HM Inspectorate of Prisons found evidence of bullying at HMP Moorland, and “limited provision for the third of prisoners who were sex offenders” antifeminist citing BBC


Too many "sex offenders" in prison

33%, approximately, of prison inmates in a British prison are sex offenders!!!? I do hope this is an atypical prison and sex offenders do not yet constitute a third of all British prisoners.

The THIRD of prisoners who were sex offenders are likely to disproportionally suffer from bullying. In Brazil it is a known fact that true gangsters hate rapists and make them into their "women", give them a taste of their own medicine.

Too much inhumane prison bullying towards sex offenders.

Be they true forcible sex offenders or consensual offenders with no real victims, sex offenders tend to be singled out.

"Bullying" by groups of hard core prison gangs is unlike your high school bullying experience, or unlike sexual harassment or date rape. 

And possibly, the bullies are of the majority prison race that hates you for your race too.


What percentage of imprisoned sex offenders are REAL FORCIBLE non-consensual sex offenders in the classic sense?

Who were proven, beyond reasonable doubt, with due process, to have raped a resisting woman?

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The main stream of the men’s rights movement is not worried about men’s sexual freedom. Notable exceptions are the antifeminist and sites linked in his right side bar.

The following post is about the internal rift between the father’s rights main wing of MRA, and the few true men’s rights activists that want to free men from persecution for normal male sexuality.

Google "Paul Elam jury nullification" 1 2.3 4 6 7 You find Paul Elam at avoiceformen would want all of these forcible rapists set free, because in today’s climate they can get no due process. I thought he was pretty courageous to suggest jury nullification, because really, men can not get due process when accused of rape. Most likely Paul wants to make a provocative statement, to cast light on unjust *rape laws.

But I wonder:

Does Paul Elam’s Jury Nullification apply only to violent sex offenders?

The rest of the sex offenders also suffer from lack of due process . Rarely their "crimes" are proven beyond reasonable doubt. Non-forcible *rape, or child abuse, reported long after the fact are hard to prove with good corroborating evidence.

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When former Berlin politician Thilo Sarrazin made critical remarks about Muslim immigrants four years ago, many found them offensive, though prosecutors rejected complaints, citing free speech laws. A UN committee disagrees, however, and has accused Germany of violating an anti-racism convention.
Battling Racism: UN Body Reprimands Germany over Sarrazin Comments

An United Nations committee, empowered by an international treaty, DEMANDS Germany to take legal action against free speech of prominent dissident Thilo Sarrazin, a former Central Bank chief.

Political correctness is installing a world wide dictatorship, undoing human liberties, civil and human rights dozens of generations of men fought to attain. This is a return to the middle age inquisition.

A United Nations committee has reprimanded Germany in strong language, saying that the country had violated an international anti-racism convention.

At issue are controversial statements made in 2009 by Thilo Sarrazin, a former finance senator for the city-state of Berlin, about Turks and Arabs, who he said sponged off the state and were incapable of integrating, among other things. But a complaint submitted to public prosecutors in Berlin was rejected on grounds that the comments were permissible under Germany’s freedom of expression law. An appeal to the decision was rejected as well.

According to the UN’s Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD), however, this constituted a violation of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, because it failed to conduct an "effective investigation" into the matter.

"This is a historic decision," said the TBB Turkish Union, the cultural organization that submitted the case to the committee, in a statement on Thursday. "CERD has determined that Mr. Sarrazin’s comments touch on a feeling of racist superiority or racial hatred and contain elements of incitement to racial discrimination."
Battling Racism: UN Body Reprimands Germany over Sarrazin Comments

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eric_justin_toth-most-wanted-posterEric Justin Toth is on the #1 on the FBI’s most wanted list.

Taking photos, the worst crime in the US

Eric Justin Toth is a peeping Tom who installed a camera in a boy’s restroom. (Disclaimer).

He did not kill, he did not maim, he did not rape, he did not abuse children sexually. He did not betray national secrets. It is noteworthy, that espionage has lower prison terms then possession of child porn  (7 /8 / 9 / copine scale

Does peeping Tom Eric Justin Toth, deserve to be the enemy #1of public order, an honor formerly bestowed upon Osama Bin Laden?  Is secretly taking indecent photos of children a crime equal to Osama’s  masterminding of many terrorist attacks, including the 9/11 twin tower attack that killed 3000 people on US soil. (Disclaimer)

Non-violent Eric Justin Toth was arrested by a police force almost as heavily armed as the marines hunting Osama Bin Laden


FBI’s most wanted list discriminates against women:

all 10 are male. Human-Stupidity demands a 40% female quota. It is also mandatory, that the next #1 be a woman, like the European Central Bank leadership.

Toth committed a victimless crime, it seems the victims did not even know they were photographed (see: voodoo theory)

Last year, the FBI upgraded Toth from a local most-wanted list and named him one of the country’s most notorious fugitives. His face was plastered on bus stops and billboards in the Washington area and nationwide, including in Manhattan’s Times Square.

At the time, FBI officials said they gave Toth such treatment because they thought that he was a threat to children

A threat to children?

On the FBI’s most wanted list, Eric Justin Toth ranks #1, above drug trafficking multiple murderers like

Glen Stewart Godwin is being sought for his 1987 escape from Folsom State Prison in California, where he was serving a lengthy sentence for murder. Later in 1987, Godwin was arrested for drug trafficking in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. After being convicted, he was sent to a prison in Guadalajara. In April of 1991, Godwin allegedly murdered a fellow inmate and then escaped five months later.

What terrible crime die Eric Justin Toth commit? He took a few photos in boy’s bath rooms.Eric Justin Toth guarded by half a dozen heavily armed Swat, as if he were a violent felon.

Eric Justin Toth, a former private-school teacher, is wanted for allegedly possessing child pornography in Washington, DC. It is alleged that in June of 2008, pornographic images were found on a school camera that had been in Toth’s possession. Toth also allegedly produced child pornography in Maryland.

Eric Justin Toth seems to be a peeping Tom. Secretly taking indecent photos he should not take. Not nice. Illegal.

I would rather have a few secretive photos taken of myself, or my child, then getting my head dunked into the school toilet by a notorious school bully. (voodoo theory, Disclaimer)

No word, no allegation he sexually touched a child. Which would be more eerie, but not as terrible as it is made out to be (Disclaimer, child sex trauma myth, rind study) Justin-Toth-wanted

Toth taught third grade at Beauvoir, a private elementary school on the grounds of the Washington National Cathedral. He was escorted off campus in June 2008 after another teacher reported finding sexually explicit photographs on a school camera in Toth’s possession. He had not been seen since he lost his job. [...]

Toth was added to the FBI’s most-wanted list in April 2012 for allegedly possessing and producing child pornography, giving him notoriety normally reserved for people sought in connection with violent crimes or terrorism.

Osama bin Laden and purported Boston mobster James "Whitey" Bulger have both been featured on that list, but the FBI said it put Toth on because there were no reliable clues as to his whereabouts and because his Internet skills and alleged penchant for grooming children made him especially dangerous.

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I really love the idea of sex workers giving disabled people the chance to be touched in a non-medical way, perhaps for the first time in their lives, to be held in a warm pair of arms and have their sexual dreams respected and lived out. 1

" Biological and Physiological needs – air, food, drink, shelter, warmth, sex, sleep" are the elementary need in Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Social policy helps the poor and needy to get air, food, drink shelter, warmth, and sleep. Not sex. Conservative religion and feminism conspire to deprive people of their need for sex and intimacy, by restricting prostitution, porn, and free sex.

The suffering of the 40 year old male virgin, the plight of the sex-less nerd, the imbalance of the socially inept man, and the plight of the ugly, dumb, poor, or disabled male don’t concern anyone. 

We are pleased to see this article in the main stream press organ "The Guardian" from April 10, 2013

The sex workers giving disabled people a chance to live out their dreams

A forthcoming Channel 4 documentary, Can Have Sex Will Have Sex, features the sex lives of four disabled people, one of whom loses his virginity to an escort who has been hired by his mother.

The programme has been labelled "controversial", but many mothers call the sex and disability helpline, which I run, worried that their disabled son is physically unable to masturbate and desperately needs an outlet. Hiring a sex worker is one option.

They can find responsible sex workers on the TLC-Trust website which was created in 2000 by myself and a disabled man, James Palmer, who was sad about being a virgin in his mid 40s. The hundred or so sex workers who have profiles on the site say they each see about eight disabled clients a month. One told me she recently saw a 38-year-old whose father had called after both parents had sought her out. It was their son’s birthday and he was a virgin. The father brought him down. She bought a birthday cake and a present.

We are focussing on the plight of sex-less males, because females rarely have problems getting sex, even if they are ugly or disabled.

As for disabled women, many tell me they would love to pay somebody who knows what they are doing, who helps them learn what their bodies are capable of enjoying, but most never try. They may be nervous that the man they are paying is not entirely professional and they may not think enough of themselves to treat themselves to the luxury of pleasure. That, I hope is changing. Most of the women I know who have paid have gone to female sex workers, and none of them have involved their mother in the process of making contact.

Females, or males, with mental disability have a very serious problem:: Any person who has sex with them is a *rapist, by feminist re-definition of the word and legal meaning of "rape". Thus nobody can legally have sex with them, ever.  

We already mentioned the suffering of the horny hormone driven teenager, whose sexuality is a legal mine field

We have touched on the problem of the pedophile (Jack McClellan) or child porn addict, whose victimless outlets are systematically blocked, utlimately leading to personal despair or criminal child abuse (Milton Diamond)


Prostitution laws restrain women’s choice to make easy money by exploiting men’s need for sex, proximity and love. As a side effect, they fill up US prisons with felons guilty of victimless crimes.

County officials: End felony arrests for prostitution to reduce jail crowding

After a single prostitution conviction, suspects can face a felony in a subsequent arrest, which Gainer calls “draconian.”

“Most states in the country don’t do it like we do it. Only eight states have a statute for felony prostitution — and Illinois is one of them,” Gainer told the Sun-Times. “With the jail hitting its limits in population, it’s incumbent for us to look at who actually needs to spend two months in jail awaiting trial,” she said, noting her research shows the cost of jailing suspected prostitutes costs upwards of $9.5 million. “There are better options.”

Under a resolution introduced Wednesday at the regular County Board meeting, officials are also urging the state Legislature to amend Illinois law and wipe the felony prostitution charge off the books.

Sadly, the main concern is not with the poor victims of repressive sex laws: the prostitutes offering their services to men in need for sex and companionship, or the men who seek entertainment, sex, companionship and are willing to pay for that.

The main worry are overcrowded prisons, and government expenses for imprisoning people who commit victimless crimes.

Faced With Overcrowded Prisons, Chicago Considers Ending Felony Arrests For Prostitution

Elected officials in Chicago are calling for a moratorium on felony charges for prostitution to reduce overcrowding at Cook County jail. The jail now houses 10,008 detainees and is likely to exceed the maximum capacity of 10,150 soon. In a news conference Wednesday, several county commissioners pointed to the law’s disproportionate focus on non-violent felonies like prostitution: [...]

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Misguided feminist ideology causes rape and suffering, "Men can stop rape" they teach. As if the average well behaved middle class chump had the power to prevent predatory rapists from attacking women.

Peer reviewed academic research has proven that common sense advice is correct.

Common sense advice (don’t drink, don’t behave slutty,dress modestly,  be careful of your surroundings) have been discredited as "blaming the victim" and opposed in slut walks.

Feminist ideology causes rape and child abuse

Antecedents of sexual victimization: factors discriminating victims from nonvictims. J Am Coll Health. 1998 Jan;46(4):151-8.

A sexual victimization survey was used to assess the factors that would discriminate between victims and nonvictims of sexual assault. The sample consisted of 241 female college students at a large Midwestern university. [,,,]  Discriminant function analysis was used to develop a set of variables that significantly identified victimization status. The variables found to be related to women’s being sexually victimized were (a) number of different lifetime sexual partners, (b) provocative dress, and (c) alcohol use.

I am amazed, that in spite of feminist control of our Universities, the above study and the more recent survey below swere allowed. Feminism curtails free academic research in order to foster its false ideology. Feminism is about ideology, about demonizing men, not about protecting women from rape.

Feminism actively encourages slut walks and encourages women to behave in ways that victimizes them. Professor Milton Diamond has shown that free access to child porn reduces child sexual abuse, and free access to porn reduces sex crimes. 

A review of the literature on women’s substance use and sexual victimization points to women’s heavy episodic drinking as a proximal risk factor, particularly among college samples. At least half of sexual victimization incidents involve alcohol use and the majority of rapes of college women occur when the victim is too intoxicated to resist (“incapacitated rape”). Despite the importance of women’s heavy episodic drinking as being a risk factor, existing rape prevention programs have rarely addressed women’s alcohol use and have shown little success in reducing rates of sexual victimization.
Alcohol consumption and women’s vulnerability to sexual victimization: can reducing women’s drinking prevent rape? Subst Use Misuse. 2009;44(9-10):1349-76. Full text of peer reviewed research paper

Everyone suffers, due to such ideology driven theories. Women get raped, usually with their *consent, sometimes forcibly and without consent.  Good men go to prison for *consensual rape.

Illegally drinking underage females, who drink themselves into stupor and unconsciousness are never held liable for their poor life choices.  Men are always responsible, no matter if they are drunk or sober.  MRA (men’s rights activists) call this the "pussy pass".

Ideology prevents school, parents, and police from education young women to take precautions.  Women are not told which behavior helps them to safely navigate the world with greatly reduced risk of being raped.

Men and society at large pay the price for expensive court cases and prison.

1) Consensual date rape is preventable and can be totally avoided.

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A hot rich famous guy like Bruce Willis, 58 years, born in 1955, is highly attractive to a 20 year old woman.

Sky Broadband Commercial  [mirror 2]

Sky Broadband Commercial

According to conventional wisdom, if the woman is 5 years younger and the man 40 years younger, then this is a terrible abuse and trauma for the "jailbait" woman.t See our 60 articles on teenage sexuality and its pitfalls.

We are very surprised that this commercial is not deemed "offensive to women" and targeted by feminists.