace apologizes, announces she will no longer attend UCLA | Daily Bruin

The letter comes the day UCLA announced that it will not take action against Wallace for the video.

Below is Wallace’s full letter:

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Medical research and treament for Blacks hampered by "race does not exist" dogma

Political correctness backfires and vicitmizes Blacks: research about how to improve black health care gets attacked and repressed. If optimal medical treatment differs by race, then researchers gets attacked. After all, race does not exist and is only a construct. And it is only skin deep.

Our comments about such nonsense are at race and intelligence  and political correctness. Any forensic specialist can tell the race of a person from a few bones. (Is Race A Valid Taxonomic Construct?)

The "race does not exist dogma" and "all races are equal dogma" is an impediment to medical research and victimizes black people who are denied optimal medical treatment.

Why Racial Profiling Persists in Medical Research

Experts within the research community say a small but stubborn streak of racial profiling has long persisted in the medical literature, borne out in studies that attribute health disparities between blacks and whites not to socioeconomics or access to health care alone but also to genetic differences between the races — a concept that implies that a biological category of race exists. […]

Researchers said also that even after adjusting for patients’ socioeconomic status, the survival gap between black and white patients remained for three of the cancers studied: breast, ovarian and prostate. […]

That conclusion, critics quickly responded, was flawed. "Race is a sociological concept, not a biological category," says Otis Brawley, the chief medical officer for the American Cancer Society, who wrote an editorial accompanying the study. "But this study brings race into medicine as a biological categorization." […]

But even while Albain’s and other similar studies don’t do much to shift the prevailing medical opinion — that disparities in health are fueled mainly by socioeconomics and access to care — they remind us that antiquated and unscientific ideas about race are alive and well in medical research in America.

Source: time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1916755,00.html

Now the author is a little concerned about being seen as attacking academic research.

To be sure, no one is accusing authors like Albain of racism,

oh, really?

and people on both sides of the debate want to save lives.

as long as saving lives would not violate the racial equality dogma, of course

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Medical research and treament for Blacks hampered by "race do…
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