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One in two rape accusations (over 50%) are false: Dominique Strauss-Kahn escaped the inquisition. Others are not so lucky. They get convicted, falsely. We wish we could say Dominique Strauss-Kahn escaped unscathed. But he suffered tremendously. He lost his job. Speculator could have made Billions, because the value of the Euro dropped due to his arrest, and other unexpected stock market irregularities occurred. 

Let us remember the thousands of men that are less lucky then Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

For every Strauss-Kahn, there are dozens of men that don’t escape unjust persecution

After: strauss-kahn-innocentOne in two rape accusations are false. Like Strauss-Kahn, thousands of men are presumed guilty, jailed and smeared without due process. They can not afford to spend millions of dollars for bail, a dream team of lawyers, detectives, and their own guards for domestic prison as Dominique Strauss-Kahn did. We only hear of the few lucky ones that escape. The Jörg Kachelmann rape case in Germany similarly ruined a successful public man’s career, had a man spend months in jail, because of unproven uncorroborated accusations by a woman, who also was caught red-handed lying about important facts.

"Of course, if she is a liar, that still does not mean she was raped. " Yes, but in that case, she’d better bring a long a tape recording proving the act of rape against her clear resistance. In our legal system, where men accused of sexual offenses are presumed guilty until proven innocent, they have to provide proof of their innocence. In the famous Hofstra false rape case the male victims of false rape accusations were only freed after providing video recording that showed that the sex act was totally consensual and very different then described in the false accusations.

For every acquitted man, there are dozens of unjustly imprisoned victims of false rape accusations.

Before: Guilty until proven innocentNow consider this, how many men take video recordings of their sex acts so that they can later prove the consensual nature of their sex acts? Can you imagine: for every man that can prove his innocence, how many men stay in jail and go to prison, upon unproven, wrong allegations of sexual misconduct? Remember: One in two rape accusations are false.

No wonder, that with such medieval legal practice

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4 out of 5 sexual abuse accusations are false, reports the chief of the vice department of North Austria. This region had become infamous for sex maniac child imprisoner Fritzl who had  imprisoned and raped his own daughter for 24 years The following report is translated from a major authoritative (Google page rank 7) regional newspaper NIEDERÖSTERREICHISCHE NACHRICHTEN (Lower Austrian News).

True or fake [accusations]?

Sexual abuse / The vice department has set the goal, to bring each sexual abuser behind bars. But not all accusations turn out to be real abuse.

nordoesterreich_imagemap"We carefully pursue every single accusation, so absolutely no case will get left out", stresses Leo Lehrbaum, chief of the group "vice" of the state criminal police in lower Austria.

Every day he is confronted with varying tragical forms of sexual abuse and knows, how much the victims  suffer from the consequences, even decades later. Many only dare to file complaints to the executive branch years after it happened. "We try, of course, to clear up everything, but many cases already prescribed, so that the perpetrator can no more be charged in court" Lehrbaum knows.

This is why he advises: "Always file a complaint immediately. The less time has passed, the better the chances to catch the perpetrator, due to traces of DNA.". Women and children should not be afraid, because everyone has the right to be interviewed by a female police officer.

Nevertheless, independent of all real abuse cases, he has noted a disconcerting development, during his investigations.
"On average, four out of five complaints to police turn out to be pure invention".

Psychological problems or fear of pregnancy

The youngest one that faked such a crime, was only 12 years old. During puberty and adolescence such fabrications are especially frequent. Motives vary. Lehrbaum: "In some cases there are profound psychological problems, that need to be analyzed by an expert".  Often it is simply a "cry" to call attention, because there are problems in school, with parents or at work. Here he appeals to the parents, to take more time to talk with their children and not to abandon them, saying "I have no time right now, let’s talk tomorrow".

He is even more concerned about cases where young women pretend to have been raped, to get even with an acquaintance, because they were rejected or because a relationship did not proceed the way she wished it would.

"Often such accusations are a white lies, because after a party or disco visit – and usually under heavy influence of alcohol – unplanned and unprotected intercourse has occurred,  and now they are concerned about a possible pregnancy or other personal consequences", said the detective officer.

He is particular saddened when in divorce or custody disputes, the fake abuse accusation is used as a means to an end. "In the course of the inquiry, if we speak in detail about the incident, it turns out very soon that the accuser gets entangled in contradictory statements, and they admit that the whole has yet taken place or not in this form . They often come to their senses and realize that the entire story was very improper, "says Lehrbaum.

The accusers frequently are unaware, that their "fantasy" is a serious crime.  "A complaint against an unknown perpetrator is a simulation of a crime, punishable with up to 6 months in jail, and a complaint against a particular person is libel,  punishable with up to 5 years in jail", admonishes Lehrbaum to be more responsible with both accusations and sexuality.


We will get drunk first and then walk with cash, Rolexes, gold jewelry in the inner city gang area.

This money-slut walk is in response to a police recommendation, not to carry large amounts of cash. We object to such victim blaming. The money is ours. We can carry it wherever we want. No matter if we are drunk or not.

These money-slut walkers are simple fighting for their right show off their money

These ‘slut walk’ women are simply fighting for their right to be dirty

Its my hot money, I do what I want

moneyMen and women march through East Los Angeles high crime neighborhood during the money-slut walk, which organizers described as a demonstration against those who blame the victims of robberies.woman-moneybagMexican Street Gang

Women march through downtown Boston during the ‘SlutWalk’ in Boston, which organizers described as a demonstration against those who blame the victims of sex crimes
True liberation is men or women carrying the cash they want and abandon credit cards and modesty

True liberation is women wearing what they like and abandoning the Hoover.

For the right to carry money bags anywhere, anytime, any alcohol level

street_gangs_la 220107mexicans4gangs2-744750


The Toronto policeman who in January told a "personal security class" at York University that "people should avoid showing off their money and carrying large amounts of cash in order not to be victimized" said nothing unusual. What made news was what happened 10 weeks later, when a thousand people hit the streets of East Los Angeles in a "money slut walk".

The Toronto policeman who in January told a "personal security class" at York University that "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized" said nothing unusual. What made news was what happened 10 weeks later, when a thousand people hit the streets of downtown Toronto in a "slut walk".

Nor do I deserve to be told to leave my Rolex and my money at home to avoid being victimized! (Nobody tells me what do do!) Nor do I deserve to be told that I should cover up to avoid being victimized Nobody tells me what to do

Judgybitch has some good avice: Don’t want to get robbed on holidays? Don’t dress as a tourist and some other advice (if you don’t want to get raped.)

  1. Rape consequences are not what they used to be:

    In our modern technological world with abortion, DNA testing and birth control, rape does no more lead to unavoidable offspring, uncertain paternity, and loss of all-important virginity.

  2. forcible rape-rape in the old fashioned senseRape prevalence is not what it used to be:

    Statistics show that forcible rape is on the decline (probably due to the availability of pornography).

  3. Rape is not what it used to be:

    Many of the modern 20 different types of rape are non-violent, not forcible and often even start out consensual, or are entirely consensual (were it not for the newly changed modern definition of "consent"). The utter linguistic and legal confusion in the watered down rape definition makes discussion of rape almost impossible. In spite of Vice president’s Biden’s claim (shared by feminists) that all rapes are the same, we still are not convinced that forcibly raping a 17 year old is exactly the same rape as consensual love making with the same 17 year old.

  4. Rape is over-rated.

    It is time to stop rape hysteria, to re-think the length of sentencing for rape, to stem the ever growing number of non-violent and even consensual types of rape, to reinstitute due process and constitutional rights for the accused.  Rape has ceased to be a special crime (see (1)), we should treat rape like any other crime. This is not "rape apology", it is down to earth "rape realism". Rape is bad. Rape is wrong. But we believe it is 100 times worse to be paralyzed for life or have large part of our body burned and scarred for life then to suffer a gentle consented-but-drunk-date-rape for half an hour.


Read with open mind. Read first, judge later. Question your moral convictions.

We were brought up with feminist credo, reinforced by politically correct colleges. It took us effort to overcome our brain washing. It required reading articles and books to see the mistakes, the misleading wrong logic, the cruel consequences of feminist and religious dogma. We were not born nor indoctrinated to be "anti-feminists" (a label we can accept), nor "rape apologists" or "misogynists" (labels that we will reject as unjustified).

We have been warned of the dangers of challenging the central tenet of feminist rape culture belief

We are afraid most people will read this with closed mind. Knee jerk reactions and inner convictions warp people’s logic so as to confirm their long held belief. We are attacking rape, the central tenet of feminism, even holier then harassment.

This is far worse then Galileo Galilei’s disrespect of some peripheral topic in the Bible regarding planetary motion. It is like doubting God’s existence.

We have been warned that this irreverent post might lead to vigilante persecution of the authors, with trumped-up false accusations, with Interpol hunting us down for our dangerous politically incorrect ideas.

We have an irrational and probably unwarranted trust that dissenting people could discuss this article on its merit and try to disprove it with arguments and logic. Unfortunately, logic can be very manipulative and confusing because of misleading and confusing terminology (see (3) above).


Men are violently averse to rape, even more so then women

We are very aware then most good men are extremely averse to rape,  "All men are rapists" is as unwarranted and unjust as saying "all women are gold digging cheating paternity fraudsters".

Men, as a class, loathe and detest rape more than women do.[...]

[President] Roosevelt declared without equivocation (and without explanation) that rape is a crime "even worse than murder" that deserves the death penalty.
That might strike modern readers as astonishing, but during the oral argument of the Kennedy v. Louisiana, 2008 U.S. LEXIS 5262 (June 25, 2008), Justice Ginsburg offered an explanation. Ginsburg noted that the historical imposition of the death penalty in rape cases stems from a tradition "when a woman was regarded as as good as dead once she was raped; and the crime was thought to be an offense against her husband or her father as much as it was to her." Treating rape as akin to murder, and thus warranting the death penalty, did "no kindness to women" she noted.
The "legal" executions of men for rape, and the illegal lynchings for rape that President Theodore Roosevelt decried, were carried out almost exclusively by men. Against men. Indeed, as we relate on this site, the killings, the beatings, and virtually all the other physical atrocities perpetrated against men falsely accused of rape are carried out by men.  
The False Rape Society: There is no ‘rape culture.’ Period.

This is probably why man-hating feminists use female superior verbal manipulation skills to ever expand the definitions of "rape" and "non-consent", to con women-loving good men into joining the lynch mob against consenting-but-drunk-girl-rapists, consenting-underage-girl-rapists, and, falsely-accused-but-presumed-guilty-rapists. From there it is only one step to lynch the mean "rape apologist" authors at

[Roosevelt] also warned: "’The mob which lynches a negro charged with rape will in a little while lynch a white man suspected of crime.’

Roosevelt could have never imagined that nowadays US colleges and the US legal system itself lynch white or black men alike.


1) Rape consequences are not what they used to be

Rape was terrible: reproductive and social impact of rape

Why rape was as serious a crime as murder

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What’s so terrible about rape? Rape is not as bad as it used… » continues here »


Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke has been heavily criticized for talking about "serious rape" as compared with other types of rape. But can some rapes be viewed as more serious than others?

The  word "rape" needs to be differentiated, into "serious rape", "forcible rape", "rape rape" because the word "rape" nowadays means everything.

  1. "Rape is rape is rape" is a lie, Joe Biden! 20 different types of rape!
  2. Consent, rape & minors. What is consent to sex?
  3. Victim dupes man into raping her. How can you rape without knowing you are raping?
  4. Judge John Reilly forced to apologize for differentiating nerd’s groping from sexual assault
  5. Republicans re-re-define rape: to the original definition rape had for 2000 years before re-definition 30 years ago
  6. Feminist rape laws don’t apply to male prison rape victims
  7. Hofstra false rape case: any law abiding man can be jailed at a woman’s whim!


Mr. Kenneth Clarke saying the truth (video) (which later on he has to retract)

Speaking to Victoria Derbyshire, the Justice Secretary said some cases of date rape or sex with under-age children might not qualify as rape “in the ordinary conversational sense”.  Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, called for Mr. Clarke’s resignation during Prime Minister’s Questions over the comments. Listen to full interview on BBC Radio 5 Live     Source: Telegraph

The justice secretary’s remarks suggesting some rapes were worse than others has led to a storm of protest and demands for his resignation from Labour.  BBC

Tyrannical political correctness speech code taboos prohibit sensible discussions

Political correctness is a speech code to silence discussion. It erects taboos: don’t talk, don’t question. Making a comment on a taboo topic yields to  ad hominem attacks, demands of resignation! Like a medieval church. The topic is taboo, critics are silenced, no discussion is allowed.

In the rape issue, there are stupid anecdotal one sided arguments.

"If we listen to what the victims of rape tell us about its impact, there is no difference between those who have suffered date rape and those who have been attacked by strangers. BBC

What a stupid comment! The "victim-feminists" who claim that a drunk-party-girl-who-next-day-is-sorry-she-consented-rape is the same as the mauled-in-the-forest-at-knife-point-rape are an offense to true forcible rape victims. These are the same people that say: consensual sex with an adolescent minor is rape, the same as violently raping the adolescent minor against her or his will. And such insanity pervades world wide press and politics.

Nation-wide and world wide politics are based on such drivel. Where is the peer reviewed research that supports such statements?

"If we listen to what the victims of rape tell us about its impact, there is no difference between those who have suffered date rape and those who have been attacked by strangers. BBC If we listen to what paralyzed victims of car accidents tell us about its impact, there is no difference between those that were accidentally run over due to a blown tire, a driver’s mistake or those that were  run over by a maniac assassin driver. 
  In either case, the victims are equally paralyzed.. The punishment for the perpetrator, though, is very different.


Unlike the car accident example with subsequent paralysis, as shown in the articles linked above, the modern revised definition of "rape" encompasses total different things

  • violent forcible rape,
  • consensual sex where consent is considered invalid later on, if the "victim" convinces a judge that she was too drunk, if she was underage, if she presented a fake ID and the perpetrator could not know he did commit "rape"
  • consensual sex where consent is withdrawn in the middle of the act and he continued for 5 more seconds (yes, google "5 second rape" if you don’t believe it.
  • consensual sex when the woman only felt raped 2 days later when he did not call her
  • consensual sex with an adolescent minor
  • When is a rape not a rape? | Police Inspector Blog mentions the pervasiveness of false rape accusations but fails to mention that lots of these lead to false rape convictions:  because of the dogma "women don’t lie", and the perverted suspension of due process, the "presumption of guilt of the accused in rape cases", it is very easy to be unjustly harassed and tried for years (Kachelmann, Strauss-Kahn) and possibly convicted of rape that has never happened 

Most men have already been raped by a woman, but are unaware of it

I have asked many men: "Have you ever said no to a woman and she continued with sexual activities like oral sex or sex?".  Almost all of them said they told a woman "Stop, I am tired" and she just continued.This happens when a man had enough sex but an insatiable woman wants more. It could happen early in the morning when the man wants to sleep.

I believe Britain has a sexist rape law where women can not rape. But by gender neutral rape laws this clearly constitutes rape. By the feminist rape definition that a simple "no" or "stop" in a consensual sexual relationship means "rape". And this is the same as dragging a screaming woman into the forest? Or 5 guys in prison holding down a man to rape him? David Cameron, thank you for your honest truth. Too bad you weaseled out and retracted, though half-heartedly

Kenneth Clark retraction (Video)

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Sex with a dependent employee is rape

Schwarzenegger, the powerful strong governor having sex with a dependent employee, his maid Mildred Patricia Baena. By feminist terminology, this is more then sexual harassment, this is rape. Due to the power differential, she is unable to consent. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child more than 10 years ago outside of his marriage to Maria Shriver, a source close to the former California governor confirmed to CNN on Tuesday. [...]

Schwarzenegger fathered the child with a household staffer, the Times article said. He has provided support for the child since birth, the source told CNN. 
Schwarzenegger acknowledges having child with staffer

Arnold-Schwarzenegger-Mildred-Patricia-Baena-PattyIf the maid accused him of rape, Schwarzenegger would be instantly jailed with no bail

Can you imagine if the the maid Mildred came forward, now, with charges that he raped her?  Just exaggerate things a little, how she was powerless and afraid of losing her job. But, as the burden of proof is inverted, it would be more prudent to allege real forcible rape, with some lurid details how she kept saying no but she was no match for his superior Mister Universe strength.  She could allege that this was a repeated pattern, over years. She could even sprinkle in some allegations of sexual abuse of his child. He would have to prove his innocence.

Women don’t lie about rape and are instantly believed. Furthermore, our legal system and constitutional rights to due process are not valid in rape and child abuse cases. Men accused of rape are guilty until proven innocent.

Of course, after a decade there would be no way for him to prove his innocence. The child would be the proof of sex having happened. Add a few lurid stories about groping other women and orgies while pumping iron on steroids. Schwarzenegger would be arrested instantly. (like IMF Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn) No bail, because he might be a flight risk. Probably he could re-gain his Austrian nationality in case he made it to Europe.

The female power to cry "rape"

Our man-made cultural progress made us safe. We are not in constant danger of being attacked by lions, snakes, even marauding neighboring tribes. The Magna Carta and our modern constitutions gave us legal rights against unjust unproven accusations, undue imprisonment. Unfortunately, as Human-Stupidity documents, we created new dangers looming over every man (much less over women). Child abuse accusations, possession of so called child porn, and rape accusations can be leveled at any time against every man and lead to instant arrest, jail, and conviction without due process of law.

He looks like Arnold, watch the mouthThat power to allege rape, of course, give a woman infinite power. A man would have to cave in to her every demand and blackmail. It is amazing why Arnold Schwarzenegger dare to fire his maid. But she was a nice person with character, she only told the truth and did not use her legal privilege to accuse him of rape. It does not matter that maybe Mildred was the one that pursued Arnold.

Arnold can shirk paternity: legally the maid’s husband is the father

If Arnold did not recognize paternity, then he can not be forced any more. No matter how much proof, the maid Mildred Patricia Baena’s husband is the legal father and will be obliged to support the child. No way out.  It does not matter that the child looks exactly like Arnold (see the photo)

Birth Certificate of Mildred Patricia Baena’s son   Arnold’s Secret Son: Here’s the Birth Certificate

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Arrest Arnold Schwarzenegger for rape, harassment, with no bail! » continues here »


Dominique Strauss-Kahn, IMF Managing Director and French presidential candidate accused of rape. As the feminist dominated press is scared to even think that the rape accusations are false, Human-Stupidity has to speak up. The story is very strange, and dominated by clear mistakes committed by accuser.  A five star hotel maid trespasses into a naked client’s room?  Unforgivable. 5 Star hotel ecurity lets a rapist check out? The maid is not trained to instantly report crimes to security staff?

Maid violates professional ethics and walks into a prominent naked guest’s room

The New York Police Department claims that at about 1 p.m. on Saturday, a hotel maid entered a $3,000-a-night suite at the Sofitel near Times Square, believing that it was empty.

 No possibility of false rape charges set up against Dominique Strauss Kahn. Gulty verdict has already been decided by the press. No presumption of innocence.That is a bad start.  She made a mistake. This should not happen in a top class hotel. Were the sex roles inverted, were a male employee walk in on a prominent naked female guest, like Mrs. Hillary Clinton, the male employee would be fired and arrested for sexual harassment.  Usually, hotels have a policy to avoid such embarrassment: cleaners should knock on the door, ring the bell, yell "room service" when walking into rooms.

Strauss-Kahn then emerged naked from the bathroom, and grabbed her, pulled her into the bedroom and threw her on to the bed, before trying to lock the suite’s main door, according to New York Police Dept. Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne, who outlined the charges to reporters. "She fights him off, and then he drags her down the hallway to the bathroom, where he sexually assaults her a second time," he told Reuters.

What a coincidence: she makes a serious professional mistake. A hitherto well behaved, civilized man, suddenly goes crazy? Just because he was naked he wanted to take advantage of her and rape her?

A man on the covers of all magazines, admired by millions of women, who could get women at a snap of his fingers. A man from a country with legalized prostitution who could afford 2 luxury prostitutes per day, in case he is a sex addict.  And this guy, exactly the moment the woman walks in, illegally, incorrectly, grabs her and rapes her?

The maid, 32, finally managed to push Strauss-Kahn away and escape, according to Browne, and her colleagues called 911. Strauss-Kahn had checked out by the time police arrived at the hotel, leaving behind his cell phone.

Very strange. No rapist makes it out of a 5 star hotel, full of security agents, trained to catch thieves, impostors, troublemakers.  Especially people who cause trouble and then want to slip away without getting caught. Top hotels have a very professional security staff. I am sure maids are trained to instantly report crimes to security. So any delay in reporting would be her second professional failure of the day.

New York Police usually does not take longer then 5 minutes to arrive.  And he made it all the way into the plane? Check out of hotel, check into the airport, pass security?

Strauss-Kahn was arrested on charges of attempted rape, conducting a criminal sexual act, and unlawful imprisonment of the woman. 
Arrest of IMF Chief on Attempted Rape Charges Throws French Presidential Race Into Chaos | Time Magazine

A really important man:

In fact DSK, as the French call one of the country’s leading political figures, happens to be on the cover of virtually every French magazine this week as the country’s possible next President, [...]

Across Europe, too, Strauss-Kahn’s arrest will have a major impact. It could impact critical negotiations over the E.U.’s deep debt crisis, in which Strauss-Kahn has been a key — if not the key — player. He was due to be at emergency debt meetings in Brussels this week, and perhaps mindful that he could soon be one of the E.U.’s most powerful leaders

False rape charges to cover up own wrong, or for political reasons?

What are the alternative explanations? Don’t forget, she committed a serious professional lapse, almost a crime. So it is quite likely that she did that for a reason, with intent.

  • Many political and economic enemies would pay millions to get him out of the way.  maybe they bribed a lowly hotel maid?

But there is a much easier and parsimonious explanation:

The room maid, in serious violation of her professional duties, walked into a client’s room and surprised him naked. Even if that was a honest mistake, it could have serious consequences for her. 

  • Maybe he reacted with strong irritation, wanted to complain and get her fired (for good reasons). That scared her. There is no talk about her getting fired now.
  • Maybe she walked in with the intent to steal and was caught
  • Maybe she walked in with the intent to seduce a famous man
  • Maybe she planned to seduce him and was rejected. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"
  • Maybe she walked in with the intent to seduce a famous man and then blackmail him by threatening to cry rape.
  • Maybe he made an indecent proposal, even tried to indecently touch her. In revenge, she cried rape.

As we learn in the false rape society, many women have a knee jerk reaction to cry "rape" in order to distract from their own problems.  Did you notice? Nobody talks of firing her for her transgression.

Let us see if there is any hard corroborating evidence, except an accusation by a guilty woman that committed a serious, unforgivable professional mistake.

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False Rape charges by trespassing maid against IMF Managing Direct… » continues here »


"I-need-to-go-home" means "stop". ?And failing to stop in the midst of consensual sex is "rape".  A boy who failed to read the girl’s mind and make the appropriate interpretion of her cryptic comments was sent to jail for "I-need-to-to-home"-rape or "can’t-understand-women’s-subtle-hints-rape".

It is none of the 20 types of rape,  and different from the "5-second-rape" where the "Stop" was explicit and clear. So we are up to 21 types of rape and counting.

During consensual sex girl says "I need to go home" and "I should be going now".  "No" means "No", and "I should be going now" means "Stop".   Women like men to read their mind and understand their indirect speech. But failure to understand a woman’s veiled hint now is punishable with long jail terms for"rape".

In our modern language aberration, everything is the same:  there is no difference between "forcible rape at knife point", taking 5 seconds to stop consensual sex when the girl says "stop" ("5-second-rape"), or taking 90 seconds to understand the deeper meaning of "I should be going now", all is the same: "rape". Our language is becoming more and more impoverished and is losing its precision and subltety, thanks to feminist manipulative language that sees only black and white with no nuances.

The 2000 case involved two 17-year-olds who had sex in a bedroom during a party. The boy testified that the sex was consensual and that he stopped when the girl demanded. She testified the boy kept having sex with her for about a "minute and a half" after she called it off.

The boy was convicted of rape and served about six months in a juvenile facility. The high court affirmed that conviction Monday.

Justice Janice Rogers Brown, while agreeing with the majority on what constitutes rape, dissented on whether the boy was guilty. She wrote that the girl never clearly said stop, instead saying "I should be going now" and "I need to go home."

Brown also wondered how much time a man has to stop once a woman says stop.

"Ten seconds? Thirty?" she wrote.

Freerepublic reports on the "I-should-be-going-rape". The comments of the Free Republic readers are enlightening.

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Consensual sex becomes rape as soon as woman says "I need to … » continues here »