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Maybe we stop bothering about all these taboo topics that makes everyone hate us. Race and IQ, Euro Crisis, feminism, men’s rights, freedom of academic research, language manipulation, child porn, child food porn, …….

Perjuring Goldman Sachs executives: Wrong religious morality endangers your savings, countries’ currencies and finances

Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail? |Rolling Stone

Financial crooks brought down the world’s economy — but the feds are doing more to protect them than to prosecute them […]

Goldman Sachs New World HeadquartersThe rest of them, all of them, got off. Not a single executive who ran the companies that cooked up and cashed in on the phony financial boom — an industrywide scam that involved the mass sale of mismarked, fraudulent mortgage-backed securities — has ever been convicted.

The immorality of Wall Street

Human-Stupidity was wondering long ago why Rating institutes’ AAA ratings for junk (causal for world economic collapse) went unpunished. Not only is the financial sector one big behemoth that profits from unproductive gambling in financial markets, The financial sector fraudulently rigs the game, gains immorally high commissions and ruins the world economy, banks, and entire countries like Ireland and Iceland.

When caught red handed, executives at Goldman Sachs, unaware that their own memos and emails had leaked, blatantly denied their wrong-doings under oath. What are the conclusions?

We need true morality in big world-moving issues.

  1. We need morality in economy and business. Maybe a Western Confucianism.
  2. Profit should come from production, not from financial gambling and fraud
  3. Big fraudsters need to face punishment.
  4. Or maybe the lesson is: Destroy your tracks. Don’t send and keep incriminating emails. When planning to con your own customers, don’t discuss it in writing

Our moral philosophers, religions, churches fail, philosophizing about silly issues like:
birth control, the beginning & end of life, sex & possession of child porn

Our churches, moral apostles and philosophers fail miserably. Entire countries get plundered, the world economy gets shattered, currencies are a house of cards waiting to collapse under collective debt. Banks make immoral profits from the world’s miseries. Our moral guides and philosophers are caught up in silly issues like

Our religions and moralists are just as useless and damaging as banks.

The People vs. Goldman Sachs

A Senate committee has laid out the evidence. Now the Justice Department should bring criminal charges

They weren’t murderers or anything; they had merely stolen more money than most people can rationally conceive of, from their own customers, in a few blinks of an eye. But then they went one step further. They came to Washington, took an oath before Congress, and lied about it.

A legal system that allows the financial sector to make huge gains while producing nothing, or worse, destroying the productive economy.

Total dishonesty. Outright fraud. Impunity. Rating institutes that give AAA rating to junk and don’t get punished. Governments that bail out banks instead of letting them pay for their mistakes.

Government and nations borrowing like there is no tomorrow

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Perjuring Goldman Sachs executives: Wrong religious morality endan…
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Human Stupidity: irrational brainwashed dogmatism in otherwise intelligent people

Humans, in spite of great brain and social capacity, get totally irrational and blind on certain issues. Frequently this is due to dogmas, taboos, religion, political correctness, old habits. etc.  Maybe someone’s hidden agenda is the source for some such manipuative selective (self)-deception .

Galileo and the PopeIt took the pope until 1992, 13 years after Neill Armstrong stepped on the moon, to recognize that the Galileo Galilei was right and the earth was not stationary. And people still take the pope seriously when he prohibits the use of condoms in Aids-struck Africa and threatens to excommunicate who turns off the artificial feeding of a girl after 20 years in brain dead coma.

People who normally are highly intelligent (like the pope) become totally irrational, unconscious, self-deceived on issues related to dogmas, taboos, religion, habits, political correctness. Not only at Galileo’s time, even today the taboos go as far as to repress scientific research

  1. Persecution of researchers on racial differences in intelligence. This is a tough issue, because equal intelligence of all races is a dogma shared by liberals who would agree with most of my other points. So any research that points to different intelligence in the races must be repressed. But, we claim we are an open-minded scientific society. As long as scientific results don’t contradict our dogmas.
  2. Repression of research violating dogmas:
    Bill Clinton condemned the “Bell Curve” (about racial differences in intelligence) without even reading it. The US senate condemned, with a 99:0 vote, prestigious research in the American Psychological Association journal showing that in cases of sexual  “child abuse”, no damage can be found if no violence has been employed and the victim has at least average intelligence.

    1. Scientific Publications Condemned and Repressed by US Congress and Senate
    2. Racial differences in intelligence: James Watson, Nobel Prize winning geneticist persecuted for scientific truth
  3. Child pornography witch hunt:
    under the guise of saving a few abused children, the entire interpol hunts down some poor loners who pay for a web site with teen sex photos. They get arrested with the entire might of interpol, and get their life destroyed.

  4. Supreme Court oks indefinite detention for possession of photos. But violent robbers get freed.
  1. Nude adolescent photos worse then TV showing killing children, bullying, gang violence, street crime against children
    1. Movie of 15 year old girl repeatedly brutally stomped on head: prime time news. Depicting the same girl posing nude would be child porn, a heinous crime.
  2. Abuse of language to mislead:
    Words get distorted, worse then Göbbels in Nazi Germany.  Adolescent nude non-sexual phots are called “child pornography”.  Consensual sex with teenagers is called “rape”.  A new law in Brazil defines inappropriate touching as “rape”.  This use of a clearly defined term “rape” for actions that is clearly NOT rape, as defined by popular language  for centuries, is  a clear misuse of language, meant to arouse more anger against the alleged perpetrators.
    When a “Rape” is not a Rape! The Abuse of the word “Rape”. & the Perversion of Language |
    Female evolutionary Superiority in social manipulation causes feminist Language Distortions’ universal acceptance |
    Feminist arguments against prostitution debunked
  3. Pedophile witch hunt & obsessive repression of teenage sexuality.
    An enormous legal apparatus, under the guise of protecting 5 year olds from clear obvious abuse (no extra law is needed for that because penetrating a 5 year old is severe bodily harm) ends up arresting 17 year old girls for sending their own nude photos to their boy friends.

  4. Prohibiting  the use of embryos for stem cell research.
    Throwing the embryos into the garbage, that is allowed. This nonsense has diminished after Bush left office, but the religious right still thinks the rights of a lump human cells with an imaginary soul trump the right for health and cure of adults with diseases.
  5. Religion & Atheism:
    Religion is the source of many of our aberrations in thought, logic, and policy. I am too scared to even mention the most violent religion on earth. Christianity is past the crusades and witch burnings.
  6. Darwins Theory of Evolution: in spite of overwhelming scientific support with not one single counter-example. The churches see, correctly, that with Darwin’s theory, there is no more pressing need for a God-Creator, so they do their best to invent Creationist nonsense to confuse the non-scientific public.
  7. Repression of drugs as harmless as marijuana
    at the cost of waging wars in Colombia, jailing a considerable percentage of the population. The drug war is similar to underage sex witch hunt.
  8. at the same time allowing alcohol and tobacco to kill thousands of people.
    There seems to be some kind of contradiction and inconsistency. Also allowing advertising for junk food that created a world wide health menace of obesity from early childhood on:
  9. Obesity, unhealty food, sedentary lifestyle:
    due to misguided evolutionary mechanisms (hunter gatherers don’t have McDonalds, chocolate, unimited all you can eat buffets) we tend to eat wrong and be lazy to make unnecessary moves. Add to this industry greed, …. and we have a health epidemic.
  10. Negating right to die for the terminally ill.
    We are a liberal society that respects self determination and individual dignity. And we are not a religious state, so why do religious people want to force incurable cancer sufferers to rot and die slowly? If we let our dog die like this, the humane society would sue us for cruelty with animals. And of course it is totally taboo to discuss the cost of keeping an almost dead person “alive” for another half year.
  11. Victimless crimes:
    Why does government and police interfere when consenting adults decide to buy and sell sexual services? Are we not a free country? Is anyone harmed by this? And why are people in jail for planting two flower pots of marijuana in their own back yard for their own consumption? But booze and cigarette stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange?
  12. Prohibition of prostitution:
    under the guise of protecting women from “abuse”, Cambodjan brothels get closed, leaving the sex workers jobless and without income.  Seems the “victims” are unable to decide for themselves, they need the law and self appointed feminists to decide for them. Basically,  consenting adults are not allowed to sell and buy sexual services.  For the majority of men who don’t have much sexual success, prostitution could be psychological comfort:
  13. Men’s Rights & Feminism:
    I ran across a very compelling theory, that middle aged unattractive feminists conspire to eliminate competition by young attractive women (especially minors), cheap sex (prostitution), pornography and even sex dolls, so man have no other sexual outlet and are thus forced to stay with unattractive women even though it costs them half their income and property. This is why this brand of feminists do not oppose the burka, do not favor self determination in prostitutes, …
    Female quotas on death row? Unsuccessful male losers overlooked by feminist zeal!
  14. Rape hysteria and false rape accusations:
  15. Human Rights:
    The well meant intention to dignify human life has led to absurd protection of criminals in detriment of public security and protection.

    1. Somali pirates rewarded with asylum in Europe in Holland or Britain.
      Problematic Human Rights: captured Somali pirates are usually released
      Pirates with Grenade Launchers Attack British Ship. Captured and set Free by Portuguese Navy
    2. Old white middle class white ladies in Britain get searched for bombs, just to avoid charges police might racially profile young arab muslim men.
      UK: Police stop and search innocent white people to balance race figures, terror watchdog says
    3. law abiding citizens in self defense and police doing their duty risk getting sued by criminals
      Why a doberman is better then a security guard or policeman
      “Human Rights” protect criminals to the detriment of law abiding citizens
      Killer’s human rights: German killers sue Wikipedia to have their names expurged
      Henry L. Gates, Jr., arrest: racial profiling necessary for safety, political correctness discourages neighborhood watch
    4. vicious killers on death row can complain about cruelty in execution that take 3 minutes to die (while law abiding citizens are not allowed to die humanely in a hospital but die agonizing deaths taking weeks)
    5. Should society really spend billions on safeguarding criminals. Maybe the old fashioned methods like execution, whipping, cutting off hands etc. should be reconsidered? (I am playing devil’s advocate, I am not whole-heartedly suggesting these solutions)

Supreme Court rules against networks on indecent speech

The commission formally reversed its policy in March 2004 to declare even a single use of an expletive could be illegal.

The changes became known as the “Golden Globes Rule,” for singer Bono’s 2003 acceptance speech at the awards show on NBC, where he uttered the phrase “really, really, f—ing brilliant.”

All quotes  from http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/04/28/supreme.court.indecent.speech/

This not an example of profound human stupidity. It is even understandable that some want to protect their kids from foul language.

Nevertheless, the “Golden Globe Rule” seems to be going overboard.
This is just an amusing example of exaggerated dogmatic conservativism. It must be quite expensive to have all live television programs delayed a few seconds, so that professional who dedicates his live to beeper-button-pressing can bleep out any indecent word that could possibly be spoken.

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Supreme Court rules against networks on indecent speech
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