Forced marriages: death threats victimize thousands of Muslim girls – German Government Study

439-forced-marriage-poster1Thousands of women, mostly underage, are forced into marriage in Germany every year. The German family minister Kristina Schröder (CDU) and the Integration official Maria Böhmer (CDU) announced they will present a study today, Nov. 9th.

The numbers derive from counting women that actively sought help at government counseling centers. We expect that there would not be many false complaints, but a large percentage of unreported cases.

In the year 2008, 3443 women sought help at counseling centers, because they were under the threat of forced marriage or actually forced to marry.

The casualty figures are much higher than previous estimates: The NGO Terre des Femmes was previously assumed, turn that in Germany every year more than a thousand women and girls from immigrant families go to counseling because of forced marriages.

For the new comprehensive study 1445 counseling centers were contacted. 830 of them reported back. The results also shed light on origin, age and history of the victims. Thus, every third person concerned in connection with the forced marriage is threatened with death. The vast majority of victims of forced marriages are from Muslim parents’ homes – 83.4 percent. According to the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" nearly two-thirds of the recorded cases are from families characterized as very religious.

Many have experienced extreme brutalityislam-vs-women_64

Almost all concerned come from immigrant families, but a third of girls and women who were forced into a marriage were born in Germany [probably to immigrant families (human-stupidity]) according to the survey. 23 percent were born in Turkey.  Turkey was the most frequent country of origin, followed by Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Iraq.
Thousands of migrants are forced into marriage every year (Google translation)

  • forced marriageWe recognize that this is a very serious issue of civil liberty that warrants attention.
    • Young women and girls being forced by their own family and their entire support network is an extreme threat. Please read the quotations and original articles below and on the picture links.
    • Human-Stupidity’s subsequent focus on unpopular and ignored side issues does not mean that we don’t recognize the seriousness of violently forced marriages.
  • we suspect for every reported case, there probably are huge numbers of cases where marriages happen just by mild parental pressure and nobody ever complaints.
    • Of course, this is very problematic, we do not support such action.
    • But in our traditional position as Devil’s advocate who wants to instigate out-of-the-box thinking, we could question if such marriages could not  be happy. Maybe parents’ mate choices are more mature then 17 year old girls’ choices?
    • Of course, we absolutely do not support death threats and severe physical violence. And we are aware that knowledge of this violence might scare many girls into voluntary compliance.
    • No, Human-Stupidity does NOT support forced marriages

  • we do miss any mention  of male victims of "shotgun marriages". We hope the final report will at least mention such cases. Otherwise this is likely to be another case where only women victims will be considered and men’s rights being ignored men-are-victims-of-forced-marriage-too
  • we are very afraid that, in the future, false accusations of forced marriages, without due process, might become rampant.
    • we fear that a woman can, 50 years after the wedding, accuse her husband of forced marriage, just to get out of an unhappy relationship. The victimized man would be jailed, without due process, due to the pervasive doctrine "women don’t lie".  While we believe that women nowadays don’t lie (well, rarely lie) about forced marriage, we expect such numbers to increase, once women get guaranteed benefits from false accusations (see the false rape society).
  • we expect opponents of large scale immigration to see this as a further failure of multi-culturalism 
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    Nato navies no match for Somali Pirates (aided by human-rights laws)

    Somali Pirates just killed 4 hostages.

    The entire world’s navies cannot win against a rag-tag "navy" of 3rd world bandits? At sea, where without the typical guerrilla war problems. The bandits cannot hide among the masses. Still they are almost safe.   Human rights sensitivities protect them.

    As human-stupidity has noted before, Somali pirates rewarded with asylum in Europe.   Often, Somali Pirates are just released. If they drowned their weapons, and no positive proof can be found, then obvious pirates are just sent home to come back and try again next week We don’t have enough proof to convict in a far away court.

    Our human rights laws were not made for Somali pirates. Our human rights laws are well intended, but often ineffective. They often cost us not only money, but cost victimization of innocent upstanding citizens. Of course the cost is exorbitant. Entire navies are there to arrest them. Free flights to Europe. free defense lawyers, and free housing for 5 years in jail. Asylum, welfare, and family immigration to Europe later on. And we all pay in higher merchandise cost for the vastly increased shipping insurance rates.

    No wonder many people think that old fashioned methods like summary execution would be much more appropriate methods to nip piracy in the bud. The same way as Guantanamo’s human rights violations probably are saving lives and stemming the terrorist tide.

    Late action is another problem. The problem has grown, it is very late. The enemy has become rich and powerful. Now the pirates have good weapons, equipment, good logistics. Similar things have happened in the drug war and with the spam problem. We created the monsters ourselves. Had we acted forcefully beginning, there would be no spam problem. Now the top spammers make millions a month, and enlist the worlds best hackers to aid them.

    Admiral MARK FOX (Commander, U.S. 5th Fleet): At 8 o’clock this morning local time, a rocket-propelled grenade was fired from the Quest, by the pirates, towards the Starrett. Immediately thereafter, gunfire also erupted inside the cabin of the Quest.

    Several pirates appeared on deck and moved up to the bow with their hands in the air in surrender.

    LANGFITT: When U.S. Special Forces boarded the yacht, they said they found the Adams and two fellow American sailors dead or dying. The other sailors were identified as Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle, both of Seattle, Washington.

    Admiral Fox also said they found two pirates who had already been killed. He emphasized that U.S. Special Forces did not shoot those pirates, and had not tried to launch a rescue.

    Officials: Somali Pirates Kill 4 American Hostages|NPR

    Somalische Piraten immer brutaler|Der Spiegel (in German, with very intelligent comments)


    Feminist rape laws don’t apply to male prison rape victims

    A prisoner is under the control and mercy of gangs of violent felons, all day long, unable to escape.  Under the guardianship and responsibility of government. Feminist anti-rape activists are not concerned about the grave injustice of prison rape, which is on-going long term year-long power, humiliation, and sexual violence. Prison rape accusations get ignored. Even "voluntary" sex in prison is often rape, due to power differential and serious consequences of saying "no". Why this deafening silence of the feminists regarding prison rape? Only Human-Stupidity points out that prison rape epidemic is only the tip of the iceberg: has a hidden prison-rape-by-intimidation part larger then the know forcible rape cases.

    compare: Stop Prison Rape! Legalize Corporal Punishment (Whipping) 

    The following article shows a light at the end of the tunnel. US authorities are starting to take the prison rape epidemic more seriously.

    Raped and extorted by a prison gang, Scott Howard was called a "drama queen" by corrections officials 

    This is a lengthy 8 page report. Read it all, don’t get stuck on the first page only

    I served time in the Colorado Department of Corrections, and it was there that I was repeatedly raped, assaulted and extorted by members of a large, notorious gang." […]

    "I spent well over a year trying to get protection by writing to officials," he said. "My efforts to report were mostly fruitless — and often put me at greater risk. Because I am openly gay, officials blamed me for the attacks. They said as a homosexual I should expect to be targeted by one gang or another."

    Howard didn’t tell the whole squalid story. He didn’t mention the evidence of staff involvement with the gang that made his efforts to seek protection even dicier. He didn’t go into how, once he finally started "naming names," as prison investigators demanded, they accused him of crying rape to cover up his own criminal activities. He barely referred to his last day as a Colorado prisoner, when, he says, he was put in a cell with one of the gang leaders and sexually assaulted again. Despite being a bare summary, the statement was still graphic — and powerful. At times his voice choked up, but Howard kept reading.


    Human-Stupidity Analysis

    Prison rape is comparable to being locked for years in Mr. Fritzl’s rape dungeon. Years under the power of rapists with nowhere to escape. Prison rape is aggravated because

    • the victim is under the threat of violence and repeated rape for hours, days, weeks, months, and years. No escape possible
    • At all times, while sleeping, while in the shower. The threat is always there
    • gangs gang up on him. No chance to resist.
    • The perpetrators continuously have power over the victim. It is not a "one shot crime". It is constant and repeated.
    • Many many prison rape victims are never seen as rape victims. They probably don’t even see themselves as rape victims. Many just give in and become long term sex slaves in order to avoid gang rapes and gang beatings.
      • females that suffer the slightest, barely noticeable, coercion, are rape victims
      • I have never heard of "voluntary" sex slaves in prison being called "rape victims". By feminist rape standards, a prisoner is unable to consent to sex, because he has no safe option to say "no". Unless he is willing to fight to death, is a member of a gang, etc, his "no" just puts him into more danger
    • the victim is under the power and protection of the state. The government is locking him together with felons, the government is responsible for his safety
    • There is a popular misconception: "he is a criminal, he deserves to get ass-raped". Problems
      • this is cruel and unusual punishment through the back door.
      • If you think people deserve corporal punishment, be honest and adopt the Sharia or something similar.Stop Prison Rape! Legalize Corporal Punishment (Whipping) 
      • In the case of legalized flogging, the corporal punishment follows due process and does not transmit Aids.
      • Usually the serious criminal gangs prey upon the first time light criminal (drug users, people who did not pay their parking tickets). So the wrong ones get punished


    Clearly double standards for female and male rape victims

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    Feminist rape laws don’t apply to male prison rape victims
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    Overcriminalization: everyone violates trivial laws! Hence: “Don’t Talk to Cops! Refuse Search!”

    1) “I have nothing to say, officer”.  2) I don’t consent to searches”.

    are the most important sentences to deal with police. Listen to a law school professor, a policeman, a human rights organisation. They all say the same

    Police: a dangerous threat to be avoided? Why can’t we cooperate with police?

    You always have the right to refuse police searches (“Officer, I don’t consent to any searches”) and refuse to answer questions without a lawyer present. (“I have nothing to say. I want to see a lawyer.”) […]

    No Warrant, No Search!
    The Supreme Court has ruled that the home is entitled to maximum search protection. Even if they have probable cause to believe something illegal is going on inside your home, the 4th Amendment requires police to get a signed search warrant from a judge to legally enter and search.

    This advice makes us cringe: as honest, law abiding citizens, we want to cooperate with law enforcement, so they can track down violent dangerous criminals and terrorists. But collaboration with police endangers our own safety and gets us into jail?

    A law abiding honest citizen has to avoid talking to police? Must refrain from helping police work? The good citizen has to make it harder for police to find the real criminals by refusing to cooperate!  Why can’t an honest citizen collaborate with police, so they can find criminals and terrorists?

    What is wrong here?  In the “Don’t talk to Cops #1” video, a law school professor explains, that even a hard core criminal lawyer could get himself trouble, if he talked to police. There are so many laws. You might be found a felon for possessing a lobster that was packed in violation of Native Indian reservation law, or Honduran Law.

    Never talk to a tax official. It is impossible, not to be in violation of one of the millions of articles of tax law. in “Don’t talk to Cops #2”, a policeman explains: if he follows a car, he is certain that pretty soon he can nail the driver for some traffic violation. If the honest normal citizen cannot collaborate with police, cannot help police to make their work easier, something is wrong. Or am I the only one thinking this way?

    Overcriminalization: criminalizing trivial or harmless behavior.

    The Crime of Living

    Government run amok.

    Posted October 19, 2010

    The new term “overcriminalization” describes the last few decades’ legislative orgy of criminalizing trivial or harmless behavior. Under “zero tolerance” the legal system has shifted ever closer to a vast police state. From 2000 to 2007 Congress added 452 new federal crimes to the 4,450 already in effect and the roughly 300,000 regulations that can be enforced criminally. “Get tough” punishments and innovative new crimes have brought career-making headlines to politicians, who encountered little resistance.

    Traditionally civil offenses now resemble criminal ones in their punishment. For example, it is commonplace for judges to imprison “deadbeat dads” who cannot pay child support for civil contempt of court. Not even children are exempt. Petty offenses such as “sexting” between teens are felonies and can be severely punished; in grade schools police are sometimes called to control children who throw temper tantrums. Everyday life has been criminalized.

    The book Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent, by libertarian attorney Harvey Silverglate, details how you are a felon right now because going through one day without violating the law repeatedly is virtually impossible.
    The Crime of Living

    Three Felonies a Day:

    How the Feds Target the Innocent


    Harvey A. Silverglate $25.95 1594032556

    Go Directly to Jail: The Criminalization of Almost Everything by Gene Healy $17.95 1930865635

    The Tyranny of Good Intentions: How Prosecutors and Law Enforcement Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice by Paul Craig Roberts $14.95 0307396061

    on June 28, 2007, reported research by Northwestern Professor Bruce Spencer […] Spencer discovered that innocent defendants had a 25% chance of being wrongfully convicted by juries and 37% chance of being wrongfully convicted by a judge. In contrast, Spencer found only a 10% chance a jury would acquit a guilty person and a 13% chance a judge would acquit a guilty person. […] According to Northwestern University law professor Jack Heinz, the concentration of errors in wrongful convictions result from "the strong presumption of guilt when someone is arrested and brought to trial."

    […] criminologist Richard Moran reported his research findings in the New York Times on August 2, 2007: ‘My recently completed study of the 124 exonerations of death row inmates in America from 1973 to 2007 indicated that about 80%, or about two thirds, of their so-called wrongful convictions resulted not from good-faith mistakes or errors, but from intentional, willful, malicious prosecutions by criminal justice personnel.’

    We have too many victimless crimes, harsh punishment for petty crimes, and too many laws. Every single citizen commits (harmless) crimes and felonies with regularity and is in danger of arrest and conviction. And over 99% of these “crimes” remain unpunished, with the occasional unlucky guy who gets convicted. Potential crimes include: copyright infringement, underage sex among minors (hey, maybe you had sex with a minor when you were 15 and there is no statute of limitation), potential vengeful charges of rape and sex abuse, underage drinking, drug consumption, indadvertent possession of child porn (most men probably have some picture on their hard drive that potentially could be of a 17 year old nude).

    certain practical steps could greatly alleviate the suffering of the law’s innocent victims. They include:

    • eliminating the ability of civil judges to imprison debtors for contempt of court;
    • reestablishing the need to prove “criminal intent” for criminal charges;
    • ceasing to prosecute victimless crimes, like drug use and sex between consenting adults;
    • eliminating prosecutorial immunity for corrupt or excessive prosecution;
    • enforcing constitutional protections such as “the presumption of innocence”; and
    • making all courts, including family courts, transparent.

    Overcriminalization threatens everyone. It does not matter how peaceful or law-abiding you mean to be. Today you are a criminal. Tomorrow you may be a prisoner.
    Source: The Crime of Living

    • How Long Can You Go Without Infringing On Copyright: Nowadays we infringe copyrights numerous times throughout the day without even thinking about it. Watching an unauthorized SNL clip on YouTube. Playing the radio in the background at work where customers can hear. Loaning a copy of your Finding Nemo DVD to play at your kids’ daycare. Downloading clip art to use in a personal scrapbook. Scanning your own wedding photos. Forwarding a funny photograph to a friend. Loaning a co-worker some software.

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    Overcriminalization: everyone violates trivial laws! Hence: &#8220…
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    Movie of 15 year old girl repeatedly brutally stomped on head: prime time news. Depicting the same girl posing nude would be child porn, a heinous crime.

    The beating last month of a 15-year-old girl in the transit tunnel at Westlake Center as security personnel watched without intervening is prompting a review of King County Metro’s policies for its unarmed guards.

    The incident — which was partially captured on surveillance video — happened about 7:15 p.m. Jan. 28 and involved a large group of teens and young adults, according to the King County Sheriff’s Office. Another 15-year-old girl is allegedly the one who can be seen on the video assaulting the victim, kicking her head several times while she is on the pavement.

    Two security guards stand over the victim while she’s being pummeled and do not intervene. At one point in the video, one guard is seen raising his arm toward the assailant, who ignores him.

    Source, more details, comments:

    A girl gets attacked by a thug girl. Before that the victim had tried to hide behind 3 security guards, to no avail. The guards had orders not to interfere. Even when the girl was on the floor, repeatedly getting her head stomped by the attacking girl. Another guy from her gang robbed the girl’s bag with her iphone and other belongings.
    Warning: graphic content. Gratuitous REAL violence.

    Topic 1: human rights of criminals

    If the guards interfered and hurt a thug, they would stand accused of hurting the perpetrator. The guard could face dismissal, ruinously expensive lawsuits, jail.  It is safer for the guards not to interfere. And this is what the official security company policy is.

    The academic armchair political correctness human rights & feminist crowd has perverted our justice system.  Redneck country cowboys still have healthy human reactions, but they risk getting jailed.

    Topic 2:  Child Porn witch hunt: depicting life threatening violence against children: legal. Depiction of nudity or healthy sexuality: a heinous felony.

    Showing an underage girl getting life-threatening stomps on the face, while on the floor, that is normal news cast on prime time TV. Now mere possession of a movie of the same girl posing nude, or, God beware, masturbating, or making love with her boy friend, that would be a heinous crime.  Production or televising such “child porn” would yield 3-25 years in prison.  Criminal violence against children may be shown.


    Death by Stoning for Adultery (Iran). Criminalisation of Adultery is the Problem, not the Stoning

    Iranian Official: Western ‘Propaganda’ Won’t Stop Woman’s Execution By Stoning

    Government officials, celebrities and ordinary citizens from around the world have joined international human-rights organizations in a growing campaign against the stoning sentence given to Ms. Mohammadi Ashtiani. She was first convicted on May 15, 2006, of having an “illicit relationship” with two men, for which she received 99 lashes. At a subsequent trial of a man accused of murdering her husband, Ms. Mohammadi Ashtiani was charged with “adultery while being married”. It is for that crime that she has been sentenced to death by stoning.

    Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani is a repeat offender. Already got 99 lashes for “illicit relationship” with two men, and then committed “adultery while being married”. Prof. Farhang, who resigned his diplomatic post over the holding of U.S. hostages in Tehran in 1979 and now teaches political science at Bennington College in Vermont, says the international campaign against the execution by stoning is having an effect.

    “You hear two kinds of arguments,” he said. “Some attack the execution just because of the reprehensible nature of stoning. That’s widely heard inside Iran and among Iranians,” he said.

    “Others attack the sentence because they’re opposed to any form of capital punishment,” he added. “That’s a more common international sentiment.”

    The outcome of all that, Farhang, says, might be an execution by other means (hanging or shooting), but it might well be a commuting of Ms. Mohammadi Ashtiani’s death sentence.

    1. What is the logic behind heavy penalties for illicit sexual relationships and adultery?
      In antiquity, When the Bible and the Koran were written, there were no birth control nor genetic paternity tests. Drakonian laws against adultery and pre-marital sex gave men sufficient trust that they were investing their life’s work and effort in their own offspring and not someone elses kid.
      The Koran and the Bible were right, in their times: such laws could contribute to stability of family and society.  Religious dogma and zealotism, unfortunately, prevent any rational modern re-analysis of these topics in the face of birth control and DNA testing.
    2. Should people get heavy penalties for illicit sexual relationships and adultery?
      Looking at things from a more rational point of view, I believe there is strong enough motive to prohibit people from having fun and enjoy their sexuality. Emphasis should be on birth control and disease prevention. Interestingly, protests are about stoning, not about being punished with death for adultery. Life in prison for adultery should be ok then?
      Interestingly, there are no strong protests about the 99 lashes for sexual relationships and severe punishment for adultery. Sure, who are we, in Western countries, who give Genarlow Wilson a 10 year jail sentence for having oral sex with a girl 2 years younger then him (see more drakonian punishments in the section about teenage sexuality)
    3. Punishment for Aultery?
      If someone enters a marriage contract and swears sexual faithgulness, maybe s/he should be punished for breach of contract. Of course, the problem is that there is no freedom to negotiate the conditions of a marriage contract. Maybe marriage should be negotiable, with open free marriage being an option.
    4. Are stoning and death penalty legitimate?
      Maybe we need stricter laws for real heinous crimes by incurable repeat offenders such as violent hooligans, street gangs, bullies who clearly damage their victims and instill insecurity in society. Maybe such people should be executed. Maybe stoning would be very appropriate.

    Wait, there is more! This article continues! Continue reading “Death by Stoning for Adultery (Iran). Criminalisation of Adultery is the Problem, not the Stoning” »
    Death by Stoning for Adultery (Iran). Criminalisation of Adultery …
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    Why a doberman is better then a security guard or policeman

    A doberman guard dog does not know about human rights. If your attacker kicks or shoves a Doberman, he get what he deserves, and nobody feels pity for the attacker.

    (in case you don’t get the joke.

    • If you shove a policeman and he gives you one single punch only, the policeman already suffers an inquiry.
    • if you punch a guy, and he knives you in self defense, your punching victim may go to jail
    • You mess with a dog, the dog has no human rights training. The dog has no scruples.
    • The dog is like a mobster, like a motorcycle gang member. The has a short trigger, and reacts impulsively, with no mercy.
    • You don’t mess with a mobster, a gang member, a motorcycle gang member. Nor with a dog.
    • so if someone invades a yard guarded by 3 dobermen, he gets dilacerated. And nobody pities him.
    • if a group of punks invade a yard guarded by 3 security guards, the security guards are too afraid to respond in force


    "Human Rights" protect criminals to the detriment of law abiding citizens

    A woman started a scuffle with a policeman over a jaywalking ticket.  Then she resists arrest. Her friend shoves the policeman.  The policeman, faced with 2 unruly women scuffling with him, punches one girl in the face and then arrests both.

    Again and again, he [the officer] tried to subdue the 19-year old. But the struggle continued. Suddenly, from the sidelines jumped the girl’s 17-year old friend. She shoved the officer out of the way. […] He closes his fist, winds up, and lands a hard right to her face.

    [Human Rights proponent:] I don’t excuse her behavior. She was clearly in the wrong. But again, a force of a punch to the face is not justifiable.
    See the entire video with transcript & subtitles

    Human Rights seems to be mainly concerned with protecting criminals. People who are wrong. You don’t resist a police officer. You don’t shove a police officer. First you put yourself outside of the law, and then you look for protection of the law.

    How does a police officer arrest 2 unruly women? If he maced and tasered them, that would be ok? He has to do a profound analysis, if the girls will escalate? How does he know if more people will interfere? Or if one woman has fighting skills, weapons? So a police officer has to take risks to protect the human rights of girls that are clearly wrong and that attack him!?

    Interestingly, dictatorships do not have major crime problems. Nor do Brazilian shanty towns dominated by criminal gangs, or cities controlled by the mafia. Most smaller criminals can get subdued by rigorous law and order.

    Devli’s advocate s provocative proposal
    The suspension of due process, normal in alleged rape, child abuse and child porn cases, should be applied to crimes with real violence and real victims, where public safety is at stake. If simple unproven accusations would suffice to arrest and try bullies and street criminals, maybe public safety could be reinstated


    “Human Rights”-in-favor-of-Criminals Scheme

    Example: ->


    Girls shoving Policemen Gang attack victim stabs attacking gang banger Rodney King
    (Los Angeles,1992)
    “Bad guy” does something wrong or illegal Girls start scuffle with policeman, resist arrest & attack policeman on duty Group of thugs attack innocent students. Already knocked down one victim. Attacks next victim * Rodney King takes LA police on high speed car chase

    * risking life of many innocent drivers and pedestrians on the way,

    * He resists arrest, resists handcuffs, and attacks arresting policemen.

    “Good Guy” reacts Unable to handcuff 2 unruly girls at the same time, policeman returns a punch to the girl that shoved him Next victim pulls a knife, and stabs attacker in throat. Police taser and beat in attempt to subdue and handcuff.

    Rodney King keeps getting up. Police takes necessary measures to subdue him.

    Even if they were overreacting, how serious is that compared to felony reckless driving, parole violation and drunk driving?

    “Human Rights” worry about the guilty criminals Girl interferes with police work. Attacks policeman who is busy with another unruly girl.

    Poor girl got a punch after attacking a policeman who, alone, faces 2 attackers

    A group of thugs attacks innocent guys with punches. A victim defends himself with a knife.

    How unjust for the attacker to get stabbed without prior warning

    If police tells you to lie down and you get up, you must be aware of the consequences.

    Even more if you are clearly wrong, drunk driving, parole violation and reckless driving on escape attempt.

    Poor guy: almost killed innocent citizens with his car, could have injured police officers on duty, and got some beating with no long term effects.

    “Human Rights” don’t get concerned about victims, safety of society and law abiding citizens Police should engage in half hour scuffle with the girls. If girls use weapons, or more people enter in the fight, tough luck.

    If the girls escape and thus learn that it pays to resist police, tough luck too.

    Attack victim has risk his life

    • by first warning the gangster that he will stab him,
    • losing the element of surprise.
    • allowing the gangsters to get their own weapons,  or
      to regroup and gang up on him, or

    When attacked by a group of thugs, victim has to do a legal analysis of the case before acting.

    Safety of policemen is not important.

    Safety of society against criminal reckless driving felons is not important.

    “Good Guy” gets into trouble Police get suspended, suffer inquiry. Press and “anti-racists” attack the police for doing their duty. In this case the attack victim, a student, got 3 years 9 months unsuspended jail sentence! Police suffered inquiry, legal challenges.
    Either way, “good guys” get into trouble, even if they act differently At other occasions, police may get injured for reacting too lightly or too slow Had he wasted time with warnings, and not defended himself, he could have been knocked down, beaten to death. The attackers could have gotten out their (bigger) knives.  He might have been attacked by the entire group of the agressor. If police is too lenient, they may suffer consequences:

    • police may get hit, injured,
    • if the criminal happens to have a weapon police can get shot and die
    • or if he escapes due to police leniency police will be reprimanded
    • if he escapes, he will continue endangering innocent bystanders
    The exact “human right” of the criminal Attack police trying to arrest your friend and have the human right not get punched You may knock down one person, attack the next person. You have the human right to be politely warned before getting knived in self-defense. Human right to resist police, flee for an hour endangering hundreds of people’s life, continuing to resist, try to attack police, being potentially armed, not surrender to police. You have the human right not get beaten into submission until you get handcuffed
    Sources of information Video with transcript & subtitles Prison for Self Defense
    Prison for Self Defense (2)
    Prison term length reconsidered
    Rodney King (Wikipedia)

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    "Human Rights" protect criminals to the detriment of law…
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