Judge John Reilly forced to apologize for differentiating nerd’s groping from sexual assault

OTTAWA – John Reilly, a retired judge and Liberal candidate for the Alberta riding of Wild Rose, was forced to apologize Thursday for suggesting in a radio interview that not all sexual offenders should be incarcerated.

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff called an Alberta candidate’s comments on sexual offenders "disgraceful,” but said he has accepted Reilly’s apology and he’ll continue to serve as the party’s candidate for the riding.
Alberta Liberal candidate John Reilly apologizes for remarks on sexual assault 

John Reilly, former Judge and Liberal Party Candidate in Alberta, CanadaThe "sexual assault":

she goes, gets into bed naked, he goes up, he’s thinking he’s going to be able to, that she’ll probably agree to have sex with him, he fondles her privates, and she wakes up and tells him to go away, and he goes away. They report it, he’s charged with sexual offence, he has digitally penetrated her,  
Judge John Reilly interview

Most likely the defendant did not stick the entire finger in there but just passed the limit with one phalanx.  Also he was ill advised and probably admitted the penetration before getting a lawyer’s advice. Of course, the women would always be believed anyway

Now this does not look like a habitual predator, the judge is totally right.

But, this is an example how powerful the feminist language distortion is. Call some behavior "rape" or "sexual assault", and the perpetrator is to be crucified. If you told it by the real name, "fondling the privates of a naked girl while sleeping at a party", that would not cause the feeding punishing frenzy in the interviewer and the populace. You can notice this in the strong reactions of the interviewer in the written and his aggravated tone in the audio transcript.

Former judge John Reilly’s interview with The Rutherford Show Transcript

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Judge John Reilly forced to apologize for differentiating nerd&#82…
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Consent, rape & minors. What is consent to sex?

Any six year old knows perfectly well if s/he is coerced while overpowered and threatened, or acts consensually out of free will.

Try to explain her/nim that the stupid adults have defined all sexual activity even of late 17 year or 15 year old  adolescents as non-consensual. So it is the same "non-consensual rape" if a 17 year old takes the initiative to work hard to seduce an adult to have sex, or if the same adult rapes him/her at knifepoint. 

The first example is "statutory rape"  and the second is "forcible rape", the reader might retort. That differentiation has long been lost outside theoretical academic discussion.

The press happily reports about trials and conviction of "rapists" that raped the victim 300 times. No, she did not lock up the "victim" in a dungeon for years, like Mr. Fritzl. The victim came always came back for more, but did not consent (by our weird definition of legal consent). Human-Stupidity even documented a case where the rapist, unbeknownst to him,  was duped by the victim into raping her.

Children of 6,8, or 15 years risk serious legal consequences, even jail, if they don’t know these confusing definitions and regulations. Therefore this ought to be be mandatory elementary school subject.

Human-Stupidity has repeatedly, assailed the tendency in modern law, incited by feminism, to "rape" and manipulate language, to use inaccurate and deliberately inflammatory, emotive language to try to foster a hidden agenda. 

Due to feminist zeal to vilify consensual lovers of adolescent women, we belittle the true suffering of victims of forcible rape victims.

Human-Stupidity thinks it it truly offensive to the underage victims of real forcible violent rape to equate their suffering to the the "suffering" of willing participants in sex, to equate their resistance and unequivocal non-consent to the voluntary though legally invalid consent, or to the suddenly withdrawn consent in a "six second rape".

Minors under 18 (or 16) years of age can not consent to sex.  When spoken by a minor under the age of consent, then by this definition, the following absurd equality holds.

"I love you, please make love to me"

(is equal to)

"NOOO, don’t touch me, leave me alone"




Both statements above are non-consent of rape-victims, in case the birds are under the age of consent.


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Consent, rape & minors. What is consent to sex?
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Feminist rape laws don’t apply to male prison rape victims

A prisoner is under the control and mercy of gangs of violent felons, all day long, unable to escape.  Under the guardianship and responsibility of government. Feminist anti-rape activists are not concerned about the grave injustice of prison rape, which is on-going long term year-long power, humiliation, and sexual violence. Prison rape accusations get ignored. Even "voluntary" sex in prison is often rape, due to power differential and serious consequences of saying "no". Why this deafening silence of the feminists regarding prison rape? Only Human-Stupidity points out that prison rape epidemic is only the tip of the iceberg: has a hidden prison-rape-by-intimidation part larger then the know forcible rape cases.

compare: Stop Prison Rape! Legalize Corporal Punishment (Whipping) 

The following article shows a light at the end of the tunnel. US authorities are starting to take the prison rape epidemic more seriously.

Raped and extorted by a prison gang, Scott Howard was called a "drama queen" by corrections officials 

This is a lengthy 8 page report. Read it all, don’t get stuck on the first page only

I served time in the Colorado Department of Corrections, and it was there that I was repeatedly raped, assaulted and extorted by members of a large, notorious gang." […]

"I spent well over a year trying to get protection by writing to officials," he said. "My efforts to report were mostly fruitless — and often put me at greater risk. Because I am openly gay, officials blamed me for the attacks. They said as a homosexual I should expect to be targeted by one gang or another."

Howard didn’t tell the whole squalid story. He didn’t mention the evidence of staff involvement with the gang that made his efforts to seek protection even dicier. He didn’t go into how, once he finally started "naming names," as prison investigators demanded, they accused him of crying rape to cover up his own criminal activities. He barely referred to his last day as a Colorado prisoner, when, he says, he was put in a cell with one of the gang leaders and sexually assaulted again. Despite being a bare summary, the statement was still graphic — and powerful. At times his voice choked up, but Howard kept reading.


Human-Stupidity Analysis

Prison rape is comparable to being locked for years in Mr. Fritzl’s rape dungeon. Years under the power of rapists with nowhere to escape. Prison rape is aggravated because

  • the victim is under the threat of violence and repeated rape for hours, days, weeks, months, and years. No escape possible
  • At all times, while sleeping, while in the shower. The threat is always there
  • gangs gang up on him. No chance to resist.
  • The perpetrators continuously have power over the victim. It is not a "one shot crime". It is constant and repeated.
  • Many many prison rape victims are never seen as rape victims. They probably don’t even see themselves as rape victims. Many just give in and become long term sex slaves in order to avoid gang rapes and gang beatings.
    • females that suffer the slightest, barely noticeable, coercion, are rape victims
    • I have never heard of "voluntary" sex slaves in prison being called "rape victims". By feminist rape standards, a prisoner is unable to consent to sex, because he has no safe option to say "no". Unless he is willing to fight to death, is a member of a gang, etc, his "no" just puts him into more danger
  • the victim is under the power and protection of the state. The government is locking him together with felons, the government is responsible for his safety
  • There is a popular misconception: "he is a criminal, he deserves to get ass-raped". Problems
    • this is cruel and unusual punishment through the back door.
    • If you think people deserve corporal punishment, be honest and adopt the Sharia or something similar.Stop Prison Rape! Legalize Corporal Punishment (Whipping) 
    • In the case of legalized flogging, the corporal punishment follows due process and does not transmit Aids.
    • Usually the serious criminal gangs prey upon the first time light criminal (drug users, people who did not pay their parking tickets). So the wrong ones get punished


Clearly double standards for female and male rape victims

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Feminist rape laws don’t apply to male prison rape victims
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Victim dupes man into raping her. How can you rape without knowing you are raping?

An intelligent, fully conscious young man committed rape without knowing he was raping. He had no clue he was raping. How can you rape while thinking you are not raping? Do you know the answer?

Man unknowingly rapes girl because she deceived him.
Man deceived by girl into unknowingly raping her.

The answer is:

Man who had sex with girl, 12, admits rape but is freed after woman judge says he was ‘duped’ into thinking she was 19

A barman who admitted having sex with a 12-year-old girl walked free from court after convincing a judge she had tricked him into believing she was an adult.

Michael Graham, 25, met the girl through a social networking website on which she had posted pictures of herself and described herself as a 19-year-old student and single mother who enjoyed drinking and having sex.

The girl was inundated with offers from men, but only replied to Graham because he was the best looking, Leeds Crown Court was told.

You guessed wrong? you still haven’t gotten it: consensual sex can be rape. If a 12 or 15 year old happily hops into your bed, or if you drag her into the bushes and hold a knife to her throat, in both cases you commit the same crime “rape”.

This is a special case of “rape by deception”. The “rapist” was deceived.

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Victim dupes man into raping her. How can you rape without knowing…
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Meteorologist TV weather anchors prone to false rape charges? Heidi Jones and Joerg Kachelmann

WABC’s Heidi Jones, who anchors the station’s weekend evening weather coverage and fills in on “Good Morning America,” was charged Monday with filing a false report, a Class A misdemeanor. If convicted, she could face up to a year in jail or a $1,000 fine.  Meteorologist Heidi Jones Charged With Filing False Rape Report

TV weather anchors and meteorologist. What a coincidence. Unpredictable and falsely predicted thunderstorms and typhoons. And false rape accusations. Heidi Jones and Joerg Kachelmann are both weather anchors, but are on opposite sides. Heidi Jones is a false rape accuser. Joerg Kachelmann is accused of rape, and we believe the accusations are false, out of revenge.

What is it about meteorologist  weather anchor women or weather anchor men to get involved in false rape charges?  We already reported on a famous german TV weather anchor man that is a victim of rape charges that are most likely false

Why we think TV weather anchor meteorologist Joerg Kachelmann’s rape charges are false?

A good looking, famous, TV anchorman (not of a small network but the main German TV station), playboy with 10 girl friends. His official girl friend finds out he has others and they split, after many many years.

What is more likely:

  • The successful playboy with many girl friends rapes her exactly when they part?
  • The woman is angry and revenge-bent because the guy cheated and now split

Add to this a few contradictions in the woman’s testimony, a computer with old photos of self inflicted blue ematomes seem to have been a training for the later rape hematomes.

Unproven Rape charges: Famous German TV Weather Anchorman Joerg Kachelmann released after 4 months instant jail (human-stupidity.com)

Meteorologist false rape accuser Heidi Jones denies prior accusations

Now “poor” rape accuser is back-pedalling. The police understood her wrong, she did not file rape charges!!

Dumb dumb police. Or lying lying meterologist? You form your own opinion.

The following video is just a regular weather report by Heidi Jones. Just to see what a false rape accuser looks like. Unlike Joerg Kachelmann, whose  face was over German speaking TV, after his accusation, I cannot find many images of her AFTER her accusation and recanting.

NY meteorologist says she never claimed rape

NEW YORK — A meteorologist on ABC’s local New York station accused of false reporting says she

never told police she was the victim of a rape or an attempted rape.

Heidi Jones was given a desk appearance ticket for false reporting after police said she made up claims she was sexually assaulted in Central Park and later harassed by the same man. Police say she admitted fabricating the claims after they investigated the incident.

A lawyer for Jones said Friday the meteorologist never said she was the victim of an attempted rape, as was reported in the media. The attorney did not clarify what Jones says she told police.

The lawyer says the characterization of the case as a ‘false rape claim’ is an attempted character assassination. Jones has been suspended from the station pending an internal investigation.

UPDATED: New York TV meteorologist arrested for false rape claim (The false rape society)

Hofstra false rape case: any law abiding man can be jailed at a woman’s whim!

Hofstra false rape accuser Danmell Ndonye

Danmell Ndonye, a college girl at Hofstra University invited a few guys to have sex with her, at the same time. Then she was ashamed for what she did and reported them as rapists.  The guys were arrested, their photos and names went on national TV, newspapers, internet. One woman’s lie trumped 4 guys’ coherent story.

Their bail was set at $500,000 bond or $350,000 cash, effectively insuring they wouldn’t be freed until law enforcement said they would be falserapesociety.blogspot.com/p/lamb-to-slaughter-hofstra-false-rape.html

One guy had videotaped the event that showed the girl enjoyed it. So they finally got out of jail. No charges were pressed against the false accuser, in spite of overwhelming proof and confession that Danmell Ndonye lied.

read more here falserapesociety.blogspot.com/p/lamb-to-slaughter-hofstra-false-rape.html

We have handed our young women the keys to the jailhouse cell and have given them the power to destroy the lives of our young men by crying “rape.”  But because rape has become so terribly gender-politicized, there is no consensus about what to do when our young women abuse that power. Many refuse to believe that the abuse of that power is common. Many refuse to believe that the abuse of that power should be a crime

Rape accusers are readily believed, no matter how far-fetched their tales. This is completely opposite the standard rape industry mantra, but it is true.  The mere allegation of “rape” is enough to brand the man or boy accused as a vile sex predator, no matter how implausible the accusation.  Hofstra is just one of many examples of this.

Human-Stupidity Analysis

All well intended laws get abused: the false rape epidemic

All well intended human laws are soon abused by opportunists. Tenant protection law gets abused by squatters, welfare laws by lazy “professional welfare recipients”. And rape prevention laws get abused by “sorry after the sex” criminally lying females.

Before feminists took over and Rape Laws dismantled due process, there probably were not too many false rape accusations. Well, except where women wanted to convince lynch mobs that applied only a litte more due process then today’s justice system.

But here, with feminists causes, things go overboard, way more then with other laws, due to  Female evolutionary Superiority in social manipulation that causes feminist Language Distortions’ universal acceptance , like shown in When a “Rape” is not a Rape! The Abuse of the word “Rape”. & the Perversion of Language.

There must be a special evolutionary skill how feminists manage to convince male law makers to support their warped feminist  “women studies” logic (Feminist arguments against prostitution debunked). Even the press is brainwashed, dissenters get banned: Change.org sucks: “womens rights” feminists censor & silence dissent, and Scientific Publications Condemned and Repressed by US Congress and Senate

Videotape proof

It is very unusual that a guy videotapes his sex acts. Actually it is in bad taste, to videotape sex without the consent of the girl. But here it saved his .ss, literally. It showed a porn movie with Danmell Ndonye a willing participant enjoying the sex. Normally such tapes are the nail in the coffin, if the girl or any guy were underage, it would get them all in jail. Wasn’t he lucky nobody disappeared with this evidence?

Hundreds of innocent men in jail for false rape accusations

Statistically, for one such case where filming proved the lie, there are probably 20 cases where the girl looks incoherent enough (like here where the rope could not be found, etc), and the guys get off, after a few months in jail. And another 80 cases where the guy simply has no proof and he goes to jail for 20 years.

So there are probably 100 guys rotting in jail for each such high profile proven false rape case. They just could not prove their accuser wrong. And the rape accuser needs no proof to get a man into jail.

Constitutional Rights of due process were voided in feminist witch hunts

Our forefathers had reasons to enshrine rules of due process in our constitutions. Sadly these rules make it difficult to convict mobsters, bullies, and other well known criminals. So feminists managed to create exceptions for cases in their interest (rape, domestic violence, underage porn, child support, paternity tests, …).

Guilty until proven innocent. Jail first, investigate later. Free only if innocent beyond reasonable doubt.

It is beyond me how feminists managed to anull constiturional rights and invert due process in their witch hunt. A witch has to prove that she did not cause the hail storm. And an accused rapist has to prove he did not rape a his girl friend of 15 years, or a girl he never met, or a girl that made out with him in public and willingly walked up into his apartment

It is beyond my understanding, why constitutional courts don’t throw out these laws and these conviction. So big is the power of feminism..

Rape Laws: dismantling of due process explained step by step

Accused declared guilty by press reports

Journalists at the New York Post became little more than stenographers for police. The headline for one of its stories on the alleged rape read as follows: “Nightmare gang rape at Hofstra.” The first two sentences left little doubt for readers that a rape certainly occurred: “An 18-year-old Hofstra University co-ed was gang-raped by five men on campus, cops said last night. The shocking attack took place Sunday at around 3 a.m.”

Of course, if in the judicial system an alleged rapist is “guilty until proven innocent beyond reasonable doubt” it is only fair that the press feels entitled to convict in advance, too.

the news media chose to present a naked allegation as a scary rape, and to brand four young minority males as vicious rapists.

Impunity for rape accusers, even proven liars like Danmell Ndonye

In spite of PROOF of false police report, almost ruining 4 men’s lives, nothing happened to the lying girl Danmell Ndonye. NOTHING.  Not one day in jail. Actually, a little bit of community service. So the message is: there is total impunity, you can accuse any guy of rape. Just plan it a little better, make sure they connot prove the contrary. If she had said the rape happened 6 months ago, and in reality she never had sex, there could be no tape proving the contrary. Well, except surveillance cameras that occasionally help discover lies.

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Hofstra false rape case: any law abiding man can be jailed at a wo…
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Unproven Rape charges: Famous German Weather Anchorman Joerg Kachelmann released after 4 months instant jail

A high profile rape accusation case in Germany, unknown in the English speaking world. A famous TV weather anchor man spent 4 months in jail due to a simple accusation of his girlfriend of 15 years, that he raped her. During this time the accuser had to change some of her statements, as they turned out to be false.

Very scary: unproven allegations by a potentially vengeful girlfriend get you instant jail for 4 months, ruining your work, your reputation, and your carreer. Women are given power that nobody else has.  Murder attempts, robberies, arson, none of these crimes get you into jail for uncorroborated accusations.  Note that 30 years ago, before feminist brainwashing, one would question why one needs to rape a women you had a 15 year consensual affair with?

TV meteorologist Joerg Kachelmann is free to enjoy the summer sun until he comes on trial in September for allegedly raping his ex-girlfriend. An appeals court said it now comes down to “his word against hers.”

Swiss-born television meteorologist Joerg Kachelmann was released Thursday from police custody while awaiting trial on the charge of aggravated rape.

The regional appeals court in Karlsruhe explained that the prosecution only had one witness and that the case came down to “his word against hers.”

The court believed that Kachelmann was not a flight risk and that the evidence against him did not warrant keeping him in pre-trial custody.  http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,,5848070,00.html

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Unproven Rape charges: Famous German Weather Anchorman Joerg Kache…
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Rape Laws: dismantling of due process explained step by step

How all due process got dismantled in rape accusations. Feminst power at its best.

Feminism overrides the constitution! Amazing! Rules of due process, presumption of innocence, “innocent until proven guilty”,  are fundamental or constitutional law in most countries. Feminists managed to override  constitutional guarantees, as they managed to change thousand year old definitions of legal terms like “rape” and “child”  (see: Female evolutionary Superiority in social manipulation causes feminist Language Distortions’ universal acceptance ).

Highly recommended reading:
Domestic violence fairytales threaten constitutional protections
Are Domestic Violence Policies Respecting
Our Fundamental Freedoms?

All the following content was shamelessly copied from falserapesociety.blogspot.com/2010/07/if-presumptively-innocent-are-given.html I could not say it any better, and shortening it is a pity.

  1. Prior to the great wave of rape reforms starting in the 1970s, rape advocates reported, with seemingly infinite invention, that women were too scared, too embarrassed, too certain of its futility to report their own rapes. The sexual grievance industry insisted that rape was underreported, and that reforms were needed to do justice to countless women who suffered in silence the brutal indignity of rape. So we kowtowed to the sexual grievance industry to solve “the problem.”
  2. First, we adopted laws that eliminated the requirement of corroboration, which de facto served to flip the old law on its head: now, women don’t need any corroboration of their claims, but men and boys are arrested based solely on even the far-fetched say-so of any woman or girl if they can’t produce corroborating evidence of their innocence.
    That wasn’t enough, they said. So we adopted rape shield laws that forbade almost any evidence of the accuser’s prior sexual history with persons other than the accused, a rule that resulted in innumerable innocent men and boys being sent to prison for alleged rapes that never occurred.
  3. That wasn’t enough, they said. So we adopted laws that eliminated the requirement of force, and innocent men and boys who misunderstood the acquiescence of a woman were sent to prison.
  4. That wasn’t enough, they said.  So we enacted laws that eliminated the mens rea requirement for rape.  Historically, in a rape prosecution, the guilty defendant must have had the intention to have intercourse with a woman without her consent.  Too stringent, said the sexual grievance industry, and the requirement was lightened or dropped altogether.
  5. That wasn’t enough, they said.  So we enacted laws (in the UK and a handful of US states) that legally forbade naming rape accusers. In the US, the news agencies and outlets have, by common consensus, agreed not to name rape accusers. The mere allegation of rape by the anonymous female, without any other evidence and no matter how far-fetched, invites a man’s name to be splashed all over the newspaper, TV, radio and Internet for the world to titillate at the details of his humiliation.
  6. That wasn’t enough, they said.  So we enacted laws that lengthened and even eliminated statutes of limitations for rape, and now, men are sometimes accused of and charged with alleged rapes that occurred 20, 30, 40 or more years after they supposedly occurred, effectively foreclosing the accused from mounting a meaningful defense because the evidence of their innocence has long disappeared.
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    Rape Laws: dismantling of due process explained step by step
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