Child Pornography, Gun Dealings, on Trayvon Martin’s Cell Phone

Underage nude females constitute child porn. (Copine scale). Child pornography was found on Trayvon Martin’s cell phone, revealed whistle blower Ben Kruidbos, subsequently fired by special prosecutor Angela Currey.

Kruidbos testified last month that he found embarrassing photos found on Trayvon’s cellphone, including pictures of a clump of jewelry on a bed, underage nude females, marijuana plants and a hand holding a semiautomatic pistol. Defense attorneys allege that data wasn’t turned over to them as part of the evidence exchange process, known as discovery. Orlando Sentinel

Possession of child pornography is a strict liability crimepunishable with severe multi-year mandatory prison sentences for each single picture and life long registration as a sex offender.

According to legal doctrine the depicted minor suffers severe victimization whenever these photos are viewed.

Nelson declined on Thursday to rule, before trial anyway, on a defense request to sanction prosecutors for allegedly failing to disclose key text messages and photos found in Trayvon’s cell phone.

The new data included photos of naked “underage” girls, Trayvon smoking, a photo of a gun and texts describing what appeared to show the teen arranging the purchase of a firearm. The information was later released to the media by the defense but won’t be shown initially to jurors.
Miami Herald (see also Fox News)

This is all part of Government and media’s lies, deceit about George Zimmermann trial.

Trayvon Martin, a thuggish criminal with multiple 10 day school suspension for crimes that were never reported to police (possession of lumps of jewelry, burglary tools, drugs, multi round after school MMA fighting and aggression) and now, child pornography and semi-automatic weapon photos.

Kruidbos, who testified in a pretrial hearing in the Zimmerman case in June, said that he had reason to believe that additional information found in Trayvon Martin’s cell phone had not been turned over to the defense. Kruidbos said more than 2,000 photos from the phone were not shown to defense attorneys, including pictures of underage naked girls, images showing piles of jewelry on Martin’s bed and photos of Martin blowing smoke. HLNtv

One might dismiss naked underage girls as irrelevant. Human-Stupidity has amply documented, how prosecutors think naked underage girls are extremely relevant due to child pornography  laws.


But piles of jewelry raise suspicion that Trayvon really is a burglar, maybe was checking out houses and was correctly profiled by George Zimmerman.

Piles of jewelry (likely the proceeds of burglary) had been found in Trayvon Martin’s school backpack, confiscated, and were never part of a police inquiry, due to government orders to avoid disciplining black students.

After school MMA fighting, gun procurement activities etc. would complete the picture of an aggressor that would not just go home when angered by a suspicious neighborhood watch man, but would go back to exact revenge and blood.


Some of the earliest text messages date back to early November 2011, in which Trayvon, a junior at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School in North Miami-Dade, indicates he was suspended from school for being in a fistfight.

Later in the month, on the 21st, he exchanged messages with at least one friend about an after-school fight.

One of Trayvon’s cellphone pictures shows two teens about to square off against one another as a third stands in the middle like a referee. Trayvon said he fought a rival who "snitched on me." I
n Trayvon Martin’s text messages, talk of marijuana, fights and guns

Little sweet Trayvon, a habitual street fighter, drug user, interested in guns. Inadmissible evidence?

Sex Offenders one third of prisoners, suffer bullying


HM Inspectorate of Prisons found evidence of bullying at HMP Moorland, and “limited provision for the third of prisoners who were sex offenders” antifeminist citing BBC


Too many "sex offenders" in prison

33%, approximately, of prison inmates in a British prison are sex offenders!!!? I do hope this is an atypical prison and sex offenders do not yet constitute a third of all British prisoners.

The THIRD of prisoners who were sex offenders are likely to disproportionally suffer from bullying. In Brazil it is a known fact that true gangsters hate rapists and make them into their "women", give them a taste of their own medicine.

Too much inhumane prison bullying towards sex offenders.

Be they true forcible sex offenders or consensual offenders with no real victims, sex offenders tend to be singled out.

"Bullying" by groups of hard core prison gangs is unlike your high school bullying experience, or unlike sexual harassment or date rape. 

And possibly, the bullies are of the majority prison race that hates you for your race too.


What percentage of imprisoned sex offenders are REAL FORCIBLE non-consensual sex offenders in the classic sense?

Who were proven, beyond reasonable doubt, with due process, to have raped a resisting woman?

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Sex Offenders one third of prisoners, suffer bullying
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Paul Elam’s Jury Nullification applies only to VIOLENT sex offenders?

The main stream of the men’s rights movement is not worried about men’s sexual freedom. Notable exceptions are the antifeminist and sites linked in his right side bar.

The following post is about the internal rift between the father’s rights main wing of MRA, and the few true men’s rights activists that want to free men from persecution for normal male sexuality.

Google "Paul Elam jury nullification" 1 2.3 4 6 7 You find Paul Elam at avoiceformen would want all of these forcible rapists set free, because in today’s climate they can get no due process. I thought he was pretty courageous to suggest jury nullification, because really, men can not get due process when accused of rape. Most likely Paul wants to make a provocative statement, to cast light on unjust *rape laws.

But I wonder:

Does Paul Elam’s Jury Nullification apply only to violent sex offenders?

The rest of the sex offenders also suffer from lack of due process . Rarely their "crimes" are proven beyond reasonable doubt. Non-forcible *rape, or child abuse, reported long after the fact are hard to prove with good corroborating evidence.

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Paul Elam’s Jury Nullification applies only to VIOLENT sex o…
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The Child Sex Trauma Myth. #1: You must be a pedophile, if you defend child porn and pedophiles

We are not pedophiles. We have no interest in children or their indecent depictions.

We make extreme efforts to not run afoul of any law, not even by mistake or accident 1 2 3 .

We are interested in truth, free academic research, in protection and happiness for children 5.
We are against unnecessary witch hunts that demonize and imprison people with unnecessary rigor and that criminalize a huge percentage of the (male) population.

The biggest of all taboos: to research, study or discuss adult-child sexuality.

We have been warned. We will be called pedophiles. We may suffer vigilante action. We may suffer government prosecution. We should not mess with the topic adult-child sex.

Yes we are talking about real children under 12 years of age, not just 17 year old adolescent young adults, re-defined as "children" by feminist dogma and by the *United Nations.

The Rind Study serves as a warning: a prestigious, peer reviewed meta analysis, published in one of the most prestigious journals of the American Psychological Association: probably the only piece of peer reviewed academic research condemned by unanimous vote by both the United States Senate and Congress.

The authors’ stated goal was “…to address the question: In the population of persons with a history of CSA [child sexual abuse], does this experience cause intense psychological harm on a widespread basis for both genders?” Some of the authors’ more controversial conclusions were that child sexual abuse does not necessarily cause intense, pervasive harm to the child;[3] that the reason the current view of child sexual abuse was not substantiated by their empirical scrutiny was because the construct of CSA was questionably valid; and that the psychological damage caused by the abusive encounters depends on whether the encounter was consensual or not.  Wikipedia on Bruce Rind 

The US Senate and Congress have decided, once and for all, by dogmatic fiat: "child sexual abuse" is is extremely traumatic under all circumstances.  Academic research must not arrive at any different conclusions.

Such a shocking interference of religious and moral zealots with scientific truth has not happened since Galileo Galilei: a few centuries ago, the catholic church decreed the "scientific truth" that the sun revolves around the earth.

The Trauma Myth

Susan Clancy inadvertently stumbled over the unpopular truth, as published in

The Trauma Myth: The Truth About the Sexual Abuse of Children–and Its Aftermath .

All hell broke loose. I was bombarded with accusations that I was hurting victims even more than they already had been and that I was a friend of pedophiles. I was also vilified by many in my own scientific community. Some colleagues and graduate students stopped talking to me. A well-meaning professor told me to pick another research topic because I was going to rule myself out of a job in academia. Some felt my research had a political agenda, one biased against victims. I was invited to give a talk about my research at Cambridge Hospital—home of the tremendously influential sexual abuse treatment program Victims of Violence. No one from the program showed up. Clancy (pp. 77-78).

Researchers refuse to discuss issues in a seminar?! The most convinced adversaries never counter with true research, with true arguments?

This is the sad state of affairs. A dogma does not need to be discussed scientifically. The Bible has the definite answer. The US senate made the scientific decision.

And Human-Stupidity has the insanity to question and analyze the dogma.


Human-Stupidity is open to science. Just prove me wrong, using science.

  1. TruthWillSetYouFreeIf unbiased free academic research can show that 17 year olds get traumatized for life for having sex with older people, we will support age-of-consent laws.
  2. If the Rind study, and Susan Clancy can be proven wrong, by free unbiased academic research, we will support draconian decade-long punishments for all childhood sexuality. 
  3. We would stand corrected if the voodoo theory could be proven true, by free unbiased academic research: if it were proven that looking at photos of lightly clothed 15 year olds, downloaded for free from the internet does irreparable harm to the minors depicted. If that harm is so perverse that looking at the photos ruins the model’s life forever. And that downloading free photos truly stimulates the rape and abuse of innumerous children. Then we might agree that life in prison without parole is a proper punishment for possession of a few hundred photos, which are nothing else then 0’s and 1’s in files on a computer hard drive.

But against all odds, Milton Diamond, in peer reviewed research, proved the opposite: freely available child pornography reduces sex crimes against children, because many pedophiles can satisfy themselves merely by perusing pictures.


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The Child Sex Trauma Myth. #1: You must be a pedophile, if you def…
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Children loved non-nude solo modeling, were traumatized by federal government child porn hysteria: "Photo sessions were the highlight of my life"!

"We were not victims.  The only people that ever victimized me was the federal government themselves" (sic) 5:54

Child porn "victims" decided to speak up: ."I loved modeling.  It was the highlight of my life" 1.00  The models were best friends with the photographer, were profoundly scarred by the photographer’s arrest and the judgmental panic hysteria of neighbors, friends and school mates. The life of the photographer, his children and family were ruined by long prison sentences.

Around 2003, the US repressed, with heavy prison sentences, child modeling sites with non-nude children and with adolescents dressed in light clothes like swimsuits and lingerie. These sites were careful to stay legal, to have no nudity, semi-nudity nor sexual behavior. To no avail. The harmless fairly innocent photos were determined to be child pornography.

Of course, such expanded child pornography definitions can criminalize department store child swimsuit catalogues (so much that Human-Stupidity thought it wiser NOT to even repost catalogue photos) or parent’s nude baby photos in the bath tub 

jeff-piersonTuscaloosa County photographer sentenced to federal prison in child modeling porn case

A Tuscaloosa County photographer was sentenced today to serve five years and seven months in federal prison on child pornography charges for providing pictures of underage Birmingham area girls in provocative clothing and sexually suggestive poses to a child modeling website.

After his release from prison Jeff Pierson, 47, also will have to serve 10 years on supervised release by the U.S. Probation Office and register as a sex offender, U.S. District Judge Scott Coogler ordered at today’s hearing. Coogler ordered Pierson to report to prison on March 9. […]

A few of the girls who had their photos taken by Pierson were at today’s hearing. Coogler offered them a chance to make a statement in the courtroom but they declined.

Now the girls are making statements.  Several of the 16 "victims" speak out in a campaign to clarify they enjoyed the photo sessions and were in no way traumatized. Or rather, how they were severely traumatized by the hysteria in press and the police prosecution.

I understand. That’s why I can’t get some models to join our campaign. They agree with us and support us but they don’t want this to be a part of their lives anymore, and I don’t blame them. But I will do everything I can to set the record straight and any webe models (even if they weren’t my dad’s) who want to join this campaign are more than welcome. 4

Speak out campaign: former child erotica models declare
they enjoyed the modeling and were in no way traumatized.


Video: A girl and her family, victims of child porn hysteria.

Normal department store child lingerie photos can become child porn, when collected in ways that indicate that the interest is not in the clothing (See Copine scale, also Knox vs. USA). The children do not get victimized by millions of viewers of their newspaper ad. But according to the voodoo theory they get victimized when the same photos are being watched by a photo collector with potential prurient interest.  Remember, Dr. Milton Diamond has proven the opposite, that availability of child erotica and child porn reduces actual child abuse crimes.

You can see some of the  webeweb photos in question (at your own risk to potentially pollute your computer cache with child porn)  by doing a Google image search for webeweb. Human-Stupidity will not risk posting these photos or even linking to them. Google is better equipped to fend off malicious prosecution.

Video Playlist: Speak Up: WebeWeb – Child Erotica – Sandy Models:
Child porn hysteria victims speak up



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Children loved non-nude solo modeling, were traumatized by federal…
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Voluntary Castration of Sex Offenders violates Human Rights?

Council of Europe urges Germany to abolish castration

The Council of Europe’s anti-torture committee on Wednesday urged Germany to abolish the surgical castration of sex offenders, warning that the operation could amount to "degrading treatment".

Germany offers sex offenders aged over 25 the option of surgical castration or orchiectomy

Scalpel-007Human Rights is worried about Germany allowing the voluntary castration of 5 sex offenders per year?!

But it is not degrading to imprison men for possession of movies of nude or even fully dressed 15 year olds (Knox vs. USA),  or for consensual sex with a 17 year old girl friend. Where they are falsely labeled child sex offenders or worse, child  *rapists. Such offenders disgust common violent criminals who tend to single them out for punishment by frequent anal rape

"Surgical castration is a mutilating, irreversible intervention and cannot be considered as a medical necessity in the context of the treatment of sexual offenders.

According to the report, authorities in Germany cited the low reoffending rate for those who have opted for physical castration in their defence of the practice.

Of 104 people who were operated on between 1970 and 80, only 3% have reoffended, compared to 46% of the 53 others who refused castration or who did not secure expert approval for the operation. […] The Czech Republic is the only other of the 47 Council of Europe member states which gives sex offenders the option of physical castration. Council of Europe urges Germany to abolish castration

Only 104 people getting surgical castration in a decade? In spite of very low re-offending rate? Which is not only good for his victims, but for the offender himself who can live a normal life out of jail and without guilt.

DALLAS (AP) – Frightened victims-rights advocates tried desperately last year to find a way to fulfill convicted child molester Larry Don McQuay’s request to be castrated.

McQuay swore he’d molested more than 200 children. He declared he was "doomed to eventually rape then murder my poor little victims to keep them from telling on me."

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Voluntary Castration of Sex Offenders violates Human Rights?
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Teacher Sex with 14 Year Old: 40 year Prison in USA, Acquittal in Germany

Germany: High court acquitted teacher for 22 sex acts with 14 year old student.
It voided a 2 year suspended sentence proffered by two lower courts

A a German appeal court voided of a lower court’s  suspended 2 year sentence for a 32 year old male teacher. He had sex with a 14 year old student on 22 occasions. The court decision is final. The court justified the decision:

  1. Sex with a 14 year olds is not a crime. Article 176 of the German penal code only covers sexual abuse of children under 14 years , unless it is paid (Art. 182) [6].
  2. According to the Penal Code Art 174 [6],  sexual abuse of wards occurs only when a minor under 18y has been entrusted to the offender "for the education, training or supervision". The student was not entrusted to the accused, because he only covered for the teacher’s absence and only gave very occasional classes to her. If he were her regular teacher, he would have been convicted [6].

USA: 40 years for the same crime: for female teacher’s sex with 14 year old boy

shannon-alicia-schmieder-teacher-sexFemale teacher Shannon Alicia Schmieder (39) in Coweta, Georgia received a 40 year jail sentence for sex with a 14 year old boy [2][3]. This fills some men’s rights proponents with glee: finally a woman gets a taste of the bitter "age of consent"  medicine concocted by feminists and religious zealots:  the same high jail terms men routinely get sentenced to.  Making love carries the same prison term as as murder or manslaughter [4]

The randomness of adolescent sex laws

Teenage sexuality is plagued by arbitrary laws which vary a lot over time and over places [1]. So much that children need a lawyer before playing doctor [8].

Human-Stupidity never made it a secret that we don’t think that the might of the state needs to interfere in such consensual adolescent affairs. We think that it is the parents’ have the duty to supervise and educate their children and that parents have a right set limits for them [5].  German law is inspired by sensible sex positive realists.

Teacher still faces disciplinary action and protests

The teacher still faces disciplinary action from the school. "Der Spiegel" calls the verdict "controversial". Sensationalist yellow press Bild calls it a "scandalous verdict" [6]. Parent organizations, press organs and the German Child Protection Association vehemently protests [6].

Human-Stupidity Analysis

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Teacher Sex with 14 Year Old: 40 year Prison in USA, Acquittal in …
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Child Porn entrapment of webmasters, blog authors, email recipients and any web-browsing citizens

Child pornography makes it easy to entrap any citizen. Child pornography laws that severely penalize anyone for mere inadvertent possession of so called child porn (which may consist of 15 year old fully clothed adolescent girls dancing and gyrating -[Knox vs. USACopine scale]).

As the antifeminist incessantly points out, any man or boy that ever browsed any porn site may have potential child pornography pictures on his computer or his web browser cache. Now that "The Simpsons" cartoons can be called child porn, anyone can be subject to child pornography stings.


And if s/he does not have child porn on the computer, that can be easily remedied. CP can be sent via spam emails, or the person can be entrapped to accidentally access it. No more need to frame someone by planting a pound of cocaine in his or her car. Just entice him to unknowingly visit a child porn site and his life is over.

Child pornography possession is a strict liability crime 2 3 4 5 6.  No intent, no knowledge is needed. Setting someone up is the perfect crime. And the entrapped’s property can be confiscated.

Dangerous entrapment of webmasters and blog authors | Inquisition21

The new form of entrapment is clever and deadly. A dissident has to be both reasonably successful in his activities and a danger or embarrassment to the police to be worth ‘taking out’. If he is reasonably successful, it means that he is being read over his web site and perhaps in spin-off media reports and is exposing facts which are embarrassing or even dangerous for the police. This in turn makes it likely that he has one or more professionally-managed web sites hosted by a server which provides him with daily statistics over a control panel. If, in addition, he is a good writer or employs good writers, traffic to his site will grow as will the number of links from other web sites. These links will come from two sources: from simple lists of ‘recommended’ web sites or from mentions in text, such as articles or in forum-type comments. If the link is a hyperlink, which is likely, it will show up in the daily statistics every time a reader of the remote web site page clicks on it, so that on a daily basis, perhaps after a 24 hour delay, the number of visiting readers from other web sites shows together with the URL of the sites and the number from each site that clicked each day. This web site, for example (inquisition21), has the good fortune to receive hundreds of such visits from hundreds of other web sites each month, some repeating every day or week and some new each day or each few days. […]

The web site is in fact set up with images of child pornography to entrap the innocent activist editor who is simply trying to see what new visitors to his web site are saying about his site. He makes one click on the hyperlink in the stats and he has images of little girls being involved in illegal activities, or whatever, on his screen. And even after he deletes them, unless he runs special clearing software, which takes knowledge and time, they are still on his hard drive. If the police are in cohorts with the criminal webmaster who has carried out this entrapment, they can raid before the clearance is complete.
Let us now examine some especially perverse aspects of this situation, and this editor can assure the reader that this is coming from one with very direct and personal knowledge of this situation, both as related to this web site, which has been attacked, and to the many individuals it tries to represent. First, it is virtually impossible to report this crime, for several reasons. […]

The biggest problem, however, is that you cannot safely say that you were the object of an entrapment attempt because, when you innocently clicked on the link, child porn appeared on your computer screen. This writer cannot even say here that it happened. It gets worse. If it is apparent from a brief look at the images that real children are being exploited in the course of this entrapment (although it is recognized that in most cases old images are used), one cannot report this crime. If anyone thinks that this is not so and that the police will welcome him as an innocent witness that person is naive. The seizure of one’s computers and exposure in the media are the very least of the certain consequences.

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Child Porn entrapment of webmasters, blog authors, email recipient…
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