Should black passengers be allowed to sit next to unaccompanied children? (Virgin Airlines ordered Fireman Johnny McGirr to sit away from unaccompanied minor)

An Australian airline’s policy prohibiting black passengers from sitting next to kids traveling alone has fueled a social media firestorm and caused the company to review the rule..


Which raises more questions such as:

Should black men be allowed to sit next to white women?

Blacks are a protected class and must not be discriminated against. So you know that these headline is just a "joke" to get your attention.

But "males" are not a protected class. One can discriminate at will against men. So watch how the following headline looks much more acceptable. In our headline we just changed the word "male" for "black"

This identical question is from reputable and politically correct

Should male passengers be allowed to sit next to unaccompanied children?

An Australian airline’s policy prohibiting male passengers from sitting next to kids traveling alone has fueled a social media firestorm and caused the company to review the rule.

It is unusual that this is causing a firestorm. Because such policies have been in force everywhere. Including rules that fathers get accosted for photographing their own daughters or for shopping in little girls’ lingerie departments.

Responding to the Virgin Airlines misandry

We need to get across to anyone willing to listen that under the guise of protecting children, policies like this do terrible damage to them. When we institutionalize the notion that men aren’t fit to be around children, we do nothing but solidify eons-old gender stereotypes that keep men from assuming their proper roles as co-parents and that confine them to the workplace. And since someone has to take care of the children, that task will continue to fall to women, as it always has. No one benefits from this wrong-headed policy, least of all our kids.

Virgin Airlines ordered Fireman Johnny McGirr to sit away from unaccompanied minor and change seats with a woman

An Australian airline is reviewing its policy prohibiting men from sitting next to a child flying alone after a Sydney fireman complained about being removed from his seat on a flight earlier this year.

It is well-known that while flying home on Virgin Australia from Brisbane in April, a 33-year-old man was forced to move his seat because he was sitting next to two boys he estimated to be aged between eight and ten, and it is against the airline’s policy for men to sit next to unaccompanied children. USA Today

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Should black passengers be allowed to sit next to unaccompanied ch…
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72% of blacks, 31% non-blacks believe George Zimmermann is guilty(Gallup). Why the racial differences?

Blacks are much more likely than nonblacks to have an opinion about Zimmerman’s guilt. Overall, 72% of blacks say Zimmerman is definitely or probably guilty of a crime; 1% say he is not. Nonblacks also say Zimmerman is guilty, by 32% to 7%, but well over half of nonblacks say Zimmerman’s guilt is unclear from the available information.

Blacks are more certain about their opinions than are nonblacks. Blacks who say Zimmerman is guilty of a crime are significantly more likely to say he is definitely guilty than probably guilty, while nonblacks tilt more toward the "probably guilty" choice.

Additionally, 72% of blacks say racial bias was a major factor in the events that led up to the shooting death of Martin, with another 13% saying it was a minor factor. Nonblacks, on the other hand, are significantly less certain, with 31% saying racial bias was a major factor, 26% saying it was a minor factor, and 25% saying it was not a factor at all Gallup

Human-Stupidity Analysis: different attitudes by race (that doesn’t exist)

george-zimmermannAmazing how white and black Americans have totally different perception. The truth can only be one. And the same evidence is known to all. Are racist whites biased and unjustly anti-Black?

Or maybe Blacks (and Liberals) have been taught that Blacks are always victims and never responsible for any negative fate. Not for lower educational and financial attainment of Blacs, their higher criminality. There always is a white repressor to blame. "I am misbehaving and having bad school results because there was slavery in 1860". If it is possible to distort the scientific race and iq discussion, how much easier is it to get a distorted view of a criminal case. As a matter of fact, Whites hide and distort black criminal tendencies. So, if anything, Whites already are biased in favor of Blacks. Add to this the proven lower IQ of Blacks, which makes it more difficult to understand complex issues and see through Al Sharpton’s manipulations.

Of course, media manipulation, like selective editing of the 911 call to make Zimmermann look racist, using 4 year old photos of Trayvon when he was 12 and a mug shot of Zimmermann when he weight 50(?) lbs. more serves to get people up in arms against Zimmermann. To top it off,  spanish speaking and Peruvian Latino race Zimmermann is called a member of the evil white race.

Liberals and the biased manipulative press reports probably account for the 31% of non-blacks that believe Zimmermann is guilty. Gallup should also have reported if these 31% consist largely of people who don’t follow the news and thus are the less informed.

And yes, Human-Stupidity already mentioned valid issues on both sides: the cover-up of criminal thuggery of a son of a Sanford policeman, as well as media neglect of black on white assaults in that same city in the same time period.

We are just mentioning the tip of the iceberg, much more thorough analysis is needed.  Why do the races (which allegedly are socially constructed and don’t exist) have such clearly different opinion in the Trayvon Martin – George Zimmermann case, as in the OJ Simpson and Rodney King case.

In the Rodney King case we can see the tendency to assign human rights protection to a heavily drugged felon who endangered people in a reckless car chase and violently fought of police. In the Trayvon Martin case Human-Stupidity keeps pointing out that it is taken for granted that a black man can punch anyone for slight provocation such as following at a distance.

U.S. public opinion about the Trayvon Martin case in Florida reflects the same type of racial divide found in 1995 surveys asking about the murder trial of O.J. Simpson in Los Angeles. In one Gallup poll conducted Oct. 5-7, 1995, for example, 78% of blacks said the jury that found Simpson not guilty of murder made the right decision, while only 42% of whites agreed.

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72% of blacks, 31% non-blacks believe George Zimmermann is guilty(…
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Trayvon Martin & George Zimmermann: was it self defense?

Did Zimmerman kill Martin in self-defense?  There are some indications that he may not have, but others that he may have.  So I ask myself what makes sense.  I doubt Zimmerman is just a crazy loon who likes killing people, so I think it’s most likely that Martin, a 6’2″ or 6’3″ football player, was beating his old, out of shape ass, and that’s why he shot him.  Blurry video won’t discount this.  I’m basically making the same judgment I did with the DSK case.  Did it make any sense that DSK would rape that slut?  Hell no!  So it didn’t happen. 

There is one major difference: We knew that Dominique Strauss-Kahn is a highly respectable, intelligent, successful man that had his act together and does not act irresponsibly and irrationally.

We don’t know that much about George Zimmermann. He might be a bit loony or out of control. But, the main suspicion is that Zimmermann might have “irritated” Trayvon Martin which prompted Trayvon Martin to righteously attack who Martin perceived as a racist.

Which murderer would first call police, then hunt down and shoot an innocent boy, and, in spite of being an armed aggressor, get seriously maimed, nose broken, back of head banged onto concrete slabs.

Press media’s lies, deceit about George Zimmermann trial

George Zimmermann's head 2 minutes after the killing
Self Defense? George Zimmermann’s head 2 minutes after the killing, indicating need for Self Defense

See my more recent posts on George Zimmermann. (click on link)

Omitted evidence

Trayvon Martin’s school record of multiple 10 day suspensions for probably criminal behavior, possession of burglary tools and jewelry was not elucidated.11Nor his text messages about fighting

Nor have we seen any attempt to discuss the time line, to explain how Trayvon Martin got killed at a location he had passed hundreds of seconds earlier. Trayvon Martin had plenty of time to go home, but he chose not to. Instead he and George Zimmerman had their deadly encounter near Zimmerman’s car, where they had been hundreds of seconds earlier. 22 23 23 [wikipedia timeline]

Proponents of political correctness distort the truth. We must not defend racial profiling nor mention a long list of black criminality which is a multiple of white violent criminality. IN a similar case, witnesses confirmed that Black youth DeAndre Felton was killed in clear self defense.


We don’t know for sure, cannot jump to definite conclusion (I wrote in 2012. Now in July 2013 we actually can be pretty sure. In a show trial, the only “evidence” against George Zimmerman stem from deposition of Trayvon Martin’s parents (who reversed themselves after first declaring that the voice screaming for help was NOT their son) and Trayvon Martin’s girl friend who perjured herself several times.
And Trayvon Martin’s criminal behavior in school was not raised in court.

George-Zimmerman-tie22-300x187So I keep warning. We can not be so sure of George Zimmermann’s innocence.  But we can be sure of the press and the black opinion makers being biased and too quick to condemn Zimmermann and to call for his lynching (New Black Panthers)

Now I could be wrong, maybe Zimmerman instigated things, but I doubt he HIT Martin first, so Zimmerman isn’t totally to blame either way.  Also note that there’s a tinge of anti-gun rhetoric in all this, they want to take away our right to bear arms and defend ourselves, which is an essential right.

Source: all quotes from an author that wants to be unnamed


Presumptive right to violent “retaliation” in case racial profiling or racist slurs

There is a possibility that Zimmermann instigated the fight, by being a bit harsh or unfriendly. By the usual narrative that gives a black boy the right to whoop his white (?) or Hispanic ass. Whereupon Zimmermann would have to defend himself.

Now the second question is, did Zimmerman target Martin because he was black?  And this answer is clearly no.  The media simply wishes to paint the narrative that a “white” (Zimmerman is actually Hispanic and Jewish, not of the supposedly evil Caucasian group) killed a poor innocent black child who in the picture in the media looks 12 years old –

Manipulative use of photos to manipulate public opinion 


Yes, the photo manipulation is eerie. Can’t the media find any other photos then Trayvon Martin when he is 14 (or actually you can find slide shows with photos where he is 5, or where he carries 2 year old babies). What about a photo from 2012 or 2011? How come the media will not publish any of these? And why does it show mug shots of George Zimmermann? And call him white, even though in the US “Hispanic” is a racial term, a socially defined “race”. Isn’t race supposed to be socially constructed anyway?

actually he was a 17 year old 6’2″+ football player who clearly had some muscle strength, wore a thug disguise (hoodie etc.) in a neighborhood that had been repeatedly robbed, probably was a thief and talked like a thug, hell his pictures were even doctored to make him look more innocent and angelic.

Right. How old is this boy? 13? 12? Sure not 17 years old!? Why do they keep showing these photos below? and only these  photos below? Were above photos used, the impression would be quite different.

Now there still are rumors that some or all above Trayvon photos are fake. Which would leave open the question: Can nobody in the world, even his own family, locate any photos of Trayvon Martin from the last 3 years? Or are they all thuggish so they hide them?


How come Trayvon could not out-run Zimmermann?

And how come that tall trained football player could not outrun the fat out of shape older Hispanic? So he was cornered and had to whoop him? or got attacked by a law abiding neighborhood citizen who was fast enough to outrun and catch the football player. Why could Trayvon not just have run home? Is this gated community so huge that he could not run home quick enough?

There always is this unspoken assumption that Trayvon Martin has the right to physically attack and whoop George Zimmermann just for the sin of him being a racist, for the sin of racial profiling.

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Trayvon Martin & George Zimmermann: was it self defense?
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Trayvon Martin, racial profiling, political correctness

Racial profiling 1  2 3 is illegal, in spite of clear proof that certain races commit multiple times more violent crime. But gender profiling is written into law (Violence against women act) in spite of proof that women resort to domestic violence just as much as men.

Stereotyping Certain Races as Having a Greater Propensity to Commit Crimes Is Absolutely Prohibited. Some have argued that overall discrepancies in crime rates among racial groups could justify using race as a factor in general traffic enforcement activities and would produce a greater number of arrests for non-traffic offenses (e.g., narcotics trafficking). We emphatically reject this view. It is patently unacceptable and thus prohibited under this guidance for federal law enforcement officers to engage in racial profiling.  4


travonmartin8_thumbOf course, ignoring common sense and inconvertible crime statistics are an impediment to police work. It violates the human rights of law abiding citizens by exposing them to more crime. And violates the human rights of old white ladies that needlessly get searched so police don’t look racially biased when searching young Arab or black men.

On the bright side, a German court recently acknowledged the right of police to search suspects by skin color, when on trains usually used by illegal immigrants.

Statistically, the black man with skittles and hoodie below has a 10-100 time greater chance of being a violent criminal then our two protesters above and aside. 6 

That suspicion, of course, would not warrant shooting a black man for his  skin color. But it might be justified to be more careful and to check him out. Even the politically correct protesters and even honest law abiding blacks would change to the other side of the street, were they to encounter a group of such black people. trayvonmartin11_thumb

Generations of blacks have now been told they are victims, whites are evil and blacks are entitled to free money, housing and everything else when very few blacks alive today have ever faced systematic discrimination. If they have faced discrimination it is because responsible blacks are grouped with the great many blacks in America that cause such tremendous crime and problems.

 If Whites are held responsible for actions committed by members of my race centuries ago [slavery], shouldn’t it be fair for law abiding Blacks to be held responsible for the black thugs and criminals? It’s simple logic but not so easy under the laws of political correctness.

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Trayvon Martin, racial profiling, political correctness
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Trayvon Martin, black rage and political correctness


Trayvon Martin was killed by neighborhood watch activist George Zimmermann. Police accepted Zimmermann’s claim of self defense. Now the political correctness crowd and the Black Rights movement latched on to the case and demand George Zimmermann’s arrest and conviction.  Unopposed and unpunished, the New Black Panther organisation has offered a bounty to hunt down Zimmermann for unnamed purposes. And there is an unspoken assumption that Trayvon would be justified to physically attack Zimmermann had he used any racial slur.

Was it Self Defense or not?

If Trayvon Martin seriously attacked George Zimmermann, then it was self defense. If Zimmermann approached and attacked Trayvon Martin, then it was not self defense.

We can not give the final answer to this question. In a few weeks we hopefully have forensic analysis of the 911 calls, of the Trayvon Martin’s body (to see if he has signs of having hit Zimmermann) and of Zimmermann’s injuries (if this proof has not been lost due to lack of initial police investigation), and of witness statements.

Initially we were quite convinced by Trayvon Martin FAQ that Trayvon did seriously attack Zimmermann. Also note Zimmermann made 40 police reports already, without ever shooting anyone.

But now a police video shows Zimmermann with no blood or visible injury.  Well, we hope (for Zimmermann’s sake) that there is a good explanation, that he got his wounds expertly treated before the video. We could say that if Zimmermann embellished the beating story, that still does not mean that he was not viciously attacked. Like fanatic feminists: "Yes Nafissatou Diallo told dozens of lies about the alleged rape, other rapes, immigration. This does not mean that she wasn’t raped by Dominque Strauss-Kahn"). But it would seriously undermine George Zimmermann’s credibility. If he is an over-zealous racist vigilante,  who shoots an innocent boy, let him get punished.

A few Pro-Trayvon press reports:

Maybe they both were no good? But, once more, we have no investment in either position. We want the TRUTH to be found.

Manipulative press reports due to political correctness?

We see elements of manipulation: seemingly 17 year old Trayvon Martin has only 3 year old photos where he looks like an inoffensive boy, while Zimmermann seems only to have a criminally looking mug shot. And why does no-one clarify Trayvon’s school suspensions (I have never been suspended in school. Have you?).

Justifying black violence

If Zimmermann followed Trayvon, if he, God beware even used the N word, then most people would take it for granted that Trayvon Martin had the right to whoop Zimmermann.

Using the N word is valid reason for serious beating (Video)

It is interesting, the black (?) commentators write that the white guy attacked with a broken bottle. I clearly see him as defensive in the video, trying to keep the black aggressors away from him and only breaking the bottle after being attacked by multiple attackers.

Typically, black violence is seen as justified against the historic white oppressor. (See the Rodney King case). Similarly, women that kill  2 3 4 or mutilate sleeping husbands are excused as acting in self defense, as victims of alleged violence. 

This rage is fed by political correctness ideology. Blacks are told that the reason for all black hardship lies in discrimination by the evil white man. This feeds the rage against the oppressor. If Black poverty and other disadvantages were attributed to their own behavior, their own lower iq and lower impulse control, they would not feel justified to lash back. The same hate is created in women when they believe the pay gap is due to patriarchal oppression and not to female choice, lower work hours, less risk.

Bounty to capture Zimmermann!? To lynch him?

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Trayvon Martin, black rage and political correctness
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Race a social construct? Pretty women weigh in on YouTube

Race a social construct? (Great race realistic documentation)

HeyRuka on Race

Cute girls that talk about important complex topics get lots of visitors at YouTube. Above you see a very intelligent girl that correctly demonstrates racial differences. Most of the votes she gets are negative. She also has lots of interesting texts linked at her YouTube video (click on "show more")

Racial Truth is not pleasant

Human Stupidity gets attacked by some of our friends for the race realistic issues. People think we have an axe to grind, to prove white supremacy. No. First of all, Asians are supremely intelligent. And second, Human-Stupidity stands for truth, no matter how unpopular. Like many race realists, we would love Blacks to as successful, rich, intelligent, and low crime as Asians.

May the US inner cities flourish, may Africa surpass Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. May African immigrants in Europe contribute to the advancement of physics and medicine and win Nobel prizes. The way Jews did.

Unfortunately, in spite of all well intent, this does not happen. See Affirmative Action injustice at Law Schools.

Mistaken arguments of race egalitarians

The next girl is not only pretty, she also has very interesting well founded opinions. But miserably fails on race and IQ issues. She is an example for the fallacy of politically correct thought. If you really know the topics, you can see the fallacies. If not, read my posts and the lengthy discussions about race and iq.

We are not racists, but …….. (Falling prey to fallacies and PC)


She posted lots of interesting links at YouTube

Walter E. Williams: How much can discrimination explain?

To recover from the diatribe, an intelligent Black making intelligent arguments.

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Race a social construct? Pretty women weigh in on YouTube
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Shoot London rioters on sight! Politically correct humanitarianism risks lives of good citizens to save looters and hooligans

120792132DK018_RIOTING_BREAPolitical correctness and humanitarianism and human rights were invented by civilized intelligent academics.  They might work for civilized intelligent populations.  These good intentions have been maligned for giving more protection to felons then to their innocent law abiding victims.

Applying these rules to uncontrollable criminally minded looters and hooligans has terrible effects: good citizen’s physical integrity, lives, health, financial integrity get destroyed by such criminals. 

A furniture shop in Croydon which had been in the same family for five generations was completely destroyed after being torched. Owner Trevor Rees, 56, said the business was started in 1867 by his great-great- grandfather, Edwin Reeves, and employed 15 people. Sky News

London-riotsKilling a few rioters might save lives of innocent people. At least it can prevent HUGE property damage and suffering for millions of citizens who stay locked at home in fear instead of proceeding with their normal productive lives. Order and safety for ordinary citizens should be above the rights of violent dangerous felons.

Commander Christine Jones said events were "simply inexcusable".

"Ordinary people have had their lives turned upside down by this mindless thuggery," she said.

"The Met will ensure that those responsible will face the consequences of their actions and be arrested." Sky News

Humanely arresting a marauding crowd of arsonists is not practical. It will not protect safety and property of good citizens, it will not stop and prevent imminent danger.

120817027PM015_RIOTS_AND_LOPut a camera on the sights of the guns of police. Make sure that everyone shot was engaged in an act of dangerous violence, with arms, crow bars, Molotov Cocktails, and was not in self defense against criminals. If non-lethal violence can be used. But don’t be shy to use deadly force. One can even arrest an entire crowd: have you seen 5 policemen controlling a huge crowd of riotous prisoners, lying on the ground? The prisoners know, one false move and they get shot.

Using lethal force, there will be inevitable collateral damage. Certainly less damage then done by week-long riots.This damage should be accepted and excused, provided it can be shown to be accidental and due to true honest mistakes. Honest serious policemen, and citizens defending their life and property should be excused in case of honest battlefield mistakes.

Yes, we want to provoke to think different. Yes we see that there are problems in our attitude. We see that there are serious problem in the unquestioning humanitarianism that protects criminals and creates havoc.

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Shoot London rioters on sight! Politically correct humanitarianism…
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Running skills are socially constructed and race is only skin deep?


Greyhounds are racing dogs. Sausage dogs (Dachshund) are labeled bad runners. Of course, this prejudice is socially constructed and has no foundation in rality. Race is only skin deep. From birth on, parents and dog owners are indoctrinated that they can not run well.. Remedial running classes and  sausage quotas in races are needed to right past discriminatory wrongs.


In reality, Sausage dogs are born with the same running capacity as greyhounds. Saying otherwise is racist.


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Running skills are socially constructed and race is only skin deep…
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